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2020 • 3 • 30

The Korean Embassy in Manila has been implementing a lot of changes to their new visa application processes recently. The first major overhaul was the designation of travel agencies, through which applications must be filed. The requirements are still the same, but this time applicants will need to course their application through any of the embassy’s officially designated travel agencies.

The move was in reaction to the growing number of applicants in the Philippines, which has almost doubled in the past couple of years, from 90,000 in 2015 to 160,000 in 2017. To accommodate more applicants, the embassy has tapped travel agencies to receive applications. This means that walk-in hopefuls will no longer be allowed to directly apply for a tourist visa at the embassy in Manila, with some exceptions. Over the past year, more changes have been implemented. From the longer processing time to a new application form.

Note that the Korean Consulate in Cebu is NOT affected by this and will continue to accept direct applications on site. For more information about direct application in Cebu, read: How to Apply for a Korean Visa in Cebu.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply for a South Korean tourist visa via travel agency.



1. Duly accomplished application form

  • The Korean Embassy released a new application form (October 2020). Download here.
  • Must be computerized or typed, NOT handwritten.
  • The font should be Arial size 12. (New rule. Effective starting November 11, 2019.)
  • Must be printed on an A4-size paper.
  • For fields that are not applicable to you, leave them blank.

2. 1 Passport photo

  • Passport-size, colored, white background
  • Must be pasted or glued on the designated area on the page 1 of Application form.

3. Current passport (Original)

  • Must be valid for more than 6 months from your target travel date.
  • Must have signature. For new 10-year passports, the signature field is on the bottom part of Page 3 (page next to the Bio page). For previous passports, no need to sign because it already has your digital signature on the Bio page itself.
  • Must have completely filled out Emergency Contact Page (last page of the passport).

4. Previous passports (Original)

Only if you traveled abroad within the last 5 years. If you did, submit them together with your current passport.

5. Photocopy of the passport bio page

The bio page is the information page of the passport (Page 2). Make sure you have a photocopy of it.

6. Photocopy of all your OECD Visas

Only if you have them. If you don’t, skip this part.

If you have USED visas to any member country of the  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) except Japan, you will need to submit the ORIGINAL copy and a photocopy of all of them. (Past Korean visas and Japan visas are not counted.)

Having an OECD visa can increase your chances of approval.

Also, according to the embassy, “Frequent travelers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries (excluding Japan) within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.” I’m just not sure how they define “frequent” so it’s best to ask the agency where you will lodge your application to be safe.

To see all the OECD member countries, visit this website.

Update (June 12, 2019): Although Japan is an OECD country, JAPAN VISA is no longer honored by the Korean Embassy in reaction to several cases of applicants submitting FAKE Japan visa and stamps. Tsk tsk tsk.

7. If invited by a Korean

  • an Invitation letter
  • a copy of the inviter’s passport.

Ignore this part if not applicable to you.


In addition, you will need to prove that you can support the trip. Here are the additional documents you need to secure according to your employment status.

For Employees

  1. Certificate of Employment. Must be original; and must have the address of the employer, the landline number and email address of employer’s HR department, applicant’s position, date hired, and compensation. Mobile number is not allowed.
  2. Original Personal Bank Certificate. Must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB.
  3. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook covering the last 3 months.
  4. ITR (Income Tax Return, Form 2316), ideally with BIR stamp.
  5. Copy of PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable only)

Note: Frequent travelers to OECD member countries (excluding Japan) within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR. I’m just not sure how they define “frequent” so it’s best to ask the agency where you will lodge your application to be safe.

For Self-Employed

  1. Photocopy of Business registration form from DTI or SEC. SEC Registration must include pages with the names of stockholders.
  2. Photocopy of Business permit or Mayor’s permit
  3. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 with corresponding payment receipt from BIR authorized bank and with pages including net income and total revenue.
  4. Original Personal Bank Certificate. Must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB.
  5. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook covering the last 3 months.
  6. Copy of PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable only)

For Housewives or Househusbands

  1. Your own or your spouse’s original Bank Certificate. Must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB.
  2. Your own or your spouse’s Bank Statement. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months.
  3. If spouse is employed
    – Spouse’s Original Certificate of Employment. Must be original; and must have the address of the employer, the landline number and email address of employer’s HR department, applicant’s position, date hired, and compensation. Mobile number is not allowed.
    – Copy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy.
  4. If spouse is self-employed
    – Copy of spouse’s Business Registration from SEC or DTI
    – Copy of spouse’s Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(Copy)
    – Photocopy of spouse’s ITR (Income Tax Return) with BIR stamp or Form 2316 with corresponding payment receipt from BIR authorized bank
  5. Photocopy of NSO Marriage Certificate

For Students

  1. Original School Certificate
  2. Photocopy of School ID
  3. Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate of applicant
  4. If parents are employed
    – Parents’ Original Certificate of Employment. Must be original; and must have the address of the employer, the landline number and email address of employer’s HR department, applicant’s position, date hired, and compensation. Mobile number is not allowed.
    – Copy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy
  5. If parents are self-employed
    – Copy of parents’ Business Registration from SEC or DTI
    – Copy of parents’ Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit(Copy)
    – Photocopy of parents’ ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 with corresponding payment receipt from BIR authorized bank
  6. Parents’ Original Bank Certificate. Must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB.
  7. Parents’ Bank Statement. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months.
  8. Copy of parents’ marriage certificate.

