Milan: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Itinerary by Unique Tours Factory

Unique Tours Factory (UFT) is a new private tour company operating in fifteen European cities with sixty professional and seasoned guides and one hundred and twenty exceptional tours. This company aims to extend to other continents by the end of 2016 to become a global private tour company. The unique aspect about this company is that they offer more than just a standard tourist experience. By hiring professional and knowledgeable guides, you get a vibrant and genuine tour without missing a single thing.

We thought it would be great to try their services and visit Milan from a local’s point of view. We have decided to try their services and book the Milan Fashion Tour with Fausta Adele who will take us to the Armani Silos Museum and to a fashion workshop. To complete the tour we will have a nice Italian dinner in the canals area. We will also visit all of Milan`s most popular destinations with a local travel guide. The city of Milan has imposing monuments, beautiful historic mansions, as well as restaurants and cafes that serve the best of Italian cuisine. Our tour will start at the iconic Duomo Cathedral, the most famous Gothic monument in Italy. We cannot wait to visit the Duomo Cathedral! From what we have seen, it has beautifully crafted walls decorated with different statues.

Apart from the Duomo Cathedral, we plan to visit the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II and the Sforza Castle. We also plan to tour the extraordinary museums to see masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci. The UTF guide will book tickets so that you can experience the famous Last Supper art piece by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a breathtaking moment considering that the painting has undergone restorations to reveal its original colours and beauty. A visit to Milan cannot end without visiting the Brera Art Gallery and Brera Palace. If you are an art lover, you will be stunned by the amazing collection of paintings that represent all the big names of Italian paintings, from Caravaggio, to Mantegna to Raphael.

With a UTF guide, you will be taken to all the museums to see many artworks and monuments. The UTF guides are fun and informative and will take you off the beaten track and also suggest some delicious spots for having lunch and dinner. They are planning on offering 120 tours soon. If this is your first tour of Europe, you will have a splendid time: the UTF guide is excellent and will give you lots of tips during your stay.

Please visit their website if you would like to have more information about their tours:

I partnered with the brand for this article.

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