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The Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. It allows breathtaking panoramic views of Victoria Harbor. More about Victoria Peak here.

The best way to get there? By the iconic and historic Peak Tram, of course. From the Lower Terminus located along Garden Road, getting to the Peak is easy. But getting to the terminal, that’s the confusing part.

Most budget hotels and guesthouses in Hong Kong are in Tsim Sha Tsui, an urban district in Kowloon. If your hotel is located here and you wish to get to the Victoria Peak, here’s a quick guide using the city’s expansive MTR system and the iconic Peak Tram.

  1. Take the MTR to Central Station.
  2. Once at Central Station, follow the signs to Exit J2. There are plenty of them so don’t worry about not finding it.
  3. After emerging through Exit J2, you’ll see the Chater Garden. Turn right immediately after the exit and walk across the garden.
  4. Scan the skyline and look for the Bank of China Tower. It’s easy to spot it; thanks to its unique architecture. Check out the day and night photos of the building below.
  5. The Bank of China Tower
    The Bank of China Tower
  6. Keep an eye on the tower and walk towards it. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you find yourself crossing a street and seeing a flyover. Head directly to Garden Road.
  7. If you have this view, you're doing it right
    If you have this view, you’re doing it right
    Towards Garden Road
    Towards Garden Road
  8. At one point along the street you’ll see a small alley to your right called Battery Path. You may take it to see the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, a brief but worthy stopover. You can simply walk around it and you’ll be back along Garden Road. If you’re not interested in this church, just continue walking along Garden Road.
  9. Take this if you want to pass by St. John Cathedral
    Take this if you want to pass by St. John Cathedral
    St. John Cathedral
    St. John Cathedral
  10. You’ll find the Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus to your left.
  11. Peak Tram Lower Terminus
    Peak Tram Lower Terminus
  12. Fall in line and you’ll eventually reach the ticket counter. Peak Tram and Sky Pass roundtrip ticket costs HKD 75 for adults and HKD 36 for kids. One way costs HKD 63 and HKD 29 for adults and children respectively.
  13. Board the Peak Tram. Enjoy the ride.
  14. The Peak Tram
  15. Get to the top of the building to reach the Sky Terrace. Enjoy the view of Victoria Harbor from here!

That’s it! Hope this helps.

View from The Peak

Peak Tram
Opening Hours: 7am to 12mn

The Peak Tower
Monday-Friday: 10am – 11pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: 8am – 11pm

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Hannah Ramos

Hi! How long did it take you to walk from Central station to the Peak Tram? :)


Hi Hannah! 15-20 minutes :)

Liz Lynn

How long it takes to go up to The Peak using the tram?


[…] How to go to The Peak Tram terminus from Central Station Since we got out from Exit B (to World Wide House), we went back inside Central Station and found the J2 Exit so we could reach Chater Gardens. We walked across it, and just followed the instructions that we googled, as well as the instructions from Chiara’s contact, Sharon. Basically, you walk across Chater Gardens, and make sure that the Bank of China Tower is in front of you. Here are the very helpful directions we followed. […]