For Retired Senior Citizens

  1. Original Personal Bank Certificate. Must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB.
  2. Original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook covering the last 3 months.
  3. Copy of Senior Citizen ID

Important Notes

  • UPDATE REGARDING THE ITR! (June 2018): The embassy has announced that starting 26 March 2018, first-time travelers who have NOT traveled as tourists to any OECD country within the last 5 years MUST submit the following:
    For Employees, ITR. The embassy website no longer mentions that the ITR copy must have BIR Received or BIR Certified True Copy Stamp. But this stamp was required previously. I don’t know if it’s still the case.
    For Self-Employed, BIR Form with Corresponding Payment Receipt from a BIR-authorized bank.
  • Starting July 1, 2018. The company alphalist is no longer required. However, it may be requested as additional document for some applicants. But if you’re applying before July 1, you will still need to provide it by default.
  • Submission of ITR is waived for applicants who have traveled to South Korea more than 2x within the last 4 years and applicants who have traveled at least once to any OECD country within the last 5 years. This is according to Constellation Travels, which is an official embassy-designated travel agency.
  • For family applications, you must provide documents that can serve as proof of relationship. Birth certificates and marriage contracts are accepted. A representative can file for the whole family.
The guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace gate
The guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace gate


1. Check the latest releasing date and processing time.

The first thing you should do is to see if the releasing date is fine with you. The last thing you want is to spend so much time and effort working on the requirements only to realize that you won’t get your visa in time.

Because of the growing volume of applications they receive, the Korean Embassy has extended the processing time. It’s hard to say exactly how long the processing can take because it changes week after week, depending on the number of applications. But it’s usually 24-36 working days.

Update: The Korean Embassy has announced that starting March 2020, the visa processing period will be reduced to 10 to 15 working days.

The Korean Embassy makes regular announcements on their official website.

2. Complete all the requirements.

Make sure you have gathered all the requirements listed above.

The list follows a certain order. The basic requirements first, then photocopy of OECD visas, then the financial/employment documents, and lastly the invitation letter or cover letter if you have it.

You will also be given the list when you enter the embassy, so you can rearrange the docs on the spot.

3. Submit the documents to a designated travel agency.

Now that you have all the required documents, it’s time to find an officially designated travel agency. The embassy accredited 35 agencies where you can lodge your application. If you’re familiar with the Japan Visa application process, it works pretty much the same.

The good news is, many of these travel agencies have branches all around the country, which means it’s easier for applicants in the provinces to apply.

To see the full list of travel agencies, their addresses, and contact details, visit: List of Korean Embassy-Accredited Travel Agencies.

The only applicants that can directly apply at the embassy are spouses and children of Koreans, government employees on official business trip, applicants with humanitarian reasons to travel urgently, and holders of visa issuance number (a separate document issued in Korea).

The visa itself for stays shorter than 59 days remains FREE-OF-CHARGE, but now that the embassy has employed travel agencies, they will surely be collecting a processing fee from applicants. The fee varies from agency to agency, usually between P500 and P1500. But call your chosen agency to confirm their rates.

4. Wait for the results.

Processing time: 10-15 WORKING DAYS

But according to the travel agencies we consulted, the safest is to apply around 35 WORKING DAYS before your trip because of the unpredictability of processing period. The embassy informs the agency of the projected release date of visa/passports for applications they receive that week and if the agency sees your travel date is beyond that release date, they can refuse your application as it will be too risky. These days, the earlier you can apply, the better.

On top of that, give agencies time to collect, document, sort out, deliver to and pick up the passports from the embassy.

While waiting, you can check the status of your application online.

5. Claim your visa and passport.

Pick up your passport (hopefully with a visa attached) when you are informed by your travel agency. Some agencies can arrange to mail it to you if you prefer, but most will ask you to come back and pick it up from their office.



How early can I apply for a South Korea Visa?

You can enter Korea at any time within the next 3 months (90 days) of the issue date. So if your visa is issued on July 1, you can enter anytime before October 1.

So that means, you can apply as early as 3 months (90 days) before your departure date.

However, if you’re applying in Manila, make sure you apply at least 30 working days before your intended travel date.

How long would I be allowed to stay in Korea?

59 days, if you’re granted a regular tourist visa.

You can apply for a longer stay but you must be able to justify that.

Update: Some of our readers have been granted visas that allow them to stay for only 20 days, not 59 days. We’re still trying to determine whether this is true for all new applications moving forward or just some.

Do I need to book flights and hotels before applying?

No. They’re not required. I’ve tried submitting these before, but they removed it from the pile.

Do I really need a travel agency for this?

YES. The Korean Embassy requires tourist visa applications filed starting July 1, 2018, to be coursed through any of their designated travel agencies.

However, if you’re applying at the Korean Consulate in Cebu, you may apply directly on your own. If you’re applying in Cebu, here’s how: Korean Visa Application in Cebu.

Do you recommend any travel agency?

We don’t really recommend any travel agency for now. But we can tell you this: Some of the information you’ll find in this visa guide that’s outside our personal experience was provided by Constellation Travels Inc.. We’re not affiliated with them in any way, but they have been very helpful in filling in the blanks in this guide for the benefit of our readers.

If you find this guide helpful and since you have to course your application through a designated agency anyway, we hope you could bring your business to Constellation Travels.

Here are their details:

Rate: P700

Makati Main Office
5F Merry Land Plaza
1157 Chino Roces Avenue
San Antonio Village, Makati City
Landline: +63 (2) 224-1730

Iloilo Office
G/F Door 2, Manfred’s Building, 22 Gen. Luna St.
Iloilo City
Office Line: (033) 514 1066
Mobile No.: 0917 823 8655

How long does the entire visa application take?

24-36 WORKING DAYS, according to the embassy.

