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Hi there! We’re Yoshke & Vins!

Welcome to The Poor Traveler, the rich blog for the budget traveler.

We’re full-time travelers, but we’re not always like that. Like most people, we had day jobs and could only travel on weekends and holidays. We know how it feels to work hard and look forward to spending limited time and money on travel. When we were starting out, we made a lot of mistakes. We got lost all the time, got scammed all the time, and ended up spending more than we should. We created this blog to accomplish two things: (1) document our misadventures, and (2) provide budget travel tips so others won’t have to waste hard-earned money when they travel. That’s how THE POOR TRAVELER blog was born.

We’re not in the business of promoting the cheapest ways to travel. But we are on a journey to find and share what gives the best value for money. For us, it shouldn’t always be about the price. And if you can help the local economy by patronizing local products and spending a little more, do so.

But over the last six years, The Poor Traveler has emerged as one of the biggest travel blogs in the world in terms of traffic and social media presence.

What makes our blog click
is that we are relatable.

Like most people,
we’re casual travelers, not hardcore backpackers.
We’re vacation-goers, not long-term nomads.
We enjoy solo adventures,
but we also love sightseeing with friends and family.

And although we’re a budget travel blog,
our primary audience is composed mainly of
21-45 yo full-time professionals
who wish to take a break from work.
They are budget-conscious
but are willing to spend hard-earned money
on experiences that are worth it.


Success in numbers

Our 600,000-strong base is one of the largest travel blog communities on Facebook, and it’s still growing fast. Our consistent search- and social-driven traffic has put us among the top travel blogs.

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In addition, we have been cited by the following organizations and publications:

Our partner website, with 1.5 million likes on Facebook, was Asia’s biggest travel/leisure page based on 2012 SocialBakers data.


Content comes first

We strive to make each of our posts informative, entertaining, or both. We do our best to add value to our readers’ user experience and be as useful as we can. We believe our content is why our readers trust our blog and share our articles. We are protective of our content and have always held it sacred.

We have been featured on BBC World‘s The Travel Show and CNN‘s list of Top Travel Bloggers, among others.

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On plaques and in print

Here are some of our awards and recognitions:

Vins kissing the Best Travel Blog trophy at E! Bloggers Ball (left); Yoshke accepting an award at the Philippine Blog Awards (center); Yosh and Vins all smiles after winning Best Travel Bloggers at Nuffnang Awards (right)

Co-founder Yoshke Dimen has also received 3 Philippine Blog Awards out of nine nominations (for this blog and his personal blog Most recently, Dimen won the On Assignment travel writing project by Digital Photographer Magazine and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

We have contributed to and been featured on many magazines including Travel Now, Navigator, and Mabuhay Magazine. See our print portfolio here.

Other Recognitions:

Also featured on:


In good company

Our content and reach are why we have worked with some of the biggest corporations and industry leaders in Asia: AirAsia, Expedia, Globe Telecom, Philippine Airlines, and Tiger Airways among others.

We have also spoken at the World Tourism Forum 2016 in Istanbul.

Trivia: The name of this blog was inspired by Charles Dickens’s The Seven Poor Travelers, a short piece that narrates the events at a charity house that provides shelter to broke travelers for a night. On that night, the seventh poor traveler relates a story from his journeys. It is this spirit of storytelling that we wish to capture and share on this blog.

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  1. Irene Nardi says:

    I am sorry if I bother you with this question. I am an italian student and at the moment I am studying english at the university. I was wondering if you could explain to me the sentence: “I finally cried “Enough!” Good old cold turkey”. I really can not undestand the meaning, I have even searched on the net but I can not find “good old” before the idiom “cold turkey”. Could you please help me? I know it may sound as a stupid question, but I need it for my english exam of tomorrow. Hope you will answer.
    Thank you a lot.

    • Ryan Reyel says:

      “Cold Turkey” means to quit something immediately and not do it again.

      “Good Old” is a phrase attached to cold turkey and it means “reliable,” and “been around for some time.”

      Together they mean that quitting immediately is a reliable way and has been reliable for some time.

  2. Ross Hansen says:

    Hello Yoshke and Vins

    I’m interested in advertising on your website and wanted to get in touch about your rates and if you do any other forms of advertisements?

    Looking forward to your response

  3. Gabrielle Llanto says:

    Hi, good day. May I please your email address? We would like to send an invitation for our hotel’s grand launching. Thanks

  4. Daniel Kim says:

    Hi there, it’s nice to talk to you.
    This is Daniel Kim, chief operating officer at HaB Korea (
    I’m interested in working with your team.

    Please let me know your terms and conditions via email.
    Thank you.

    Daniel Kim

  5. Shivani mahto says:

    Hello yoshke and vins
    I’am shivani mahto from india, i’m student of tourism, intrested in work with you . Wanted to get in touch about your work and travelling experience, and learn with you .
    And looking forward to your response.
    With regards.

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