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Once is never enough.

Heck, when it comes to Coron, four times still won’t cut it. This little tourist town in Palawan one of the first destinations we set foot in as travel bloggers, but even after three more visits, we still can’t get enough of it. Its jagged corners are bursting with natural beauty and cultural significance: from the lakes and lagoons of Coron Island, to neighboring beaches, to shipwreck dive sites and coral gardens, to saltwater hot springs, to postcard-worthy views from its mountaintops. Heck, they even have an African Safari nearby.

Yet, every time we return, we always find something new. Coron changes fast, and it’s both good and bad. All it took was return to the top of Mt. Tapyas and we noticed just how much development has sprawled across this side of the island. New hotels and restaurants flank more of its paved streets. More tours are opened to tourists, whose numbers, I bet, more than doubled since our last visit. Prices climb at a near-scary rate.

Coron transforms faster than we update our travel guides, which is part of the reason why we return to Coron more more frequently than to other destinations. Anyway, here’s our latest, most updated Coron Travel Guide. Last updated: September 2018.

Understanding Coron and Busuanga

Coron is just one of the four municipalities that make up the Calamianes, a stellar group of islands that speck the waters of North Palawan. Busuanga Island is the largest of the group and is politically divided into two municipalities: Busuanga and Coron. Coron is the main tourism hub of the region and has more accommodations and tours, and is the usual jump off point to the surrounding destinations, which is why many of the attractions in Calamianes are often associated with Coron even when they are technically part of other towns.

For example, Calauit and Black Island are actually in Busuanga, but most people think they’re in Coron. The town of Culion is also often tagged Coron, when it is, in fact, a separate municipality.

Another confusing bit: Coron Town is NOT on Coron Island. As mentioned, Coron Town occupies half of Busuanga Island. Coron Island, emphasis on island, is a separate smaller island off the coast of Coron Town. Still with us? Here’s a map to help you digest it better.

Coron Map
Map of Busuanga, Coron, and Culion

How to Get to Coron

For tourists, the main gateway to the Calamianes Islands is Busuanga Airport (USU), more formally known as Francisco B. Reyes Airport. It is less than an hour away from the town proper of Coron.

But Coron also has a pier, and over the past few years, new boat routes have opened for tourists coming from Manila and other parts of Palawan like Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

Manila to Coron

Flying is the easiest and fastest way to reach Coron from Manila. Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines, and Skyjet all operate Manila-Busuanga flights.

We’ve tried multiple dates to compare prices, and found the following:

  • Skyjet offers the lowest year-round fares.
  • Cebu Pacific does more promos for Coron. So if you’re not in a hurry to travel, you can wait for a Cebu Pacific SALE and you can score roundtrip tickets for as low as P2400 (flights only) or P3100 (with baggage).
  • Philippine Airlines has good rates, too. There are dates when PAL has much lower fares.
Cebu Pacific Manila to Busuanga Flight
Cebu Pacific Flight Scan. The highlighted row contains PROMO FARES. Year-round fare is around P3,400.
Philippine Airlines Manila to Coron Flights
Philippine Airlines Year-round Fares
Skyjet Manila to Busuanga
Skyjet Fares

Cebu to Coron

Philippine Airlines offers competitive Busuanga fares from Cebu and Clark.

Cebu to Coron Flights
Cebu to Coron Fares (Philippine Airlines)

Clark to Coron

If you book in advance, you might snag these fares.

Clark to Coron Flights
Clark to Coron Fares (Philippine Airlines)

Puerto Princesa to Coron

2Go Travel ferries passengers from Puerto Princesa to Coron, leaving every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:59PM and arrives the next day at 3PM.

Here are the rates per accommodation type and additional fees.

2GO Travel Puerto Princesa to Coron
Sample computation

El Nido to Coron

Montenegro Fastcraft launched in September 2016 a new Coron-El Nido (and vice versa) route, which cuts the travel time to only 4 hours. Schedule and rates below.

