This post contains tips and other information about applying for a DSWD TRAVEL CLEARANCE including the list of REQUIREMENTS and the step-by-step application process. This applies to Filipino travelers only. A minor is defined as being below 18 years of age.

It’s always fun traveling with kids. Seeing the look on their faces when they experience something for the first time is always priceless. I had traveled with kids in the family twice: First, to Hong Kong for their much awaited Disneyland visit, and second, to Tokyo, to visit a close relative.

The problem is, I am not their father, just an uncle, so I had to secure a travel clearance for them.

Traveling with minors who aren’t your children adds a step in the whole trip preparation. You will need a get a DSWD Travel Clearance before your trip. Failing to secure one will lead to being offloaded by the Immigration Officials at the airport. It is a necessary document that they need to protect children from crimes including child trafficking.


Not all minors traveling to a foreign country need a DSWD Clearance. It is only required for the following:

  • a minor traveling alone
  • a minor accompanied by a person other than his/her parents

If the minor is traveling with either parent, no need for one. If the minor is traveling with the legal guardian, no need for one (but you must have all documents to prove that you are indeed the legal guardian).

If you’re not the mother or father or legal guardian, you need a DSWD clearance for each minor you’re traveling with. If that’s not clear enough: Even if you are a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, or cousin of the minor, you need a clearance.

As of January 2014, this is what a DSWD Clearance looks like.
As of January 2014, this is what a DSWD Clearance looks like.


Below is a list of documents required to secure a DSWD Travel Clearance. This covers minors traveling with someone who isn’t their parent or legal guardian. If the minor will be traveling alone, there is a separate list for that with additional requirements such as Unaccompanied Minor Certificate from the Airlines and Waiver from parents.

There have been a lot of changes to the requirements. Now, there is a separate list of documents for those who are traveling for the first time and those who have traveled before with the non-parent companion.

FIRST-TIME DSWD Clearance Requirements

These are the requirements for minors traveling for the FIRST TIME with a companion who is NOT their parent.

  • A duly accomplished application form. You can download it here.
  • A photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate (SECPA)
  • 2 colored passport size photos of the minor taken within the past 6 months. Scanned photos are NOT accepted.
  • A photocopy of the passport of minor’s travel companion.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to Travel. Download a copy here.
  • Valid ID of parents with specimen signature
  • A photocopy of one of the following, whichever is appropriate:
    – If minor has both parents: the parents’ marriage certificate (SECPA)
    – If minor is under a legal guardian: the Certificate of Legal Guardianship
    – If minor is under a solo parent: solo parent identification card or certification from the Municipal DSWD Office; or if Muslim, Tallaq or Fasakh certification from any Muslim Barangay, the Shariah court or a religious leader
    – If minor is illegitimate: a Certificate of No Marriage from the local civil registrar
    – If one of the parents is deceased: death certificate
    – If minor is an immigrant, visa petition approval.
    – If minor is traveling for medical purposes, medical certificate
    – If minor is studying abroad, acceptance letter from school abroad
    – If minor is attending a conference, a certification from the organizers
  • Authorization Letter from Parents/Legal Guardian. Only if the person applying is not a parent or legal guardian of the minor. Download sample here.

DSWD Clearance RENEWAL Requirements

These are the requirements for minors who have already traveled before with a companion who is not their parent.

  • A duly accomplished application form. You can download it here.
  • Original copy of previous DSWD travel clearances.
  • 2 colored passport size photos of the minor taken within the past 6 months. Scanned photos are NOT accepted.
  • A photocopy of the passport of minor’s travel companion.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel. Download a copy here.
  • Valid ID of parents with specimen signature
  • Authorization Letter from Parents/Legal Guardian. Only if the person applying is not a parent or legal guardian of the minor. Download sample here.

Possible Additional Requirements

I have applied for my nephew and niece multiple times now, and the requirements somewhat change each time. It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest, because I couldn’t predict what other documents they would need from me.

DSWD may require additional documents aside from those listed above, so make sure you apply early and NOT too close to the travel dates so you have time to secure them.

Here are some other requirements that they might look for based on experience of some of our readers.

