When my sister and her husband decided to work abroad to provide for their family, they left their son and many of their affairs in my care. But before that, they made sure that the paperwork was done neatly. Because they planned on having their underage son visit them, one of the documents they left is an Affidavit of Consent and Support.

An Affidavit of Consent and Support is a document that proves and declares that the affiants, the parents in this case, are giving someone else consent to do something and guaranteeing (financial) support to carry out the action. Having this document allows me to travel with and make travel arrangements for my nephew (their son), including application for passport, visa, and DSWD travel clearance.

In the first few times that I applied for a DSWD Travel Clearance, I was never asked for this document. The staff would just look for a simple signed letter from the parents, no notarization needed. But it seems that this affidavit is already listed as a requirement. Many of those planning to apply for a DSWD travel clearance are confused about this document, so we decided to create a separate post about it. The top questions are: Where do we get this affidavit? What does it look like?

Well, here it is. Here’s a sample Affidavit of Consent and Support. You can also download a Microsoft Word (DOC) version below. Feel free to replace the highlighted text with your own information.

Affidavit of Consent and Support PDF
Download DOC File

What to Do After

  • If the affidavit is executed in the Philippines, it must be notarized. In one of my sister’s visits in the Philippines, she created one for her son with me as the companion and had it notarized while she was here.
  • If the affidavit is executed abroad, it must be authenticated at the Philippine Embassy in the country where it was executed. This is where they put a gold seal and red ribbon on the document.

REMINDER!!! The Affidavit of Consent and Support is an important and powerful document and concerns your children and who get to travel with them. Please take this document seriously. Consult a lawyer if you can. For parents, please only grant travel consent to people you trust.

For more info about how to secure a DSWD Travel Clearance, read: DSWD Clearance

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Yoshke Dimen


  1. Karissa Abarquez says:

    I’m travelling with my youngest sister, 15 yrs old, next month to Hong Kong. She already has a passport and I was able to get a DSWD Clearance last Monday. Do I still have to get the Affidavit of Support and Consent as it might be ask in the Immigration or the DSWD Travel clearance is enough? Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Karissa, in my experience, DSWD Clearance lang ang pinapakita ko and yung hinihingi. But I always have a copy of this affidavit just in case.

      • PB says:

        Hello. Does it have to be from both parents? ‘Yung Ate ko kasi is in Qatar then ‘yung nephew ko (from my sister) babyahe kami to Japan without his parents. So it will take much effort getting one from Qatar.

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi PB, I have tried applying for a DSWD Clearance using an Affidavit signed only by the mother 3 times now. Wala namang naging problem. I think okay lang if the parents are married. Pero if the parents are not married, dapat yung Affidavit is signed by the mother. I’m not sure ha. Best to call pa rin DSWD in your region. The office numbers are here: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/2014/04/dswd-travel-clearance-minors-application-requirements-frequently-asked-questions/

          • Adeth ledesma says:

            Hi good am po.. Ask ko lang if pwede poba na ako mismong mother nia ang mag apply ng dswd travelling clearance nia? Habang andito pako sa pinas para bago ako umalis ok na lhat. At pwede ko rin b illagay s affidavit ko n cia lng mag 1 mgtravel khit 16 yrs. Old lng cia?
            O need ko ilagay n may ksama cia like mother or sister ko?
            If need ng guardian name nmn po sa affidavit pede poba s 1 affidavit 2 n silang naka indicate yung name ng mother and sister ko?
            Thank you po sna po me sumagot..

          • Yoshke Dimen says:

            Hi Adeth. Okay lang po na kayo ang mag-ayos habang andito kayo sa Pinas. May 1 year and 2 years na validity ung DSWD clearance.

            Pero need malaman ng DSWD ung specifics nung travel. If alone sya, need nya ng certificate from airline and waiver yata. Di ko pa natry un so di ko sure.

            Kung may kasama naman, dapat alam mo na kung sino bago ka pa mag-apply kasi hihingin yun ng DSWD. Kasama ung copy ng passport nung companion sa requirements.

            Pakibasa na lang po nito muna: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/2014/04/dswd-travel-clearance-minors-application-requirements-frequently-asked-questions/

      • Jacklyn Receno says:

        Sir taga batangas dn kau? Yung niece ko kasi kasama namin magttravel sa japan soon, and she travelled with me multiple times n, do we still need the blue card?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Blue card meaning DSWD Clearance? Basta pag walang kasamang parent, need po ng clearance.

