Last updated: December 4, 2019.

These tips apply to travelers exiting via airports like NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila), Clark Airport, and Mactan-Cebu Airport. These are just our tips based on our personal experience, Immigration guidelines, and Immigration officers we talked to. However, please note that following these tips or providing the immigration requirements do not guarantee anything. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your background, your answers to the questions of the officers, and your demeanor during the process.

It’s a tourist’s biggest nightmare: not being allowed by Immigration Officials to board the plane. The trip ends even before it begins. Not only can it be humiliating, it also puts to waste everything invested on planning the trip: time, money, effort, emotions. And with the Bureau of Immigration putting in place stricter measures to combat human trafficking and prevent potential illegal aliens, they may need a little bit more convincing.

According to the Bureau of Immigration, every day around 40 people are denied boarding at NAIA Terminal 1 alone. Most of them had the intention of seeking employment in their destination country without proper papers.

It’s been a highly controversial issue these days with some questioning the constitutionality of the policy , as it goes against a Filipino citizen’s right to travel. Also, its vagueness makes it prone to abuse. But while we continue to discuss this in social media, the bureau has long been implementing this.

Anyway, if you’re traveling to another country soon (especially if it’s your first time) and wish to breeze through the airport immigration process without incident, here are some things that could help:

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"A person may only be asked to present further proof for his travel abroad if the person appears to have a reason different from what he has declared before an immigration official." -Bureau of Immigration via Interaksyon
“A person may only be asked to present further proof for his travel abroad if the person appears to have a reason different from what he has declared before an immigration official.” -Bureau of Immigration via Interaksyon

What is offloading?

“Offloading” means getting a boarded passenger out of the plane.

Before we proceed, we need to clarify that the Bureau of Immigration does not have an offloading policy. They do not usually pull passengers out of an aircraft. What they do is allow or deny boarding. That’s why they’re stationed before the security check.

However, because most Filipinos use “offload” as an umbrella term for not being allowed to leave the country, for the purpose of the article, we’ll just go with the flow and use that colloquial definition.


There are three things that you MUST present to the Immigration Officer before you are allowed to board:

  1. Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity)
  2. Roundtrip ticket
  3. Visa, if applicable

At the very least, you should have these three. Usually, these are all they will ask from you. Usually. Sometimes, they ask for a company ID and hotel reservation.


They sometimes ask the following:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What is your occupation here in the Philippines? In other words, do you have a job?  What company do you work for? In my past 30-ish trips, I was almost always asked to show my company ID as proof.
  3. Where will you be staying? They sometimes ask to see a copy of your hotel reservation. If you’re staying at a friend’s, they sometimes dig deeper.
  4. What will you do there?
  5. Whom are you traveling with?
  6. When will you return to the Philippines?

The key is to answer confidently, consistently, and truthfully.

Sometimes, they will ask follow up questions. Sometimes, you will be subjected to a secondary inspection, which I will explain below.

Who are more likely to be questioned by Immigration Officers?

When the officers deem necessary, travelers will be subject to the so-called Secondary Inspection, in which they will ask for more documents.

According to a memorandum entitled Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International-Bound Passengers, released by the Bureau of Immigration to their airport and seaport officers in 2012, the traveler will then be assessed based on the following. (Yes, criteria for judging. :P )

  1. Age
  2. Educational attainment
  3. Financial capability to travel

The last item usually becomes the issue. According to the bureau (as told to a news agency), tourists who are more likely to be questioned are:

  • First-time tourists flying to a not-so-popular destination.
  • Tourists with no steady source of income in the Philippines and no benefactors.

Financial capability is not a requirement, according to the Bureau. However, “a person may only be asked to present further proof for his travel abroad if the person appears to have a reason different from what he has declared before an immigration official.”

Still, THREE to FOUR of the 50 people who get offloaded actually had legitimate reasons but were still not allowed to leave. Collateral damage, they say. What went wrong varies from person to person, but they have one thing in common: the Immigration Officers didn’t believe they should leave the country.

Possible Additional Documents Immigration Officers may Ask For

The key phrase in the previous section is WHEN THE OFFICERS DEEM NECESSARY. 

What does that mean? It means you’ll never know for sure whether you will be subjected to a secondary inspection or not. Your trip happening still highly depends on these gatekeepers.

To avoid getting offloaded, you need to be prepared with the right documents all the time.

In case you are subjected to a secondary inspection — again, just in case — you need to prove you are coming back to the Philippines soon or that you have the means to financially support this trip. How are you going to do that? It would be best to have the following with you when you travel, even if you have the truest intentions:

  1. Company ID
  2. A copy of your latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
  3. Certificate of Employment (best if it indicates your salary and how long you have been with the company) or business registration docs for self-employed

The above items should be sufficient to prove that you are still working here in the Philippines (which means you have something to return for) and that you can fund this trip. In some cases, the officers might ask for more proof.

However, some countries might take bringing a copy of COE/business registration negatively, as it’s not something that tourists usually bring. It’s sort of like a damned-if-you-do damned-if-you-don’t kind of situation. My advice is to just make sure you have a soft copy that you can easily access and present to PH officials. You can also see to it that the COE is specifically addressed to the Immigration Officer in the Philippines to erase doubts that it would be used for something else.

Recommended Documents for Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer, you probably don’t have a company ID and no one to get a Certificate of Employment from. Here’s what you should have.

  • A copy of your Income Tax Return for the past year. If you pay taxes yourself, you should have it. If the clients pay/paid for you, they usually give you a copy of it when they release the check. If not, ask if they could provide you a copy.
  • Certificate of Employment-type of document. Ask your client(s) if you could give you a document certifying that you’re doing business with them. The address and telephone number of the client must be indicated. Best if it also includes the salary and how long you have been working with them.
  • Business Registration Certificate. If you’re registered as a Sole Proprietor, a copy of this should also be very helpful.

I always have a copy of those three to be safe. On a recent trip, they were particularly more inquisitive. They asked where I would be staying, what I do for a living, what company I work for, how much money I have. I forgot my ID then but thankfully I had a Certificate of Employment from a client and answered their questions confidently. They let me through.

Here’s the format I followed when I asked my clients to provide some sort of certification that I was working for them. Make sure you have your client’s contact numbers. Best if this is printed on an official letterhead.

Sample Certificate Employment PDF

Recommended Documents for Fresh Graduates who are Still Unemployed

For fresh grads who are still unemployed, the best course of action is to find a sponsor who is an a family member. Prepare the following documents:

  1. Authenticated affidavit of support indicating the relationship within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, together with the supporting documents.
  2. An affidavit of undertaking/ guaranty

According to a friend who is an Immigration Officer, in addition to the documents above, the traveler must also provide proof that the sponsor can support the trip. This may be the sponsor’s ITR or bank documents.

You’re most likely going to be asked by the Immigration Officer why you’re traveling. If it is a graduation treat, you can say so. If you have a document to prove you just graduated, that can help too.

However, note that having the above papers does not guarantee anything but it can help.

Additional Requirements for Travelers with NO Financial Capability

Travelers who can’t financially support the trip themselves must have a sponsor, who is ideally an immediate relative. They should have the following documents handy:

  1. Authenticated affidavit of support indicating the relationship within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, together with the supporting documents.
  2. An affidavit of undertaking/ guaranty

According to a friend who is an Immigration Officer, in addition to the documents above, the traveler must also provide proof that the sponsor can support the trip. This may be the sponsor’s Certificate of Employment, ITR, or bank documents.

However, note that having the above papers does not guarantee getting through, but it will definitely increase your chances.

Automatic Second Inspection

Please note that if you belong to any of the following, you will be automatically subjected to a secondary inspection:

  1. Travelers without financial capacity to travel escorted/accompanied by a foreigner who is not related;
  2. Minor traveling alone or unaccompanied by either parent or legal guardian without the required travel clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). More info here: How to Get a DSWD Clearance
  3. Repatriated irregular workers, in which case, travel may not be allowed without the clearance from the IACAT (generate data);
  4. Partners and spouses of foreign nationals intending to depart to meet and/or marry his/her fiance without the CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate
  5. Passengers traveling to countries with existing deployment bans, alert levels and travel advisories and those in possession of a visas to the said countries
  6. Passengers who stayed abroad for more than one (1) year during a previous departure from the country as a tourist/temporary visitor, intending to depart for the second and/or subsequent time.

Travel Authority for Government Employees

In addition, government employees must also provide a travel authority. You’ll find more info in the table below.

Travelers who are Accompanied by a Filipino Sponsor

If you’re sponsored by a FILIPINO TRAVELING WITH YOU, you must produce an Affidavit of Support with Undertaking containing the following details:

  • Sponsor’s financial capacity
  • Sponsor’s undertaking for your tourist travel with intent to return
  • Sponsor’s complete residential address and contact details
  • Sponsor’s corporate registration papers, if applicable

The affidavit must be notarized.

More often, though, if the accompanying sponsor is a Filipino relative, the officer does not ask for it. But if you want to make sure, better have it ready.

You can find a sample of Affidavit of Support here!

Travelers who are Invited or Sponsored by a Filipino Abroad

If you’re invited or sponsored by a Filipino based abroad, you need to provide an Affidavit of Support with Undertaking, stating that the inviter will shoulder the trip expenses in part or in full, and that the visitor you will be under their responsibility during the stay in that country.

It should contain the following information:

  • the visitor’s personal information
  • the inviter’s personal information
  • the inviter’s legal status abroad (citizen, resident, temporary resident, etc.)
  • the inviter’s financial capacity
  • the details of the trip
  • the reason for the invitation

You should also present documents proving that the inviting party can afford to sponsor you. This may be bank certificates or tax documents. Proof of relationship may also help.

If the inviting party is a corporation or organization, you must also include the sponsor’s corporate registration details.

Sample Invitation Letter Visiting Abroad

Strictly speaking, the inviter/sponsor and the visitor should be within fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity (up to first cousins by blood or marriage). SOMETIMES, they accept an Affidavit of Support from non-relative if everything else looks good. It’s on a case-by-case basis, so there is still a good chance that the affidavit will be rejected and you will still be offloaded even if you have an affidavit of support from a non-relative.

The document must be authenticated at the Philippine Embassy in the inviter’s country. This is where they put a gold seal and red ribbon on the document. If the affidavit is executed in the Philippines, it must be notarized. In one of my sister’s visits, she created one and had it notarized for a cousin whom she invited. She also made one for me before while she was here, and that’s what I presented that one time it was asked of me. The Officer looked at it, read it, and let me through.


Travelers who are Accompanied or Sponsored by a Foreigner

This is one of the most usual questions we get: What are the requirements if I’m traveling with or if I’m going to meet a foreign boyfriend, girlfriend or friend abroad?

According to the same memorandum, the following will be subject to secondary inspection:

  • Travelers without financial capacity to travel escorted or accompanied by a foreigner who is not related
  • Partners and spouses of foreign nationals intending to depart to meet and/or marry their fiance without the CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate

I’m not sure whether or not that memorandum is still followed, but if it is, then you’re most likely to undergo a secondary inspection.

According to a friend who is an Immigration Officer, this is one of the cases that the Bureau usually takes a closer look at and watch out for because of the high risk of human trafficking. An Affidavit of Support/Guarantee/Undertaking can help. BUT not always. Strictly speaking, only a RELATIVE within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity can support a traveler but SOMETIMES, they accept an Affidavit of Support from non-relative if everything else looks good. The keyword there is SOMETIMES. It’s on a case-by-case basis, so there is still a good chance that the affidavit will be rejected and you will still be offloaded even if you have an affidavit of support from a non-relative.

Aside from this, the traveler needs to show proof of relationship with the foreign sponsor. This can be photos together. You might also be asked how long you have known each other and how you met.

If you have no physical proof of relationship or you’re meeting the foreign sponsor for the first time, you are most certainly going to be offloaded. Online communication, no matter how long it has been going on, is just not strong enough. They will have to protect the Pinoy traveler, especially if they have no financial capacity to travel because they will be very vulnerable abroad.

Final Note: Summary

All these lead us to three important points:

  1. Have all the requirements: Valid passport, roundtrip ticket, and visa (if applicable).
  2. Bring a copy of documents that can prove you will travel as a tourist (and that you will not be working or looking for a job there and/or that you can afford this trip): Company ID, ITR, Certificate of Employment (or Business Registration Certificate), hotel reservation (if applicable), the credit card you used to book the ticket (or a copy of it if it’s not yours).
  3. Be honest, consistent, and confident. If they ask questions, answer truthfully. Being honest makes you more confident because you know the details no matter how stressful it gets. Know your trip — you don’t need to have a printed itinerary but at least have a sort of plan in your head. Where will you stay? What sites will you visit? When will you return? The last thing you want is to appear like you’re lying even when you’re telling the truth.

Travelers found misrepresenting the purpose of their trip as tourist shall not be cleared for departure.

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Yoshke Dimen


  1. Joseline Alosbaños says:

    I am currently unemployed but capable of travelling (heck, I look Chinese but not speak like one), in fact I am returning this year to Hong Kong together with a friend who happens to be a first time traveler. I travelled twice last year.

    Last year, the IO even tried asking me how much money I am bringing out plus if I have a credit card. I feel like this is profiling to the paranoid (or should I say psychosis…) degree. Is the 2316 last year enough to show proof?

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Joseline. It’s hard to say whether last year’s would be sufficient IN CASE you get picked for a secondary inspection. The memo released does not enumerate the documents that can be accepted. It really depends on the IO. :D

      • cire says:

        I had a traumatic experience last month.
        I was planning to have trip in dubai. I have my passport, return ticket, visas, affidavit of support from a friend and etc.
        I was held by an IO because her reason that my sponsor should be a first degree cousin nothing else because thats the order from DoJ. Thats all and I was not able to go dubai. Is that true?What can you say guys??

        • Mj says:

          Guys pa help nmn po! pag ba From hongkong going to dubai di na sila ganun kahigpit or di kna ttanungin in IO? Thanks po!

        • Ly says:

          I feel you dear, ive experienced the same. Their reason?because i was an ofw for 16 yrs. Soooo discriminating! So Sad discriminated by my own country!

        • Nead says:

          i am a govt employee, i secured a travel authority to thailand only. what if, i decided to cross to cambodia and vietnam, can i be questioned?