  • Roundtrip ticket of the minor and companion. In my experience, sometimes they ask for it; sometimes, they don’t. If you’re already booked, best to bring a copy of the ticket. If your flights are not yet booked, it’s best to just call the office before your application to confirm.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Support of sponsor (showing employment status and salary). Some sources say this is a requirement, and one of our readers was also asked to provide this. The official DSWD website’s FAQ page lists this as a requirement only for unaccompanied minors. But it’s hard to trust the website because it’s messy as eff. In my experience, however, I was never asked to submit this. Maybe it’s a new requirement, maybe they ask applicants depending on the situation. Call the office where you plan to submit to be 100% sure.
  • Notarized Affidavit of Undertaking. One of our readers said they were asked to provide this. I’ve never been asked to submit this ever, though.
  • Latest ITR (income Tax return) or Certificate of Employment of sponsor and/or parents. I also always bring a copy of this, but they never asked to see it. Just bring it with you to be on the safe side.
  • Invitation Letter, only if the purpose of travel is to visit a friend or relative, or the minor won’t be staying in a hotel.
  • Copy of parents’ passports. Only if the parents are based abroad.

That’s about it.

Written Consent or Affidavit of Consent

Regarding the Affidavit of Consent to Travel/Parental Permit: It’s something that a lot of our readers said that DSWD asked them to submit. In my personal experience, however, they never asked for it. I just provided a simple written consent from both parents. The consent I submitted indicated the following details.

  • Travel dates
  • Destination and origin
  • Minor’s passport number
  • Contact details of parents/legal guardian
  • Signature of the parents

In addition, if the minor is traveling with someone who isn’t his/her parent, it would be wise to include the details of the companion:

  • Name of the companion
  • Relationship of the companion to the minor
  • Companion’s passport number

Below is a sample Written Consent. This is what I used in applying for my niece and nephew, and it was accepted by DSWD. I didn’t have any problem. You may copy-paste it if you want. Just replace the highlighted data:

Letter of Consent PDF

Don’t forget to have it signed by the parent. Again, both parents need to have it.

HOWEVER, to be on the safe side, I recommend that you still secure a Notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel for a couple of reasons. First, because a notarized affidavit can take the place of the simple written consent. Meaning, if DSWD asks for a simple consent letter, they will accept the affidavit because it’s a more binding legal document. On the other hand, if they require an affidavit and you don’t have it, the written consent may not suffice. It’s safer to have the affidavit.

The second reason: because you might also need it when passing through Immigration. Normally, the DSWD Clearance is enough to let you through, but having that affidavit can be more convincing, if the officer has doubts.

Again, just to reiterate, in my experience, I have never been asked to provide an Affidavit of Consent to Travel. In all occasions, I submitted a simple signed written consent from both parents, and they were accepted every time. But some of our readers had a different experience. So to be on the safe side, just secure an affidavit.

You can find a sample here: Sample Affidavit of Consent.

Update (October 2018): In my most recent application for my niece, they asked for an Affidavit of Consent. Great thing I came prepared!


Getting a DSWD clearance is easy. It might take a few hours, but it is not as complicated as you probably have been picturing in your head. Here’s how I got mine.

1. Complete the requirements.

See the list of requirements above.

2. Find the nearest DSWD Field Office.

Pay a visit to the DSWD Field Office that covers the permanent address of the minor. For example, my niece and nephew reside in Batangas. The Region IV-A (Calabarzon) Office is in Alabang. If the minor is based in Metro Manila, file for a clearance at the NCR Office in Sampaloc, Manila.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Below is the complete list of DSWD Field Offices.