Coron to El Nido Fastcraft

Busuanga Airport to Coron Town

As soon as you emerge from the airport’s Arrival area, you’ll be greeted by people asking you what hotel you will be staying. Don’t worry, these are barkers looking for passengers. I was hesitant to go with them because they were a bit too proactive, to say the least, but they are legit if they are in uniform. They are asking for your hotel so they would know which van/shuttle you should board.

  • Travel time: 30-40 minutes
  • Fare is P150 per person
  • You can also hire the entire van for P1500.

The journey is scenic because you’ll be driving across a ranch. If you’re lucky, you’ll see herds of cows crossing the road.

Where to Stay in Coron

There are so many lodging options in Coron but you might still want to strongly consider booking in advance specially during summer (March-May).

On our last visit, we were hosted by Coron Soleil, which is a newly built complex that harbors the Coron Soleil Garden Resort, a 4-star resort. But here’s the catch: located in the same complex is the more pocket-friendly Coron Soleil EXPRESS, a 3-star budget hotel. The thing is, guests staying at Soleil Express have access to the amenities of the complex, which means you’ll be able to enjoy 4-star resort amenities at the price of a budget hotel!

Here’s Coron Soleil’s psychedelic swimming pool, the centerpiece of the resort.

Coron Soleil Garden Resort

Check Rates & Availability

Top Budget Hotels Under P2000

If money is an issue, here are some of the top budget hotels under P2000 per night, according to Agoda users as of March 2019.

Hop Hostel Coron Palawan

Top Budget Guest Houses Under P1000

If you’re working with a really limited budget, consider no-frills, basic guest houses and inns. Here are the four highest-rated around and under P1000 per night, as scored by Agoda users.

Ahras Place Coron Palawan

Search for more: Coron Hotels

Where to Eat in Coron

Food is expensive in Coron. According to our boatmen, it’s because many of the ingredients are being imported from Mindoro. But it doesn’t explain why seafood dishes are also expensive.

The price of restaurant meals range from P150 to P400. That P150 is often composed of just a cup of rice and a small serving of a Pinoy viand like tapa, adobo, or liempo. Pasta dishes are usually at P250, grilled seafood (squid or fish) at around P200, and fruit shake at P100-P120.

If you’re not picky, you’ll find cheaper meals at carinderias all around town, but they’re getting harder and harder to find these days. But you’ll find those serving tapsilog for P100 or less. There are small kerbside barbeque stands which costs P10-P25 per stick.

On our last visit, we chose to eat at various restaurants in town, but we found that many of them are overpriced, and they kinda taste the same. Haha. With the following exceptions:

Kawayanan Coron

  • La Morena Cafe. We ordered this seafood pasta and a big glass of melon shake. Both are unforgettable.
  • Carl’s BBQ. Order the Baby Back Ribs. Half slab is P350; Full slab, P520. Huge servings. And tastes great!
  • Kawayanan Grill Station. Seafood Platter (P450). Good for 2-3 people. Fresh and grilled perfectly.
  • KT’s Sinugba sa Balai. There’s nothing really special about the taste, but the serving here is big and prices affordable, reasonable.
  • La Sirenetta. Kinilaw na Tuna.

Aside from La Morena, there are two other coffee places along the main road: Coffee Kong and Fika Indulgence. All three serve satisfying drinks and desserts.

Locals also kept on recommending Santino’s Grill and Amigos’ Smokes and Grill. We weren’t able to try ’em. We tried, but both were closed when we visited because…

Important! Most restaurants and cafes in Coron are open only during lunch time (11am-2pm) and at night (6pm onwards). If you decide to have late lunch at around 3pm, your options will be significantly narrower.

How to Get Around Coron

There are so many interesting and unique destinations in Coron and in nearby towns of Busuanga and Culion. If traveling just within Coron town proper, you can simply take a tricycle. Fare is P10 per person.

