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How to Get to Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur by Sleeper Train and Ferry – Malaysia

The overnight sleeper train to Langkawi from the capital is set to leave at 9:20 pm and arrive at Arau Station, the stop closest Langkawi, at 8:00am. I’m sure there are other ways to do this but this is how I did it so this is what I’m sharing. So here it is — a detailed guide on how to reach Langkawi from Kuala Lumpur airport by overnight sleeper train.

First things first: It would be best to book in advance especially during peak season. If not, well, you can always take your chances at KL Sentral.

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LANGKAWI, MALAYSIA: Budget Travel Guide

Comprising 99 islands, Langkawi lies in Andaman Sea, off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its main island, Pulau Langkawi, takes its name from the reddish brown eagle that has also become the symbol of the island. The archipelago is known for its natural resources. It may be small but it is packed with all kinds of natural wonders — glorious waterfalls, white beaches, mangrove forests, brackish rivers, limestone cliffs, and diverse wildlife.

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Peninsular Malaysia: Sample 1-Week Itinerary

We never intended to tour around Malaysia that month. Our original destination was Siem ReapCambodia but an unfortunate event forced us to drop the idea. Our connecting flights were in Kuala Lumpur so we figured, Why not explore Malaysia instead? So just a couple of days before the trip, we found ourselves rummaging through the Internet for travel ideas. After a night-long research, we listed down the destinations we wished to visit and most of them are located near the West Coast. Our initial list had five cities but, wait, that was too many stops for a 6-day trip! Since I had been to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur in separate occasions, they got the cut. We settled for three destinations — Langkawi, Penang, and Cameron Highlands.

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Panorama Langkawi Cable Car, Malaysia: 6 Things to Expect

I still remember how I struggled to find another imaginary bowl to contain my overflowing excitement moments before my very first cable car ride in Hong Kong. Like all first times, the thrill was just immeasurable. I remember that very first step into a gondola; I almost jumped from the platform into it. I remember that moment when we reached the very peak of the line; I was scared and happy at the same time, and not many things can make me feel that weird mixture of emotions. It was that milestone in Hong Kong that got me too excited for my second gondola ride in Langkawi.

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Tropical Resort: Where to Stay in Langkawi, Malaysia

“You’re the first Filipinos to check in at this resort this year,” the manager told us after checking out. It was our second and last day in Langkawi. We spent the previous night at Tropical Resort in Pantai Tengah.

It was a shame to leave this early. I loved the island and I wished I could stay longer but we needed to get moving to Penang. The manager and staff were just starting to warm up to us. Just the day before, we arrived at Tropical Resort after a full-day tour of the island and everyone seemed to be so busy. The manager was the only one at the reception, taking calls, welcoming guests, and doing a quick tour of the resort. Unlike most hotel-owners I had met in Malaysia, he was not really friendly at first; very straight forward with no effort to connect with us. But I guess he was just swamped that afternoon.

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Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant: Where to Eat in Langkawi, Malaysia

“Are you sure?” asked the waiter, who appeared to refuse to take note of our order. “Four tiger prawns? Four?”

“Yes, that’s right,” I confirmed. “Four.”

“So that’s four tiger prawns, one sea bass, one chicken satay, and fried rice. Correct?” asked the waiter. But before I could say yes, he spoke again. “One serving of chicken satay is a dozen. That’s equal to 12 sticks. Twelve.”

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7 Things to Do in Langkawi, Malaysia: Overnight Itinerary

“Left or right?” Our cab driver asked us without a bit or urgency in his voice but the traffic lights blinked as if our lives depended on the decision. “If we go left, we can go straight to your hotel,” added the driver. “Right, let’s do an island tour.” My travel buddy and I looked curiously at each other on cue and, without saying a word, agreed that we should go right.

But I’m getting ahead of the story.

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Pantai Cenang and the Crime of Passion in Langkawi, Malaysia

The peace that the innocent clouds held precious was disturbed by the retiring sun. The cotton lumps, ashen white, floated in the air while the rays of the sun, like magical arrows of a jealous lover, pierced through them. And they bled! Oh how they bled dark orange and purple radiance that spread across that corner of the sky. The guilty sun, caught between two island mountains, was going for an escape as it dove, slowly and painfully, into the horizon. The crime was done, and it was beautiful.

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Tanjong Rhu Beach: Missing the Blues in Langkawi, Malaysia

Our cab breezed through a sparse evergreen forest to reach this remote nook in the island of Langkawi. The view on the way was refreshing, to say the least. There was a small, almost stagnant lake on one side of the road, on the banks of which some campers pitched tents. Coming from the Kilim Geoforest Park, where the gloomy weather started to pour rivers, I was dead anxious that the rainmakers would suck all the joy out of this trip. Fortunately, it was not raining at the beach when we arrived, but clouds, the friendlier, non-buzzkill type, remained looming overhead, swallowing the blue skies.

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Kilim Geoforest Park: The Soaring Spirits in Langkawi, Malaysia

I had never seen that many eagles swarming and flying around in just one place.

The Poor Traveler was at Kilim Karst Geoforest Park in Langkawi in the state of Kedah in the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands in Andaman Sea. Langkawi means reddish-brown eagle in the local language, taking the name from the glorious birds of prey that abound in the island.

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