        • Eric perez says:

          Yes ganyan dn po situation q last month..complete documents dn aq tapos d nila aq pinayagan khit visit lng.although andon nmn n lhat ng requirements n kelangan !gusto p nila ung first degree tlga..khit capable ka nmn mag tour!dq alm kung bakit gnun!

          • Sherwin Francisco says:

            Sir ano po yung possible requirements kase iinvite lng ako ng Kaibigan ko filipino from Vietnam kase ikakasal na sya. Meron nmn ako work

          • LCCF says:

            Hi Sir Eric! Going to dubai po ba yung experience nyo na hindi kayo pinayagan? Or going Vietnam po?

        • rapi says:

          tlgang gnyan,at least 4th degree relative lng ang pede mag invite or mag isponsor sa traveller.

      • Jebay Ravelo says:

        @yoshke is it necessary to have a credit card?.. coz i used paypal for my bookings. is it possible reason ma pffload if wala credit card?

      • lee18 says:

        hello, i am a filipino. i am planning to go to kuala lumpur for shopping then go to maldives as a tourist. i have no intention of going to abroad just to seek a job.

        the thing is, i dont want to tell to the IO that i will be going to different countries coz it might make it more complicate and they might ask more questions. what do i have to do? is it okay to just show my round ticket to kuala and back to cebu only?

        my itinerary:
        kuala lumpur

        *do i still need to be interviewed in kuala lumpur airport when i travel to maldives?
        *do the need to check my retrun ticket from maldives to kuala lumpur?

        *what are the consequences if i lied about traveling to different countries? *and what are the consequences if i didn’t arrive in Philippines after 1 month?

        kung sino man may experience please share me naman po. your reply is highly appreciated. thank you

        • Enaj1989 says:

          Hi lee :)

          Kumusta po ang trip niyo po to Maldives? Same situation here.. I need your help po because I already booked my ticket Cebu to Singapore for 1 week instead of going home to Cebu . Bali I will be in Sao Paulo Brazil for once month as a tourist .. Please let me know the consequenses din po . Thank you :)

    • EllyHeart says:

      I was wondering if you can help me out, I work in a gov’t hospital but still am a Contract of Service. Do i need an authority to travel?
      Plus, I’ll be traveling from manila to KL then KL to SG and SG to Manila. Will I encounter problems? or should I start from singapore first? thank you.

      • Gly says:

        Hows your trip? I’m a contract employee too. What documents did you bring? Thanks :)

    • mitchdlcrz says:

      I’m one of those passengers na nakalusot sa immigration successfully last week, tulad ng iba i had a previous offload record, a first timer and a solo traveler. I didnt have any idea about how difficult it is to pass through immigration, all i know is that immigration officers in the Philippines are strict. and because i dont want to waste money, i asked an advise, investigate until i found this travel agency Tristan tours and travel. Sila tumulong sa akin para makaalis ako ng Pilipinas. Im already here in Africa. They’re not escort. Escort is expensive. Sa package na binigay nila saken kasama na lahat hindi pa mabigat sa bulsa. First, i called their office, i was told to schedule an appointment first if i want to speak to their consultant. 2nd, i visited their office. Discussed everything with me. 3rd, i decided to avail their package. The good thing is that, they conduct travel briefing to those travelers who do not have any idea about offloading in the immigration, thats what i like about this travel agency. Theyre not just after your money. They will guide you all the way until you reach your final destination. Kudos to them!

      • Juls says:

        Hi pls help me what question from immigration it can help me too by not offloaded pls share me your experience looking forward

      • melanie s,gumbai says:

        hello pwedi po bang makuha ang location ng tristan tours and travel..offload po ako 2x sa fairry and dvo international airport,,,i need your help guys,,,

      • rosie says:

        hi mitchdlcrz
        can i ask where is thatvtravel and tours located?.im planning to go to italy and myil be using my friends house for accomodation and hes invitation ill be using…and as you see travelling in european coubtry is expensive rhatbi dont want to experience offloading as well as this nerve wrecking process of visa application which im trying to do now…hope to hear from you..

      • Erlinda M.Malinao says:

        Ma’am please pa share po Ng agency Nayan… hanggang ngaun po dipa ako nakakaalis puntang Dubai..

      • Patricia ren A. Adraneda says:

        Good day !

        Ask ko lang kung possible kaya na from Manila going to Macau then Hongkong then to dubai? . Pero may return ticket ako from Macau to Manila. Hindi kaya ako maoffload sa Hongkong kung galing ako ng Macau ?

        Government employee ako under contract. Nakahingi na ako COE, ITR, Pasylip and Copy of Contract.

        Maraming Salamat

    • Juan Dela Cruz says:

      It’s all about crab mentality, few IO, especially in NAIA Terminal 1, is envy because you can travel and they can’t afford it, that’s the only thing which makes them feel successful, to waste your money on your booking, tickets and make you feel down and frustrated. (makes them feel happy) They hate to see Filipino going abroad for holiday or vacation. The Philippines is a nice country the saddest thing is it’s being run by the wrong people with stupid mentality.

      The best thing is to replace all the staff especially IO in NAIA Terminal 1 with a new set of people with a positive mentality, it will help not just Filipino but the country as well.

      • Lan says:

        Yeah.. They should to be changed. A lot of trouble they did. Including my girlfriend. She’s offloaded because of them. What theirs scared of. When stupid person working in a wrong place. They would ruined everything.

      • chia says:

        I don’t know if this comment is legit. Please note that this is not about being jealous or envious. This is government’s initial step to stop Filipinos who plans to live abroad illegally and to avoid trafficking as well. Well, I won’t explain further. If you are aware of what’s happening to our OFW’s you should get the idea – it usually starts from this.

    • VV says:

      Then you are getting yourself into trouble with two entities: the BI and the BIR. Being a freelancer does not excuse you from paying taxes.

      • jcer says:

        haha.. I tell u I didnt get trouble when I went to Malaysia and Brunie

        • mira says:

          Hi Jcer! Anong documents yung dinala/hiningi ng IO sayo?I’m a freelancer din and I’ll be doing the KK-Brunei route myself this June. It’s not my first time, but I just want to be sure. Patulong naman :) Thanks!

          • jim says:

            same question with mira. Anong documents yung dinala/hiningi ng IO sayo? My first time to travel sg tourist.

    • robelene becerro says:

      What are the requirements for gov’t employee. Kelangan pa ba ng travel order?

      • April Vallejo says:

        What are the requirements for gov’t employee. Kelangan pa ba ng travel order?

    • McSugarBombs says:

      Blogger, Freelance Writer ako, then there was one time na tinanong ako ng BI sa Airport when I was about to travel to SG para pumasyal, lusot naman when the Immig officer asked for my Job. Yun pala kapwa blogger din, ayun medyo napatagal dahil nagtanong tanong pa kung ano iba kong ginagamit na earnings through blogging dahil siya mismo nahihirapan sa pagearn sa blogging… But in the end naging ok naman ang conversation. And it felt good to see a fellow blogger as an Immig. Officer…

  2. mylesdelfin says:

    There ought to be a process to file a case against the immigration officer who offloads you wrongly – being able to afford a lawyer and bring the case to court should be enough proof for financial capability. As a bonus, it would act as deterrent against idiots who somehow got a job they shouldn’t have at the airport.

    • yoshke says:

      Hahahaha. I agree! Or at the very least, if they wrongly offload you, they should pay you back the ticket/hotel fees/travel tax :D

      • mylesdelfin says:

        That makes sense, people can’t assume responsibility for a job and have no consequences for their mistakes.

        • yoshke says:

          To quote a friend, “It’s better to let a thousand guilty men free than strip one innocent man of his rights.”

    • kaye says:

      Exactly!! I went to KL last week. I am a freelancer so I don’t have a company ID. They asked for any government ID. I showed them two: Unified ID and Voter’s ID. To my surprise, the three IOs on the immigration booth at the time didn’t know what a unified ID was. They asked me if I am a government employee cause they saw a logo of GSIS at the back! hahaha.. I can’t believe those idiots are immigration officers!! My goodness!! I had to explain to them that it is the new SSS id and issued to a person who pays either one or a combination of SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig and GSIS.

      • Reza says:

        Hello Kaye, I am a freelancer too…and like you i don’t have any company id…so i wonder if you get thru and how? I just traveled around HK and Macau bu this time would want to go somewhere else but i worry about being a freelancer now….

        • Marie Yango says:

          I never work in company but I have a government I.D and my sponsor is my boyfriend plagay nyo po mkkalabas ako ng bansa answer nmn po thanks

          • Yel says:

            Hi sis, what happened to your trip? pinayagan ka ba makalabas ng bansa kahit ang sponsor mo is your boyfriend?

      • pj says:

        Hahahah lol that those crocs doesn’t know what us unified ID or maybe they should also be terminated in their position since they lack of knowledge. Duhh!! I had a very bad experienced from those crocs way back 2011. They offloaded me for the very nonsense and stupid reason, they said that my documents are fake and subject for inspection. I was sponsored by my cousin and they asked me to provide them the birthcirt of our grandmamas. I was like WHAT? r u insane people?! And i am ready to go and get my luggage back suddenly there was this CROC came to me that big guy with big gold necklace and trying to approach me if he could help me and i just give him my back and walk away and report that incident to one of theri superior. They catch the wrong pretty lady (me). They better be careful what they asked for.

      • kaitokid says:

        baka po bago lang.. ikaw ba pag may pinakita sayung kakaiba alam mo agad?..

        • zenki says:

          hindi reason ung hindi nila alam. dapat alam nila yan dahil kasama sa wotk nila yan.

        • ana says:

          oo nga. i have a friend sa immigration and kasama sa work nila na alamin ang lahat ng klase ng ID’s especially kung government ID un.

        • kaye says:

          The Unified ID is not “bago lang”. I got my ID 2013 pa.. I travelled to KL and SG last year, how can they not know? There are tons of questions to be asked to a traveller, and they think it is smart to ask me what a Unified ID was? Hmmmm…. That’s not right… I think every tax payer knows what a Unified ID is… I showed them my ITR stamped by the BIR and they let me go so I can catch my flight… The sickness within the Bureau of Immigration is beyond curable…And I guess, we just have to deal with it… #KawawaNamanTayo

      • Rose says:

        Asking that question about the Unified ID doesn’t mean they don’t know it. Sometimes it’s their strategy po, to see your confidence on how you answer their queries about your documents. :)

      • Gladys Maureen says:

        Hi, my brothers and I booked ticket already going to KL round trip but exit from SG this march 14-17, unexpected trip actually. we stay in malaysia for 2 nights and 1 night in SG. Last time I was about to visit malaysia, unfortunately i was offloaded with immigration. I work as a freelancer few days ago, but I just stopped. I dont have any Company ID to present now since i dont have any work at all, and planning to look for a job when i get back from the trip. Will I be offloaded due to the Company ID i cant present? please help, i dont want to be offloaded for the 2nd time around.

        • pau says:

          hi gladys..
          im having the same prob as yours only that I’m travelling alone
          we have the same flight schedule march14 via air Asia..

          • Gino says:

            hi i will be traveling alone going to sg this march 13-18. hehe mejo kabado..

          • pau says:

            hey gino
            God bless us
            fighting! 😱 🙋 🙌

          • Nyl says:

            We are same paano ako mkalabas itung immigration na to!!!

        • Sandra says:

          Hi . My bf (malaysian citizen) booked a ticket for me March 23 to April 20 almost 1 MOnth pero wala akong sponsor letter. May possibility kayang ma-offload ako? I have cash and proofs na bf ko sya at father sya ng anak ko. Pls guys give me ideas.

  3. Melvin Casaman Balmores-Castillejo says:

    True…daming arte immigration dito sa pinas. Andaming irrelevant questions. Kulang nalang medical history, vices, allergies para makumpleto na.

    • Tam says:

      Got business visa from china. Clearly i can enter china for period of time. Sponsor ko po is my previous employer from dubai. Complete na po docs ko kasi visa granted na nga. at nangyare na nga na offload na nga akong si ako. Nakakap***, di talaga uunlad pinoy dahil pinoy din dahilan para hndi ka umunlad. Hayop na mga p******** nila.

  4. mike says:

    what if i plan to quit my job and go on a 1 year trip around the world?

    • Kyle says:

      Oo nga Mr. Blogger. What can you say about this? I’m planning to quit my job first before going on a vacation (but just for a couple of weeks or so) because my company is very strict when it comes to employees taking a leave. WHat can you suggest?

    • nyl says:

      i have also question,my husband has plan to come here abroad and he is a pnp personnel,what will b the requirements needed?

      • Fei says:

        As a government employee, your husband should secure a Travel Clearance from his agency.

  5. Mj Tomias says:

    it just keeps on going to cant open it. ill check this one later once i back sa phils. coz i was close to being offloaded last Monday papuntang KL :)

  6. Umm Saud says:

    during a trip,I usually bring a copy of my work ID,cert of employment with my salary, roundtrip ticket,hotel reservation,copy of my visa of previous trip.,credit card (even has very low credit line)
    also,I always travel with proper attire,have tons of knowledge about the country Im going to and smile to immigration officer

  7. Einavanie Bonga says:

    If BI wrongly accused the Travellers they should pay them compensation for the troubles and time wasted and for any expenses na nasayang para sa pag travel hal. Tiket..mga pinamasahe..pinang bayad sa visa etc.

  8. Ans says:

    My friend just linked me to this and I’m actually thankful that she did. This made me feel a little at ease. I’m hoping the IOs are nice and fair. I mean, I have all the necessary documents and I have a tourist visa. :) Great post! Happy travels to all!

  9. star says:

    Hi, I’ll be traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia this coming April, my first solo trip. I booked my flight and hotels thru my dad’s credit card. Though I’ve been to SG last year it was with friends so less kabado and no hassle sa immigration. Anyway, the thing is, I’m just a student so I cannot show any payslip or employment ID, any tips on what will the immigration ask for? Will they ask for more documents aside from the passport and boarding pass?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Star!

      Hmm. I’ve never traveled outside the country when I was a student so I have no first hand experience, but what I’m sure of is that having a RETURN ticket will help in case they ask.

      Also, make sure you answer their questions truthfully and confidently. They will probably ask for an ID (School ID in your case). I believe being a student can help prove you have a reason to return to the Philippines for.

