From Guimaras

Trappist Monastery in Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines

The Poor Traveler’s trip to Guimaras, as narrated in this post, was plagued with a series of unfortunate events primarily because of poor planning.

However, because of the beauty of the place, we were able to enjoy our stay in this fabulous island province. But there was more. The kindness of our tricycle driver also gave us a little bit more satisfied despite the letdowns of our trip. The trike driver offered to take us to the Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery in Jordan, Guimaras on the way back to the port from the Alubihod wharf. He said it was no big deal because the monastery is along the way anyway.

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Alubihod Beach: Finding Paradise in Guimaras, Philippines

The journey may be a bit too tough for us but the destination was all worth it. After getting lost in the beautiful island of Guimaras, the Poor Traveler and his friend finally found a place to stay.

Although not planned, we decided to just check in to Raymen’s Beach Resort along a strip of white beach called Alubihod in Guimaras. We were welcomed by courteous staff and were offered an air-conditioned room for two.

After settling down, we went out and explored the area. We were greeted by sparkling white sand and clear water.

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Getting Lost in Guimaras

They say that we learn through our mistakes. Hell yeah, we sure did when we visited Guimaras earlier this month!

Not that Guimaras was horrible. It was AWESOME. But what the Poor Traveler learned was that if you want to avoid unnecessary spending, you should plan your trip ahead even when you are backpacking. Especially if you are backpacking.

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