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Yosh Dimen & Vins Carlos

Welcome to the Poor Traveler’s Guide to the World!

If you think this blog is about the cheapest ways to travel, well, it is not.

This blog is about being smart when traveling, planning, and budgeting. And in most cases, the cheapest is not always the wisest.

The truth is, although we were struggling financially when we started, it wasn’t the reason for the name. We called it poor to mean “unfortunate or unlucky”. As in poor soul, poor choices, you poor thing.

Our first trip together was a disaster. After scoring promo fares, we flew to an island province in the south and planned to spend a weekend in a secluded beach resort. Long story short, our boatman did not show up, leaving us stranded at a deserted wharf. We ended up staying at a more expensive resort, eating up much of our budget. Our plans were ruined and we did not see much.

Our next trips were plagued by bad weather because when we booked, we just grabbed the cheapest fares without considering the season or travel date.

At the time, like most travel rookies, we lacked not only the funds but also the skills to travel smart. We made a lot of poor choices. We made a lot of mistakes. We had absolutely no clue how to plan a trip. We got lost all the time, got scammed all the time, and ended up spending more than we should. Poor us.

That’s when The Poor Traveler was born.

We created this blog simply to accomplish two things:

  • document our hilarious misadventures, and
  • provide useful travel tips

Our goal is to write FREE travel guides where we could share our experiences and the lessons we pick up along the way — cost-related or otherwise — and hopefully you’ll learn from them.

Today, we’re full-time travel bloggers. We never expected that this little blog would allow us to build a career in travel. Life is much better now. We still can’t claim we’re experts. We’re not there yet.

But even if we were, this blog remains for the poor travelers out there — the newbies, the first-timers, the lost and confused, the shy and socially awkward, the navigationally-challenged, those who have just enough that they can’t afford to make mistakes, and those who don’t know where to begin.

Travel is a never-ending learning experience. And on this blog, you will always find a place to start.

Learn about our blog here.

View all our articles here: Sitemap

Our History

Hi! I’m Yosh.

I grew up in a house made of sawdust. It was so small that my parents — a security guard and a market vendor — and two siblings slept in just one bed. Some nights, I would let my mind drift away to faraway lands and imagine how it would feel to be like Tom Sawyer or Peter Pan.

I was raised thinking that travel was not for us. I was told it’s something only for the physically strong, socially adept, and financially rich. I was none of those. I was everything a traveler should not be: shy, awkward, accident-prone, sickly, and definitely NOT wealthy.

But then, I met Vins. Like me, he was a big dreamer, too.

He convinced me to jump right in. In our early days of travel blogging, we slept at airports and bus terminals so we won’t have to spend money on hotels. We also refused to eat at restaurants so we would just hit the grocery for food. The more places we set foot on for work, the more we were inspired to work harder, save bigger, go farther. We accepted part-time jobs and grabbed every opportunity to earn extra. Whatever we saved, we spent on indulging our wanderlust.

It started out like that.
But that’s NOT how it went on.

Today, we’re full time travel bloggers.

We’re enjoying a more comfortable, location-independent lifestyle, exploring one country after the next. This is the life we have always dreamed of. It’s a world where weekends never end and life grows wings, not roots.

What happened?
This blog happened.

We started this blog simply to document our misadventures. We didn’t expect it to earn, let alone sustain our travel lifestyle. But over the years, our readership continued to grow, attracting advertisers along the way.

Some call it luck. We’d like to think it’s hard work. Maybe it’s a one-two punch of both.

We’re thankful to all our readers and partners for making our travel dream a reality.

Over the last 10 years, The Poor Traveler has emerged as one of the biggest travel blogs in the world in terms of traffic and social media presence.

Photo by Jovel Lorenzo

Our Team

This time, we’re not alone.

In 2017, we grew into a small team of travelers and content creators.

Yosh Dimen
Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Director
This blog is his brainchild. He has three passions in life: social media, travel, and movies. Yoshke has won 3 PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS and received 9 nominations, and recently won a Palanca Award, widely regarded as the Pulitzer Prize of the Philippines. Learn more about his personal journeys at

Vins Carlos
SEO Master
Vins is our resident SEO master. In our travels, he’s the one who always gets lost. But he doesn’t mind. He enjoys the process of searching and finding and learning. Aside from his taste for adventure, he loves two things while traveling — food and more food. Stalk him!

Asta Alvarez
Contributing Writer
Follow her!

Mariah Cruz
Contributing Writer

Pam Leynes
Content Researcher & Video Editor

Migs Garcia
Video Editor

Our Travel Blogging Style

We travel at our own pace, in our own way.

We know how it feels to be employees. We also know how it feels to be freelancers.

We don’t advocate quitting day jobs to travel. Definitely not, especially if you’re from a developing country. Yes, we did quit our day jobs, but we had to plan our exit carefully and it took years!

