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Our budget travel guides to various destinations in Japan!

TOKYO ON A BUDGET: Travel Guide & Itineraries

One of the most difficult questions I usually get is: What’s your favorite destination? It’s tough to pick just one when a mere mention of the word “favorite” opens a floodgate of memories that include the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey; camping journey across the Australian Outback; the sights and

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Osaka and Kyoto: Budget Travel Guide (Updated: 2017)

A more detailed, updated version of this article can be found here: Osaka Travel Guide Kyoto Travel Guide It was the trip I was so afraid to take. The notoriety of Japan as an expensive destination hovered over my head for the longest time. Even when airlines offered bargain deals

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My most recent trip to Osaka was my fourth time in the city. But I still vividly remember the first. Osaka was the first destination in Japan that we set foot in. We were travel newbies back then: lacking in knowledge, wisdom, and confidence. Every single day of that trip,

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Whether you’re applying for a Japan Tourist Visa or a Visit Visa, the first thing you need to do is to get hold of a copy of the application form and fill it out appropriately. You can download a copy of the application form below with instructions.