  2. San Juan Glenda rozel says:

    If the accompany person is closed friends.what is requirement.need pa rin ba ng personal appearance.kahit mother ang magprocess

  3. Th Kuh says:

    Hi, I’m travelling with my sister’s son (7 year old). My sister is working in HONGKONG, kailangan pa bang gagawa ng affidavit of consent galing sa sister ko?

  4. Shinna says:

    Hi! Would like to ask lang what if I’m still here abroad and I want to get my 2yr old son passport accompanied by my mother ? Is this the same format I’ll be needed? I’m planning to go travel with him when I get back to philippines this coming october ? Thank you ;)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Shinna, yes, you can use this to apply for a DSWD Clearance.

  5. Erika says:

    Hi! Yung dalawa ko anak na minor magttravel sila na di ako kasama, kelan po ba dpat kumuha ng dswd clearance? Wala pa nman sila exac date kung kelan aalis, pde ko n kaya muna sila ikuha ng passport kahit wala pa clearance?

  6. Camille says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings of the day!

    I would like to inquire regarding Travel Clearance for my daughter.

    We are based in Dubai, UAE. I have a new born baby and having UAE Residence Visa.

    We are planning to send her to philippines for a month vacation with my Auntie and Cousin this coming July 2018 without me or my husband.

    I would like to know if it is required for her to travel with my Auntie and/or Cousin.

    Please let me know the procedure.

    Looking forward for your quick response.

    • Jen Valencia says:

      Hi, my daughter will be traveling here in Dubai from PH with her daughter. What documents did you used?

  7. Phamela Gil says:

    Hello po. Pwede po ba i-modify yung affidavit? Kasi ako naman ang gagastos sa travel expenses ng pamangkin ko. Pwede kayang Affidavit of Consent lang? Thank you

  8. Michael Rabino says:

    Good day . pano po ako halimbawa mag tour kame for bangkok ngaun sponsor to ng tito ko . ey wala po akong work ano po ba pwede kung kunin para maging legal na handle nya ako . for atleast finacial capability . kc wala po akong work now ..

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Ayan na nga po, you can get an Affidavit of Support stating na sagot ka ng tito mo.

  9. cendy marie says:

    Good day! tanong ko lang po, kailangan KO PO BANG kumoha ng DSWD TRAVEL CLEARANCE, EH ako naman po ang sasama sa anak ko? tanong ko lang kasi nagogoluhan po kasi ako.ganito kasi yon , nandito po ako sa Sweden mag a apply po ako ng visit visa para sa anak ko para maka punta dto ng Sweden, pag pasa ng mga papelis nya dyan sa pinas yong ate ko po ang sasama sa kanya ,pero pag punta dto sa Sweden ako napo. nagogoluhan po ako pano po yon? lpati ang Affidavit of consent .

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      If ikaw ang kasama ng bata paalis and ikaw yung mother, no need for DSWD clearance.

  10. Rica says:

    hi there, pano if yung companion, hindi naka indicate ung second name s SPA and Travel permit, Okay lng ba un s DSWD??

    Nagpagawa kasi kami ng SPA ng baby nmen kaya lang nakalimutan nmen ilgay ung second name ng companion.

    Thank you.

  11. Jessica Sevilla says:

    Good day! I’m currently in Abu Dhabi. Tanong ko lng po kung kailangan pa po ng affidavit of support and consent sa pag kuha ng passport ng mga anak ko kahit hndi nmn po sila dito mgttravel, balak ko po sa ibang country magtravel ksma kmi ng aswa ko. Ok lng po b na SPA lng ang iprovide ko pra mkpgaaply sila ng passport?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jessica, ang alam ko po, if for the purpose of passport application, need talaga ng Affidavit of Consent if hindi kasama ang parent pag-apply. Tapos need na authenticated by Philippine Embassy if executed abroad.

      Pero di ko po sure. You can call DFA na lang po to confirm.

  12. Ariel says:

    We were travelling to Japan this nov 2018 as a family of 5 and my problem is me and my husband will be back after 3 days but my 3 children will stay 5 more days,do i need to prepare a dswd clearance since my younger daugther is 12 yrs old travelling with her sister 24yrs old and brother 21yrs?thanks in advance for your quick response.☺

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ariel, I don’t know for sure. But based on experience, the DSWD clearance is only checked upon exit through PH Immigration. On the Japanese side, upon exit, they don’t really look for anything else other than your passport and visa. I think you don’t need a DSWD clearance since you’re with them upon PH exit. But best to call DSWD to be absolutely sure.