      I hope other readers of this blog who have traveled as a student could shed more light on this….

      • star says:

        Yehey! I thought they would ask for proof of financial support. Anyway,Thank you so much :)

        • Kitkat says:

          Traveled around SEA as a student last year. Just bring with you a copy of your hotel reservations in case they ask for it. Wala naman kaming naging problema :)

      • annie says:

        Hi! We’re planning to go to HK.. Its not my first time to travel abroad. But im with my older brother who is first time in travelling abroad. He is a government employee but he just under JOB ORDER. what documents he needs to present in the immigration? And i am currently enrolled on my 2nd bachelors degree. Is my school ID acceptable? And our purpose of travel is to surprise our mom who will celebrate her 60th birthday on the day of our flight to HK.. Her employees know that we are coming ang they are providing letter that we are staying on their house. Is that ok?

    • Based on my experience: I went to Korea on school season (around July) for 2 weeks. One immigration lady held me kasi hindi siya naniniwalang a student (at that time) will go vacation in the middle of school year for 2 weeks, she thinks na magtratrabaho ako. Lol

      Another immigration officer interviewed me. She asked me where will I go (I said Seoul) any specific tourist spot na pupuntahan, where I stay, do I have family and friend there (I said friends meron but I don’t have relatives living there). In the end she asked for a copy of my roundtrip tickets, hotel reservations, proof of financial documents (pocket money and credit card I used for booking everything) then they let me go.

      Best advice: Bring a copy of the front and back part with signature of your dad’s credit card (because you also need it to verify na ikaw yung mismo nagbook with airline and hotel) Know every detail of your itinerary and be calm :-)

      • Jame Bond says:

        This is not a good suggestion, handing over a copy of front and back of the credit card, I hope you have heard of all the card scams and fraud transactions a card can have. You may show but not hand over a copy.

        • yoshke says:

          Hi Jame! Maybe that’s what Criszette meant. Just showing a copy, not handing it over.

          But you’re right! Never ever give anyone a copy of your credit card. :)

          • Yes Jame, I am totally aware of that. :-)

            What I meant is when the check-in agents (most of the time with PAL) – they always ask for a copy of the credit card since I always travel alone and my mom owns the card. They borrowed the copy for awhile just to verify the booking if it matches with the details then they return it naman – never had a problem with it.

            I always book everything on my own that’s why I guess, this is my situation. Unlike if you use travel agency no more showing a copy drama.

          • nadine says:

            Hi travellers! Pwedng humingi ng tulong..i was a frst time traveller going to sg.i was 2 tmes being offloaded due to lack of docs.but now i have the list of docs.from immgration officer..i hve a round trip ticket.i will be stayng at sg for 3 days and 2 nyts. But im planning to go to dubai aftr my stay in sg, what will be the process of it?,is it safe?,

          • Leah C. Neglerio says:

            ano po b hiningi saung mga documents nong n offload k ppuntang SG?

        • prima says:

          Just the front copy not the back because the back has your signature and the cvc or the 3-digit number that you use for security.

          • Ge says:

            hi. will it help a lot if I have a credit card and bank statement of my own savings and proof that I have traveled before? because i don’t have an ITR and company ID.

      • Irish says:

        Hi Criszette. Did they ask you to show the pocket money you had brought for your trip? Can I ask how much pocket money you brought? Will be going to Korea for 1 week and it’s my first travel abroad and solo traveler as well.

  10. jeff esquivel says:

    matapos magtabaho sa gitnang silangan nang ilang taon, ako ay umuwi sa Pilipinas for good. bumili ako ng promo ticket papunta sa Macau thru Cebu Pac, nang magcheckin na ako, isang panget na matandang babaeng immigration officer ang nagsiyasat ng pasaporte ko at tinanong kung bakit ang dami kong tatak sa pasaporte, sinabi ko na ito ay parte ng trabaho ko na maipadala sa ibat-ibang bansa at ako ay may karapatan na magbyahe sa Macau nang walang visa dahil di naman nating kailangan. nairita ang matabang babae at pinapasok ako sa isang kwarto para interbyuhin daw. in the end, nagbanta ako na sila ang magbabayad ng rebooking fee/noshow fee ko sa Cebu pac pag ako ay nadelay, kaya pinakawalan nila ako. pinapirmahan sa akin ang isang papel na may mga kung ano anong tanong.

    • kit says:

      So they just harassed you and let you off? There should be a law against this. Seriously.

    • honey kho says:

      hi offloaded din pu aq 2times sa naia terminal 3..kumpleto aq ng requirements mgtour sna aq ppntang macau ininvite aq ng ninang q..pero pgdting qsa terminal 3 isang matabang la2ki ng interview sakin dming tanung nsagot q lhat kso ndi nya aq hinayaang mklabas ng so far gus2 q lng mgtour bkit gnun ang patakaran ng immigration baluktot..wla b taung krapatan n filipino n mgtour s ibnag bnsa..smantalang pg ibang lahi ang bilis nilang pkwalan..ndi q mka2limutan yang officer n yan ung nag interview sakin..ngpnta aq ng clark pampanga gus2 n nila aq paalisin at kumple2 nmn aq ng req..pero nkita nila kng cnu nginterview sakin s naia terminal 3 undw pinakamataas n mtaba..kya wla cla mgwa kundi offloaded parid dw aq..need q raw ng OEC.VISA AT CONTRACT..pnu q iprovide yan eh tour ngalang dba..mga wlang kwenta..

  11. Joe says:

    Keep in mind that even if the Immigration Officer in PH allowed you to board your flight, you will still face the Immigration Officer of the country you are visiting. They can still prevent you from entering their country even if you have all your necessary documents and proof with you.

    • Ly says:

      Di po ganun kastrict sa ibang bansa, basta completo docs mo at authentic. Wala na maraming tanong. Only here in the Philippines, grabe discrimination sa kapwa pinoy!

      • KT says:

        True! Sa dami nang nadaanan kong immigration, wala po talagang tutulad sa Pinas. Next level discrimination and paranoia!

  12. Mel says:

    This whole issue is simply retarded, especially if you are travelling to a country that requires visitor visas such as the US and EU. Don’t the BI officers think that the said tourist would not have been given an visitor visa in the first place if he/she did not have the “financial capability” as one of the main requirements of getting the said visas in the first place is proof of that financial capacity.

    • me says:

      No, this isn’t the case. I got my gf a visa for the middle east country where I worked, had it DHL’d to her. She had lived there with me before. Got her a ticket from Davao to Singapore, then onwards to Qatar. Nope. Offloaded along with 10 other girls. Money down the drain. She finally ended up going through Manila.

    • me says:

      Sorry, this is in addition to my reply below. She also had a photocopy of my credit card that I used to purchase the flight, front and back as the airline requested as well since I bought the ticket she was flying on and I wasn’t there. She had enough cash too. Should have been no problem. Valid Visa, Valid Ticket. Offloaded with 10 others.

  13. sadbhoi says:

    thats a big2 shit!!! immigration officers does not allow someone because no bogus payment was given to them!

  14. Anj Cambi says:

    I actually had a traumatizing experience with the bureau went I went for a summer trip at Yangon,Myanmar last May 2013. They held me and my friend and eventually got left by our plane. Even with our tourist visas which were esp endorsed by the consul of Myanmar and sufficient travel documents they still deemed as someone who would just try to find work there (omg, if they only knew the economic conditions of myanmar–no offense intended to the country). I kinda don’t get how they base their judgement. I have to give it to our government though for trying to put in an effort to fight human trafficking but it’s quite sad that innocent tourists had to take on hassles with it. Until now, just thinking about facing the immigration again makes me feel weak in my knees… :(

    • kit says:

      Traveling should never be a traumatizing experience, I am sorry you were not able to leave for Myanmar. :(

      • Anj Cambi says:

        i couldn’t agree more. :( but thankfully, our airline was gracious enough to rebook us for free so we were able to leave 2weeks after the incident. got held again but was released for boarding finally!

  15. Krzysztof Passport says:

    Takutan lang yan. Angasan mo ang immigration officer. Wla ka nmang hold departure list. Yan ang kalakaran sa Pinas. Takutin mo immig officer by death threat if possible. Pag may example yan sigurado dahan dahn yan sila. Drug Lord nga pinapalusot nila sa Immigration eh.

    • Boy Bawang says:

      Di pewede yan, sa section ng BI sa airport, may naka paskil bawal makipagtalo sa BI officer. Pwede mong gawin yun kung nasa private room na kyo at ini-interogate ka na. Stating a death threat will land you automatic in Jail. Don’t just say I know my rights, sila din alam nila right nila, instead tell them: You should not not threat me like a criminal, I am a tourist and I have the right to travel freely, and only a court order will stop me from travelling outside this country. If you don’t have a court order then better let me catch my flight or you will be held responsible for all the monetary and moral damages you have caused. Now, can you call the manager on duty so he can talk with my lawyer. :D

      • kit says:

        This is the best possible advice you can give a tourist being threatened by an immigration officer. Thank you for this.

      • Anj Cambi says:

        I agree with this. Catching a fight with the IO is not a good idea but letting them know that you are well aware of your rights and that you know what you’ll do when they don’t properly process you is a good thing. also, we have to give it to our BI also kasi human trafficking is so prevalent sa country natin. :)

  16. gabrielle says:

    will be travelling with my 9 yr old son this coming april 26. we’ll be my husband who’s working in singapore. we’ll stay there for 25 days. i am currently unemployed. what further documents do you think i will be needing just to assure them that me and my son will be coming back. this is our first time to travel. hope to hear from you soon. TIA

    • Tangerine Lullaby says:

      I believe, just be ready with all of the documents: is there a letter from the husband? Kung 25 days sa Singapore, may Visa na ba? Be confident and dress appropriately? After reading all of the comments here. Naloka lang ako.

      • jeff esquivel says:

        maaari tayong manatili sa SIngapore nang 30 araw nang walang visa.

      • lene says:

        You can stay in singapore for a month, it does not require any visa if you will only go for a holiday.

    • bbygreen says:

      This process is not a requirement and may cost you pero kung worried ka:

      Ask your hubby to create a letter of invitation and support. Tell him to go to the Philippine Embassy at SG to have it stamped or “ribboned”. He can attach his SG ID or Employee ID and bank statement (showing balance) to show his capacity to support you during your stay. Ipa-FEDEX or DHL sayo.

      Give the doc together with your passport to the IO sa Pinas.

      Good luck!

  17. Nestor Espolong says:

    Okey na rin yan na maging mahigpit ang BI kahit sabihin na meron tayong

    karapatan mag travel kasi sa totoo lang napakaraming gumagawa na mag tourist tapos maghahanap ng trabaho lalo na sa Dubai. Kahit sabihin pa natin na merong mga swerte na nakakahanap ng trabaho, marami rin ang walang nakikita at kung meron man napipilitan na lang kahit mababa ang sweldo at ibang trabaho, masaklap pa bumabagsak sa prostitution. Sana lang kasi be honest, kung tourist dapat tourist at di job seeker. Kung work abroad ang gusto, dumaan kasi sa tamang proseso kasi kapag nagkaaberya sa abroad problema nanaman ng gobyerno yan. Sa mga taga BI naman, sana maging professional sila at di maging gatasan nila ito.

    • jeff esquivel says:

      Nestor, hindi mo ba alam na maramingh kumpanya sa Gitnang Silangan na ayaw nang kumuha ng empleyado sa pIlipinas dahil sa dami ng requirements at kailangang bayaran? so mas pipiliin pa nila na kumuha ng mga tao na nasa dubai na, bilang halimbawa. ako ay naghahandle ng recruitment para sa mga oil and gas workrs, ung ibang Pilipino na nirefer ng mga kamag-anak at kaibigan nila sa dubai ay may trabaho na pagdating sa uae, ayaw lang ng kumpanya ng matagal na proseso kaya pinagvivisit visa. Tandaan mo nestor na kung ano man ang kayang gawin ng mga Pilipino ay kaya rin gawin ng ibang lahi-sa mas mababang halaga. at ano naman kung mababa ang sahod n anakukuha ng ibang Pilipino sa UAE? kesa naman walang trabajo sa Plipinas o magtrabajo na malakas ang kaltas sa tax, di ba? bakit ang mga pilipino naman na nagviviisit visa at di makakuha ng trabajo ay umuuwi naman sa Pilipinas dahil tinutulungan sila ng mga kapamilya/kaibigan nila sa UAE. Sinagot ba ng gobyerno ang pagexit nila o ang ticket pabalik ng Pilpinas?

      • Rb says:

        Tama ka po dyan. Ky nestor po im sure dimo pinagdaanan ang mga pinagdaanan ng mga kapwa pinoy natin na nahihirapang mag hanap ng trabaho sa sarili nating bansa. Ano naman po ang masama kung mag tourist sila at maghanap ng trabaho, un ay gusto lang nilang umasenso. Alam mo po ba kung ano ang prosesong sinasabi mo, kung di ka pa po nakaranas mag ayos ng papeles pra sa direct hire na yung tipong kung ano ano hinahanap dito satin at kung ano anong gastos pumila sa poea at pag tritripan ka pa eh dimo nga po alam ang hirap nila at gastos na sa totoo lang po sa abroad ay di naman kailangan yung mga pinapagawa dito sa atin. Sa mga Immigration officer naman po, sa totoo lang iba ang pag mumuka ng karamihan sa kanila dahil sila ay naka posisyon kung maka asta sila kala mo kung sino sa airport, pasalamat sila may maganda silang trabaho sa pilipinas. Minsan kailangan sila naman ang pag tripan kung pano ginagawa nila sa kababayan nila na gusto lamang mag sumikap sa buhay na kung tutuusin pwede naman na nilang palusutin kung legal naman ang dokomento pra sa pag tourist. Ayaw ba nilang umasenso ang kapwa pinoy nila kung ito ay may hangaring makipagsapalaran sa pamamagitan ng tourist. Sana sa mga nagpapahirap sa kapwa pinoy nila na mga immigration officer, danasin din nila yon ng malaman nila ang pagod, hirap at kung paano magbayad ng mga nangutang lamang upang mairaos ang pangarap nilang makapag trabaho abroad. Minsan kailangang unawain din natin sila at di natin alam ang kanilang pinagdadaanan kung papano makapag ayos ng papeles gumastos para makalabas ng bansa.