  • DSWD National Capital Region (NCR)
    389 San Rafael St. corner Legarda St.,
    Sampaloc, Manila
    Phone: +632 313-1435 local 210, +632 733-0010 to 14
  • DSWD Field Office I
    Quezon Avenue, San Fernando, La Union
    Phone: +6372 888-2505, +6372 888-2184
  • DSWD Field Office II
    3 Dana Pagyaya, Regional Government Center
    Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
    Phone: +63 78 846-7532, +63 78 846-7043
  • DSWD Field Office III
    Government Center, Maimpis, San Fernando, Pampanga
    Phone: +63 45 861-2413
  • DSWD Field Office IV-A (CALABARZON)
    Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City
    Phone: +63 2 387-2632, +63 2 850-8380, +63 2 807-1518
  • DSWD Field Office IV-B (MIMAROPA)
    1680 F.T. Benitez St. corner Gen. Malvar St., Malate, Manila
    Phone: +63 2 336-8106 local 401, +63 2 336-8106 local 103
  • DSWD Field Office V
    Magnolia St. PBN Buraguis, Legazpi City
    Phone: +63 52 821-7920, +63 52 480-5346, +63 52 480-5754
  • DSWD Field Office VI
    M.H. del Pilar Street, Molo, Iloilo City
    Phone: +63 33 300-0526, +63 33 337-6221
  • DSWD Field Office VII
    MJ Cuenco Avenue cor. Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City
    Phone: +63 32 233-8779
  • DSWD Field Office VIII
    Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City
    Phone: +63 53 321-3090, +63 53 321-117, +63 53 321-1007
  • DSWD Field Office IX
    General Vicente Alvarez St., Zamboanga City
    Phone: +63 62 991-6030, +63 62 991-6056
  • DSWD Field Office X
    Masterson Ave., Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
    Phone: +63 88 858-8892, +63 88 858-8959
  • DSWD Field Office XI
    Suazo St., cor. Magsaysay Ave., Davao City
    Phone: +63 82 226-2857, +63 82 227-8746
  • DSWD Field Office XII
    9506 Purok Bumanoag, Brgy. Zone 3, Koronadal City
    Phone: +63 83 520-0572, +63 83 228-3180, +63 83 228-8637
  • DSWD Field Office CARAGA
    R. Palma St. Butuan City
    Phone: +63 85 346-0113, +63 85 815-9173
  • DSWD Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
    40 North Drive, Baguio City
    Phone: +63 74 444-3209, +63 74 444-3262, +63 74 442-7917

You must apply at the DSWD Field Office that has jurisdiction over the minor. If the minor lives in Region IV, apply in Alabang. If the minor resides in Metro Manila, apply in Sampaloc, Manila.

They started implementing this policy in January 2018. Prior to this, applicants could apply at any field office, even if the minor doesn’t reside in their region. But that’s not the case anymore. You must apply at the designated DSWD Field Office now.

3. Submit the requirements at the DSWD Field Office and wait for your clearance.

Here’s the step-by-step process that you will go through once you are at the DSWD office. The process below details my experience applying at the Alabang office, but according to the DSWD website, the process at all branches are almost the same.

    • Tell the Security Guard that you’re there for Travel Clearance. Ask for a Sequence Number.
    • Register in the logbook while waiting for your number to be called.
    • When your number is called, submit all the requirements to the Social Worker for the initial screening. He/she will check if the requirements are complete and authentic.
    • If all your documents are okay, the Social Worker will interview you and assess the application. He/she will ask a few questions about your relationship with the minor, the purpose of the trip, and why the parents can’t be with the minor, among others.
    • If the Social Worker is satisfied, your application will now be processed and the clearance will be prepared.
    • Pay processing fee:
      – P300 for travel clearance with validity of 1 year
      – P600 for travel clearance with validity of 2 years
    • Return at the time of release. Ask any of the processing staff what time you can expect the clearance to be issued. At the Alabang office, it works this way:
Schedule of assessment and issuance of DSWD Travel Clearance
Schedule of assessment and issuance of DSWD Travel Clearance

Don’t forget to check the clearance card before you leave the DSWD Office. Make sure the validity of the clearance and the name spellings are correct.

Reminder: After assessment, DSWD may require additional documents aside from those listed above, so make sure you apply early and NOT too close to the travel dates so you have time to secure them.


Is it possible to apply for a DSWD Clearance online?

Yes. DSWD has recently launched its e-services website, which allows application for a DSWD Travel Clearance online. However, as of this writing, it is only available at Field Offices NCR, VII and XI. Also, a personal interview will still be required so you will have to appear at their office at some point.

The online service hasn’t rolled out in our region (Region IV), so I haven’t tried this yet.

More info here.

When should I apply for a DSWD Clearance?

If you think you have complete requirements, best practice is at least a month before the travel dates. This way, you would still have enough time to resend documents that you forget or to fix anything that goes wrong.

How long does it take to get a DSWD Clearance?

In most cases, one day. If you have all the requirements and you come early, you will get it on the same day that you applied. It takes only a few hours.

HOWEVER, if you arrive in the late afternoon (past 3pm), you will have to return the next day. You can still have it processed but you will get the clearance the next working day. At least, that’s how it is at the DSWD Field Office IV-A in Alabang. I applied here because the kids’ address are in Batangas.

Does the minor have to be with me when I apply?

No. Just make sure you have all the requirements.

I have applied 3 times now and the minors were never with me.

Should the parent be the one to apply?

No. Although it would be best that the person who would apply knows the minor and the details of the trip really well and can spot any clerical error in the clearance. (Happened to me twice.)