  13. beverly samson says:


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Beverly, sa pagkakaalam ko po, normally, hindi needed ang clearance kung magtatravel with either parent. Kahit father, no need. Kailangan lang yung clearance kapag illegitimate po yung minor. Pero kung legitimate child, no need. Double check nyo rin po sa DSWD to be sure.

  14. Joshua says:

    Hi, good day. Ask lang po if hindi married ung parents ng bata? Do we still need to get a clearance pag pauwi na sila from Singapore to Philippines kung ang daddy na lang nya ang kasama nyang uuwi? Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi! Ang alam ko, wala namang hihingin ang PH Immigration kapag pauwi na. Yung paalis lang.


    Hi, tanong ko lang po kailangan pa ba sa affidavit of support and consent nakastate yung husband ko, actually hindi siya yung father ng anak ko.

    andito po ako ngayon sa Denmark and bagong kasal lang po kami and gusto ko po papuntahin yung anak ko kaso hindi pa ako nakakuha ng temporary visa kaya yung asawa ko ang nag invite sa anak ko..sya yung naggastos sa lahat ng babayaran and while staying here in denmark. thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Lilibeth, naku di ko alam yung rules pag ganyan.

      Pwede magbigay ng Affidavit of Support ung husband mo, pero I’m not sure dun sa Consent part kasi dapat ikaw ang magbigay nung consent. Pwede kasing paghiwalayin ang Affidavit of Consent and Affidavit of Support.

  16. Rosette Timola says:

    Hi! Good day! Tanong ko lang panong process if yung mother is nasa Japan pero gusto mag travel ng anak sa ibang country. Need ko ba yung Affidavit of Consent and Support? If yes, pano yun nasa abroad din ang mother

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rosette, yes, if minor, kailangan pa rin yung affidavit of consent for DSWD Clearance kahit nasa abroad ung mother. Di ko alam ang exact process pero may kukunin sa embassy tapos may parang red ribbon or something, di ako ganun kafamiliar. Tapos ipapadala sa inyo yun.

  17. Crizelle says:

    Hi ask ko lang po may valid DSWD clearance pa baby ko, pero papalitan ko po yung companion nya which is father nya(not married) need po ba new application or Affidavit na lang? (if not , ano po kaya iba requirements) thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Crizelle, according to one of our readers, pag change companion daw, need na ng bago. Call the DSWD Field Office na lang to be sure.

  18. luz amante pacuribot says:

    Hi Maam Kailangan pa ba talaga ng clearance sa dswd na wala pa kasing planomg umalis ng bansa prepare lang ng passport in case mag abroad sila sa ibang bansa?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Kung mag-aapply ng passport ang minor, kailangan talaga ng DSWD Clearance.

  19. JBern says:

    Hi po, paano po kung kasama ko yung anak ko na minor pag alis ng Philippines then papasabayin ko po sya sa sister (20 y/o) nya pabalik ng Pilipinas, need pa po ba nya mag secure ng travel clearance? Thank u!

  20. Mary Grace Potestades says:

    Hello po paano po kumuha ng DSWD clearance nasa Mindanao po ang pamangkin ko at ang elder sister ko po ang mglalakad.

    Salamat po

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Punta lang po kayo sa pinakamalapit na DSWD Field Office sa kung saan nakatira yung bata.

  21. Aimee Valeroso says:

    Goodeve po. Ask ko lang po kung need pa po ba ng dswd clearance if lola po ang kasama mgtravel? Pupuntahan po yung mother na nagwowork sa dubai. Thank you

  22. Gwyn says:

    Hello there.

    Thanks for this post. It is really helpful.

    I reside in Dubai and im going to meet my sister and 15 years old niece (my brother’s daughter) in Thailand and Cambodia. We are on the stage of securing the Travel Clearance from DSWD. Do you think if its ok if my sister in law will give consent to my my sister and myself? Also, it stated in the affidavit that the mother will shoulder the expenses- but its actually me who will pay for it. Will it cause trouble or we have to rewrite the Affidavit?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      If kaya namang iprove na yung mother can support the trip financially, I don’t think magkakaproblem. Minsan they ask for ITR of sponsor/parents so make sure they have a copy of the mother’s ITR if sya ung idedeclare nyo na sasagot sa expenses.

  23. Jil says:

    Hi, my child is travelling with my best friend sa Hong Kong. I am going to meet them there. My question is, if I am going to make the affidavit, do I need to put my address here in Canada and have it notorized here ? or I can just signed it, send it by mail and they can have it notarize in PH.? thank u .

