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Our budget travel guides to various destinations in Japan!

Tokyo on a Budget: Travel Guide 2017

One of the most difficult questions I usually get is: What’s your favorite destination? It’s tough to pick just one when a mere mention of the word “favorite” opens a floodgate of memories that include the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey; camping journey across the Australian Outback; the sights and

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Osaka and Kyoto on a Budget: Travel Guide

It was the trip I was so afraid to take. The notoriety of Japan as an expensive destination hovered over my head for the longest time. Even when airlines offered bargain deals for flights to Osaka, I was reluctant to book. Not only was I worried about the visa not

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Where to Stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is vast. We often see it as a single city, but it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. It’s a metropolitan prefecture. (Wait, what? Uhm, let me explain.) It’s not a single city but not your usual Japanese prefecture either. It’s something that is unique to Tokyo. Think

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Where to Shop in Tokyo

In Tokyo’s Nakano district, there was a store called “The shop that sells things people left on trains.” That was the name of the shop. And it sold, well, things that people lost during commute but were never claimed. I was dying to see what they had in store that

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How to Get Around Tokyo by Train

Taxis are expensive, and buses can be confusing for first-timers. In Tokyo, the train is the most efficient mode of transportation. Tokyo has an extensive and expansive railway system. Wherever it is you’re going, there is most likely a train station very close to it. Tokyo by train can be

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