On Photography
We DON’T consider ourselves photographers, much less photojournalists. This is NOT a photography or news blog. We’re more like tourists who like taking pictures on the side. There are trips wherein we feel too lazy to take photos so we just use our phones or we don’t take any at all. We also enjoy filters and getting creative with the shots.

In addition, you’ll also find supplemental images purchased from Shutterstock or provided by our partners, but they are all appropriately marked.

On Guides and Itineraries
In our early years, we blogged about our travels exactly how we experienced them. The itineraries we published were the exact itineraries we followed. But that’s only because our trips were limited to weekends and long holidays.

Now that we have more time and resources, we can afford to stay longer and enjoy more attractions. Often, we would stay for a week or two. Most days we would spend just researching extensively for our blogs. Some days, we would just do as most tourists do. Other days, we would do almost nothing, just feeling the vibe of the destination.

Based on the things we tried and data we collected, we would write guides and build sample itineraries good for only a few days (long weekend) even if our actual trip was much longer. This is because we understand that most of our readers have full-time jobs and only have extended weekends.

As bloggers, we also get invited to press trips and familiarization tours occasionally. If it’s our first time in that destination, we normally extend our stay so we could gather more information about the destination, especially those not covered by the pre-arranged tour.

Our Travel Philosophy

We’re not in the business of promoting the cheapest ways to travel.

But we are on a journey to find and share what gives the best value for money. For us, it shouldn’t always be about the price. And if you can help the local economy by patronizing local products and spending a little more, do so.

What we encourage is to travel smart and be more mindful of how you handle your finances before, during, and after travel so you can make more valuable memories.

You don’t need to be rich to travel, but you can make your travels priceless.

We do not claim to be an authority in budget travel.

In fact, we get lost all the time, get scammed all the time, and we always end up spending more than we originally planned. We cannot promise you that what you read on this blog is the cheapest way to travel — no, we most certainly cannot promise you that — but we can share ways on how to make the most out of every trip through the lessons we pick up along the way, cost-related or otherwise.

We make lots of mistakes.
Here’s hoping you’ll learn from them.

Yosh and Vins

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I am a fan of ‘THE POOR TRAVELLER’.
Whenever I‘ll visit some places, I tend to visit your site and check out what are the do‘s & don’ts. Your blogs are very helpful, specially to the poor traveller like you.

Romulo Aromin jr


The Poor Traveler

Thanks, Vanessa! I’ll try to squeeze in more tips when writing! :)


Hi! Can I ask for your email? I just have a couple of questions and I’m comfortable discussing it through email. If you won’t mind.


we‘ve been to.El Nido last week and your blogs and tips are much appreciated. Thank You. :)


i came across this page and saw your blog about Bagobo in bohol,we will be checking in the same resort and it was really helpful to familiarize myself to the place before even getting there, well a short intro atleast. thanks!


hi, i’m a fan of yours, and i really envy you travelling to many places i love to travel also, and i find your blog very helful. this march my daughter is schedule to have her externship (ojt) in malaysia and the school encourages the parents to visit their children. i might follow your itinerary. im very excited to see beautiful places in malaysia. thumbs up!


It’s my first time here in your blog. Really enjoyed reading. :) full of info. And very inspiring. Keep it up!

Ayala Bacolod property Specialist

Good to have a Blog like yours, I always search for a blog like yours whenever Im planning to travell for a vacation with my wife.
You know what, because of time and money constraint some time we just choose some place reasort near Bacolod to minimize time and money. Your blog has a very good advice for poor traveller like me. Thanks I shall be your vivid blog follower….

Manny Paredes


We are writing to you with regard to a possible collaboration for the promotion of our hotel in Coron, Palawan. We have been following closely your travel blog, and we thought that it might be of interest to you to visit Coron again, and write on a different aspect of the place, especially the accommodation, the value for money experience and the warm hospitality of our people.

MyHometel Inc. is a hospitality management company, operating budget and boutique hotels in the Philippines. Currently, we are operating four (4) hotels: two in Cebu, one in General Santos and another in Coron, Palawan, which just recently opened two months ago. We are in the planning stages of developing two more boutique hotels in Panglao, Bohol and Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

For Coron, Palawan, we would like to host your 3 days 2 nights stay (for two) accommodation as well as tour package for free. Our interest is not only to promote Coron and our Hotel through your blog, but also provide insights or ideas to help us further improve our service to tourists. For your reference, you may visit our website, and Facebook page (Coron Ecolodge).

We hope to hear from you soonest. We look forward to a possible meeting to discuss the above matter in greater detail.


Manny Paredes


your site is such a relief. it helps me a lot on plotting my next trips and planning my itineraries. Love all your inputs and notes. Thank you for sharing your experiences to us!