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jil, I’m not that familiar with the process abroad, BUT as far as I know, if the affidavit is executed by a Pinoy abroad, it has to be authenticated by the embassy (with red ribbon).

  24. Danah Abesamis says:

    Hi po, ask ko lang kung kelangan pa ba isama yung dalawang Minor to get the DSWD clearance? Kasi kasama po nila sa pag travel eh ung lola nila.

    Thanks po.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Danah, sa experience ko po, di ko kasama ang mga bata when I applied for clearance. Basta complete lang ung requirements.

  25. John Climaco says:

    Good Afternoon. Ask ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ng Affidavit of Consent and Support if yung Tatay ko naman po ang gagastos sa trip namin, kasama ko po ang mama ko at dalawa kong kapatid na minor. Hindi po kasi kasama ang tatay ko kasi po may work siya.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi John, ang alam ko po, di po kailangan ng affidavit kapag may kasamang parent kahit 1 lang.

  26. Thrixie Elegado says:

    kailangan po ba ng dswd and affidavit kahit mag papapasspot lang at di pa mag ttravel?

  27. Maria says:

    Good day po! Ask ko lang po may daughter is traveling alone to US she is 17 years old may travel clerance na sya need p ba nya and notarized travel clearance?

  28. Gail says:

    Greetings! Magtatravel po ako to Malaysia with my 16 yrs old brother. Yung affidavit of support and consent from parents, is it okay send my email or do I need to provide the original from them. Kase they are based in NZ, so if ever they have a affidavit that was notarized by the phil embassy there. Do they need to send it by mail or pwede by email? Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Gail, you’ll use it to get a DSWD clearance, right? Best to call the DSWD field office where you will apply. Their rules change every time I apply so better ask them directly to be sure.

  29. Jenny says:

    Hi!, Magtatanong lang po, what if wala pa pong passport/VISA ang travelling companion ng minor, meron pa po bang alternative ID na available dalhin?

  30. Jenny says:

    Hi!, Magtatanong lang po about sa DSWD Clearance, what if po wala pa pong passport/VISA ang travelling companion ng minor, ano po bang alternative ID na dadalhin?


    Hi, Thanks for this information!
    by the way, may mga clarifications lang ako, magtravel kasi kami ng parents ko at ng pamangkin to hongkong this year. Yung sister ko na nanay ng pamangkin ko ay hindi kasama. Aside from DSWD Travel Clearance, ano pa kaya ang hahanapin sa Immigration? Kasi either ako or ung parents ko ang sasagot ng expenses ng pamangkin ko. Thanks!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Gemarie,

      Aside from the usual docs like return ticket and hotel, DSWD Clearance lang hinahanap sa akin usually. Pero there was a time na hinanapan pa rin ako ng Affidavit of Consent kahit na may clearance na. Buti na lang dala ko.

  32. Jessa says:

    Hi po! Tanong lang po if kailangan po ng affidavit of support if sponsor po ay parent? Student po ako pero legal na, and parents ko ang magssponsor sakin, pero di ko po sila kasama sa trip. Thank you!

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Best to call the designated travel agency kung saan mo ilo-lodge yung application mo kasi iba-iba sila minsan. Madalas guarantee letter from parents, sapat na. Merong iba naman na hinihingan ng Affidavit of Support.

  33. JP Zosa says:

    Would it be a ding if you didn’t indicate the specified destination country on your affidavit of consent? Though on the DSWD form as well as the online application you did put the destination country. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi JP, I’m not sure. I think it’s possible because PH’s San Francisco Consulate’s Affidavit of Consent sample doesn’t indicate a destination. See here: philippinessanfrancisco.org/uploads/Consular/SF/Affidavit-of-Consent.pdf

      But again, I don’t know for sure.





    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Maria,

      I’m not familiar with the intricacies of UAE residency so di ko masagot.

      Pero yung nephew ko na registered resident sa Japan, di nya need ng DSWD Clearance. Japan Residence card lang pinapakita nya sa Immigration here in PH and in Japan.

  35. LC says:

    Is it ok if we don’t specify the country travelling to? Para magamit ang affidavit kahit saan magtravel abroad ang bata?

  36. Raf says:

    Hi Yoshke!

    First off I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to detail everything needed. It’s been so helpful to me thus far! THANK YOU! TRULY AWESOME.

    I hope I can ask you a few questions:

    1) Do i keep the format the same?