But when visiting island destinations, you have two options: join a group tour or charter a private boat.

If you join a Group Tour

You’ll be paying per person and will be sharing the trip with other tourists. You’ll find these tours offered by various operators throughout the town. This is great for those traveling alone or with a small group.

  • Pros: You don’t need to worry about anything else. You just pay one time, show up, and the agency will do everything for you. You also get to meet other travelers.
  • Cons: You have almost no control of the itinerary and how much time you will be spending at each stop.

If you charter a private boat

You will need to book with Calamian Tourist Boat Association. Their office is at the near end of the Lualhati Park. They have standardized the rates of boat trips depending on the size of the boat needed, the number of passengers, and your destination.

Is it cheaper? Only if you’re a big group. Rates depend on the boat size. For example, for Coron Island Tour, a boat that can accommodate 2-4 passengers costs P2700, 5-8 pax for P3250, or 9-15 pax for P3800. Obviously, you’ll be maximizing this if you’re a group of 10 or bigger.

  • Pros: Although there is a suggested itinerary, you have total control of your time and schedule. If you want to stay longer somewhere, you can. If you want to skip a stop, you can too. And as I said, if you’re a big group, it will turn out much cheaper than joining a group tour.
  • Cons: The published rates cover only the boat fee. NOT included are the tour guide fee (P500) and entrance fees. Food is NOT included either, so you will need to bring your own provisions. Fortunately, the public market is near the port and the boatmen can prepare and cook your meals at no extra cost, so you can simply shop for ingredients before your trip.

Coron Tours

The following are some of the most popular tours in Coron with the usual destinations covered. Inclusions vary so please confirm with the tour or boat operator first before you seal the deal. I also indicated the usual rates as of March 2017, but bear in mind that these rates vary from operator to operator.

We also provided links to corresponding Klook tours. However, we have to say that we actually find the tours on Klook a bit pricier than usual. I would still just find another tour when I’m there. But if you’re a long-time Klook user and you’re more comfortable booking with them, go ahead.

For you want to pull a DIY or charter a private boat, you’ll find the entrance fee rates in the photo caption. However, like I said, if you’re joining a group tour, you don’t need to worry about the entrance fees because they’re included in the group tour package.

Coron Island Tour

Group tour: P1500-P1800 per pax (All in)

Private boat: P2700 for 2-4 pax, P3250 for 8 pax, P3800 for 9-15 pax


Coron Island Tour

This is the classic Coron Island Tour. The usual Group Tour rate is somewhere between P1500 and P1800. However, you’ll find tours for only P1300 or even as low as P750. Why the big difference? Check the itinerary. The most iconic attractions in Coron are Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. Many of the offers we found don’t cover both. Some just include Kayangan Lake and a few other stops, or Twin Lagoon and a few other stops. If you want to make the most of your stay, book a tour that has both in the itinerary.


Coron Town Tour

Group tour: P550+ per pax


Coron Town Tour

Alternatively, you might want to do this by yourself because all these are accessible by tricycle and even walking (except Maquinit)

Mt. Tapyas does not require an entrance fee. It’s best enjoyed at sunrise!

Maquinit Hotsprings can be reached by tricycle. Fare is P350 roundtrip. Entrance fee: P200 per person. Best enjoyed after climbing Mt. Tapyas.


Calauit Safari Park Tour

Group tour: P2500-P3000 per pax
Private boat: P9300 for 2-4 pax, P10400 for 5-8 pax, P17000 for 15 pax


If you’re joining a Group Tour, you have two options: by land or by sea.

If by sea, you will be stopping at the following:

Calauit Tour

Other stops: North Cay, South Cay

I personally prefer touring by sea because I am in love with Black Island, which is often not included in land tours.