But according to the travel agencies we consulted, the safest is to apply AT LEAST 35 WORKING DAYS before your trip. The embassy informs the agency of the projected release date of visa/passports for applications they receive that week and if the agency sees your travel date is beyond that release date, they can refuse your application as it will be too risky. These days, the earlier you can apply, the better.

That’s how long the embassy takes to process. But you must also allow agencies time to collect, document, sort out, deliver to and pick up the passports from the embassy.

Previously, the normal processing period is 7 working days with an option for RUSH PROCESSING which cuts it to 2 days only for a fee. But the embassy recently made an announcement that they are extending the processing period to 30+ working days due to the increasing number of applications they receive.

What is the Visa Issuance Confirmation in the Section 2 of the Application Form?

The Section 2 of the application form calls for details of Visa Issuance Confirmation. This section is only for those with a document called “Confirmation of Visa Issuance.” Many people think it refers to previous Korean visas; NO, IT DOESN’T. The “Visa Issuance Confirmation” is a completely different document, usually issued in Korea.

Should the application form be typewritten/computerized or handwritten?

Computerized, to be safe.

When I applied, handwritten forms were accepted. However, many designated travel agencies now require that the forms be computerized or typewritten.

If the question doesn’t apply to me, should I put N/A or just leave it blank?

Leave it blank, to be safe.

This is another source of confusion. In the past, writing N/A is accepted. However, most official travel agencies require that they be left blank. To be on the safe side, just leave them blank when you apply and ask the agency what to do when you’re there.

As one of our readers suggested, best if you bring a flash drive containing your form so if you need to change or add something, you can easily do so at the agency’s office.

What are OECD visas?

These are visas granted by countries that are part of the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). These are the member countries:

Czech Republic
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Update (June 12, 2019): Although Japan is an OECD country, JAPAN VISA is no longer honored by the Korean Embassy in reaction to several cases of applicants submitting FAKE Japan visa and stamps.

I have OECD Visas. Does it mean my application will be approved?

Not necessarily. But you have better chances of approval.

I have OECD Visas but they’re e-Visas. Is it accepted?

Yes. Some OECD countries like Australia issue electronic visas. You can print it out and submit.

Can I submit just the bank certificate?

No. Starting October 2016, a bank statement showing transactions for the past 3 months is a required document.

So you have to submit BOTH a bank certificate and a bank statement.

How much money should my bank account have to get approved?

I don’t know the minimum amount. I don’t think the embassy explicitly says it. But I have tried applying with P100,000 in the bank for a 4-day stay and got approved.

Some members of our Support Group applied with only P60,000 in their bank accounts and were granted a visa too.

I guess the key thing to remember here is that how much you have should be proportional to how long your stay is. For example, if you have only P100,000, don’t apply for a 59-day stay because that would obviously raise a lot of questions regarding whether or not you can afford the trip.

To give you a ballpark figure, the Embassy of France requires EUR 120 per day from Schengen Visa applicants. That’s around P7600 per day. Add the cost of airfare and hotel, and that should be the minimum amount in your bank. Again, this is not the official rule. We’re just using the French Embassy’s policy as an example.

My personal rule is P10,000 per day of stay + airfare + cost of accommodations.

Is group application allowed?

For families and friends traveling together for tourism, you can apply at the same time but your application will be evaluated individually. The list of requirements and procedure above still apply.

I’m applying with family. Does everyone of us need to submit a copy of bank certificate/statements?

Only one copy will do, provided that you’re applying at the same agency at the same time.

Please note that if the sponsoring family member is not an immediate family member (not a parent, sibling, or child), an AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT and PROOF OF RELATIONSHIP are required. For example, if the applicants are:

  • GRANDMOTHER + GRANDCHILDREN. You need to provide an Affidavit of Support stating that the grandmother will be shouldering the expenses of the grandchildren. If the grandmother is the father’s mom, submit birth certificates of the grandmother, the father, and the grandchildren.
  • UNCLE/AUNT + NIECE/NEPHEW. This is not considered an “immediate” relationship either, so an affidavit of support also needs to be submitted in this case. Plus, birth certificates of the niece/nephew, the aunt/uncle, and the “connecting” parent. For example, if the uncle is the mother’s brother, also provide the mother’s birth certificate in addition to the uncle’s and niece’s/nephew’s.

You can find a sample Affidavit of Support here: AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT & GUARANTEE!

I have a sponsor, do I still have to submit my own bank documents?

YES. If you have a sponsor, you will have to submit BOTH your sponsor’s and your own financial and employment documents.

I’m a student with a part-time job. Should I apply as a student or an employee?

I consulted a designated travel agency for the best way to go about this, and they said that it’s better to apply as a student and submit parents’ docs.

They said that applying as both employed and student can confuse the embassy. They also said that part-time jobs are often viewed by the embassy negatively because it tells them 2 things: one, that you are not as rooted and as financially stable, and two, that there is a possibility that you will work there too.

Can my boyfriend or girlfriend sponsor my trip?

You can try, but no guarantees. If you want better chances of approval, an immediate family member is best to sponsor you. A parents or sibling is most ideal. You will have to submit proof of relationship, which is hard to establish if you’re not married to your sponsor or not an immediate family member.

Note that even if your trip is sponsored by someone else, you still need to provide your own bank and employment documents on top of your sponsor’s.

Do I need to show up to submit the documents?

NO. You can ask someone else to do it for you IF THE REQUIREMENTS ARE COMPLETE.

I need to explain something. Will they accept a cover letter?

Yes. I did once. They accepted it.

Is it possible to apply for a multiple-entry visa?