        • Ly says:

          Yes true. Been here in the Phil. For more than 3yrs, looking for a job, daming hinahanap na mga cert. may NC1,NC2 , ewan, kaliit naman ng sahod. Di gaya sa ibang bansa, they will just ask about your knowledge on the job you are applying for. Pag marunong ka, pasok kana.

      • Rb says:

        Wala namang masama kung mag higpit sila at gawin ng tama ang trabaho. Pro sa totoo lang alam naman ng lahat na minsan talaga ay kapwa pinoy natin ang humihila satin pababa.

        • trish says:

          That’s true..u dont know the feeling of being offloeded..!lalo na kong perang ginamit mo ay inutang mo lang at pinagpilitan mo lang….

      • Ly says:

        True po yan. Di nila inisip, sinosino ba yong nagkaproblema sa abroad?di ba yong mga deployed ng mga employment agencies! Kasi mga agencies, di naman nila inaalam if good yong employer na mapuntahan, basta kumita lng sila go na. Pero yong mga naghanap ng work na mga tourist visa, syempre sinigurado na maganda mapuntahan nila. Kaya very unfair, at di makatarungan para doon sa mga gustong mapabuti ang buhay ng family nila, dahil lng sa higpit ng IO na walang mga common sense/ considerations. Di nila inisip ang ginastos nong travelers na naoffload nila.

  18. Tangerine Lullaby says:

    I am curious. Did this happen already with a group of people going out of the country, especially those who are on a family trip? The stories here are horrifying. Don’t they really want us to travel in peace?

    • jeff esquivel says:

      malamang di mangyari yan pag family travel, wala naman sila i-iscrutinize kung pamilya ang magbibyahe,

      • Quisma Yasin says:

        Makisingit po sa usapan. Sasabay po ako sa cousin ko, wife, son & inlaws niya papuntang S. Korea. Frequent travellers na po silang lahat ako first timer. If ever sponsor ng travel ko eh yung cousin ko, maooffload po kaya ako? Currently unemployed po ako.

  19. mike says:

    Hi. I am a 22 year old man who wants to go to hong kong to meet my girlfriend who is a japanese. unfortunately, I am not employed and I am still a student pursuing my course on Law.

    What should I do or bring in able to pass these requirements?
    I already have booked for a round trip flight on may 12-15
    and had my girlfriend reserve a hotel for the both of us and my i can only bring 20-25k pesos as a means for expenditure excluding the airfare and hotel.

    thank you

    • bbygreen says:

      Kung talagang worried ka, merong legal way of doing this. Have your gf create a letter of invitation and sponsorship tapos tell her to the Philippine Embassy at HK para mapa “ribbon” yung document. She can attach her bank account info (balance) as proof that she has the capacity to support you during your stay at HK.

      Padala nya sayo trough DHL or Fedex para you can show it to the Immigration Officer together with your passport.

  20. claire88 says:

    I am a former Nurse in dubai, n after a year i decided to go back to phils to have my own business. I admit i first went to dxb as a tourist & seek for a job. my query is im planning to have a Euro trip as its my dream to go to France or Switz. Im just worried that IO will interrogate my trip & offload as i olredi went to Dubai as a tourist & handed my job. Help me wid this guys. tnx much!

  21. gem says:

    i don’t think na maglalakas loob silang i-offload ka kung ang punta mo eh sa mga countries that requires visa, especially USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. etc. una sa lahat, di ka naman mai-issue-han ng visa sa mga bansang yan kung iisipin nilang magtatrabaho ka lang doon. mas madalas na nao-offload pag bansa sa Asia ang pinupuntahan, na di ganun kahigpit and doesn’t require visa (like, paid visa) on your visit.

  22. nyl says:

    Just want some clarifications,my husband is a pnp personnel and want to have his vacation here abroad and what if in the immigration they will ask his work,is it possible to declare that he is a pnp personnel?is there any problem with that matter?pls help me with this matter..

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Nyl! I don’t see any problem with it, but I’m not sure if there are additional requirements from PNP/government offices.

    • Lexi says:

      Hi. As far as I know, government employees are required to get a Travel Authority from their respective heads. If I’m not mistaken, the PNP is under the DILG, which is a cabinet department, so you get the authority from your Chief of Police or your city director/regional director.

      As I don’t know anyone from the PNP, I cannot tell you if this is indeed practiced. I suggest you tell your husband to ask his superiors about it when he files for a leave of absence.

  23. bbgreen says:

    Appearance and Attitude. Yan ang mga unang bagay na nakikita ng IOs bago pa sila manghingi ng kung ano ano sayo.

    Appearance. I am very casual when I travel. T-shirt, shorts, sweater, and tsinelas ang attire ko lalo na pag gabi ang flight ko. Hindi impressive or mamahalin ang suot ko but I am comfortable wearing them. Napansin ko lang, yung mga taong mukhang naka “costume” ang nade-detain. When I say costume, I mean people who wear clothes that are obviously not “usual” for them. Mag-barong or suit and tie ka kung gusto mo pero kung mukhang trying hard ka, lagot.

    Attitude. Be confident but polite. Hindi kasi ako mahilig sa small talk so normally isang tanong isang sagot ang verbal exchange namin ng IO. Kung ano ang natural na attitude ko with strangers, that’s what IOs get from me. I don’t act very friendly and they seldomly get smiles from me. When they ask what I do for a living, I just say what is is and that’s it. I’ve never been asked for any ID, ITR, or proof of income. I normally just get one or two questions then they let me pass through. Napansin ko, yung mga taong obvious na kabado, hindi sure sa mga sagot nila, at OA sa approach sa IOs ang madalas na nade-detain.

    The only time na maraming tanong sakin ang IOs was the first time I took my daughter to HK with me. I’m am too young to have an adolescent child kasi so the IO questioned my daughter many times. Tina-try nyang huliin sa bata kung ako ba talaga ang nanay or auntie/kapatid lang ako. Hehe, buti nalang, well-spoken yung anak ko and she even sounded frustrated when the officer kept on bugging her. She was like “I told you many times that she’s my mom! Her name is — and she’s — years old!” Hindi naman kami na withhold pero it took more than the usual 1 or 2 questions for the IO to finally tell us that we can go through. As for HK IO, no problem. He just looked at us and we got our stamps. Minsan mas mahirap pa sa local IOs natin eh :)

  24. Kiko Lim says:

    hello can someone please answer my question . umm actually po ako ay fresh graduate , may plano po akong mag travel as a tourist sa australia . ive been to australia po once , last year with the help of my sponsor . we had 2 weeks vacation at school so pumunta po ako ng australia for 9 days tapos po bumalik para sa school . tapos ngayong graduate na ako . madali na po ba na ako ay maka balik at ma approve ang visa ko or malabo kasi wala pa akong work and i already finish my school . tapos haharangan ba ako ng mga officers ?

  25. hassan says:

    I’m from Iran and I have invited my Philippines friend to come and visit here. I provided him a visa by sending invitation and reserved tickets as well but he was offloaded in airport because of this S*** process at the airport. they wanted to provide affidavit of support also. Should I go to Philippines embassy in Tehran to fill up a form or what/how can I do?

  26. rizza ramido says:

    Hello everyone, nag aalala na ko ng sobra kasi malapit na ang alis namin ng anak ko (1yr 8mons old) papunta sana ng indonesia para mamasyal and at the same time to meet na rin the father of my son whose indonesian citizen. Wala akong trabaho dahil fulltime mom ako and sa remittance nya lng ang income ko kaya cya lahat ang sagot para sa trip namin doon. And credit card din nya ang ginamit ko to booked our plane ticket. Wala kc akong maiprepresent na affidavit of support dahil ang layo na philipinne embassy where in jakarta at sya naman ay nasa bali pa so tlagang hindi cya makaprovide at sobrang busy rin nya sa business and work nya kaya wala na tlaga syang time na bumyahe pa from bali to jakarta. In this case po ba OFFLOAD na nla coz wala akong affidavit of support? Kng may iba pang paraan para payagan nila kmi makapasyal dun ano ano pa bang dapat kong gawin or ipakita sa BI in the absence of affidavit of support? Sana matulungan nyo ko, sobrang nag aalala na ko kasi sa april 11 na ang alis nmin, and we’ll return on the 20th. 9 days lng kmi. Were not married but were partners for almost 3 years, and we had a son na nakapangalan sa knya. I mean gamit yung surname nya. Give me more tips pleaseeeeeeeee.. Thank you in advance.. Sana matulungan nyo ko..

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Rizza! I honestly do not know how to help you because everything seems to not be in your favor. Try calling Immigration and find out what else you can do. :)

    • lene says:

      Im thinking if you could present the remittance receipt. Coz the senders name and the the receivers names are usually indicated there. Maybe you can use it to show that your partner is really supporting you and that he will pay for all your expenses.

  27. Lexi says:

    Maria, you should have your relatives send you an affidavit of support authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in US, just to be sure.

    Getting a US visa is the only thing you need to be prepared for. Once you get a visa, which means that you fulfilled their requirements, everything else is a breeze.

    The Immigration Officer shouldn’t be asking you a lot of questions, when the destination country already is convinced of your financial capability as well as your strong ties to the Philippines.

    I would suggest you go to the US around the last week of November, before Thanksgiving and stay until February, those months have the highest record of snowfall and everything is decked out for the holidays. New York City and the theme parks, especially. New York is truly special around the holidays, don’t give it a miss.

  28. nervous says:

    hi.. I will be travelling to Macau.. and wala ako relatives dun.. my roundtrip booking ako. at meron ako hotel booking.. is it possible na ma offload ako? meron naman ako company ID at Government Id.. had my last Travel sa Singapore Last march 20-25 2014, my chance kaya na ma offload pa ako? thanks

    • Angel says:

      Hi! Just want to know if you were able to pass immigration?
      I’m going on a second trip to sg this year and I was just wondering if IO’s are picky with travelers going out of the country twice within just 3 months. Just saw that that’s similar to your case. Thank you :)

  29. Name16 says:

    Hi there.. Hope you can help me..

    Ive crossed the border of macau to hk and sg to kl before but my outbnd and return flight was the same. Now, i have a trip this coming july2014 my outbnd will be mnl to vietnam then for my return it will be from camboadia back here. Im afraid immgration might not allow me to travel, any tips or suggestions?

    Additional info:
    my itin
    Mnl to vietnam
    Vietnam to bangkok
    Bangkok to cambodia
    Cambodia to manila


    • jcer says:

      just lie to them that you are going to only one country and you will be back soon.. Its effective to mine I’ve been traveling southeast asia 2 months now

  30. Cali Rose says:

    I was offloaded yesterday – It is my first time to travel outside going to singapore for only 3 days I have my return ticket, valid company id. AND pocket money cost 500 usd. I used my credit card of my foreigner from malaysia to purchased the airline ticket . I have a copy of his passport ID AND his credit card that I used..he was also going to singapore and we already booked in Marina San Bay. but they ask stupid question in immigration asking ” are you sure you dont relationship?”
    why you will be in one room ”??
    so who where he is going to sleep.?
    I answered NO we dont have relationship
    ( I am saying truth because we really dont have relationship as bf and gf”
    one IO officer asking me ”so you are nurse? maybe your just going to have your exam there”
    i replied no
    and the immigration office replied
    mam sorry but i am not going you to allowed to be in the boarding…
    she said i was inconsistent to my statement because she really want me to admit that my friend is my bf plus she said
    my friend would not allow to be my sponsor because only relatives in singapore is allowed.
    i was cried infront of them and just leave. I am very disappointed. is there anything I could do about this?

  31. sri lanka says:

    Punta ako sa sri lanka para mabisita un father he is filipino. 1st time ko po kame mag byahe abroad. Ano ano po ba ang dapat kong dahil para d ako ma offload.. my invitation letter ako galing sa kanya kaso walang stamped ng embassy doon sa sri lanka.. roundtrip ticket.. mag stay sana ako n 3 months kasi matagal ko na siya di nakasama 14 yrs. Na xa dun. My 1000 usd ako at ung ibang gastos sagot niya. Sa pabahay ng company nila ako titira… ano ano pa ba dadalhn ko? Thanks

  32. meilyn says:

    I actually bought a ticket for Cebu to Singapore and going back, but aside from a valid passport I didn’t know that they would ask for more documents. I am going there for a 3 days and 2 nights vacation with my 3 years japanese boyfriend but he will arrived in Singapore the day before me since he is in japan right now, which means I will travel alone and more to that I am a first time traveler. As of the moment I don’t have a job and a credit card as well. My boyfriend will be covering the expenses for the hotel and food. Right now I’m scared to be off loaded… I hope someone can give me advice on what I should do.

  33. Adibolt says:

    I’m currently enrolled here in the Philippines as Undergraduate student. Pupunta ako sa Kota Kinabalu next month to celebrate my birthday at yun kasi pinaka malapit at pinaka mura. I’m working as Freelance din sa odesk so dun ko kinukuha ang panggagastos ko, inipon ko sya actually Im travelling na din here in PH mostly every 2 weeks haha addict lang sa travel.

    Ask ko lang mas marami ba sila itatanong sakin (IO) kung student ang ilalagay ko sa departure card? Kaya ko naman mag provide ng Student ID at Registration Card syempre enrolled ako.

    may hotel reservation na ako which is paid na, travel itinerary, Round trip ticket. Ano pa kaya ang pwede ko iprepare? kinakabahan kasi ako baka mapagtripan ng IO na mga bwisit. Salamat

    • yoshke says:

      Hindi naman sila mga bwisit lahat, haha.

