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Where to Stay Cheap in Europe: Budget Hotel and Hostel Reviews

As soon as we walked into our room in Munich, I had to say it. “I hate to admit this,” I told my blogging partner Yoshke, who was in charge of booking our accommodations, “But you did great finding these hotels.”

“Of course,” he answered. The smug look on his face turned smugger. But giving credit to where credit is due, it was truly amazing how he was able to find good hotels and hostels that are within the very limited budget range and the multiple restrictions that we set for this two-month European trip.

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8 Unique Hotel Experiences from Around the World

Few joys beat the ecstasy of being on a luxury holiday at a top-notch hotel. And while some tourists are happy with a conveniently located hotel that provides all the basic necessities and comfort, others want more. For intrepid travelers like me, one of those few joys is staying at a quirky hotel that has a personality of its own, because when you’re splurging, shouldn’t it be on something phenomenal?

From a glass-shaped ‘treehouse’ in Sweden to an inn that is shaped like a dog in Idaho, here are eight hotels recommended by HolidayMe (EN|AR) that are guaranteed to give you unique experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

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