YES, but only if you’re qualified. Holders of any of the following credit cards can apply for a multiple-entry visa and are EXEMPTED from providing bank certificates and ITR:

BDO Gold Cardholders: multiple-entry visa valid for 5 years
Gold Visa Credit Card
Gold MasterCard Credit Card
Gold UnionPay Credit Card
Gold JCB Credit Card
American Express​ Gold Credit Card

BDO Elite Cardholders: multiple-entry visa valid for 3-5years
Platinum Visa Credit Card
Titanium/Platinum and World Elite MasterCard Credit Card
JCB Platinum
Diamond UnionPay Credit Card
Diners Club Premiere
American Express​ Platinum Credit Card
American Express International Dollar Charge Cards
Cathay Pacific American Express Credit Cards (Standard and Elite)

RCBC Bankard Premium Card: multiple-entry visa valid for 5 years
World Mastercard (including co-brands Balesin and The City Club)
Black Platinum Mastercard
Diamond Platinum Mastercard
Visa Infinite
Visa Platinum
JCB Platinum
UnionPay Diamond

For BDO, promo is valid until December 31, 2022.
For RCBC, promo is valid until December 31, 2020.

Update: Effective November 11, qualified cardholders must submit credit card statements for the past 3 months + copy of the front side of the card (FRONT only).

Note that you are only exempted from providing financial docs (bank certificate, bank statement, etc.). Employment or business documents must still be submitted.

If unable to provide credit card statements, you must submit personal bank certificate (original) and bank statements showing your history for the past 3 months (original or certified true copy).

I am on paperless billing and I receive my credit card account statement via email. Can I just print it out and submit?

I don’t know for sure.

The latest announcement on the website states that cardholders enrolled in electronic Monthly Billing Statement (eMBS) or electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) can print out a copy.

However, according to a designated travel agency we talked to, printed copy of credit card statement received via email must be authenticated. Better yet, get an original copy of the statement by calling your credit card company and have it delivered to you or to your branch.

I really don’t know what’s the latest rule on this. Sorry.

If I avail of the credit card promo for multiple entry visa, do I still have to submit a Certificate of Employment?

YES. The credit card promo exempts you from submitting the ITR and bank documents only. Proof of employment (Certificate of Employment or business registration) and the rest of the requirements still apply.

My parent owns a credit card that is eligible for a multiple entry visa. I am an extension/supplementary card holder. Can I also apply for a multiple entry visa?

Yes. According to Constellation Travels, you’re also eligible provided that you and your parent will apply at the same time. Submit a copy of her valid/eligible credit card, latest original credit card statement, and a copy of your birth certificate to prove how you’re related.

I am tax-exempt. Do I need to submit an ITR?

You should still have an ITR even if you’re tax-exempt.

Since 2018, workers earning below P250,000 a year (P21,000 a month) are exempted from paying income taxes. But that doesn’t mean it exempts you from having an ITR. If you’re an employee, you can still get a copy of your ITR from your employer even if you’re tax-exempt.

My employer said they can’t provide the company alphalist because it’s confidential. What can I do?

Since July 1, 2018, the company alphalist is no longer required.

It used to be required, but not anymore. However, it may still be requested as additional document for some applicants if the embassy feels the need to confirm your employment status.

Is it possible to pull out my passport during application so I could use it for another trip?

NO. Not anymore.

It used to be possible but the embassy has announced that they have stopped entertaining such requests regardless of the reason. It’s now your responsibility to make sure that you will not need your passport at any point during the application process.

Update: According to one of our readers who called the embassy, it is possible now that the processing times are longer. I haven’t confirmed this though, so call the embassy for a definitive answer.

What are the common reasons why Korean visa applications are denied?

I can only speculate, but based on the messages we receive from our followers, the usual reasons are the following:

  • You can’t prove that you can financially support yourself on this trip. You probably have insufficient funds or your sponsor is not in a good financial standing.
  • You can’t prove that you intend to return (rootedness). You probably don’t have a stable job at this point, newly employed, or newly resigned, and it’s giving the impression that you intend to work there.
  • Your intention/purpose in Korea is unclear. This is why it is best to be specific when you’re detailing the reasons for your visit.

Where can I check the status of my visa application?

You can check the status of your application by visiting Then follow these steps.

  1. On the top menu, click on ENGLISH.
  2. Click on or hover over the Check Application Status on the left menu. It will reveal options.
  3. Click Check Application Status & Print.
  4. Accomplish the form on the next page. On the Type of Applications field, select Diplomatic Office.
  5. Enter your details and click Search.

If my application is denied, can I apply again?

Yes, but only after 6 months, if it is still the Korean Embassy in Manila that will be processing it.

Some of our readers have found that the Korean Consulate in Cebu accept applications rejected by the Embassy in Manila. There have been success stories of those who were denied in Manila but were approved in Cebu. I’m not sure if it’s a rule or more like an operational loophole, but I’m just sharing that some people have done it. You don’t need to actually go to Cebu. You can also hire a travel agency to do it.

If you choose to do this, just make sure that you’re adding supporting documents or addressing the reasons you were denied in the first place. Don’t re-apply with the exact same set of documents or you’ll also be rejected and face a possibility of penalty. There has to be more.

What does a South Korea visa look like?

Like this:

What are the contact numbers of the Korean Embassy in the Philippines?

Feel free to call the Korean Embassy to confirm anything. Here are the numbers:

Manila: (63-2) 856-9210 visa local no. 270, 500
Cebu: (63-32) 231-1516(-9)

I have documents A, B, C and D, and I have this much money in my bank account. Will my application be approved or denied?

I don’t know. No one and nothing can guarantee visa approval beforehand. Sometimes, no matter how qualified or prepared you are, your application can still be rejected.

The only person who can answer this question is the visa officer evaluating your application.

