The latest issue of Leisure + Adventure: TRAVEL Magazine lists down 10 Accounts to Follow Online. And guess what?

The Poor Traveler is one of them! Akalain mo!

10 accounts to follow online

Special thanks to Klara, who wrote the piece, and the other men and women behind this issue for including us! It made us feel much less insignificant in this field!

To show our appreciation, we wanted to send a bottle of wine to their office, but I found the bottle empty and my head aching when I woke up this morning. So I guess this post will do for now.

Anyway, if you still haven’t followed us… well… HOW DARE YOU??? #CharLang

Follow us, please. See the links beh-low.

Twitter: @ThePoorTraveler
Facebook: /ThePoorTraveler

Why should you follow us? Because TRAVEL Magazine says so. And because we’re begging you.

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  1. Crystal (My Hindi Heart) says:

    Very nice. Consider yourself followed! :D
    I look forward to reading about your travels. I’m headed to India in a month. Do you have any plans to visit India?

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