You are an inspiration! Your blog is very informative. Must-read by all travelers.


i hope you visit batanes.. and stay @ amboy hometel.


I’m glad I found your blog. I also love to travel on a budget and am looking forward to more of your tips and ideas about travel. Thanks! :)



I just came across your blog today and fell in love with it instantly. You write well and include tons of useful information. Pictures are great too. Keep up the good work and I’m happy to read that you’ve escaped the doldrums of the corporate world, and found your calling. I’m a fan.

The Poor Traveler

You, sir, made my day with this comment. Haha. Thank you, JB!

josefina ( joy ) alvarez


ban macenas

This is perfect! I mean your mistakes (as what you said and no disrespect) are perfect. Love your blog buddy. Sana makasama ako sa mga travel mo minsan :D


Poor traveler, rich in experience. Which is mostly the point in traveling. :)

The Poor Traveler

I want to be transcendental like you, though. Haha. Thanks, AJ!


I love, the poor traveler,your blog really helps me, not just once but so many times,and thank you for answering all my messages,especially on my first time,i traveled abroad,really helps.thank you,thank you so much.i am proudly recommend your blog to my traveler’s friend and friend friends.More power and God bless, always.

The Poor Traveler

Woot! I wish you entered your name so I could match this comment with the messages I get! I try my best to answer all inquiries if it would help them make their trips easier. :)

Eden Salilig

Wow. Seeing your posts just amazes me. So many people make the excuse of not being able to travel simply because they don’t have the money but you just make it possible through hard work and discipline. I hope your blog becomes more successful than it already is. Keep inspiring!

The Poor Traveler

Thanks, Eden! I’m doing my best! :P


yeah work isn’t my cup of tea either. stay awesome gotham!


Wow! Finally, a blog that is well-written. You’re a prolific writer! I just hit the “subscribe” button. I love solo traveling on a budget but I don’t have the guts to quit working. Poor me. Keep blogging!

Najee Chua

I find your ‘origin’ story raw and honest. Here’s to your eternal weekends!
God bless you!


Great blog thanks. Some day I would like to go “somewhere awesome” like you do :)

Blesilda M. Bolante

Please share tips on going on a budget travel to Batanes. Thank you.


Happy holidays The Poor Traveler! More power :)


Happy holidays and more power :)

Angelina Angeles

, i am a follower of your blog along with other blog on travelling, it is simple,practically economical, honest and inspiring. you are heipful in organizing our travel in coron very recently, and now our forthcoming travel to ilocos, just keep on blogging, you are helping many in more ways than one. thank you.


“They’re too shy to approach strangers, too shy to haggle, too shy to ask
for directions. They’re geographically challenged. Clumsy.

– I totally can relate to this one. Thanks for making this well-written blog. :) Keep it up

J. Emmanuel

I chanced on your blog. I must say that it is fresh, authentic and conveys an honesty that is missing in many travel blog. You write in a spontaneous style that not just informs but invites the reader to share in the experience. Ours is a beautiful country and there are still journeys to be taken. It still amazes me that folks in rural Philippines that have been been spared from commercial tourism are still kind and gentle people. Thanks for encouraging others to go on an adventure to discover our own country.


Thanks, J. Emmanuel! You have no idea how rewarded we feel when we receive comments like this! :)

Pinky Salvadora Cabrera

my idols…:) thanks for sharing your experiences with us..I’m your avid follower..keep it up!


I just loved the articles that you write. Am a traveller too and learned something from your experience. Keep it up :-)

Angel Salvador Cornelio

wow that is soo cool!


wow…you guys really inspire me to make my virtual travelling into a reality. :)) more places to visit for you both!! :)


Thanks, Vivi!

You, too! Less virtual, more actual trips this year! :)

Tito Endrina

I can relate to accepting sideline jobs for an additional income and being a bread-winner and more so, to getting somewhere that I have never been. This blog is so inspiring!


One of the best travel blogs I’ve read. Thanks for sharing all your travel experiences with us!


Thank you so much, Kristin!


:D thank youuu!


This blog is definitely on top of my list. Great work! Lovely writing.


Thanks, Mustachio!

Synara Buela

Reading your blog inspires me more to continue doing travels. I do love packing my bags and going out to the world. Yet I too is not part of those brave souls who can quit their job and focus on that one thing I know I love the most. Call it responsibilities. But thanks to bloggers like you who inspires me to do what I love from time to time. I can put up with that. :) So keep it up guys! Cheers to your travels. (y)

Gelai Dalusong

you’re not just a traveler but an amazing writer! keep it up!


Thanks so much, Gelai!