If you have more questions, we answered more frequently asked questions here: Korea Visa FAQs

For more information about Korean visa applications, contact or visit the official website of the Korean Embassy in Manila.

Updates Log

  • 2020 February 2 – Added link to the Word (Docx) version of the application form.
  • 2020 January 6 – Added FAQ 4.30. Updated FAQ 4.22. Inserted section 3.1.
  • 2020 January 5 – Replaced the application form. The Korean Embassy released a new application form.
  • 2019 November 8 – Added the new rule about font (Arial 12).
  • 2019 September 25 – Updated the processing time. The Embassy changed it to at least 25 working days.

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Hi, does this only apply in manila korean consulate? or kasama rin sa cebu? we are planning kasi mag apply via cebu kasi malapit kami sa cebu and using the waived financial docs promo ng BDO/BPI gold card na may multiple entry. Pano na yun?


Hi! recently got my 5-year multiple entry visa (no CC used), just 4x visits to SK in 2 years :) however, by June I will be renewing my passport… is it possible for me to have my visa transferred to the new passport?

Ilyas Ahmad


Jessa gelig

Hi po, im a housewife and plan po namin mag korea sa Oct. With my kids pero hindi po kasama ang husband ko. Need pa po ba ng affidavit of support of spouse? Thank you!


Hi my visa got denied here in Dubai. Plan ko mag jeju na Lang kasi no need visa. Okay Lang ba kahit kaka denied visa ko lang tapos pupunta na Lang ako jeju?


hi sarah i read ur post regarding the denied visa in dubai. Plan to apply for K. visa in dubai as well. why you were denied?

Mark James

Okay lang ‘yan.


Hi po, paano po magapply ng visa kung ang masponsor yung relative n nkatira sa Korea, student yung pupunta dun

Tawny Gwynne Estolloso


What if I am currently unemployed but still have the finances to support myself on the trip?

Elle Wood

How about I just graduated med school, so technically I am unemployed since I’m still doing internship but also I am no longer affiliated to any school, only to the hospital hence I am unemployed. Also, I already traveled to s.korea last 2018 when I was still on my last year in med school. Can I still apply for a visa? If so what are the requirements? Is it still the same?


Hi yoshke. Do i need to put sa “previous travels” sa form pag nagdomestic travel sa US kasi nagbakasyon ako sa florida and nagpunti rin ako sa new york or USA lang ilalagay ko.


Paano kung Fresh college graduate ako, pero supportado padin ng parents ko.


Hi. How if isasama ko tatay ko mag travel sa korea pero unemployed sya. Do i need guarantee letter? Thanks


Hi ask ko if magkano required account ng bank statement?


Hi. It is said na those who have visited any country from OECD is exempted from submitting ITR. I already visited SoKor and planning to visit again, would I be already exempted from submitting ITR?


hi ask lang kung pwede yung previous school ID ko, kasi late na ako nakapasok ng school, next year pa daw yung pwedeng mag pa ID

cecille vidal


Just to inquire both my parents already senior they want to travel in South Korea financially stable do I need to make a letter of support? Thank you.


hi ask ko lng if ung application need ng computerized or okay nmn kung print then susulatan?



Ask ko lang po if below 3 months palang ang account is it still possible to apply for visa?


Sir above 3 mos na po yung account ko pero kasi delayed yung sahudan ok lng po ba?


hello po ask ko lang po sa pag kuha ng student visa, paano po kung walang business ang parents ko at walang bank accnt pero meron po akong inviter sa Korea at sponsor po??


Hi, I’ve been in OECD member countries (France and UK) last year. Is it possible that I’ll be given 1 year visa? I’m going this August then 2nd visit is in December.


hello po ask ko lang po sa pag kuha ng student visa, paano po kung walang business ang parents ko at walang bank accnt pero meron po akong inviter sa Korea at sponsor po??

Vicky Barioga

pag credit card po ba pwidi mag request ng bank statements?


hi, my employer funding my trip to Korea. What are the requirements needed? Do I need to provide my bank account & certificate of employment although they will shoulder it? thanks a lot your blog was really helpful.
I am nervous because I am first time traveller and not have been to any countries abroad. I only travel locally.


You may request copy of your credit card statement of account (SOA) to the credit company where ur a holder.


Hi, i want to apply korean visa, but i stopped working last December 2017, because my korean boyfriend want me to stop work. And i have bank account .may chance pa kayang ma approve ako sa korean visa pag mag aaply ako?


Paano po if student tapos ofw ang parent? Tapos they are not filing ITR. Single mom and wala pong bank account. Possible pa rin po ba?


hi, i will be applying for korean visa as self-employed. Yung DTI and mayor’s permit ko under my mother’s name for she was the owner and i took over the business last year. will it be acceptable?

I have my BDO credit card, bank statement, and PRC card. also i’ve been to korea last 2016.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Heidi. You can put on your application “UNEMPLOYED” kasi hindi nakapangalan yung DTI at Mayor’s permit sayu. Tsaka hingi karin nang Affidavit of Support at marriage Contract at Full pages of ITR with BIR stamp sa mama mo for Verification purposes din provide your own Bank Certificate and Bank statement . Hope it can help.


sorry i want to ask, i have plan to visit in korea with my mom, but the prob is i dont have work now i am ofw before for 7 years and now im for good now. i just came back sept 2019, my mom have on buss like RTW i just want to know if ok lang ba sya ang mag sponsor sakin???

rose pena

hi .
my sister wants me to go with her in south korea the problem is im jobless no itr, bank account… but she will support and shoulder all the expenses . will i still have the chance to have a visa.

rose pena

Im jobless but my sister wants me to go with her in south korea and she will shoulder all the expenses , i dont have bank account and itr what should i do, its just a 1 week tour. im 50 yrs old . will they grant me a visa

rose pena

hi .
my sister wants me to go with her in south korea the problem is im jobless no itr, bank account… but she will support and shoulder all the expenses . will i still have the chance to have a visa. its just a week tour

Rowell Octavio

Hi can i still try applying for visa even if i dnt have ITR? Or sure denied if without ITR?.. reason for visit i won a raffle prize from paradise city resort and casino (3 nights accomodation and casino playing voucher). Will this help as additional credential?


