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The Poor Traveler’s trip to Guimaras, as narrated in this post, was plagued with a series of unfortunate events primarily because of poor planning.

However, because of the beauty of the place, we were able to enjoy our stay in this fabulous island province. But there was more. The kindness of our tricycle driver also gave us a little bit more satisfied despite the letdowns of our trip. The trike driver offered to take us to the Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery in Jordan, Guimaras on the way back to the port from the Alubihod wharf. He said it was no big deal because the monastery is along the way anyway.

So off we went to the monastery and boy were we glad he offered to take us there. The Old Trappist Monastery is like a secluded place in a secluded island. It was just so quiet. There was no people there, no one at all. Well, except the Poor Traveler, my poor friend and the poor tricycle driver. But it was the alone-time we appreciated.

The first thing we did was visit the church. It wasn’t really old or something but it was beautiful in a weird kind of way. Creepy, if I may add. I mean, we were at the church with no one inside a compound that seemed to be deserted.

This enclave, our driver said, is being run by monks and that it is the only male monastery in the country. The Poor Traveler researched and found that the monks belong to the Cistercian Order of Strict Observance and follow St. Benedict’s rule. These monks are said to be best known for their discipline especially on austerity.

Our next stop was the shop that was said to be being managed by the monks themselves. They earn a living by selling processed foods like piyaya and jams and souvenir items. They also sell mango butterscotch. Sounds great, yeah?  We should be happy men. Except it was closed at the time. LOL.

Since we were running out of time, we decided to just drive away and catch the earliest ferry back to Iloilo City.

This is part of our ILOILO-GUIMARAS-CEBU trip. For more posts about the other places we have visited, check out our collection here.

Posted: 2010 • 4 • 28

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Yosh Dimen
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stephanie marie

can i take your contact number? we are planning to have our retreat this coming February 18 and 19. . .thanx

maria deorina

Guimaras used to be a Sub-Province of Iloilo…

Meli Dinglasa

Say hello to Brother Peter when you get there – super friendly guy. We drank some of his Trappist wine at 10AM.

Puig Lalaine

I also miss Guimaras I can’t forget the happy moments we’ve shared in the past.

May Pangan

I am going back there one day soon…It will be nice to see Fr. Bruno, Bro.Peter and all the other monks during the Liturgy of the hour. And probably the cat that stops and pose like kneeling in fromt of the altar everytime it crosses the otherside of the chapel.

Bernie Cayamanda-Manalo

been here way back before with my Justine when she was only 7 years old and indeed a serene place.

David Crawford

One of our “must visit” places ,when my wife and I go back to Iloilo,to visit ! I’ve heard so much about the monastery.

Bernadette Chavoso

Very peaceful & serene… love hearing the monks sing during the early morning mass and evening prayers.

Leah Faith Magallanes

i’ve been to guimaras and was able to pass by this monastery, and it sure looked really creepy,, but i really want to visit the place though. Hope i could go there and visit the place when i go back to guimaras.

Helen Nabua

The Trappist monastery never stops to amaze me everytime I come to visit this place. It is so serene and attending mass there and hearing the monks chant and pray with them is such an amazing experience. I would always want to come back there and meditate. Might as well do this again for lent.

Lovelyn Kissha Klovey Watson

I’ve been there! I took my ojt in thier processing plant. . Miz the brothers and the workers in the plant. . Wish i could visit them again. .

Edwin Genanda

after 4 years makakauwi n ulit ako ng guimaras…! I miss the manggahan festival my family and friends…! Hu hu hu… Can’t wait 2 see u again guys…! :)

Tito Endrina

the monastery is so serene, i love guimaras…

Chery Imperial

i been there,a very relaxing place. i hope i can make it again this lenten season.