Onay Beach doesn’t mean “Suicide Beach”. Yes the word “onay” means suicide however the word “onay” also means “dear or beloved” with the stress falling on the first syllable. As time passed, the word has undergone changes as some people would pronounce it fast hence your “suicide” interpretation. The second definition is more appropriate as the beach is such a dear place to us Laoanganons because it provides us a place to bond with family & friends and enjoy the beautiful sunset and the unexplored scenery. Thanks!


Hi Laoanganon! You have a wonderful, wonderful hometown. It’s one of my favorite places in the world! :)

Thanks for sharing another meaning of onay. The suicide meaning was what the tourism peeps told us and we thought it was a bit dark for a beach name. Haha. But thanks for sharing!

The Prettea Traveler

very inspiring stories! ;)

Eat To Your Heart's Content

This one cracks me up … “and whose bowel movement always gets in the way…” i can just imagine what happens in an overnight camping trip :D enjoying your posts! :)


I missed you old blog theme but since your blog grew a lot I still like your blog gosh!

Peach Pira-Gerida

This is just what we (newbies in budget traveling?) need. :) Thanks for heeding to your “passion” – and sharing it with the rest of us. I’ll be travelling to Sagada with my sister on Thursday. The first and last time I ever visited Sagada and did the outdoor activities was 18 years ago! So I’m really like a “newbie” after 4 kids. Lol.. From a corporate career mom to a WAHM, I should not have any excuses (anymore) *not* to travel. Budget traveling? You’re site will be one of my treasured resources from now on. Godspeed!

Mark - Plan Your Trip Now

I’ve read a lot of your blog posts but this is my first time to read about the bloggers. Awesome to see how passionate you are in sharing your travel experience so that others would learn from it.

Rowena Lim-Gacosta

omg. so far the best travel blog I’ve visited. I guess because of that wow factor in the homepage and the responsive design. I was judgmental at first because I found the domain name jologs. I’m sorry… and I am embarrassed. I haven’t browsed on the contents yet but aesthetics appeals so much to me.. #visualperson. I guess the nuffnang ads are just out of place or not the right size. More power to you guys!!!!. and hopefully we can travel with you as well. #travelcommunity.


Love the blog!!!!

Joseline Alosbaños

Hi, I love the changes you did to the website! Keep it up !

Caitlin Jessica Liebenberg

You guys just rock, perhaps even mightily. Thank you kindly. If you ever get bored and want something to read, your opinion would be totally appreciated –


came across your blog and I really love it. It’s something I would never get tired reading. It’s very detailed =) reading your posts is like travelling with you too. It’s very inspirational

Maria Michaela Q. Jamora

Such a wonderful way of conveying ones truth about the travelling. Travelling ain’t a rose-tinted, walk-in-a-park thing. Great job!

Katie Arruda

Stumbled upon your blog today. Love the honesty and the humor behind it! I see everyone traveling but I am always like how the f$cK can they afford it?! Looking forward to budget friendly travel plans and more adventures!

Thanks from one poor traveler to another!
Katie @

dillon jones

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Velvet PR

Check out :) interactive travel blog!±



My name is Caitlin Bowen, and I am the Executive Editor of Global Vantage.

Global Vantage is a student-run, non-profit organization that is comprised of three schools: Pacific Ridge School, Canyon Crest Academy, and Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (Kibera, Kenya). Together, we work to raise funds and produce a magazine that compiles articles, poems, stories, and photographs from people within our respective communities and around the world (please feel free to look at recent PDFs at Additionally, we use our remaining funds to create yearly Social Action Projects. Most recently, we worked to fund the “Helping Babies Breathe Project,” in its effort to send neonatal resuscitation kits to Papua New Guinea.

In January of 2014, the Global Vantage staff-including myself—was awarded the highest honor that the Columbia Scholastic Press Association at Columbia University bestows upon a student publication, the discretionary Edmund J. Sullivan Award.

Recently our group came across your blog and we were interested in using your experiences as a story for our next issue. If you are interested, feel free to email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.



all the best on any (mis)adventures, planned or not… successful or not… life’s a journey… let’s all have fun with it along the way :)

Gary Hele

Hey guys love reading your website

Mary Grace Medina StoDomingo

Yes we want to know more about the blogger here in the poor traveler…we want more suggestions and tips about how to travel in a budget…and where to find stunning and breath taking places…

Virgil Ribancos

Love reading your travel log.

Reina Vibat Carasig

I love to travel! Thanks for the insights…good job!

Zenaida del Mundo

Enjoy your travel blog. Amazing how you guys survive and live to tell your stories. Amazing! Thanks for inspiring the traveler in us all.

Glenda Gorillo

Super love your travel blog. It really helps me when I started to travel. I hope I can join your travel. :-)

Ronald Valdellon

Just started reading from ur site
I’ve been a solo traveler since
May need more info from ur experience

Aichelle B Matsunaga

Thank you for creating this blog because it give tips and,accurate infos for a new traveller like me.more power guys and .God BLESS

Antoinette Jadaone

Super love your blog po!