–> For Employees, ITR with BIR Received or BIR Certified True Copy Stamp
Paano po itong part na to? Kasi pag check ko sa embassy website nila wala naman po nakalagay na dapat may stamp. Kelangan po ba talaga idala pa sa BIR para ipa-certify??
Thank you po sa sasagot ;)

Eddi Suh

Hi, paano po para sa mga OFW? BIR Certified Copy po ibibigay?


hi po good day! Ask lang po kung ano ang requirements ng Mother at Sister ko for korean visa? ung mother ko, Housewife sya pero may dollar account po and ung sa sister ko, employed na pero kaka-hire nya lng sa work and wala sya mapoprovide na ITR and Bank Statement but i will be sponsoring their trip po.

Jay G.

Hi. Question lang po. Applicable po ba if 2307 ang Requirements ko instead 2316? I’m Property Specialist “agent” from SMDC. And galing po sa Company ko ang 2307 ko. Possible po kaya na maka kuha ako ng visa? Thank you. God Bless.


Thank you so much for your response! I Hope ma-grant ang visa namin


hi Yoshke Dimen! just got my visa and its approved! thank you so much!!!


Hi! I have availed the bpi promo and was granted a 3 years multiple entry which will expire on aug 2019. Since dec 2019 ang end ng promo, i plan to reapply using credit card. Same process rin kaya? Thanks!


Did you still submit bank statements?or only the bank cert and itr are waived when using credit card promo?thank you.


I am planning to visit Korea this September with my 4 year old daughter. My husband is working there. But I have my own bank account and could possibly support our stay there for 10 days. Do we still need an invitation letter?


I am travelling with my daughter, do we need to fill up 2 application form?


Hi! My son wanted to apply a visa for south korea. He doesnt have any ITR kasi kaka employ lang nya. He can provide employment certification and bank certification. Is this possible to be granded? Thanks


Hi.. i have an invitation for training in korea for 1month under the sponsorship of WHO, do I still need bank statements? Do you have any idea how much is needed only accnt is my payroll accnt from where I work..tnx



Pano po kaya kung employee naman ako but walang ITR? But I have bank statement. Can I still apply for a visa? Thank you. :)


Hi! Wanna ask po, what if 6 mos na yung bank acct ko? Possible naman pong ma grant? :) thank youuuu

Magnolia Tulabing

hi, til when po validity magamit un Bank certicate & Statement of account from the date issue na pwedeng mag apply ng visa?
Thanks po

Jong Refugia

Hi. A Committee invited my theater team to perform in Korea this coming August . I was wondering if you know what type of visa we should apply for and what the requirements for this trip are. Thank you very much!


Hi Ill be applying as a student in korea. Do you by chance know the process for this?


Hi po pano pag ang kasama ko lang po isa sa parents ko but im still a minor po and were planning to go there for maybe a week only ano mga kailangan requirements? kaso yung dad isn’t working here sa ibang bansa po? may kailangan po bang letter from my mom that is allowing me to travel po kasama dad ko?


As stated on Student’s requirements, they need to submit parent’s Company Alphalist (Form 1604 CF with BIR received stamp), what if kasama naman po kaming parents nya going to Korea, does she needs to submit this requirement?

Thank you.


Hi I have submitted all the requirements, however, umalis ako sa job , as in resigned on the process of application. Maapektuhan ba yun? I have travelled to Korea 2x na rin naman but usually single entry. thanks


do they really call the employers?


hello, i would like to ask if there would be a problem kung mg,apply ako ng visa sa pinas? im currently in canada and dito din ako i am planning to go home sa pinas and dyan na lang din mg.apply ng visa. thanks


Hi, i would like to ask lang. me and my siblings kasi want to travel sa seoul, been there last may but single entry lang, and i have my requirements namn pede ko b i sponsor ung minor siblings ko? And ung isa kasing kapatid ko mas matanda sya sakin pero disabled sya can i sponsor him too? Or need niya tlga ng requirements? Thanks po


For the ITR requirement— since I traveled to Korea once before in 2015, I no longer need to submit it right? Or should it be 2 times to visit Korea or any OTHER OECD contry?


Question lang, are there specifications/ requirements for the passport photo? Thank you.


Ung account ko po is bdo kabayan savings.hindi po ba magtataka pag nakita a banking history na more than 70k ung once na dumating sa acc kc ngppdala tatay ko po ?at ung sahod ko dto sa pinas eh hndi naman gnun kalaki?


Hi Yoshke!

I am currently employed in a start-up company and we don’t have an HR, our finance head yung nagbibigay ng ITR/CoE namin. My question is, is it okay to put our finance head’s name & signature in my CoE since dapat HR Manager yun nakalagay?



Hi. Would like to ask if ok to submit just the copy of ITR because that’s what our company only provides. Does it needs to be Certified true copy? I’ve just went to BIR on our RD but they don’t just stamp Certified true copy without the “transmittal letter” as proof that our company filed. Or ss a written letter will suffice why it is only a copy of the ITR? Thanks!