    2) I’m the biological father trying to secure the travel clearance for my daughter, and I will be the one financing the trip. Is it okay to remove the segment that says the mother is the one financing the trip and thus just making the document “AFFIDAVIT OF CONSENT”?

    3) The mother has to have it notarised in Australia. What do I put in the sections with addresses?
    – UPPER LEFT: Do I put the city of her residence here in the Philippines?
    – MAIN PARAGRAPH: What we’ve done is we’ve stated her philippine address but specified that she’s currently residing in australia and specified that address too.
    – IN WITNESS…: This one I assume is pretty obvious this is the area of the Embassy she’ll be going to?

    4) In #4 you stated “He will not violate”, are you referring to the child or the guardian?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Raf,

      1. I just followed the format that our lawyer gave us. I checked other samples from PH embassies online and they’re very similar too.

      2. Yes, I think you can just make it Affidavit of Consent. :)

      3. UPPER LEFT – I think, you have to enter the Embassy in Australia. You can check out a sample of a form to be executed abroad here: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/2019/03/sample-invitation-letter-immigration-sample-visiting-relatives-friends-affidavit-support-guarantee/

      4. I just checked the actual Affidavit of Consent that our lawyer drafted and it reads, “that said child will not violate.” So I think it’s the child that it should refer to. Sorry about that. haha

      These are just what I think though. Not sure if these are right because I just followed the format that our lawyer provided, but that’s what I would do if I were in your shoes.

  37. kelvin says:

    Good day,

    I’m a single father, abandoned by my Ex-girlfirend the mother of my son.
    I have no – so whatsoever contact with her for more that 2 years after she left us, and no plans or searching for her again.

    Ask ko lang, if my idea ba kayo kung papano ako makaka process ng passport ng anak ko.
    Was planning to tour him abroad but I don’t know how to start it.

    Just being frustrated – to be honest, its abit unfair sa side ng mga FATHERS na lahat na lang nakasalalay sa mother. Diba dapat my equal rights and both parents sa anak nila. Not all being abused are females.

    I need hep/advice please.

  38. Jenny Palma says:

    Hi po! Do I need to secure affidavit of support po from my mom and sister? Sila po kase ang sumagot ng ticket namin and sa kanila din bahay sa HK kami mag-stay. We will go to HK for Christmas, kasama ko po ang anak ko na 17 and 12 years old pero hindi ko po kasama ang hubby ko. Ang nabasa ko po ay no need to secure dswd travel clearance kapag either one of the parents ay kasama magta travel pero ang fear ko ay ung letter of suuport, kailangan po ba notarized pa? Thanks po, hope you reply po.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jenny, most of the time, hindi na sya hinihingi lalo kung immediate family. Minsan ang hinihingi is proof na dun nga nakatira and may work doon ang mother mo. BUT BUT BUT according to an IO friend, best talaga na meron kang Affidavit of Support kasi hindi mo masasabi kung kelan yan biglang hihingin sa’yo.

  39. Joshua says:


    Question lang po.

    1. how to get an affidavit of consent and support if the father is ofw in korea?

    2. okay lang ba na ang kuya ko ay direct n pumunta sa Philippine Embassy and apply for an affidavit? or merong mga requirements needed from Philippines?

    Salamat po.

    • Joshua says:

      tho, ang mother ng bata is nasa Philippines kaso support kasi manggagaling sa kuya ko.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Joshua,

      Di po ako familiar sa process pag sa Korea. Pero usually sa ibang bansa, ipapa-notarize muna ung affidavit sa bansa na yun then tsaka pupunta sa embassy.

      Baka yung ibang members ng Support Group namin sa Facebook ay alam. You can join and post your questions here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thepoortraveler/

  40. joshua says:

    I am just so clueless, sayang po kasi kung pupunt aang kuya ko sa embassy tapos meron palng mga requiremnts needed pa


  41. Ana says:

    hello po. Ask ko lang what if yung affidavit ko is a scanned doc lang, nasa singapore kasi yung father ng pamangkin ko. Ako sana yung companion. Need ba both parents? pero nandito naman yung mother ng pamangkin ko. Married naman sila.
    Pwede po kaya na from mother lang ang consent letter?

    Thank you :)

  42. Reese says:

    hi, i am in the US for work. my kids will travel with my sisters in May. do i need to notarize the affidavit here in the states? or i can do it when i go home in March? will it matter if proof of income to present shows US but affidavit is notarized in my home country? thanks in advance.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Reese, you can have it notarized in PH when you arrive in PH. That’s what my sister usually does.

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