      I think (again this is just what I think), the good thing about being a student is that they could easily see that you have something to return to and it’s highly unlikely na magta-trabaho ka sa ibang bansa. :)

      • intalbwi says:

        Hi. I will travel alone going to SG sa sembreak To visit my girl bestfriend. Im also a girl. I’ll go there on October 10-13 . I’m a little bit scared pero may tatak na passport ko kasi last summer 2013 I went to HK and Macau With my family . Im stydying at philippines taking up Aviation in Electronics Technology. Do you think ma offload po ako? Natatakot ako kasi mahigpit ata sila sa mga papuntang SG and Im only 18yrs old. Mahigpit ba sila sa mga nasa Terminal 3? Thankyou :)

  34. Tim Spotswood says:

    3 or 4 of 50? I seriously doubt they are that accurate. I would bet a full 25% or more :p

  35. Billy Frame says:

    Interesting article…. I’ll get back to this one later.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the tips.
    I am not Filipino but have some friends who are.
    I find it just so bizarre that the Philippines stops their own citizens from travelling even if they possess all travel requirements.
    How does it feel to be denied exit because your own government think you are too stupid or gullible to travel abroad?
    In my country there would be mayhem if the government denied legitimate documented travelers exit rights.
    Sure another country may deny you entry because its their country. But to be denied exit from a democratic country because the populace as a whole is deemed incapable or irresponsible?
    It is obvious that the philippines government is saying that the citizens are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions to travel abroad without excessive scrutiny.
    This is an utterly deplorable situation and yet Filipinos just accept it.
    Stand up for your rights…you are a free people.

  37. Michael Escober says:

    It would great if they put their full resources against persons fleeing Philippine justice instead against honest travelers

  38. seychelle says:

    so thankful to have found this page. :)

    i will be travelling to Thailand this Saturday, July 12, 2014. It would be my first time.

    my foreign bf shouldered the tickets and hotel accommodation and will be shouldering other expenses when already there. he is from other country and we will just meet in Thailand for a vacation.

    i can’t help but worry knowing that there are those people who are offloaded for no justifiable reason.

    i have my passport, certificate of employment, driver’s license ID (if in case they’ll ask for an ID since i’ve got no company ID), round trip tickets, a copy of hotel accommodation booking receipt, and a cash of around Php15,000. would this be enough?

    need your comments and suggestions.


  39. Mang Tanong says:

    offload criminals,mga tao na pupunta ng ibang bansa para itakas yung pera ng pilipinas di halata na di babalik kasi marami pera?? yung mga gusto magtrabaho ng marangal sa ibang bansa dahil dito sa pilipinas ay walang pakilaam yung mga ungas na magnanakaw sa gobyerno kung mamatay sa kahirapan yung mga nagkakasakit

  40. Rolysent says:

    My wife is pregnant for about 6 months and her OB told us that she is healthy to travel, in fact the OB gave us certificate to prove it. Is that enough to prove she is healthy to travel? Thanks

  41. Roma Alexandra Magarin says: planning to go to dubai next year.this is my firt time to travel abroad.honestly im getting a tourist visa but planning to find a job you have any advice?suggestions?i dont have an immediate family at dubai so having a affidavit of support is not a good idea but i have a lot friend,but i heard that affidavit from a friend is a bad news in IO.any ideas?

    • Let me in PI says:

      For a friend, they don’t require an affidavit. They require a letter of invitation from the sponsoring travel agency now. Going to Dubai in the next two weeks on a visit visa.

      • Du Wen Lin says:

        Hello just wanna ask lng po, I will go to Dubai this sept 3 as a tourist visa, I was sponsored by my uncle, bali pinsan po xia ng papa ko. The problem lng po e its my first time to travel. I have my COE but 2012 pa po iyon. And I dont have work now. Pero sasabihin ko cla I have cash 40k at bigay po ng parents ko kasi seaman nmn ung father ko. Then I will show them yung kontrata at bank account ng father ko. Do you think maniniwala po cla pag ganon? Or what if I will make fake I.d, coe and vacation leave form. Tatawagan kaya nila ung company? Thank you so much po

      • mystic blue says:

        hi roma, i planned before na mag tourist in dubai this august, were just same but unfortunately there is a new policies in dubai right now especially sa mga walang sponsor (family), yes pede kang i-sponsor ng friend mu pero ang twag s gnun ay guarantor, if ala k guarantor some travel agency in dubai asking for 30k pesos kc ala k gurantor at ang travel; agency kc ang fine if mag over stay k pero refundable nmn yn, and dhil friend lng ang meron k mahihirpn k tlga mkalabas so need mo p n mag cross country pero ndi 100% sure n d k ma oofload depende kc s baliw n imig at s sgot mo yun e

  42. doramode says:

    Hi. I’ll be travelling ALONE to Malaysia next month to celebrate my birthday (with my best friend who works there), bale 6 days ako dun. Currently working and studying master’s degree here sa Pinas. Mejo kinakabahan kasi ako kasi solo ako, then I didn’t book a hotel, kasi sa best friend ko ako tutuloy, baka mapagkamalan akong maghahanap ng work ><. What will you suggest?

    • jioeychie says:

      Yeah, actually tyambahan lang. Some IO are friendly and some r not. Luckily, i was lined on a good one and didnt ask for any proof when i go out the PI and went here in Malaysia. Pero much better to have Valid ID, credt card and an invitation letter to prove na mag tu tour k lng tlg dito.

    • mystic blue says:

      hi doramode, nkarating knb s malaysia? im going to Malaysia din po this august 29, im so worried about offloading sabi kc nila at s mga blogs n nbbsa ko mas effective dw if my ksma k n mag travel especially s mga first timers

  43. mum says:

    offloaded ako i just want to go to hk to settle my labor case, I had a round trip ticket and documents from labor, Sinabihan ako ng IO na I just want to go back there to find job sabi ko naman i already found an employer and i have to wait my working permit dito sa pinas from HK immigration at para maiprocess sa POEA, OWWA etc.. Gusto ng IO na pumunta ako sa mga ahensyang nabanngit, ano ang gagawin ko doon eh wala pa ang mga documents ko from HK Immgration Ipinaliwanag ko ng maayos na hindi maprocess ang contract ko sa HK habang may labor case ako so kailangan ko bumalik ng hk para isettle yung case (in short pending ang process ng contract ko) then balik ako dito pinas antayin ang working permit.. hindi po ako pwedeng manatili sa hk after ng case.Ang sabi ng IO mgtatrabaho daw ako dun at hindi na babalik, paano naman po ako payagang magtrabho doon sa hk since wala pa akong WP or visa? the reason that i have to settle the case para magkaroon ako WP or visa… In your own opinion may employer bang mag wait forever? pag iwithdraw ng amo ko ang contract mawawaalan ako ng work, ngayon, pananagutan ba ng IO na yan na buhayin nya pamilya ko at paaralin ng college ang anak ko? lalo na ang case na gusto isettle ay ang severance pay na siyang inaasahan kong makuha panustos sa pag aaral ng anak ko while waiting for visa of my new employer..

  44. Bas says:

    Hi! Im ssoooo thankful that I came across your blog. I’ll be leaving this 29. And its my first time going abroad. I got anxious learning that they are strict and very serious in offloading some innocent tourists. I am a fresh college graduate and just passed the board exam. My parents are supporting my travel to visit them in middle east for 3months. Its their “gift” of my accomplishment. I am worried because I dont have any government IDs or employment certification because I am unemployed. I just really want to visit my parents there. What documents should I present at the immigration? I have a roundtrip ticket but do not have hotel reservations because I’ll be staying at my parent’s flat. Is my old college ID enough too? hope you can help me. Thanks a lot for this awesome article.

  45. Brad Sweet says:

    Hello. I am an american living in Korea and my wife is Filipino. She just got her tourist visa approved to come to Korea. I am planning to get her a one-way ticket from Kalibo to Busan and another one-way return ticket from Seoul (Incheon) to Manila. She is unemployed, but I am covering all of her costs here. She has our marriage certificate and all documents of the like about our relationship.

    Will she encounter any problems because her return flight was purchased separately? Or because even though they are both between Korea and the Philipines, they use different airports? I couldn’t see why it should be a problem, but want to be sure anyway.

  46. Ender says:

    Hi. I’ll be travelling to Singapore next week to have a vacation with my cousin and my friends. This is my first to travel abroad and I’m a little to worried kasi sa mga nababasa ko about sa mga traveller na naooffload. Sayang din naman kasi yung mga nagastos if maooffload lang. What are the new guidelines ba ng immigration ngayon? Thanks for the info. :)

  47. mrtripledouble says:

    on a side note to #1. Ensure passport has no damage…. a friend of mine got off loaded because of a damaged passport

  48. Derlyn Joy Celestial Vallejos says:

    if you are a government employee say ex. a teacher.. bring your authority to travel and clearance signed by the regional director, division superintendent, district supervisor and principal.. of coursebring your deped id…without those documents youll not be exempted from off loading

  49. Henry Completo says:

    IDIOTIC process! Their office should be named Bureau of Emigration NOT Immigration! They should NOT be checking people who are going OUT of the country, only those who are going IN (who could be potential immigrants TO the country). The process is nothing more than a ‘Facecheck’, which can be prone to abuse. I used to have a US Green Card (I am a US Citizen now), but I was harassed once by a stupid idiot BI officer who thought my Green Card was fake!

  50. Lhornz says:

    Hi po good day! My name is Lorna. My brother is travelling here in Malaysia this coming Aug. 13 as a tourist, his first time also he still employed as a staff in Parish Church. He prepare a Letter that he apply for leave, letter approval of leave & permit to travel agree & signed by the parish priest with ID of the priest, certificate of employment & Identification card. Also I sent an invitation letter to visit me also stating that i sponsored his ticket with proof of payment thru my debit account and a letter from my employer that he is allow to stay here in her house & food and transport support by her. I sent also a ID of my employer…and my Passport details with working permit, my savings account bank statement that i’m capable to support him during his one month stay. I am planning to send him a pocket money just in case they will ask a show money, is php10,000 is enough already because i also supporting his expenses here. I am so worried also because his first time and he is nervous too bcoz i told him that immigration is strict when traveling as tourist..his travel time is 11:40pm.Is there anything else that need to provide to IO? Hope you can suggest or do you think those documents i mentioned above is enough already to justify the travel. thank you so much.

  51. Du Wen Lin says:

    Hello just wanna ask lng po, I will go to Dubai this sept 3 as a tourist visa, I was sponsor by my uncle, bali pinsan po xia ng papa ko. The problem lng po e its my first time to travel. I have my COE but 2012 pa po iyon. And I dont have work now. Pero sasabihin ko cla I have cash 40k at bigay po ng parents ko kasi seaman nmn ung father ko. Then I will show them yung kontrata at bank account ng father ko. Do you think maniniwala po cla pag ganon? Or what if I will make fake I.d, coe and vacation leave form. Tatawagan kaya nila ung company? Thank you so much po.

    • Ivy Buala says:

      yan din ginawa ko, kaso friend visa lng ako,, naku dala ko rin ung kontrata ng papa ko den xerox ng bank acct.. alam muh ba sagot sa akin ng BI, bkit dala muh yan, hndi ko kailangan usually hhnapan ka ng credit card

  52. Jager says:

    Hi po i am planning to visit my bf in combodia kaso ang ikinatatakot ko nga baka ma offload ako kahit complete req. ako i have my hotel voucher invitation letter round trip ticket then if hanapan ako ng papers ipapakita ko id ko at registration form dhil student palang ako i have saving acc. Merun din ako hawak na remitance 4 yrs na po kami tapos my mga picture din po ako na ipapakita ok na po ba un

  53. chekwa says:

    Informative. Just wanna share my experiences. I traveled Shanghai China last March and IO (from NAIA Terminal 2) interviewed me since it was my first time traveling alone. My Chinese friend sponsored everything. I answered them confidently and passed Immigration and stayed there for 3 days. Then returned to Philippines. Second trip (NAIA Terminal 1) was still in Shanghai coz I was invited for my friend’s father birthday celebration and his fiancee. Stayed there for two weeks. Again, IO interviewed me, answered them confidently and passed. And this coming Saturday, will be in Terminal 3 since I will use Delta Airlines bound to Tokyo. Will visit my fiancee there. I have Temporary Visitor Visa for three months. I will surely encounter interview again.

    • chekwa says:

      Okay, so I am now in Tokyo for exactly two weeks. I used Delta on Terminal 3 and passed the immigration very smoothly. No interview required for me. Just my passport and ticket (but I have all necessary docs with me). Just a tip: smile and greet the immigration officer, answer questions confidently, bring necessary documents (just in case), dress neatly (i wore business outfit since i am a foreigner in another country and have to respect their country), and maybe you may want to pay travel tax first before checking in if you don’t want to take a long walk back there. So far, I’m enjoying Tokyo with my boyfriend.

      • Ana Andres says:

        hello ms chekwa? thats good to know that u are in tokyo now. What requirements are u going to pass in immigration? anyway, i got my japan visa also as tourist and ill go to japan in december together with my japanese husband. Did the immigration ask u to present CFO certificate? waiting for your answer..thanks

      • April says:

        Hello, Ms Chekwa. I am also travelling to Xiamen China this 23rd of July. I applied for a tourist visa last May but I was granted with a business visa. don’t know why. Like you, I was also invited by my chinese friend (a woman).. She will shoulder everything. Now, my problem is, ano ba e lalagay ko na purpose of travel sa departure card? business or tourism? haysss… late ko na kasi na noticed na business visa pala kasi I was in a hurry that time and name ko lang na check ko.

        • Jean says:

          Hi April, I would like to ask sana kung anong requirments po prenesent nyo since sagot po ng chinese frnd ngo ung travel?

    • Angel says:

      Hi Ms. Chekwa! Thanks for sharing your experience. I went to SG last August and I’m planning on going again this November.. I am afraid that the immigration officer would ask why I’m going on a vacation twice within only a span of a few months. Reading that you also went out of the country twice.. even thrice and didnt have a problem makes me more confident about the oncoming trip :) Did the IO ask you about your last trips? How was it?

  54. Mhai Lao says:

    Wow, thanks for this BLOG… Now I know the reason why I was Offloaded a few years ago going to Singapore (around January 2011)

    “Passengers who stayed abroad for more than one (1) year during a previous departure from the country as a tourist/temporary visitor, intending to depart for the second and/or subsequent time.”

    I was automatically subjected to second inspection, i just arrived from Bahrain 2 weeks earlier and just wanna see Singapore for a week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my old OEC with me :( so lost a few thousand bucks to buy a new ticket for another flight the next day, I made sure I brought along my old OEC then they let me through, a very expensive experience :(

  55. Dan Cartaciano says:

    Hi,i was wondering if you can help me.i booked on a sep6 2014 flight going to dubai..i have a local sponsor from uae.he is my friend.i also have a sister concern is that would there be any problem because my friend sponsored my visit and not my sister?