Petersen Xavier Vince

Your blog was so nice and the topics were relevant to our daily living…. thanks…

Mildred Jigz Navarro

Thank you guys !!! Luv your blogs

Cherald Padojenog

Punta po kau ng guimaras libre kita: )


Our finances come from our consultancy jobs. Basically what we do when we still had an 8-5 job, but we don’t need to report to the office this time. And we have total control of our time. :)


yoshke, are u seriously diagnosed with ocd? (diagnose=physician) cause ocd is more than “strategically orchestrate it down to the last detail”. common perception of the crowd but it is really more than that. i hope there’s no misuse of the word.


Hi Lilly! Unfortunately, yes. Struggled with it since childhood, diagnosed after college.


anyway, i love ur travel site. It is always a must-read for first time traveler. thanks also for the breakdown of expenses. it is so helpful to estimate one’s budget. thanks for inspiring us. keep up!


Thank you! If you need help on anything, just send a message. Always happy to help. :D


Goodness gracious! I am in love with the two of you and even more with your blog. I have always been a kuripot and it somehow hindered me with my long time dream of traveling but reading several blogs (including yours, of course) let me live the dream. Your blog contains a lot of helpful tips, in fact, most of the places I have to is based on your blog. Discovering the Philippines (for now) one place at a time, thanks to you. ugh. okay I’m fan girling. Keep traveling, mga kuya! Super galing niyo *hearts all over*


Haha thanks, Chatty! Happy that our little blog is able to help someone! <3

Mielle Felicio

I am also a traveller and a photographer here in the PH! Wish I could come along with you guys someday and promote responsible tourism but a fun one!

Kanazawa Walking Tours

Hi Guys!
Mike in Japan here.
I’ve noticed that you have been to the big cities in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto . and Kawaguchi). I am (well, we are) based in Kanazawa, which is a super hot destination these days in Japan. We are getting lots of people visiting, it was so quiet 15 years ago when I first came – now it is a hot spot! (And rightly so, we believe!)
If you like, I can do a write up on this place for your blog (tell me what you need), or if you are planning on coming here, let us know and we can show you around. We have a walking tour company (so, disclosure!), and we would be happy to help if you come by.


We were just there in November, but we haven’t written about our experiences yet. (It was really cold, though. Hahaha)

Kanazawa Walking Tours

Oh, you’ve already visited! Yeah, the weather in November last year included some cold days. Actually, December was warmer!
Glad to hear you have been here. If you need to confirm something, just let me know. (Of course, if you are ever back here, drop us a line! We can show you places that are not on other reviews)
Looking forward to it!

Vaadi Travels

such inspirational guys. thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

J-Zel Villanueva

Wow amazing! I love your job, traveling the world! I’m a Filipino working in the Middle East and a seasonal traveler. I started my blog lately. Wish I can travel someday as full time. =)


PS Sammal

Book International tour package at Suniti tour and travels


[…] 2. Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos of The Poor Traveler […]

Grace Lu

what do you guys think of vacation ownership? Would you recommend it to your blog readers? thank you in advance for your time to reply!


hello there,

Have you visited Canada? Vancouver will be one of the best place you’ll ever see. I live here in Vancouver and know about the place as it is. From the tourist attraction and places that haven’t seen yet. If so i would like to be one of the blogger like you to help out and see how can i start blogging. I studied Travel and tourism in Vancouver and travel all over Canada already. I’m just seeking a new career, hope you’ll understand.


Charlene Samson

Inggit much :( Ako poor lang walang traveler HAHAHA

Annie Sabater

Hi there, Yoshke and Vins! Awesome blog!

I’m Annie Sabater from Funk Trunk Philippines, a social enterprise specializing in 100% reusable wood. I sent you an email at yoshke@The Poor about a possible collaboration.

Thank you and I’m hoping for a response from you guys soon! Stay awesome!


Hi to the blogsite owners!! I am asking your permission because I would like to use your photos from your blog article “7 Historic and Curious Churches in Batangas” for my school project, which is a travel mag. Don’t worry because I will make sure to cite your blogsite and give credits to “thepoortraveler” in the sources. Thanks in advance :)

Yosh Dimen

Sure, go ahead. Just make sure it’s only for school purposes and won’t be distributed.

John Enriquez

Hi there!

Thank you very much.