I found an error in the Travel Clearance. What should I do?

Happened to me twice!

Simply tell the social worker or anyone in charge. They can correct it or replace it with a new one immediately.

How much should I pay for the DSWD Clearance?

Processing Fee:
P300 for travel clearance with validity of 1 year
P600 for travel clearance with validity of 2 years

I’m applying for a DSWD Clearance, a visa and a passport for the child. What should I work on first?

The DSWD Clearance first. You can’t apply for a passport for a minor without the DSWD Clearance.

Then work on the passport because you can’t apply for a visa without the passport.

In summary: DSWD Clearance, then Passport, then Visa.

Do you have a sample Affidavit of Consent?

Yes, you can find a sample Affidavit of Consent to Travel here: Sample Affidavit of Consent.

Where can I find more info about DSWD Travel Clearance?

Although we try to try to update this post regularly, it would still be best to visit the DSWD website or call their office to make sure that there are no changes to this list of requirements.

You may visit the official DSWD website, call the numbers indicated on the list of offices above, or tweet @DSWDserves.

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  4. Mary Ann says:

    thanks for the info…how about if both parents are working abroad, is a
    written consent is acceptable or do i need to get an affidavit of
    consent from the Philippine consulate where we are currently working??

    • Been there, done that ... says:

      A simple written consent will not do. The affidavit of consent to travel for that matter needs to be authenticated with the designated PCG or embassy where you both are working. :-)

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    When other than the parent applies for the travel clearance, the DSWD WILL ASK FOR AN AUTHORIZATION LETTER. Some might think it is basic, but we learned it the hard way. Hassle.

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      No need for travel clearance if minor is traveling with his/her mother.;)

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    This was very helpful for me! Thank you so much!

    I just want to add some info as I have applied for a travel clearance for my 2 niece *Illegitimate*.

    Please don’t forget to have a clear copy of the mother/father’s valid ID with signature *this was not clearly stated on the requirements on their website!, good thing is that I have a copy with me*

    On our case,we will be visiting the mother of my nieces who’s working abroad that’s why I was also asked to provide a copy of my sister’s resident ID, which I didn’t have but was sent to me after an hour and luckily I have still acquired the travel clearance on the same day.

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    • Hi Mcoy! We called a DSWD regional office and asked them about this scenario and they said that while they encourage people to apply at their respective regional office, they can actually apply at ANY office. They will still process it. :)

      • Ara says:

        Will the immigration still ask for an affidavit of consent from parents? Or only dswd clearance? Because the dswd will ask for an affidavit of consent when issuing the travel clearance, and we only have one copy.

          • Chris says:

            Hi, I just wanna know since the permit has specific location and purpose of travel, and we will use it multiple times like different country, wala na magiging problema sa immigration?

  25. Joseph says:


    It would be my son’s first travel abroad without me and my wife. He will travel with my sister. My son is only 3 yrs old. Can you confirm if we only need to get DSWD clearance? Can’t seem to find any information from DFA website. Thanks!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Joseph! I can only speak based on experience, and over the past 6 years that I’m taking my nephew and niece abroad (sometimes as tourists, sometimes to visit parents), they only ask for the DSWD clearance. Not sure if they ask for more in other circumstances.

  26. banjo c. says:

    This day ko po na receive yung travel clearance ng anak ko going to L.A. with her Ate. They ask an
    additional documents which at the time of application, I did not know na kailangan pala. Just to
    inform you para di kayo mabigla at lalo na sa mga may malapit ng oras o araw ng pag alis baka kse
    magahol kayo at maiwan ng biyahe.Hiningan po ako ng 1.) Invitation Letter with signature kung saan
    po titigil o mananatili yung minor. 2.) Valid Permanent Card or Valid Visa of inviter 3.) Round trip
    booking ticket of minor.Payo ko lang po na agahan ang pag apply para may time asikasuhin ang mga additional requirements. Sana maka tulong sa inyo at di magahol sa oras, sa case ko po huwebes po ako nag apply sa martes na po ang alis, kung di ko po nakuha ang mga documents ng maaga malamang naiwan na kme ng biyahe, nakuha ko naman po kinabukasan yung clearance.
    Salamat po.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Thanks for sharing, Banjo! Because of your update, we’re also updating the post to highlight that there may require additional documents. Thank you!