If by land, your stops will be 2 – 4 in the following, depending on the agency. Make sure to check the itinerary first before booking with any travel agency:

  • Calauit Safari Park
  • Concepcion Falls
  • Malbato Chapel
  • North/South Cay
  • Pamilacan Island
  • Lusong Coral Garden and Gun Boat Wreck

If you’re booking with Klook, the stops will be Calauit Safari Park and either Pamilacan Island or North Cay. I’ve been to both Pamilacan and North Cay, and Black Island is so much better. But if you want to book with Klook, follow the link below:


Malcapuya Island Tour (aka Island Escapade Tour or Beaches Tour)

Group tour: P950-P1700 per pax
Private boat: P4350 per 4 pax, P5450 per 8 pax, P7100 per 15 pax


Malcapuya Island, Coron

Stops: Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island. Some tours include Malaroyroy Island.


Culion Historical Tour

Group tour: P1300 per pax
Private boat: P4350 for 2-4 pax, P4900 for 5-8 pax, P7100 for 9-15 pax

Culion Tours

You might also want to check out this travel guide if you want this trip Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style: Culion Travel Guide

Glittering Fireflies and Plankton Tour (with Buffet Dinner)

Group Tour: P950 per pax
Package includes: Buffet dinner, hotel transfers, guide fee, and kayak fee
Pick-up at 6pm, tour ends at 9:30pm

I can’t stop raving about this tour. This is super magical! Although the fireflies are cool, the real stars of the night are the bioluminescent plankton. When you dip your hands in the water, it sparkles. And when you tap the sides of the boats, the most amazing thing happened: the water beneath us glittered and the lights spread out across the water! If I didn’t hold my jaws in place, they would have dropped into the water. It was insane!

We tried taking photos and videos but it’s just too dark. But it is similar to what’s happening in this video. Not the same, but close to it.

To book, you can message this FB Page: Calamian Islands Travel and Tours

Lusong Ship Wreck and Bulog Dos Tour

Stops: Lusong Shipwreck, Lusong Coral Garden, Bulog Dos Island, Pass Island
Group Tour: P1600 per pax

Lusong Coral Garden, Coron


Sample Coron Itinerary + Breakdown of Expenses

The best thing about Coron is that the neighboring islands — all equally mesmerizing — are just a boat ride away. Thus, a trip to Coron will never be complete without a visit to the other destinations surrounding it. Because boat rides and tours are all organized into day tours, it is very easy to build an itinerary.

Below is a sample 4-day 3-night itineraries for 2 pax. I set the meal allowance at P200 per meal outside organized tours. This Coron itinerary assumes you will be staying at a guest house at P1000 per night (P500 per person).

As always, please make the necessary adjustments to fit your flight schedule, duration of stay, or tour preferences.

09:30 am – ETA Busuanga Airport, travel to Coron: P150
10:30 am – Arrival in Coron, check in at hotel
11:10 am – Lunch: P200
12:00 pm – Canvas tour prices, book tours
04:00 pm – Climb to Mt. Tapyas Viewdeck: FREE
06:30 pm – Maquinit Hot Springs: P350 fare (P175) + P200 entrance fee
08:30 pm – Dinner: P200

07:00 am – Coron Island Tour: P1500
06:00 pm – Fireflies & Night Tour: P950

07:00 am – Calauit Safari Park Tour: P2500
08:00 pm – Dinner: P200

06:00 am – Wake up call
07:00 am – Breakfast: P100
08:20 am – Van travel to airport: P150
09:20 am – ETA Busuanga Airport, Terminal Fee: P100

That’s a total of P7925, excluding airfare.

If that’s still too steep for you, you can remove the Fireflies Tour (please don’t! It’s really good!) and then replace Calauit Tour with something cheaper like Malcapuya Island Tour. This will bring down the total cost to only: P5975!

If you’re able to snag a P3200 promo fare (believe me, it’s possible!), the total is only at P9175.

