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Tacloban-Marabut Trip: Summary, Itinerary and Budget – Philippines

Frankly, our Tacloban-Marabut trip is probably the most unfortunate of all of my trips. It wasn’t because of the place — Tacloban and Palo, Leyte and Marabut, Samar are awesomely beautiful places. It was the rain. Although from the very beginning we knew it would be a “wet” trip because the weather forecast said so, we still, somehow, hoped for a bluer, brighter, better skies that day.

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Leyte Landing Memorial: MacArthur Park in Palo, Leyte, Philippines

Many times, I consider the rain a friend. It helps me think. It makes me feel. It brings inspiration and brings back memories. But during our City Tour, the rain was a complete and utter b*tch. All it did was pour when we were exploring the great outdoors and stop when we were indoors. And then, when we were back outside it will be at it again. Friendship over, rain. Blame your unpredictability.

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Planning a Tacloban – Marabut Trip – Philippines

Leyte and Samar are two of the most underrated provinces in the country. These big islands is home to a number of fantastic beaches, breathtaking rock formations, and glorious waterfalls. The sad part is that not many people know about them. It was not a surprise that during our stay in Tacloban and Marabut, we always found ourselves the only non-locals in the area.

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