  56. Enivid17 says:

    Thank you for this site. Worried din kse ko n bka maoffload ng BI. I just want to know kung naoofload ng BI pag may unpaid postpaid plan (like globe). Hndinp kse tapos un contract and pina temporary termination ko un plan bcoz i was not happy with their service. Tnx

  57. joy says:

    Hello Everyone
    i just want to ask..coz me and my father are planning to go to singapore this month.. i save my money to afford the tour package for both of us.. possible pa rin b ako ma offload?
    please help..

  58. megs says:

    Hi, thanks for this awesome blog, i’ve learned a lot of tips but I can’t stop feeling nervous everytime i think of facing another IO. I also had my share of traumaritized exp when i was offloaded last August this year. they gave me a lot of requirements if i will travel again, which will be this November together with my 2 officemates, (comp id, coe, leave form, 6 months payslip, savings and invitation letter from my friend who works @ KL.) last August it was just me travelling and i stupidly told the IO i’l be meeting my friend @ SG where he was asking for my friends working permit and OEC which i didn’t have. on my second interview, i was asked for a COE and leave form but i don’t have it that time. offload tuloy. i was wondering if they have a record of those passengers who were offloded? and this time i will stick with vacation reasoning, but i’m bothered if they will ask for the invitation letter since they asked for it?

  59. Apriell Perez says:

    me planu ako mag visit sa singapore sa oct 1 as tuorist. balik ko dito ay sa 3. may plane ticket n ako,..eto lang dala ko na supporting docs, itr, company id, lastest pay slip, receipt sa western union para sa reservation ko sa hotel, credit card ng friend ko saka passport off load kaya ako?? tips namn jan..tnx!

  60. Jes says:

    I’m a medicine student, sa tingin mo po ba ma offload ako? Kasama ko partner ko mag vacation. Celebration Lang ng anniversary. Natatakot ako baka ma offload kami Kasi wala kami credit card. Ipon Lang Namin ang gamit Namin sa travel Namin at support ng parents hehehhe thank you

  61. Pat says:

    Hi! Very awesome and helpful blog. I’m Pat and I’m twenty years old and currently working in a company that supplies medical equipment. So there’s this conference in Toronto, Canada this coming October and luckily I’m the one representing our company there. Got my company ID, VISA, and other supporting documents with me. I’m just worried na baka maghinala sila sakin because of my age and it’s my first time travelling abroad. Any tips or advice?

  62. peterson ashely says:

    Good morning, I”m a Filipina no job. Coming to Thailand next month to see and spend holiday with my German national boyfriend but this not our first meeting. I’m bit worried about the offload issue with the immigration officers. Would you please give me some tips of what should to do to avoid this incident happen on me.

  63. peterson ashely says:

    Actually i have 3 kids with me now i took care of them since their mother is working in Japan then at the moment that I’m not there my mother will be the one who take care of them. we are not leaving in the house of my mother but we are renting an apartment here in Cebu we came from Leyte. Please help me what should i do to avoid being offloaded.thank you so much

  64. Mark Anthony Padal says:

    I am planning to visit morocco next year but I will stay with a friend there. Do I still need to book a hotel? I read that they will go deeper if they’re not related to you and if I book hotel it is okay its for a few days or so? please help.

    • Caryl says:

      Hi Mark,

      Were you able to get through the immigration? If yes, what are the questions they asked and documents they needed.

      hope you can enlighten me as i will be traveling to Morocco mid April.


      • Janna says:

        Hi Caryl,

        Hope you still receive this message, how was your trip to Morocco last 2015? can you give me tips and and the requirements you prepared? thank you.

  65. Angel says:

    Hi! I went to SG for a 3-day vacation last August 27. I went through immigration smoothly. I’m a freelancing student and when I showed the officer my school i.d. he let me off.

    I’m planning to go back again on a 2-3 day vacation around the end of November. Do you think the IO will be more strict this time? Please give me an advice. Thanks in advance :)

  66. Kaye says:

    Hello! I’m traveling with a friend to Singapore this December and we’d be staying at a friend’s apartment (currently a student in NUS) for the entire trip. We’ve been exchange students in Singapore last year and we’ve made quite a number of friends there. I’ve already graduated from university last june but I still don’t have a ‘proper’ job. I’ve only been helping with my parent’s business for the past months and running a small online shop. Would you know what documents I should bring to avoid getting offloaded? Obviously, I wouldn’t have an ITR or company ID to show :-( I hope you could help. Thanks!

  67. Ivy Niña G. Broñola says:

    hello everyone please help me I got my japan visa but the problem is the immigration they are looking for authenticated invitation letter or guarantee coming from my guarantor in japan which is my american bf deployed in okinawa. can someone help me if the immigration really strict about that because my trip is on dec. and we dont have enough time to do the authentication of documents cause its a long process. the phil. embassy rejected my guarantor for authentication of papers they told us that those papers are no longer needed for authentication i have a copy of their email and im planning to show it to the immigration officers together with the notarized invitation letter of my bf. the documents are notarized by the marine corps US because he cant find the notary in japan can those papers help if they ask for an authenticated invitation letter? please help me

  68. EL Catangue says:

    I have a concern. Actually twice nako naoffload going to MALAYSIA. im going there for a visit lang. I have complete requirements naman, like passport ofcourse, invitation letter from my 1st cousin’s gf who has been working there for 7 years and also a supporting invitation letter from her executive director who is a Malaysian. Also, a roundtrip ticket, hotel accomodation, COE, Company ID, Show money(5k lang naman dahil 3 days lang ako dun sana), My cousin’s gf’s Valid IDs like IKAD copy, credit card. Can anyone tell me what have gone wrong? Actually consistent naman mga sagot ko but still got offloaded. They are asking me at iniipit nila ako sa mga tanong nila. AND THEN NOW, Im planning to enter Malaysia again as a student. Ang purpose ko ngayon is magaral doon, my question is, is it possible na maoffload ulit ako? now that i already have a record na na offload na not once but TWICE? Can anyone help me and give me an advice? THANKYOUUUU! :)

  69. jaren vhabes castano says:

    If they offloaded you for the first time, is your statements are recorded and posted into their system? Thanks.

    • kulas says:

      ang alam ko oo..
      kasi me nabasa ako dito, na offload xa sa t3 tapos ang try sa clark..nakita na may offloaded record..

  70. Ryu says:

    I am still a student but I already purchased a ticket going to Malaysia. What should I bring during my flight?Thank you.

  71. Lenny says:

    This site really helps me a lot!

    One more thing, I’ve experienced a week ago. Pumunta ako ng Singapore mag isa lang. I’m still a college student and graudating na ako next year.I’m going to celebrate my birthday in SG. These are my requirements that I brought.

    -Certificate of enrollment and registration
    -roundtrip ticket
    -invitation letter from my sister with copy of their passport and with signature
    -pocket money/show money

    Having all these documents are not guaranteed na makakaalis ka ng Pinas.. pero nakaalis pa rin ako due to pinatunayan ko na di ako mag work dun at babalik pa rin ako ng Pinas kasi nagaaral pa din ako. I just insist I stay for one week pa din.

    Having an Invitation letter dapat authenticated ng Bansa na pupuntahan mo. Yun yung sinabi sa akin ng ng IO kasi pinagalitan nya ako bakit walang tatak ng galing SG… eto pinaka main reason kung bakit muntikan na ako ma offload.

    I.D. — ID is a must! kinuha nila ID ko to verify na naka enrolled talaga ako :)

    ROund trip ticket ofcourse.. :) yun yung pinanghahawakan nila para malaman nila kung hanggang kelan lang talaga ako.

    Pocket money – They asked for it kung ilan ang dala kong pera.. pero kahit sagot ako ng ate ko dun.. I still bring extra money for sure na kaya mong pumunta sa place ng pupuntahan mo. Pang taxi or bus ofcourse.

    Certificate of Registration and Enrollment.. pinapakita ko to sa IO di naman nila ito hinanap pero ang sabi sa akin.. “no need, kasi meron ka naman ID.. yung kapatid ko dito din nag aaral” so ID talaga ang kelangan na proof to know kung enrolled ka.

    Pero nag undergo pa rin ako sa 2nd interrogation kahit nakarating na ako before ng SG.. then pinayagan naman ako makaalis. :)

    Wanna share lang my experience :) hehe.

  72. happy says:

    hi po, i just want to ask, first time ko to travel abroad so may malaking possibility na tatanungin ako ng maraming questions. ok lang bah kung company ID lang ipapakita ko??tatawagan ba tlga nla yung company??thanks po.please reply

    • Fei says:

      I don’t think the IOs have the time to call your employer. Company ID is acceptable.

  73. Leevaun says:

    Hello Good Day!
    I am a first timer going to hong kong and macau this January2015 (yes its winter there .. Lol) I already have my return ticket via PAL in NAIA T2.. I also bought online tickets to Disneyland as I will celebrate my birthday there, also with ocean park and the 3n1 combo for victoria peak. I also reserved an Inn at Tsim Sha Tsui for 4 nights. The only thing I worry about is the money I will just bring with me is 30K for the 4nights stay which will be HK$2970 and for food, transportation and little shopping.. Will it be enough to get through? And also I will not be travelling alone I will travel with my foreign partner who will travel with me from Manila. I dont have any work at the moment but I worked before on a clothing brand. My partner is the one supporting me and this trip is his birthday gift to me. The only thing I can show as proof to return in Pinas is we have booked a flight to El Nido after 4 nights in Hong Kong and we reserved a hotel in El Nido too. Regarding about the show money will it be enough? My partner will also have almost HK$6500 to bring there.
    Thank you

    • mimi says:

      Hi There! First timer din akong mgtratravel to hongkong pero sa 1st week ng March pa. I’ll be travelling alone. Pwede mo ba i share experience mo sa mga IO sa naia :( medjo kinakabahan kasi ako lalo na freelancer lang ako

      • nouvellevie27 says:

        Hi Guys! Just bring all your documents, even if its not needed but just for back up incase they will ask you for it. And be confident. No to answers like -ummm, ahhhh, ehhh coz for sure they will think that your afraid to travel even if someone is with you. be brave and face them with confident. The are so monster but dont be afraid. Good luck! :)

        • mimi says:

          aww thanks! nextweek na ako mgtratravel :( medjo knkbhan tlga ako.. meron nmn ako RT tickets, hotel reservation, at enough pocket money.. kaso wala ako mppkitang COE kasi home based job lang meron ako.. as for government ID I have the unified ID also I can show them ITR ko for the past you think that’s enough? anu po ba mga common questions nila for first timers?

          • dgrinch says:

            Hello, Mimi! I hope masagot mo ung tanong ko. Kasi homebased din ako. Wala akong ITR and company ID. How did it go with ur trip? Anong tinanong ng IO sau? nahirapan ka ba?

          • che says:

            same question here, my boyfriend don’t have itr and company id? I wanna know kung successful, meron syang id like voters and bir

  74. annabelle says:

    hi, good day! me and my friends would like to go to singapore and visit our friends for 5-7days, we planned to book our plane tickets and hotel reservations, and our alternative plan is to take a 3d2n tour in a travel agency and extend our stay. which do you think is more convenient to do with regard to the immigration and stuff? we are government employees and a non-gov employee. thanks a lot!

  75. Fei says:

    My first travel abroad was to Singapore and during the immigration interview, I was wearing casual clothes: jeans, short-sleeved blouse, and sandals. My hair was combed but not at all rebonded/relaxed/permed/blow-dried. My bag was a Samsonite laptop bag for my Asus laptop but by then I had the bag for 3 years already so it was a bit shabby. The officer didn’t ask for my hostel reservations, just my ticket itinerary. And, apologies, but I used “umm, ehhh, ahhh” – I was nervous.

    The IDs I presented were my SSS ID, the old one, and my Driver’s License.

    So, the way I see it, chempuhan lang. However, I think what allowed me to pass through without much ado is because of my roundtrip ticket (even if it by promo fare) and my Certificate of Employment indicating my monthly salary, number of days filed for leave, and expected date of reporting to work after the leave – which was one day after the indicated date of arrival back in the Philippines.

  76. jade says:

    hi! po. I am going to travel to singapore this week with my mother, cousins and titas. Worried po ako baka ma-offload po ako kasi I am currently unemployed.

  77. bong says:

    if you ones offloaded. then try for the next time. can BI trace that your being offloaded before or not?

    • Sheng says:

      Yaph!they can trace it, they have a centralized database with all ports of entry or seaports.

  78. Aiman says:

    Hi ask ko lang po regarding sa Certificate of Employment. Okay lang po ba na galing ito sa company ko sa singapore?. homebased po kasi ako then ang company ko based in singapore. or dapat local po?

  79. Kim Carino says:

    Hi! What if you’re travelling for the first time and you’re just a an undergrad student only? but you have an iterinary and a roundtrip ticket. what do i need to say incase they ask my financial capabilities? will they check my pocket money? hoping for your fast response coz i’ll be leaving the country next week… thank you!

  80. Acat says:

    To be honest, in my experience, it really depends on these crocs’s whims or should I say ‘power tripping.’ The first time I went to Singapore (2012) to visit my then girlfriend, I didn’t have any letter of invitation or stacks of documents to slap on their faces. I was even wearing just cargo shorts, shirt, sandals, and a backpack for my laptop. It was my first time to go abroad so there was no stamp whatsoever in my passport. I just presented myself as is, confident that I have the basic right to travel, and ready to argue with the officer should s/he decide to step on or even question that basic right. When I came by the counter, I gave my passport, he asked for my purpose (I confidently told him as what was written on that small piece of paper for immigration info of one’s purpose of travel, that was to visit my girlfriend), he asked if I had work here in the PH, I told him ‘yes I have,’ and then I barked back “Why? Do you need my ID?” (I did so coz I was ready to shove him my company ID). The guy answered with a somewhat curtsy apologetic ‘no’. Having heard of horrifying stories of kababayans being offloaded for irrational reasons or kababayans being asked tons of documents to present to “prove” their eligibility to that basic right to travel, it was then that I realized how broken our immigration system really was, that the screening process was really based on the whims of those who sat behind the counters who themselves only dream of travelling the world.