Other tips for the Poor Traveler

  • If the cost above is still much higher than your budget, stay at a cheaper place. There are fan rooms available for only P400 per night.
  • Build a group. Instead of joining a group tour, build a big group that you can share a private tour with. If you can create a party of 8 or more, it would bring down the cost significantly.
  • Pick a room within walking distance of Lualhati Park. Tricycle ride costs P10 per person.
  • Leave No Trace! Take your trash with you when you leave, and respect wildlife. Coron is naturally beautiful. Let’s keep it that way!

2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ • 1️⃣ • 1️⃣7️⃣ (updated)
2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣ • 5️⃣ • 1️⃣8️⃣ (first up)

More Tips on YouTube ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Ryan Biddulph

Hi Yoshke,

Gorgeous! We laid over in Manila 2 weeks back flying from Chiang Mai back to NYC. Wonderful place to even fly over, that country is ;) The locals are amazingly friendly, inviting and so proud to show you their beautiful country. I was in the airport for 12 hours and already fell in love with the Philippines. I only imagine how a trip to Coron would go.

Thanks for sharing this eye-popping guide :) Fabulously helpful write up.


Aubrey Rodriguez

You are incredible, Yoshke!!! We are visiting Coron next month and this is a tremendous help. As always, you are my go-to travel blogger and you never disappoint haha. Thanks a million. Just a side note, I’m hoping that the private boat rate for Coron Island Tour just had a typo error; it says 12000 above. :)
More power and success to come your way my fave blogger. :)


[…] More detailed travel guide here: Coron Budget Travel Guide […]


[…] More detailed travel guide here: Coron Budget Travel Guide […]


[…] More detailed travel guide here: Coron Budget Travel Guide […]


Hi sir,
“That’s a total of P7875, excluding airfare.” Is the rate for 2 people?
Coz booked a flight to coron for 4 days 3 nights. We’re looking at hotel or package. What would you suggest. Plus there’s 9 of us


[…] More detailed travel guide here: Coron Budget Travel Guide […]


[…] More detailed travel guide here: Coron Budget Travel Guide […]


hi! what travel agency po yung coron island tour? thanks :)


This was an a amazing read and a huge inspiration. My girlfriend and I are traveling to Coron for 3 days at the beginning of March and are very much looking to copy the example itinerary suggested in the post. One question, would you recommend booking the tours in advance or it will be possible to still manage to do that after our arrival. I guess it would depend how busy a period it would be at that time. Thank you very much.

Michelle Doy

I love this blog! The most detailed one i’ve read, after having read a few.

I’ll be a solo traveller heading for Coron soon, and i’m so glad I came across this one.

Thanks so much.

Although i’ll only be staying for 2 nights (super kulang i know) atleast I have an idea which destinations I shouldn’t miss. ☺️


I’ll be at Coron w/my girlfriend on March. We plan to go on a private tour so we can squeeze all the destinations we want in one day.

For the Coron Island Loop tour the agency is charging us 4,150/pax or 8,300 for 2pax (We picked 8 destinations: Kayangan, Barracuda, Twin Lagoon, Hidden Lagoon, Siete Pecados, Skeleton Wreck, Banul Beach and Smith Point White beach).

For the Beaches Escapade (Malcapuya, Banana, Bulog, Waling-Waling) they are charging us 4,500/pax or 9,000 for 2pax. This is our first time in Coron, you think the prices are reasonable or rip off na?

How is Globe LTE signal around Coron town proper?,Our accommodation will be at the town proper and wifi available only at the common areas. I will need to be online during the night cos i work freelance. Is Globe LTE ok? Or i can purchase Smart sim if Smart is better. I just need to have an idea.



Nice Blog!

Is Klook very helpful for solo traveler for each destination?
or much better to find travel agency?

Thank you.


can u give contact no of calamian boat asso? di kasi gumagana un 09204037965


Hi! Is there an age requirement for the tours? I have a toddler.



Hi. I just want to ask, do you have any contact person about the private boat rental? I’ve been looking for that source and as I check the bookings at klook, it says it’s a join in tour. Does it mean it’s a joiner tour? I cannot find who to contact about the private boat rental. O baka sa over the counter na ng Calamian na kami mag-book for private tour?