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    Required ba talagang kunan ng DSWD clearance kahit wala pang date?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hindi ko po sure. Best to contact na lang po the DSWD office nearest you to be sure sure. Yung numbers po, nasa taas.

  29. Damien B says:

    Kung magtravel ako abroad alone with my son, but my wife is living in another country other than the country we are travelling to, do I need to get a travel clearance?


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      As far as I know, no need because you’re his dad. No need if the kid is traveling with either parent.

      • Gary says:

        if you do not need travel clearance any additional documents, or do not need to go to Dswd

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          No need for DSWD Clearance or additional docs basta kasama parents.

      • pux says:

        How sure po na may consent ang mother ni minor kung xa at kanyang father lang ang nagbiyahe? Is the minor not at risk if he travels po with either parent without travel clearance?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Ang alam ko, if the parents are married and the child is legitimate, no need for a travel clearance if traveling with either parent. That’s what’s on their website and that’s what they told me when I asked.

          If illegitimate yung child and traveling with father, dun kailangan ng travel clearance. Best to call the field office to be sure.

  30. Jecca says:

    Hi, can I ask the full details on how and where can I get the Affidavit of Support and Consent?

  31. Je says:

    Hi! What if the child is illegitimate? The Father is single and the mother is married. Can you just get one CENOMAR or we also need the Marriage contract of the mother? Thanks!

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Call DSWD Field Office na may sakop sa area nyo. The numbers are in the post.

  32. Leen says:

    Hi, ask ko lng po….kapag po ba nagtravel abroad(tourist) mother kasama ang anak na 6yrs old, ano po ung mga requirement(addditional requirement for minor)..

  33. Rosalyn Reyes says:

    Hi good evening ☺ ask ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ng dswd pabalik ng pinas? Hindi na po kasi ako ang kasabay nya pabalik ng pinas tnx

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rosalyn, sa experience namin, di naman na kami hiningan nung pabalik.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Ask the inviting party to write a letter or write it yourself tapos pa-pirmahan sa nag-invite.

  34. spinner says:

    magkaiba pa po ba yung Affidavit Of Consent And Support sa Written Consent and pano po yun sa written Consent, tatay ko lang po yung nandito ang yung mother ko po nasa ibang bansa.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      If may Affidavit of Consent & Support ka na, di mo na kailangan ng isa pang written consent.

  35. Mercy says:

    My husband and me will be travelling to USA this June 2018 to accompany our 14 yr old granddaughter who is a US citizen and a holder of US visa.
    What documents do we need to prepare? Do we still need parental consent from the father based in USA and from the mother based here in the Philippines.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Mercy. I don’t know the rules for US citizens, but I don’t think the DSWD Clearance rule applies to them. One of my nephews has recently been granted a Japan dependent visa and he’s now exempted from securing a DSWD Clearance because of it. Something similar might apply to you. It’s best to contact DSWD to be sure.

  36. Riane says:

    Hello there, your article is accurate and very helpful. Pero tanong ko lang po if I can apply my own DSWD Clearance and I am not accompanied by either of my parents, since OFW ang mother ko and walang time ang father ko. I am already 17 years old and I am going to travel alone this december 2018. :)

  37. JC says:

    What if my brother is in abroad, separated with his wife. Wife is here in the Philippines but not capable financially.
    Can i file this earlier while he is here?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Yes, you can apply early. The clearance is valid for 1 year or 2 years.

  38. Nelson Loyola says:

    My daughter was issued a travel clearance for her to join a study tour in China this April and May 2018. The travel clearance is valid for 1 year. Can I use this same clearance for her to travel to Thailand with my secretary this June 2018? Our arrival from a trip to New Zealand will overlap with our departure for Bangkok, so my wife and I have decided to get another flight in the afternoon via another airline and meet up with our daughter in the hotel in Bangkok.

  39. Edlaine Ann Mercado says:

    Hi! I’m planning to travel with my 14 year old nephew to Tokyo later this year or early next year. The thing is, he is a holder of two citizenships: USA and Philippines. We plan to have him use his USA passport to get him through Philippine and Japanese immigration since they don’t require US citizens a Japan Visa to enter Japan. It’s less paperwork for us too. My concern is I am a Philippine passport holder and I will be the one accompanying him to Tokyo. How will we be able to go through PH immigration? Do we need a DSWD Travel Clearance? One of the requirements for the travel clearance is a birth certificate. Do we need to show his US birth certificate since he was born there? I’m sorry for the questions, I just haven’t found anything online regarding this. Thanks in advance!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Edlaine, it’s a pretty specific/unusual case. It’s best to just call the DSWD or Bureau of Immigration to be completely sure.