Hi plan po nmin magtour ng family ko,yng isang daughter ko po ay student pa ang isa po ay graduated na 2 yrs ago pero unemployed po sya..ano po kaya application form yng dapat nya i-fill out at bale yng husband ko lang ang magiging principal sponsor nmin…magrant kay kmi ng visa?thanks


Hi po ask ko lang regarding the release of Visa. Pwede po ba iba ang kukuha during the releasing day? Pero ako po yong mag aapply pero iba lang kukuha. Thanks po.

ms shahadat

Message…I do not have any bank account, I can apply


Hi! just wanted to ask yung isang kasama namin is currently working in australia. And she wanted to join us in our trip to korea this december. However, this december pa siya uuwi and will travel from ph to korea. Any advice on how we can apply for her visa here in ph?

Mark Tejones

kelangan po ba tlga parent’s passport and bank statements etc. What if sister ko mag susuport sakin and ung parents ko walang passport?

and i’m currently a student.


Hi po!
Kelangan ba na original copy ang i-attach ko na bank cert & bank statement para sa mother and sister ko? Ako kasi ang maagsponsor sa trip namin.


Hi Jenah, okay lang photocopy ang bank cert and statement for your mother and sister. Important original copy is yung attachment for your application.

Hi po! hindi na ba available ang promo yung sa BPI pag kumuha sa agency.


Hi ES!

Kaloka. Ambibo-bibo ng question & answer portion mo. Luvet!

Anyway, makikisawsaw na rin ako:

1. Usually walang company IDs pag freelance, what document(s) do we need to show sa immigration?

2. I’ve read above that it’s possible for a travelling companion (friend, not relative) to provide an affidavit of support for you. Would you know where to download that form? I saw one but it’s for a parent-child affodavit.

Thanks in advance and more power to you!

Lianne Rodrigo


Regarding #1 answer mo, may formal template ba ang COE? :) For freelancers.. :)

Thank you!

Billy De Jesus

Hi! I’m self-employed. May sarili akong negosyo. Complete requirements naman nsubmit ko. Bank account is good. Pero denied ang visa application saying i’m not qualified. Pwede ba yun malaman kung bakit? Dahil wala ako makita reason para sabihin na hindi ako qualified.


baka po may questionable transactions sa bank statement nyo po

aurea cruz

pwedeng magtanong kung ilang years nb ang business mo at ung bank account mo pls reply


Hi ask ko lang for homebased/virtual assistant na katukad ko na walang itr for the past few years, possible bang maaprove? Can you give some Tips in what tl do and paano maapprove kapag self employed na wala namang mapoprovide na itr or business permit? Thanks


Hello may friend po ako na US citizen and also a senior she wants me to go to korea all expenses paid to accompany her. Its there a possible na maapprove ang visa ko.?


I traveled to Israel last year. Do I need to submit the original arrival slip (since they dont stamp your passport)? Or will a photocopy of the said slip suffice?


Hi po, ask lang po regarding sa Form 2316. Nasabi po ninyo na sa website nila hindi na naka-indicate na need na ng may BIR stamped po tama? Kasi po namomroblema kami ng boyfriend ko dahil yung Form 2316 nya walang stamped by BIR though yung sakin meron. Need your advice po kung ano pwedeng alternative way para may chance mas maaprove si BF kahit walang stamp yung Form 2316 nya. Magaapply na kasi kami ng visa this coming August 20. Thanks po.


Hi Ms. Yoshke Dimen,

Tinawagan ko na po yung pag-aapplyan namin na agency. Okay nga daw po wala ng stamp ng BIR kapag galing from HR yung Form 2316. Thanks for your help po. :)


Hi Po. What about for Nanny/Yaya? Ano po requirements? Kami po magsponsor sa kanya. Actually, yun Yaya if first cousin ng asawa ko ka-apilyedo lang din namin. Thanks.


Thanks for the response Yoshke. One more question, actually parang natanong ko na to in one of your blogs. May cousin kasi kami na gustong sumabay, she can provide bank cert and statement which I can assure have enough amount to fund her travel. However, pagdating sa COE kasi yung monthly salary is just about 15k which also will appear in the ITR. May chance po bang ma-approve visa nya? May mga small businesses kasi sya but not registered like pautang kaya may enough savings sya.

John Greg Padua

Hi Yoshke, I just want to ask regarding sa bank account ko. inopen ko sya last 2017 pero hindi ko sya hinuhulugan until June 2018. I started depositing money last July pero nagwiwithdraw din ako using the same debit card meaning – in and out yung pera sa account ko pero continuous naman yung monthly deposit ko nababawasan nga lang. We are planning to apply January of next year. what do you think will happen? Thanks so much!


Hi John! kamusta pag kuha mo visa?


hi im a student applying for a visa but im not going with my parents but my mothers officemate is it still possible that my mom could support me even though she is not coming with me?? or do i need my own bank account??

Thank you in advance!!!


as a tourist po ba kyu or studying in korea?


hi po, i have online business(im lazada merchant),my online shop is NOT YET registered in DTI or BIR, since online nga lang po sya,like other online shop, , but i can prove po that i can finance po my vacation in korea for 6 days , im having a payout of 6 digits every 2 weeks , for the last 7 months and i can prove that or show my lazada statement of account every 2 weeks, and my bank details where they deposit my payout/money, i just want to know po if this is reasonal enough to get a visa, if not ,what should i do po ,? hope you can help me , btw im 23 years old ,so old enough to travel alone i guess,


and additional na din po ,wala po akong itr, your reply po is highly appreciated


Hi, ask ko lang, required ba na may credit card ang mga nag-aaply ng visa? Im dont have a credit card but im employed and with savings account in BDO. thanks


hi mam lyn, add ko lang po sa comment kay sir yoshke, promotional lang po ang credit card.. i think till the end of the year lang cya… mas maganda po kase kung credit card kasi po may chance na mag multiple po ang visa nyo.. pero ndi nman po required..


hi sir ilhoon.. just make an explanation letter why you dont have an itr..


ask ko lng po employed po ako pero ang bank account ko po ay transaction sa new business ko employed po ang inapply ko kc nga 3 months pa lng ung business ko may chance kaya ako magka visa ty


Hi! ask ko lang po, employed po aq pero 3 months pa lang but I have enough money sa savings account q for show money. Am I eligible?