My solo travel to Coron was AMAZING thank you for your AWESOME tips! – (July 2016)
Our Family’s Adventure to Hong Kong – Macau was a Dream come true! – (July 2017)
And lastly for this year … Seoul, South , Korea #SnowDream is like a Fantasy. – (November 2017)

Maraming Salamat po sa inyo! ^_^

Yosh Dimen

Salamat din po sa pagtangkilik sa blog namin! :)


Whoaaaa!! your blog makes me kilig and excited. Just like the two of you, I wanna travel the world. This blog inspires me to do so. I’m so looking forward in seeing Istanbul and Greece. More inspiring travel blogs please!

Yosh Dimen

Thank you, des! :)

Karla Aranton

Hi! Read your blog about Batanes. We’re actually planning to visit by mid of this year. Have you actually tried travelling around Batanes by just renting a motorcycle and someone who can tour you around? Do you know someone from there whom we can ask about these?

Hope you can help me. Thank you :)

Yosh Dimen

No, tricycle lang kami. You can try asking Kara Santos of :)

Karla Aranton

Okay got it! Thank you for the help :)


Just discovered this today and started reading it and was amazed of how detailed your itineraries and tips. I have been hanging out in a Japan Travel Group and it’s helpful but this one is very direct. I can easily copy your sample itineraries and just tweak it along the way. I must say, maraming salamat. I’m gearing up to spend 4 days 3 nights in Tokyo on May 23-May 26. Then will go back for more on May 31-June 8 in Nagoya (covering Nagoya-Shirakawago-Osaka-Nara-Kobe-Kyoto and back to Nagoya then head home). All I can say is, I will be investing more of my time reading your blogs.

Yosh Dimen

Thanks, Ded!

erwin donelo

it’s an amazing travel guide. love the blogs…. keep up!

Yosh Dimen

Thanks, Erwin!


I’m planning to travel and start a blog this year. The POOR TRAVELER is my inspiration. Thanks.


I’m a huge fan of The POOR TRAVELER. More blessing and travel to come with you guy’s :D

Yosh Dimen

Thank you, Bryan! :)


I am so inspired by your history. <3
From now on my mantra would be WORK HARDER, SAVE BIGGER, GO FARTHER.

More travels! :)

Yosh Dimen

thanks, Melanie!


I want to start blogging about the Philippines when I kept on coming across the poor traveler.. Man, these people are coming from somewhere worth leaving(i mean employment) like where I am now.

Then I went in and typed your name on the search bar and read your extremely inspiring story. I hope to meet you guys along the road one day.. Thank you for sharing your story.!

I won’t be surprised if in a couple more years, you will be writing about how to roam around Dubai like a rich guy.. Haha.. No seriously I don’t doubt your success because you guys are real..

Yosh Dimen

Haha thanks, Zen! We appreciate it!

Omaru Kenshin

Since I started blogging back in 2013, it was always @The Poor Traveler which I always kept coming back to. This blog is just pure awesome, made from superb writing and tons of experiences. Just want to throw a shout out to Yoshke. Man, you are truly inspiring and I’m proud to admit that you’re my “idol” when it comes to writing. I am also trapped in a 7-to-5 work routine as a public school teacher and I wanted to blog again that’s why I created “thepoorteacher” last year (obviously, it was inspired by your blog). Unfortunately, I felt like it sounded a lil bit different and I felt dumb about it. I hope I can create a blog of my own brand that can also inspire others just like how you inspired me. But I’m running out of cool domain names. haha. Here’s hoping you can give ideas or suggestions for a blog name (anything about teaching and traveling). I would really be glad just to be noticed by you guys. Thank you @The Poor Traveler. Keep traveling, keep inspiring!

Yosh Dimen

Hi Omaru! Thanks for sharing this and for your kind, kind words.

We can help with your domain name, but we’ll need more info. What do you usually write about? You can also email us at yoshke@The Poor

April Joy G. Gentozala

Hello Yoshke and Vince!

I just read your blog about traveling to Morocco. I am planning a tri there in January but clueless where to get air tickets. Any recommendations? Wondering if I should go though a travel agency (which might cost more) or websites like Skyscanner?

Would love to hear from you! Thank you!

Yosh Dimen

Use 3rd party comparison sites. Sa Pinas ka ba manggagaling or may iba ka pang dadaanang country? :)


Hello, I just want to ask regarding the application for canadian visa. What if I cant provide an ITR? Can I submit letter of explanation?

Yosh Dimen

Provide other proof of income like payslips, invoices, COE, etc.


I found your blog because I was worried sick while waiting for progress to happen to my Canada Visa application. Aside from the fact that it’s a very helpful blog, i LOVE the fact that it’s well-written, the grammar is impeccable, and the lay-out is clean and easy to read. Keep it up!

Yosh Dimen

Thanks, Rosa! :)

deniz altan

hey guys,
my husband an di have been planning our phuket travel for 2 weeks. And i have come across your blog. i love it :) Your style, language, tips, sincerity… thank you so much and wish you more success :)

Yosh Dimen

Thanks, Deniz!