  40. Von Banaga says:

    Hi, nabasa ko po sa taas na dswd clearance po yung hinahanap dito sa pinas na immigration. ask ko lang po na how about in Japan? Meron po ba hinanap yung japan immigration na affidavit or dswd clearance? Thank you po.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Von, in my experience, wala silang hinahanap sa Japan.

  41. Yukio Okumura says:

    Hello there! I have read your article recently. I have question po. Once available na po ang mga supporting documents (Passport, Affidavit of support and Consent, DSWD Clearance, ITR, etc) technically, pwede na sya pumasa sa immigration, right? Do you have any ideas po regarding to the possible questions Immigration officer will ask to the Minor Traveller?

    Hoping for your response and thank you! :)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Yukio. Yep, basta complete na, pwede na lumagpas sa immigration.

      Yung questions sa minors, usually, sino kasama? Anong gagawin dun? Kailan balik?

      Yun lang yung sa experience ko.

  42. April says:

    Hi. Just want to ask if there are any requirements for domestic travel? My daughter will be having a vacation at cebu with my mother. Hindi ako kasama o yung papa nya kc may work. Need po ba ng travel clearance or anything? Thanks

  43. Ehm says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang, paano po kung nanay ko wala pang passport, sabay na kasi sila kukuha ng passport ng baby ko. Need pa ba muna hintayin marelease ang passport bago mag apply ng travel clearance? Thank you in advance.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hmmm. Part of the requirements is the companion’s passport copy. But for minors, the DSWD clearance is required to apply for a passport. Ideally, dapat mauna ang companion na magka-passport. And then tsaka yung minor. At least, sa surface, that’s how it’s supposed to go.

      But i’m not sure if the DSWD office can make an exception or kung gaano sila kalenient. Best to call yung DSWD Office kung saan ka mag-apply kung okay lang na walang passport copy yung companion.

  44. Chelsea says:

    Hi, hope you can help me. My niece (a minor) will be travelling with us abroad, and she haven’t applied yet for a passport. Sa DFA application form, may field doon na “TRAVELLING COMPANION’S NAME,” pwede ba na ‘yong father ng niece ko ang ilagay muna doon or should it be my name since ako ang kasama niya pag-travel abroad? We’re thinking kasi na passport ‘to and once lang naman siya sasama with me and might travel soon with her own father and mother. So ok lang ba na father’s name ang nasa TRAVELLING COMPANION’s NAME? Thanks in advance!

  45. Cheene Abacan says:

    hi, im from batangas po, and punta po kami ng nephew ko sa dubai sa december, pupuntahan po namin ang mama nya, na kapatid ko naman, tapos andto ung papa nya sa pinas, tanong ko lng po kung paano po ung consent ng mama nya and signature, need po ba ipa courrier? thank you po.

  46. Perillo Monica says:

    hi.. can a minor travel together even though they are not relatives??

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Perillo, ang alam ko pwede basta may Affidavit of Consent. Pero tawag ka pa rin sa DSWD to be sure.

  47. Julie says:

    Hello po, i’ve been to singapore many times na po and this coming november which is sembreak kasama ko na po kapatid ko na 22 yes old, future inlaw ko na 25yrs old and minor ko po na kapatid na 11 years old. 4 lang po kami na pupunta ng singapore just to visit my fiance. Nakakuha narin po ako ng travel clearance sa minor kung kapatid, affidavit of consent. Invitation letter from my fiance. Additional Documents po namin is RT tickets, Hotel accomodation, USS tickets, Vacay leave ng kapatid at future inlaw ko company id’s nila, certificates of employment nila and pocket money po. 5days po travel namin 3days sa sg and 1 day sa KL. Any suggestions pa po or may chance po ba kami maoffload? Please reply po. Thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Lahat naman ay may chance na ma-offload. Di naman mawawala yung chance. But it looks like you’ve done the preps that you can do, so just be confident lang with your answers.

  48. MT says:

    Hi. Im travelling to HK with my nephew. In your experience, do they still ask for the affidavit of consent sa immigration both in Manila and Hongkong? Or do they only look for the DSWD clearance? We ended up booking a hotel thats different from the one in the affidavit kasi. Thanks!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi MT. I always carry an affidavit of consent with me when passing through Immigration. However, I had never been asked for it by any officer. They would just ask for a DSWD Clearance.