    • Gerard says:

      Well you see, our government is only good in creating laws and rules but fail on how to implement it. It just shows that they are a bunch of clowns that was voted by the people

    • shieren says:

      I was been offloaded last sunday, because the IO is looking for my travel authority as they found that i am working in a government as teacher..and unfortunately i dont have that document because i wasnt aware.. even my department head because we are now in our summer vacation.. now.. i just filed my leave of absences and ask certification of leave allowing me to spent it in korea effective on the leave i filed.. i hope that this time , on friday.. when i go back to immigration.. they allowed me to depart… do i have to try it again with only these documents i have or not to try unless i have the travel authority they are looking for.. ?

      • RedButterfly says:

        When me and my mother went to Brunei last December she was asked the same question. She’s a public teacher too. It was our first time to travel together because we will attend a wedding there. My mother simply told to the IO that she’s on vacation. The IO asked if the school knows that she will go in Brunei. My mother simply say “Yes”.

  81. phoebe says:

    hello…nag tourist ako sa dubai last 2012 sponsor ako ng kuya ko pero nakahanap ako ng trabaho sa dubai at nag trabaho ako dun for 2 years..pero nag exit ako nung last november 2014 lang..4 months plang ako dito. possible pa kaya na mag tourist ako ulit this march at sponsor ko ulit ang kuya ko ng hindi ako ma ooffload?..thanks

  82. jodiedluffy says:

    Hello po, pupunta kasi kami HK ng uncle at cousin ko this April. Freelancer po ako, ( at nextweek po magreregister na ako as sole proprietor, eh april pa po start ng first payment ko sa bir, hindi po kaya ako maoofload if certificate of business registration and certificate of employment lang dalhin ko?

    • dxtr17 says:

      Hi @jodiedluffy:disqus I’m also a odesk freelancer and will travel to SG next week… How was ur immigration experience? Anong hiningi nilang proof sayo? Thanks :)

      • jodiedluffy says:

        Hello dxtr17 , actually next week pa po flight namin, medyo kinakabahan na ako. Okey lang kaya certificate of earnings from odesk, rt ticket cdo-manila, mnl-hk, voucher from travel agency, hotel booking lang dalhin ko?

        • Jebay Ravelo says:

          @jodiedluffy nka pasok po kayo s sg. freelancer din po ako and we are planning to tour sg

  83. Mike says:

    help naman.. I have traveled na before but you never know ano trip ng IO. I’ll be traveling to 3 countries in 15 days.. Should I show all my tickets ba? or okay na going there and return trip tix. Thanks!

  84. Shereen Grace Ibarra says:

    Hi! I’ll be travelling to indonesia tomorrow. Im an ex ofw. Work straight 5 yrs as a govt nurse. Just finished my contract last year and is now waiting for my visa to work again abroad. My friends from my previous work decided to have and trip to indonesia and asked me to join them. They are there already. They are the one who booked the hotel and ticket. I have pocket money ofcourse and savings. I have my offer letter for my upcoming work. Is it enough? Or i still may be subjected for offload? Any insight with this is highly appreciated. Thanks much

  85. Gladys Maureen says:

    Hi, my brothers and I booked ticket already going to KL round trip but exit from SG this march 14-17, unexpected trip actually. we stay in malaysia for 2 nights and 1 night in SG. Last time I was about to visit malaysia, unfortunately i was offloaded with immigration. I work as a freelancer few days ago, but I just stopped. I dont have any Company ID to present now since i dont have any work at all, and planning to look for a job when i get back from the trip. Will I be offloaded due to the Company ID i cant present? please help, i don’t want to be offloaded for the 2nd time around. Any suggestions please

  86. She says:

    Hi! Im traveling tomorrow to indonesia. Im going to meet my friends there. From saudi sila direcho sa jakarta so susunod lang ako don. Sila nagbook ng hotel. Pero ambagan kami sa lahat ng gastos. 3 days satay lang km at balik din sa pinasnsa thursday. Ofw din ako at nagresign last year. Pero may offer letter na ulit ako at waiting na lang ng visa pra makaalis ulit. Magkakaproblema kaya ko nito?! Pwede na bang yung offer letter ang ipakita. I have pocket money to show too. Im worried na baka maoffload ako. Ano pa kaya mga kailangan ko ipakita saknila? Replies will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  87. M@E says:

    Hi. I would like to ask..

    We will be travelling to SG on May 2015. My friend and I is working but my Fiance is not working since he is managing their family business (transportation). What are we going to do to avoid being offloaded?

    Badly need your inputs.


  88. allyssa says:

    Hi… I’m going to have a tour in SG, my fiancee live there and his the one who book my ticket and i dont have a job right now,. This is my first time to travel so I’m nervous. What documents pa need sa BI. Please let me know. Thank you

  89. Abby says:

    They’re under estimating most of the pilipino who wants to travel abroad..
    They’re very rude… I never forget the face of the women who question my ability to travel..

  90. Jean says:

    Before nagpunta ako sa Dubai, friend ko lang ang nag invite sa akin. That time resigned na ako sa company ko pero sinabi ko na currently employed ako. Luckily, nasa akin pa yun company ID at health card ko.

    Hinanapan ako ng employment certificate, sabi ko wala kasi hindi ko naman alam na required eh. Pinapatawagan yun company ko, good thing sobrang aga pa nun so no choice.

    So to sum up, ito ang mga documents na hiningi sa akin:

    company ID
    health card
    credit card
    money transfer receipt na proof na ako ang gumastos ng trip ko.

    Buti mabait yun IO na nag interview sa akin :)

    I’m planning to return kaya lang wala ako kamag anak dun.

    Sino sa inyo ang nakabalik na walang relatives dun?

    Kapag renewed ba passport mo, hindi ba nila makikita travel history mo?

    • deborah says:

      Hi jean..just bring your old passport..pero that doesnt mean ma lusot ka na sa BI..kasi kapag dubai puputahan as tourist..medyo mahihirapan maraming tanong..mostly kasi ang daming tourist visa sa dubai na naghahanap talaga ng work

  91. Star says:

    Hi. I’m traveling to Singapore next week from Cebu and I’m still a student. It’s also my first time to travel outside the country. Any tips on how to avoid beinf offloaded by the immigration?

  92. yshang says:

    Pano po kapag housewife Lang like me? Im going to visit my husband in Macau with my daughter . Kaylangan pa ba ng invitation?

  93. aycee says:

    hi ask ko lang po 1st time po kasi namen mag tatratravel , ang source of income lang po namen ay ang online business namen , kung un ang illgy namen hindi ba kami ququestionin?

  94. luckyem says:

    Hi! I’m from Iloilo and I’m planning to go to Malaysia for 25 days. Since there’s no direct flight from Iloilo to Malaysia, I have to take connecting flights. it’s gotta be Iloilo-Manila… Manila- Kuala Lumpur. I’m wondering where will I have the interview with the Immigation officer— Iloilo airport or NAIA? It’s my first time to travel and the information here has been of great help. Thanks a lot!

  95. silssd says:

    Hi, I would like to travel to KL. Mas malaki ba ang chance na hindi ako maoffload kung nagavail ako ng tour package from a travel agent/agency?

  96. rose beverly dumlao says:

    There are jobs in UAE. The reason some of us come as a tourist if we have friends or relatives already working here is to have a better/more option to choose which job to take. Some employers may not opt to hire from abroad because of the expense they will need to incur. Why do they have to if there are other nationalities already here and they can interview and verify the competence. If our government will continue to hold legitimate travelers, we will be losing our chances to better life. What is wrong with going as a tourist then checking if there opportunities for work? Is it illegal? If we have friends or relatives already working in our country of destination who are willing to help, don’t we have the right to take the chances?
    We do appreciate the government’s concern regarding workers welfare, but not to the point of taking away our legitimate option to take chances especially if there are friends who are willing to help.
    The requirements should be clearly informed to all. What document should the friend provide, and for the traveler as well. I have tried to process the Affidavit of support for a family friend, but was told they will only process Aff. of Support for relatives (up to 4th degree), but I was not even allowed even for my niece and nephew. I had to take this from an agency. How about friends? I am financially capable of supporting a friend , I have a tenancy contract, I have a good job and I can help them find one.
    I bought round trip tickets because I am sure I can get them a visa.I also have documents from the agency approved at the Consulate’s office and Chamber of Commerce, but still our friend was offloaded even he was supposed to be travelling with my sister.
    Can anyone advice me what further step to take?

  97. jovelyn says:

    Im planning hongkong tour end of april, gift po ito nga husband ko for our wedding anniversary, wala po akong work kasi full mother po ako ng kids ko, nasa amerika po husband ko, wla akong maipakita na company ID kasi wla ako work, pero may drivers license, sss ID, atm at bank statement naman ako.. meron din akong certificate of employment ng husband ko, pwede na kaya mga requirements na ito sa immigration? plss help me,po.. thanks

  98. jodiedluffy says:

    Hello @dxtr17:disqus , actually next week pa po flight namin, medyo kinakabahan na ako. Okey lang kaya certificate of earnings from odesk, rt ticket cdo-manila, mnl-hk, voucher from travel agency, hotel booking lang dalhin ko?

  99. Marc James Basilio says:

    Tanong lang guys. Papalusutin ba ako ng immigration natin pag kasama ko mismo yung mag iisponsor sken papuntang Dubai? Naka tourist lang ako good for 3 mos. Di ko siya kadugo or what. Mama siya ng bestfriend ko. To be honest pupunta tlga ako ng dubai para magbakasyon at maghanap na din ng work. Kakaresign ko lang sa work ko. Sa bestfriend ko muna ako makikituloy citizen na sila don sa Dubai at payag naman sila na patuluyin muna ako. Si tita ellen ( mama ng bestfriend ko) ang kasabay ko sa flight papuntang dubai. Sinabay na niya ako sa kanya para in case na harangin dw ako ng immigration, nandiyan siya para patunayan na sagutin niya ako pag nasa Dubai na ako. Kumpleto naman na ako ng requirements, my visa, ticket, at affidavit of support at my certification of employment na din ako. Madami pa ba itatanong sken? Haharangin pa ba nila ako? Thank you mga ka-symbianize sa response nyo. God bless.

    • rinah exequiel says:

      hi sir ,parepareho po tayu nang case, kasabay ko po rin ang nag sponsor sa akin sa byahe. 3rd degree cousin ko po cya..
      is there any possibility na maofload ako? sa august 10 po ang byahe nmi.

    • rinah exequiel says:

      hi sir ,parepareho po tayu nang case, kasabay ko po rin ang nag sponsor sa akin sa byahe. 3rd degree cousin ko po cya..
      is there any possibility na maofload ako? sa august 10 po ang byahe nmi.

  100. Neil Delos Santos says:

    Hi, how about the fresh graduate? no work and no income yet?(just like me and my friend). Me and My friend were given a week of tour in Singapore from our parents as a graduation gift and I have a feeling as a first timer of going out from the country we will be subject of Secondary Inspection. What papers should present to pass through the immigration? Thank you.

  101. nemi says:

    hi, im happy na nalaman kong maaari akong magtanong dito regarding some tips in travelling abroad. 2 weeks from now we will be heading to singapore with my best friend. we are both government teachers amd this is our first time to travel outside the country. we will stay there for 7 days just a summer vacation,we already had a round trip ticket, hotel accomodation at meron din kaming appointment sa aming trabaho just in case maghanap cla, the only thing na kabado kmi kasi hndi kmi nka pag file ng vacation leave sa deped. is there any chance na d kmi pa alison sa pinas? thanks

  102. cindy gonzales says:

    Hi I need your advice, I will be using the 90 days visit visa to dubai sponsored by my husband. I have complete papers, my husband’s COE, OEC, red ribbon marriage cert etc…
    I am resigned recently from my work and I am very nervous in the thought of facing those IO’s.
    My question is that what will I answer to them if they will ask me if I have work here in the Philippines? Should I tell the truth that I dont have work? (will I have a greater chance of being offloaded) or will I say yes I have work and I am on leave, and I’ll provide them if ever they ask me for my COE that indicates up to present? And I will just request in my agency to put in my return dummy ticket I will return phil after 2mos? Would they not question me further about the length of my leave? Please help me. Appreciate your response.

  103. yass says:

    hi im planning have vacation in malaysia on friday .. i feel so nervous about offloading chorva .. coz before im a band singer and i use to sing in malaysia before pls help nmn wat to do or bring i have my valid passport , round ticket for 4days show money and hotel booking .. i dont have credit ist ok ? help po

  104. Ericka Arboleda says:

    Hi! :) I will be going to HK alone this June 9-12, 2015 as a graduation gift to myself. It is my first time to travel (ever)and I am alone and I am worried that I might get offloaded at the airport. Is there any chance that I can get through the immigration? I have enough pocket money, and I also have 1 atm and 1 credit card under my name. Here are the documents that I will be presenting:

    1. Passport
    2. Roundtrip ticket
    3. Hotel reservation
    4. Copy of the cards I have
    5. Financial statement (I have savings but I am not yet emloyed)
    6. Itinerary
    7. School ID; LTO student permit

    Is it enough? I think I can provide the reason that I will still return to the Philippines because our graduation will be on June 28.

    I hope you can help me with this. Thank you :)

    • Angelica Aquino says:

      hi Ericka! Were you able to go to HK? with those docs? Did they ask you a lot of questions?

  105. joovy says:

    hi what if i dont have ITR ?but still im there any posibility be offloaded?

  106. cherry says:

    Hi good morning what if wlang banc accnt ang mag tour lng? Peo may cash to prove n mag tour lng xa sayang kc ung gift sknya n round trip ticket e

  107. Davanee Dean Carizo says:

    Im travelling to S. Korea nxt month and im minor at 17 age kce ininvite ako ng asawa Im travelling to S. Korea nxt month and im minor at 17 age kce ininvite ako ng asawa ng ate ko na buntis ngayun kce pnapupunta nya ako dun as tourist kce gusto nya bago sya manganak nandun nako
    And i have
    RoundTrip ticket
    Travel clearance
    And malapit narin magkaroon ng visa
    And Invitation letter
    Tama na po ba yan na Req ko para makaalis ng bansa?
    Ano po kaya pede nila itanong saken pag nandun nako sa airport??
    and ano pede ko isagot

  108. JM says:

    im a former ofw, na offload po ako lastweek of april kasi ticket lng po dala ko papunta sana ako HK for tour, this 3rd week of May mg ttravel po ako uli going to HK, my hotel booking, itinerary. kumuha na po ako package ng tour 3d2n. Worry ko lng po yung passport ko my tatak na po na nagtrabaho ako dati sa midd.east. bka hahalungkayin pa ito ng Immigration officer kahit na kumuha na ako HK tour package. nkakabagok sa ulo, mg ttour ka lng pra mka pagrelax sana tas immigration pa lng stress na.