Can you give us a feedback? We’re visiting coron this June na eh.. We are preparing for an itinerary.
Thank you so much.

Robert Sanchez

Hi po… Ung Van po ba pabalik ng Busuanga Airport may terminal po ba? And may time po ba? Thanks a lot…


Hi, is the current rate for the Ultimate island tour still 1,500 and the island tour including Malcapuya Island costs 1,200? I am planning to go there alone :) Thanks po!


Hi, were planning for family trip to Coron next year March (11 pax), what is the best time (month) do i need to book ticket to get a cheaper price. Thank you.

Robert Sanchez

Hello po, additional questions. Ung mga trike into the town pedeng sumakay going anywhere? and how much per head? Thanks.



What’s your pick between coron and el nido then?


Hi! Included na ba yung environmental fee/entrance fee for each destinations dun sa payment for private boat?


We will be traveling to Coron this November. Buong family po kami. I have 8 year old, 12 year old, and 2 year old kids po. Di po ba bawal ang kids specially ung 2 years old ko? If okay lang ung 2 year old ko, Babayaran ko P rin ba entrance fee nyA/ nila mga kids?(if renting a private boat?)



Another question po. Pede ba kaming dun na mgbook ng hotel pagdating? Madami nmn po sigurong mga murang hotels po di ba? Nov I – 5 po kami.

Tsaka pag ng rent kami ng boat my suggestion n rin Sila San pede mg rent ng mga gagamitin tulad ng goggles at lifevest?



I seem to always find myself in your blog whenever i’m doing a research hehe. thanks so much for your great write up. I’ll be going this Dec to Coron. Do you think its best to book ahead of time or straight at Lualhati Park? It seems I can use your itinerary very well for this trip (:


Hi, great article thank you! For getting back to the airport what is the usual price in town for a cab? Are there shared shuttles there too?

Nouelle Anne Sanchez

Hi, would be interested to know the contact of the travel and tours company that offers private boat tour with the rates that you gave above. Whenever I check online I always see rates per head and not as a group. Thanks!


Ano maganda sa calauit safari park or Malcapuya Island Tour (aka Island Escapade Tour or Beaches Tour)?hindi ba mhal Coron


Hi poor traveler,

I am currently staying in Coron Town. Didn’t know if I should go on the Fireflies and Plankton tour but reading your experience convinced me to do so.

Also, things arw changing really really fast. I’ve visited the hot springs and the entrance fee is P200 per person. Just wanted to let you know for the other travelers! :D



Thanks for the guide. We will be staying in Coron Island itself and want to use the accomodation’s kayak to paddle along it’s beaches, reefs and lagoons for a day. Since we won’t be able to buy it fresh from the market, do you know if there is any beach in Coron where you can buy some food for lunch?



Will travel this coming June 2019 as a big group (9) and we plan on staying at el rio y mar resort. Do you know if at the airport we can actually hire a van for our next day tour to pick us up from our hotel to take us to the coron proper for island hopping? The hotel we are staying in have available tours but really pricey.. around 4K pax for an all day tour

Donnah Mae

Hello May I ask if magpapabook pa ba kapag private boat? And yung price na ba yan per pax or as a group na po? Thank you

Olivia B

Nice blog Yoshke! this article is very helpful to first time travellers like me… we are planning to visit Coron this july. Do you recommend Calamian Island travel and tours agency for all the activities? I have read good reviews as well as bad reviews regarding this agency.


