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Our relationship with YouTube is still in the honeymoon phase. Although we love seeing movies in the theaters and on Netflix, it wasn’t until recently that we discovered the joy of binge-watching YouTube videos. Yes, we’ve always had a YouTube account but we weren’t active for the longest time.

As it turns out: YouTube is a great source of travel inspiration. The Google-owned platform is bursting with all sorts of travel videos — both informative and inspirational, both heavily-produced and rough-and-raw, both local and international. Whether you need help planning a trip, you simply want to be blown away by epic shots, or you simply want to be entertained, you’ll find a channel that suits your needs and wants.

In this post, we’re rounding up some of our favorite travel channels on YouTube!

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When planning a trip, we usually consult written guides, not YouTube. But there are instances when words and still images alone are not enough. Many times, videos provide a more experiential peek into what to expect (how the place actually looks and how certain scams work) or how to do certain things (like how to use public transportation in destinations with challenging language barriers).

The following channels are not just inspiring but also incredibly informative!

Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves is one of the most trusted names in the travel sector, especially when it comes to Europe. Whenever I’m Europe-bound, I first check if Rick Steves has a feature on the place I’m visiting. His videos are not particularly detailed but they give a useful overview of the destination including a quick history and best things to do.

Honest Guide

Love, love, love this channel. Unlike most travel channels that tend to highlight only the sunny side, Honest Guide prepares travelers for both the positive and the negative — scams, tourist traps, cautionary tales — and suggests better alternatives or other tips. Their content is focused mostly on Prague and Europe in general, but many of these tips apply to other destinations too.


Vagabrothers is a channel by brothers Alex and Marko Ayling, English teachers turned travel vlogging legends. At first look, their videos follow the typical vlog format, but as you watch longer, you’ll realize that they are surprisingly packed with useful trivia and helpful tips.

Geography Now

And oh, before planning, watch Geography Now’s feature on the country you’re headed to. Fine, this isn’t really a travel channel, but it gives basic details you need to know about countries, which can influence how you want to approach your trip.


I decided to have a separate category for Pinoy channels because (1) a huge fraction of our readers are Filipinos, which means (2) their content may be more relatable since we have shared experiences and our own sets of challenges (like visa frustrations)!

I love these channels because they are also very informative. And although these are underrated personal vlogs, they shift the spotlight from themselves to the destination, injecting more substance to the spectacle.

Aaron Palabyab Studio


Renz Bulseco

Kenneth Surat


If there’s something I have learned from my years of travel, it’s that the world is full of all types of people and every single one of us has a place in it. It always blows my mind how one group can find great joy in something that another considers mundane, or how a place affects people differently. It’s amazing to see the world through various points of views, which is why I enjoy watching vlogs by people from all walks of life, from various corners of the world.

In this category, I compiled my favorite personal travel vlogs. I met with most of these in person, and it was a pleasure seeing how passionate they are with what they do both on and off-cam.

Hopping Bug

Haley Dasovich

Lost LeBlanc

The New Travel

Kritika Goel

Divert Living


How about you? What are your favorite travel channels on YouTube?

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