Hi Guys! Congratulations on your achievements. This is really the best travel blog in the Philippines.
I actually need your help and advice. Can I contact you via email? If yes, may I have your email address? Its about tips for dealing with Immigration. I just don’t want to leave it as a comment in your blog. Thank you.

Yosh Dimen

Hi R! Thanks, yes, you may email us at yoshke (at) :)


Hi Yosh and Vin,
I’ve just discovered your blog just now while planning my trip to Batanes this March. Really informative and charming! I really hope you don’t mind me asking if it’s worth hiring a van if I want to visit places to go in North Batan. Or will I be able to go to these places even if I just take the public transportation (e.g. jeepney):
1. Valugan Boulder Beach
2. Nakamaya Burial Grounds
3. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
5. PAGASA Weather Station – Basco
6. Tukon Church (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
7. Vayang Rolling Hills
8. Chadpidan Boulder Beach
9. Naidi Hills (Basco Lighthouse + Bunker Cafe)
If you can kindly let me know. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Best Regards!

Yosh Dimen

Hi Arianne, not jeepney, but you can charter a tricycle to take you around North Batan. More info in our Batanes travel guide:


Hi Yosh & Vins,

Thanks for photo op last Fri (Feb. 8-PTAA Travel Expo). For the nth time, very reliable and informative ng blog nyo. Hehe nakakalakas ng loob makagawa ng guide for our Japan trip next month. Keep it up! :)

Yosh Dimen

yayyyy! Thank you, Denice!!! :)


Hi sirs

Good day!

I just want to ask sirs regarding your blog if what is the platform you are utilizing and do you avail annual plans from web hosting sites? Thank you so much. IDOLS!!


Yosh Dimen

WordPress and yep, we availed of an annual hosting plan.


Can I just say how inspiring yor blog is :( I dont even have plans of travelling any time soon but reading your blogs just makes me wanna pack my bag and go! youre so so so lucky you get to travel and earn as well, youre living the life!! please continue providing very helpful and informative blogs as well as inspire others with your story ❤️ more power to you and your career guys!!!

Yosh Dimen

Thank you so much, Angel! Messages like this keep us going! :D


I must say I am a fan! This blog helped me a lot in developing our Japan itinerary. I got the idea of visiting Kanazawa as a side trip en route to Osaka (from Tokyo) from your blog to maximize our 7-day JR Pass. It is beautiful! It’s true that no matter how well planned your trip is, there are times you get lost, spend more, and at times just get tired. But the experience in between just makes it priceless :)

Thank you for your blogs! It reaches the reader on a more personal level that’s why it’s so fun and inspiring to read.

More power to you!

Yosh Dimen

Thanks for sharing this, Mea! It warms our hearts! :)


Hello all,
I just completed a year studying abroad in France, during which time I actively travelled throughout Europe whenever I had some time. I managed to travel to 13 countries within my academic year-long stay. This blog in my ways embodies my travel experiences, the budget airlines I flew, hostels I stayed in, busses and trains I took. It was an incredible journey to say the least. I’m now addicted to the feelings that traveling gave me, and the experience of meeting new and interesting people.
I would love to contribute somehow to this blog, I think I have the potential to very informative after all I’ve done this past year.

Give me a look and follow on Instagram if you might be interested in my experiences, and the new sites I may see in the near future; or if you’d like to share your experiences with me I’m open to all: @ayxlvii

Cheers and safe travels.

Stanfred C. Ocoma

Your grammar is excellent. And all your articles are good reads. Keep up the philosophy. Be the Filipinos’ inspiration.

Yosh Dimen

Thank you! :)


I put your blog in my bookmark list! My main source of research before travelling to any places

Yosh Dimen

Thank you, Dham! :)

Ellen Eslao

Big hello to your team The Poor Traveler.

While browsing thru YT vids in preparation for my Japan solo trip, I am glad to have chanced upon your blogs of the Kansai region (where I was going). Reading thru your articles and watching you, it removed my agitations of travelling alone to an unknown place. Although it is not my first time to travel alone, but this Japan trip is my first solo leisure trip. As if I was charting a strange place, but your insights (especially the negative ones) and tips made me feel more confident and brave to go solo. Some of my friends just corroborated what I read from your experiences…thus, I was more ready than ever…thanks Yosh & Vins. You communicate superbly that I felt we are already friends! ;-) God bless all your future endeavors, more trips, and more blogs.

Yosh Dimen

Thanks, Ellen! :)

Marco Ibrahim

I wish I could travel with you guys, I’d be fun. I’m having my first out of the country trip and I’ll be on my own. Bangkok-Malaysia-Singapore. I hope all goes well :)

Yosh Dimen

Solo travel is super nice, too! You get to meet other travelers and learn a lot about yourself. :)


I am loving this blog. Most dependable and most accurate in terms of tips on getting visas. Not just entertaining but also informative.