On May 12 po ang flight namin to coron ng mga 7am nandun na po kami. Anu pong available cheap hotel na pwede sa amin na malapit sa airport kc 9am ang flight para po di na kami nagmamadali papuntang airport pauwi. we are 5 traveler po.

kim frank bueno

Hello po sir . Good day!!! snag a tix to palawan for 1,800 using my getgo points roundtrip na siya kahapon. biglaan lang po yun pagbook kaya grinab ko na.. aug 13-16, 2019 and solo trip ko po. okay lang po kaya na mag isa?? nakita ko po sa sample itinerary nyo sa 1st day canvass tours prices, book tours?? pwede magbook possible on the day of ur arrival or sa klook nalang?? yun pagbook ng tours ba sa place of accomodation?? medyo na confuse ako ..pasensiya sir.. pwede ko ba siyang gawin basis for my trip ds august??

Chuck Diaz

Hi! I will be following your itinerary, however I will be staying for 5 days and 4 nights. for the 4th Day, I decided in going to Malcapuya Island Tour (aka Island Escapde tour or beaches tour), can you recommend a 4th day itinerary with the Malcapuya Island Tour?

Below is my Itinerary at the moment: (same as yours)

Day 1: Arrival, DIY Town Tour
9:30 am – ETA Busuange Airport, Travel to Coron
10:30 am – Arrival in Coron, check in Hotel
11:10 am – Lunch
12:00 pm – Book Tours
4:00 pm – Climb to Mt. Tapyas Viewdeck
6:30 pm – Maquinit Hot Springs
8:30 pm – Dinner

Day 2: Coron Island Tour (Kayangan Lake & View & Twin lagoon should be included)
7:00 am – Coron Island Tour
6:00 pm – Fireflies & Night Tour

Day 3: Calauit Safari Park Tour (By Sea)
7:00 am – Calauit Safari Park Tour
8:00 pm – Dinner


Day5: I’ll follow you na lang po since pauwi na din po kami niyan :)

Your response will be so much appreciated po.


hi! I was just wondering about the Calauit Safari Park Tour–since you mentioned that the other stops of the tour depends on the agency. And if I am planning to join in a group tour, would I still get the chance to visit Black Island? Or this is only accessible if choosing a private boat tour since you said that this is not usually included in the list of stops. Thank you!


Hi ! Good day!
I am always reading your blogs about your travels so bit of a fan here hehe. You’re posts about Cebu helped me a lot when we got there just last May. Now I’m reading some of your blogs again regarding Palawan hehe.

Regarding the Coron tours, you mentioned “private boat”. There are 8 of us so probably mag private boat po kami. Meron po ba kayong idea regarding the entrance fees for the islands?

And am I right na mag private boat na lang kami if marami naman po kami?


Nothing about ocam ocam beach, what is wrong with you?


Hi Yoshke,

We are planning to travel to Coron and El Nido by this coming April 2020 and I am now making plans for it as I have seen a lot in most vlogs that hotels might be booked so I am avoiding to lodge in a place that I originally didn’t want because I did not plan ahead of time.

Your guide helped a lot! I was completely at lost about planning on how to do it and no idea how to even start but this helped me out!

I have a whole lot of question for you and I hope you can help me out.

We are planning to stay for 4 days 3 nights in Coron and another 4 days and 3 nights in El Nido.
Do you think this is enough time to see everything both these places has to offer? Especially Coron.

Also, we are planning to book the hotel in Coron Town (Twin Seasons) do you have any suggestions for this?

Is everything accessible from Coron Town itself? Like doing activities such as Island Hopping, town tours, etc. Speaking of which, can we DIY this? Like basically just land in Coron and pick out what we wanna do for the day based on the availability that we can find from the local tour provider. Do you suggest we DIY or is it best to avail a tour package (private tours)?

Thank you so much and I hope this isn’t too much to ask from you. :D

Sarah Alberca

hi! Do you have any recommended agency where to get the Town Tour, Island Tour and Salauit Tour! Thank you so much! Such a big help!


am planning to bring my group by first half of July! hope prices will be down that time.


Is your estimate still consistent in 2021?


Kamusta? May update na po ba ito based dun sa latest video ninyo po? Salamat po. Mabuhay po kayo!