      • MT says:

        Thank you! The airline ended up rebooking our flight for some reason. So now, the dates have changed too. Im thinking if I need a new travel clearance or just a fresh affidavit with the new info. I’ll call DSWD to confirm. Thank you!

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi MT. Yep, best to call them. Hope you could share with us din what they will say so we can add to this post and help others. Thank you! :)

          • MT says:

            Hi. I called DSWD, they said I dont need a new clearance as long as the new dates are within the validity period of the clearance issued.

            If the companion or country is changing, thats when we need a new clearance.

            Hope this helps. Thank you! :)

  49. Jessica says:

    Hello, Pwede pu ba ipascan ung affidavit of consent na may red ribbon para maprint sa Pinas to bring sa DSWD office?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Di ko po alam. Call na lang po the field office kung saan kayo mag-aapply.

  50. Ann Garcia says:

    Hi Sir!

    Ask ko lang po kung parehas lang ba yung DSWD Clearance na kailangan sa pagkuha ng passport for minor at yung DSWD travel clearance? Medyo na confused po ako. Kasi need ko ikuha ng passport yung pamangkin ko na 9 yrs. old at yung brother ko na 17 yrs. old nakita ko na kailangan sa DFA ng DSWD clearance, pareho lang din po ba yung

    Maraming Salamat!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ann, yep pareho lang. Yung tawag talaga dun ay DSWD Travel Clearance, pero most people refer to it as simply DSWD Clearance. Pero it’s the same thing. :)

  51. Rai says:

    Hi, this is very informative. I just want to know if my children still need to secure a travel clearance if they’re coming back to Manila. I will be with them on their flight MNL-SIN (so I think they don’t need a travel clearance anymore)but I don’t know if my flight will be the same going back to MNL? I have my cousin who will be with them when they go back to MNL…. Do I still need to secure a travel clearance for them? Thank u.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rai, based on my experience, PH immigration didn’t check for DSWD clearance for returning residents. Japan and HK Immigration didn’t either.

      I’m not sure about SG Immigration, but I don’t think they would check. I think it’s only when passing through PH Immigration when exiting the country. So I think you should be fine.

  52. Jhay Cruz says:

    Can my wife do all the application and procedure to let our daughter travel alone to visit me here abroad?
    Is the unaccompanied minor certificate really necessary as a requirement to apply for the travel clearance. based on PAL’s website ,and to their staff I spoke with, only 8-11 years old are eligible for UM certificate, my daughter’s 13yrs old so she’ll not be given. DSWD insisted that they require one.
    Any suggestions or Idea?


  53. pux says:

    Travelling Minor:
    Case Situation:
    Father and mother UNMARRIED (but paternal acceptance appears on the minor’s BC)
    Father UNMARRIED AND Mother is married.
    Father is an OFW while Mother is in Pinas with own family.

    Travelling Companion: Uncle (brother of minor’s Father)
    Uncle does the processing as authorized by the minor’s Father and Mother
    Minor is studying. Mother waives her responsibility to the processing of needed docs.


  54. Nico Arellano says:

    HI, just want to ask paano ang case kapag ang bata na kasama ko magtravel ay nawala nalang bigla ang kanyang Father, and ang mother nya ay nasa ibang bansa (tho i have a contact sa kanya).
    Paano po yung COnsent letter?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Nico, pag ganyan pong specific na case, di ko na po alam. Best to contact na lang po the DSWD Field Office kung saan kayo mag-aapply para sigurado.

  55. CHANTAL B RIVERA says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po kasi yung ate ko nasa UAE po, then my plan po kami ng cousin ko mgtravel sa Malaysia kasama ung nephew ko (son ng ate ko, gift nya sa anak nya) , actually nka book n kami ng flight, kya need ko daw travel clearance from DSWD for my nephew, ano po kya need ng ate ko na letter para proof daw na in-authorized nya ako kumuha ng travel clearance for my nephew?

    thanks in advance.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Chantal,

      since ikaw din yung kasama nya mag-travel, need mo ng Affidavit of Support. Notarized if pwede. Since nasa abroad sya, I think may kelangan syang gawin sa embassy. Di ko lang alam ang details nun. Tapos gawa na rin sya ng Authorization letter allowing you to apply for her son.

      Di ko lang ganun kakabisado yung details pag ganyan, so best to call the DSWD Field Office kung saan ka mag-aapply.

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