More power to your blog.

Yosh Dimen

Thanks so much for taking the time to share this, Harry! Really motivating. :D

Eric Narvaez

This blog is one of a kind. Thank you so much for all the information and details for each country. Everytime i planned a trip, hindi pedeng hindi ako mag babasa sa blog nyo. hope to meet you someday. More power to your team ( i love to join your team hihihihi).

Yosh Dimen

Thank you! Masaya na kami na marami kaming naeempower to travel. :)

Clare Gonzales

Hi Good Day,
I would like to ask since were planning to go on a trip to Japan this March and I am a student but on legal age. What are the processes for me is it still the same? Especially in ITR and Bank Statement. Thank you and love your blogs!!! A very reliable blog for travelers

Mae Punzalan

Every now and then, i make sure i check poor traveler prior to going on a trip. Reading your travel blog is included on my travel essentials already!

More power and keep inspiring Poor Traveler Team!

Yosh Dimen

Thanks so much for supporting our blog, Mae! And for taking the time to share this. :)

Mom G

You inspire me to document my family travels.. Love your blog and everything in in :)

Yosh Dimen

Thanks for sharing po! :)


Hi Yosh and Vins,

Love your blog as always. It helped me through all my travels. I remember the first time I traveled outside Philippines and the immigration asked for my itinerary and I said I don’t have but I will follow “The Poor Traveler’s” itinerary. I had a screenshot but they did not ask for it. So i thought they must know who I am talking about. :). . I am a solo traveler and I love going to places I have never been to and so i always come to your blog and search about how to explore the place. Now I am here in the United States studying and I have this writing subject. Your blog was the first thing that came up to my mind when they asked us to profile and analyze media whom I consider a creator who creates large-scale audience.
You are both awesome! Thank you for all your free travel tips. Thank you for all you do.

Yosh Dimen

Thanks for sharing this, Kerrie! And good luck with your writing project! :)

Sunny Bhuiya

I always read the travel forum on TripAdvisor and one of the members there linked to your Tagaytay itinerary and that is how I discovered this rich, no BS and to the point platform. I will definitely be using this a lot. I am very detail-oriented but where I always get stuck in my planning is where to begin and your posts are absolutely amazing for a great head-start. Thank you so much for your contribution towards travelling and keep up the good work.

Yosh Dimen

Thank you! :)

Dollie O'Neill

Really excited I found your blog! I love all of the tips, your stories and how you keep it real in your travels!


I m first time visitor to your webpage. I find it both interesting and informative. I am an Indian aged 74. Have already visited Cebu in 2019 and now wish to visit Manila and Boracay in a group of four. Would need your guidance. Can you give me your E mail so that I can communicate direct. Regards. N.K.GARG

Carmen Lim

Your blog is so informative and interesting. I checked out your blog when I am planning for my travel. Thank you and more power.

Abel Goce

josh, vins, asta and glenn,

your achievement is very impressive. I need some help on my forthcoming trip to sicogon island on dec. 17-21, 2022. I would really appreciate your assistance. I watched your blog on sicogon/Gigantes Islands and your blog content is informative, sincere, and done with commendable quality and taste.. pls. respond to my email so we cantle more about my sicogon trip.

Svenja Korn

Dear Josh, Vins, Asta, and Glenn,

this is the first time I am on your blog. Reading through your journey, I have to say that you have accomplished something amazing. I have just started my own travel blog a couple of months ago, so I was looking for some inspiration.

I feel like the key to success are consistency in what you’re doing and a strong will.
If you have a moment and would have some tips for me, I would be really grateful – Even if you don´t have time to respond, which I would totally understand, your story is really inspiring.

Kind regards,


Narciso Ababa Trumata

Awesome partners, great channel and amazing info. Thank you, guys.

Beth Ventura

HI Vins & Yosh! I got delighted with your cruise travel vlogs! May I know how and where did you order the tune talk traveller sim for KL /SIN? Appreciate your reply. Thanks!

Yosh Dimen

From the website. At the time, they had a delivery option. But it looks like they stopped the delivery option. :(

Aldrin John

Hi The Poor Traveler,
I think I’ve consumed all of your Spotify podcasts, but I still haven’t heard of you specifically talking about Hong Kong, there’s one, but it is Hong Kong compared with Singapore. Hoping to hear a podcast about HK only.

Yosh Dimen

Hi Aldrin! Yes, probably in October. We’re set to revisit Hong Kong next month to update our guides. :)

Aldrin John

Wow! Thank you, Yosh and Team! Looking forward to hearing the podcast in October! I’m planning to visit HK in January. So far, The poor traveler is my most trusted travel guide