My sister in Australia is the one who support me financially and she sent me money tru my bank account po. As a student po, kanino po ba kailangn na bank statement and bank certificate? Nag hehesitate po kasi ako kung bank account ko or bank account ng kapatid ko ang ipapasa ko pag mag aapply ako ng korean visa thank you po sa sasagot! Godbless


hello po! I just want to ask if mababa or mataas ang chances that i will be granted a visa using my mom’s and mine’s dollar joint account? do i need a letter stating that my mom is allowing me to use the joint account, or hindi na? i also have my own bank account pero nasa 13k lang laman niya. i have an ITR pero 0 yung nakaindicate kasi i opened my BIR early, months before i actually got work (2017 ako nag-apply, 2018 ako nagkaroon ng kita). do i have to make a cover letter to explain?


What if hindi nalang ako magpasa ng ITR but I’ll pass other BIR payment proof s/a 1701q and 2551M? Pwede po kaya yun?


Hi! ask ko lang po, employed po aq pero 3 months pa lang but I have enough money sa savings account q for show money. Am I eligible?


Hi! pano po if na-approve ung Japan Visa ko pero di pa po ako nakakapunta, tas mgapply din po ako ng korean Visa? Two weeks po ung interval ng travel ko between Japan and Korea since mahirap mag-leave pero since 2 weeks lang, I’m planning na kumuha na din ng visa. Considered na po ba aq na nasa category ng with OECD? Can I use the same bank statement para sa two visa applications? Thanks


hi there! just to confirm, if i have been to an OECD country (let’s say, Japan) in the past year, i’m exempted from submitting my ITR, right? actually, yung (expired) visa is nasa current passport ko na ipapasa sa kanila.

i’m just being paranoid ig, haha. since this will be my first time applying for a SoKor visa.


Hello, planning to apply this september, wala ring BIR stamp ang ITR ko because online nag file ang employer ko. Pero nag email ako sa korean Embassy they said kng walang stamp need dw ng copy of email confimation from BIR. Is it okay ba gumawa ng explanation letter and mag provide ng supporting docs. Like my company’s transmittal letter and Alpha list? And factor rin po ba na ma deny ako because Im a nurse? Maraming kakilala ko na deny are nurses.


plan ko po mag travel sa sokor nxt year,I’m an OFW at mag for good na sa Pinas nxt yr, wala po akong Itr.
Do you have any idea para ma aprrove ang visa kapag mag apply ako?
or any other documents na needed?

thank you.


Hi! We’re planning to apply for a family visa next year. Yung mother ko is a housewife, may business siya na mga paupahan pero not registered. So dun siya sa category na housewives, pero yung father ko is a retired senior citizen na. Pwede bang istate na lang namin na we, me and my sister, will sponsor her trip or no need to state na since we’ll travel as family? Thanks. :)

Gilly Cañada

Hi good day ask ko planning to apply korean visa kasi yung pamangkin ko isang US citizen ikakasal sa isang korean national sa korea..paano po wala akong trabaho or meron man na hindi maka provide og ITR og bank account? Pwede po bang yung pamangkin ko lang ang mag sponsor sa akin or yung korea?at saan mamakuha ang OECD? THANKS

Jerimiah T

Hello, please I need a work visa to south Korea, can you help me get it?



I just want to ask me my husband and my 2 kids (2yo and 5 yo) will be traveling in dec. Enough na ba ang 3500 usd or 4000 usd for 7 days trip? and need b na ung illalagay mo sa application form is ung amount mo sa adb? or bast mas malaki ung nsa statement ok lang?

and also, since both of us are employed and from same company, kelangan pa ba tig isang coe, bank cert/statement and itr ilalagay naming sa mga bata?

regarding sa itr, yung mga friends ko they applied with only the itr provided by our hr with no stamp and approved naman sila.


Got my korean visa approved a few days ago. This will be my second travel outside the country. First was my Taiwan trip last yr. Indicated $1000 in the application form, present a bit more than Php 100000, complied will all the requirements as stated.


Hi, ano po ang mga requirements sa pagkuha ng working visa kasi po Yung asawa ng tita ko na kakilala nya nangangailangan po ng worker so kami po ang nirecommend ng tito po namen


Hi, can anyone send me a sample cover letter as a support document explaining I’m a fresh grad and unemployed? I also can’t give my school credentials yet kasi naka hold pa sa school. I’ll be travelling with my family, my parents will support the trip. Booked our tickets in Oct already!


Any updates po for this? :(


Same case. Any updates?


Any updates? Currently unemployed din but also reviewing for a state board exam. My parents will be sponsoring my trip.


Just wanted to ask if possible po ba na ma grant ako ng visa because me and my mom are planning to apply for one this month. My mom will be sponsoring me. I am a fresh graduate (graduated last March 2018) and still unemployed because I am planning to pursue a master’s degree this second semester. The problem is that we’re planning to go to Korea at the end of October but the enrollment for the second semester starts around the same time din po, last week of Oct. Do you think po ba na makakakuha ako ng visa if I send a letter explaining why I can’t present a school certificate and school I.D? Thank you so much. Looking forward for your reply.