    • Danshal says:

      Same tayo bro!
      Yan din prob ko ngyon kc former ofw din ako
      Plano ko rin within this month lumabas ng bansa as a tourist pra magbakasyon..
      Balitaan mo sana ako kung ano kahihinatnan nang byahe mo bro!

      • Ahmed Mustafa says:

        magpagawa kau fake na company ID pg wala kau work..hahanapan talaga un :) offload pg wala work or proof of income

        • helenabel says:

          hi i don’t have work too. but i have the means to travel on my own as i have my own online business. malalaman ba nila kung magpapagawa ako ng fake company id?

          • Ahmed Mustafa says:

            unless may DTI permit or financial statement ka mapapakita about business mo pde. d na sila invetigate pa bsta may company ID na mukhang luma. offload kasama q kc sinabi homebased caregiver wala ID mapakita

          • matthew says:

            Ahmed ex ofw aq..kauwi q lng last july 6. Mag tour kme ng barkada q sa singapore.. Ma offload baq nun? Wala aqng work..pero may savings nmn aq..pls help me.

      • matthew says:

        Ask q lng po..natuloy po b kau mag bakasyon. Sa ibang bansa? Ex ofw dn aq.

      • Lyn says:

        Hi po isa run po ako ofw maybe by next month mag tour po kmi nag friend ko saka bf kolang nagsuport sa akin ano po gawin ko Para d MA offload

  109. Nadine Calopez says:

    Today was my flight going to jeju island but i was offloaded cause i dont have picture of my boyfriend with me cause i change phone so i cant transfer it cause my former phone is samsung and now im using iphone and then they ask me to show our conversations then i let them and then they are questioning why it was only may 2 i said cause this is my new phone old convo is in my old phone and then still they didnt let me onboard

    • Marites Caingcoy says:

      Ay sayang nman? ano ano po ba tinanung sau ng IO? mind if you share?

  110. Hella nervous says:

    *Soon to be first time traveler*

    Well my mother, me and her friend booked a flight to sg this coming aug. It is okay not to avail hotel accomodation? My mother contacted the aunt of my cousin who is a resident at sg. Well, Im just nervous bcause maybe we will be offloaded. Especially I dont have work right now and my mother fully paid the trip. Suggestion? Recommendations please? Thank you!!

  111. Reena Saur Reena says:

    Hi i have a question. I have a non-filipino boyfriend in Myanmar. I am planning to travel there for a week. What is the best thing that I can do? Do i have to tell them that I have a foreign boyfriend? And it’s my first time to go on a trip abroad so im kinda scared to pass through the immigration. Myanmar is a poor country, so do you think they will be strict?

  112. This is a very informative article and the discussion was interesting. Ang dami kong natutunan.

    Recently, my friend went to Dubai. She had a visit visa sponsored by her cousin who is already employed there. According to her, she was not even asked by the IO of the questions I’ve seen in the discussion although she has complete documents to support her travel if being asked to present to.

    I was concerned about the experience of other travelers na “napag-tripan” kaya na-offload. That’s very saddening! For those who have experienced this, what steps did you take? Did you file a complaint? Thanks!

  113. Jam says:

    i got offloaded a week ago. i thought i had the complete requirements. sponsorship of my friend. original visa copy and notarized affidavit of support along with my roundtrip ticket, COE from my work and a copy of promissory note to my company that i will return and lastly a copy of labor ban from dubai that i cant work for at least 6 months more as to this date. but it was never enough. they did a lot of rebuttals that if i dont have the patience i might shout at them “ano ba pakialam mo?”
    heres what they need , THE ONLY REQUIREMENT:

    that should be it, i am planning to do it again next year but will be going to other country first then dubai to avoid the pesky immig officers. goodluck guys

    • waiforit says:

      Hello Jam, are you bound to UAE? How does your sponsor (friend) able to get the affidavit of support?

  114. Maria says:

    Ask ko LNG po,my flight po ako bukas July 12 at 6:30 pm to Dubai,ma offload po ba ako dahil ng wala ako oec 40 days ako dto sa pinas nagkaron kc ako ng problema kaya I don’t have time to go in poea.. Isa po akong ofw.pwede kaya ako mgbayad sa loob ng airport bukas.. Dala ko po un company I.D ko at un visa ko..plz help..

  115. Maria says:

    Plz help nman po.flight ko n bukas July 12,at 6:30 pm going to Dubai,40 days ako dto sa pinas but I don’t have oec dahil I don’t have time to go poea kc my inaus akong problema MA offload kaya ako or pwede n ako mgbayad sa airport t3 or sa tax fee,,isa po akong ofw at my visa copy at dala ko rin un company I.D ko..plz answer..tnx po

  116. Maria says:

    Sunday bukas wala office,so ibig savhn pwede ako ma offloaded dahil wala ako oec,bukas Na flight ko July 12 at 6:30pm at hnd rin pwede mgbayad mg tax fee kahit ako at isang ofw..

  117. Rr says:

    Any tips for a college student traveling alone for the first time? (I’ve traveled a lot with my family before but me and my friends are planning to travel by ourselves next year so we’re still kind of clueless. Will we get off loaded or something?)

    • miki says:

      Kagagaling ko lang sa KL last week, college student din ako, first timer at solo traveler. Wala naman tinanong saken iniscan lng passport ko at tiningnan departure card ni hindi nga tiningnan hotel booking ko at affidavit of support na nilapag ko sa harap nung counter. Basta ang tip ko lang is dress decently wag yung nakapambahay lang tapos makakatulong if naka travel bag ka at may smartphone. fillupan mo nrin ung departure card bago ka pumunta sa immigration counter kasi yung mga nagfifillup dun sa counter ay mukhang tinanong at natagalan.

      • soongoo says:

        miki, ask ko lang, paano kumuha ng affidavit of support? Pupunta kasi kaming Malaysia ng kaibigan ko pero wala akong source of income. Parents ko lahat nagbayad at parehas silang dito sa Pilipinas naninirahan.

  118. Shen says:

    Hi sa lahat ng mga kababayan ko na first time traveller. Gusto kong ishare ang experience ko kahapon JULY 23 sa CLARK. I was OFFLOADED. They treat me na parang may hold departure? Hindung hindi ko makakalimutan pagmumukha ng buwayang officer na yun.
    I’m a first time traveller, I booked my flight july 22, I got all the requirements na posible nilang hingiin. Nung nasa immigration counter na ko sabi ng IO cresit card ginamit mo sa pag booked ng hotel asan ang credit card mo ilabas mo. Ang sabi ko hndi ko credit card ang ginamit. Yung bf ko na nasa u.s ang nag booked ng hotel para saakin, meron akong copy ng credit card at passport niya kung sakaling hingiin. Pero hindi hiningi. Binigyan ako ng isang papel at my sinulat siya sa baba and nakalagay
    * first time traveller
    * booked ticket yesterday

    then sbi niya fill up mo ito at pumunta ka dun sa kabilang office at magpainterview ko. So ganun na nga nangyari na ang di makataong trato saakin. Ang unang sinabi ng io sa second interogation ay ganto

    so nilabas ko, may security lock, sbi niya
    galit na sinabi niya so binuksan ko. Then guess what?? She’s looking at my phone for an hour! Invading my privacy! At di pa nakontento tinignan pa lahat ng pics namin pati ata private pictures nakita niya.

    Ang sabi ko. Tour lang po ako dun for 3 days. Wala sya dun hindi ko sya immeet kasi nasa US sya, sya lng nagbayad ng hotel ko credit card niya ginamit. Pero nung sinabi ko yun eto ang sinagot niya


    Hindi manlang pinakinggan ang side ko. Kaya ko namang suportahan sarili ko. Dahil pastry chef ako at my mga dala akong permits, itr, statement of account, $1500 pocket money for 3 days. Hindi manlng tinanong saakin yun. Ang issue pla e kasi nga may American boyfriend ako. Mga buwaya talaga. Kata di unaasenso ang pilipinas at sa palagay ko di na talaga aasenso.

    So ang nangyari lumabas ako ng airport na umiiyak pinagtitinginan ng mga tao pati guards. Walang narefund na fees.sayang ang ticket. Pweee. Parang ang lumalabas kung sino lang ang gusto nilang paalisin yun lang ang makakaalis.

    Just want to share my experience.
    So sa lahat ng nagbabasa sa mga blogs tungkol sa offloading issues goodluck po sainyo. I prayed to GOD na iguide ako. Pero siguro nga may better plans sya saakin at sa susunod mas doble pa. GODBLESS

    Tigerair flight 2703 bound to SG from CLARK july 23 2015. OFFLOADED kasi nga may american boyfriend. LoL e ano naman sa kanila? Ganda ng rason. Mukhang kapanipaniwala

    • pamhie says:

      Dapat Jan isumbong ke tulfo .bwiset n mga immigration meron kana ngang documents na dala typos iooffload kpa din.asan ang right to travel…?? Ako din offloaded for 3days tourist visa free to Brunei.

  119. Meanne says:

    hi! I have a big big question po.. First Time ko lang po na magtatravel abroad with my two brothers.. Kapag Gov’t Employee ka you are required to have Travel Authority unfortunately hindi ako nabigyan ng travel authority kasi daw contractual ako.. My worry lang ako, I have the documents, ITR & Cert of Employment, Valid I.D’s pero walang T.A, If I explain to them na di ako nabigyan ng T.A just becoz Im a contractual, means wala kaming employer-employee relationship, will they accept me? Help naman po please..

  120. akopoto says:

    may girlfriend po akong thailander at balak ko po syan bisithain, nag work na din ako ng thailand pero nag resign na ko gusto ko lang bumalik dun para mag bakasyon ng ilang araw para makasama ko yung gf ko

  121. akopoto says:

    hi :) i already travel in thailand but before i go with my friends, i go to thailand as tourist and exit in thailand as tourist, and the second time i came back to thailand as a worker, they send to me a invitation letter and contract with red ribbon and i process my visa at thai embassy in philippine and oec in poea, now i resign in my job and go back to philippines, i want to go back to thailand as a tourist because i want to spend one or two weeks with my thai girlfriend i will travel alone , any suggestion or do you think i will have a problem in immigration thank you :)

  122. KImverly says:

    Hello, I want to ask something :). Me and my Foreign boyfriend are going to singapore this august 25. So Im just a Little bit nervous because this is my first abroad flight.What should I do and shouldn’t do. Any Advice please. Thanks

  123. Robert vincent p.hidalgo says:

    My working visa na po ako going to dubai,kaso d ako pnyagn ng imgration sa pinas,plano ko dun na lng ako magexit sg ok na ba ung working visa at one way ticket ko going to dubai

  124. winter2015 says:

    Just wanna ask po, first time ko to travel on Nov. outside country (malaysia) for 5 days as a tourist. Bale magkikita kami with my boyfriend galing syang australia sa airport na ng Malaysia. Since ive just got hired as a call center trainee. Yung boyfriend ko na mag sesettle for our hotel.
    Worried lang ako baka humingi pa sa akin yung IO ng COE,BIR.
    Ano dapat kong ipresent.
    Any advice?
    thanks guys :)

  125. Nhice Doctolero says:

    hello going to sg this sept.4 for a tourist for 3days, so this is my first time im really nervous about the immigration interview…

  126. Anielme Hisona says:

    May passport na po ako, planning to travel Vietnam and this would be my first time travel! I will be visiting my bf there, what are the immigration probably requirements for that. Di po ba ako ma offloaded?

  127. Dan Kade says:

    I’m a student and I’ll be flying from Cebu to KL and spend 8 days in Malaysia and then 3 in Singapore. My friend will follow the day after. It’s my first time abroad. Got all my hotels booked and return flight ready. I’m just worried na because I’m a student and it’s my first time abroad eh magkakaproblema sa immigration both PH and MAS. Any suggestions on what other things I need to prepare for the worst thing not to happen? Thanks!

  128. Lanie Reyes says:

    How about it ok to use evisa?kgabi kc naoffload AQ..bkt wla cla memurandum PRA mlaman ng lahat..hndi pnupulot ang pmasahe

  129. Sanchai Orihime says:

    <3 I'm planning to go to India as tourist with my cat and make a bit of diary experience in Indian culture, traditions, before i go to Korea. I'm planning to bring my cat. If i booked for hotel reservations will i still be offloaded? I also dont have credit card but i can provide bank statement can someone please text me at 09055136654

  130. Maria Anica Neri Llobia says:

    Im a first time solo traveler going to singapore this feb 3 to 7. Im currently employed as a regular staff in one of private hos in my place….. Is there a chance na ma.ooffload ako? Ty

  131. Shan says:

    I was only 10 years old (and my brother nine years old) when our parents decided to take us and migrate to Japan. Eventually, na-approve yung permanent resident naming apat. Six years ako na doon with my family. March last year yung first time na umuwi ako ulit kami ng pinas. Either next month or March ang balik namin ng JP para magpa-re-entry. 18 years old lang po ako at balak po naming mag biyahe ng kapatid ko without our parents for the first time. Aside from getting a DSWD clearance, I am utterly clueless sa mga procedure. After seeing the comments about sa BI, nawala bigla yung confidence ko. I am worried about my brother kasi he’s not that good with people. Hirap na siya magsalita ng Tagalog and he stutters a lot (anxiety perhaps). Wala akong work, no credit cards, at no experience of travelling alone. Sole reason for going back there is yung sa re-entry lang at vacation. I did not know na pwede palang ma-offload. Any tips? What do I do?

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Shan! I’m not sure if this will help you, but my 12-year-old nephew also has a Resident Card and Certificate of Eligibility. (My sister, his mom, is based in Tokyo.)

      Last December, I accompanied him to Japan, and since his parents are in Tokyo, I was the one who worked on his documents. When I went to DSWD to get a travel clearance for him, we were told he did not need one. Instead, they gave us a letter, explaining why. We didn’t have any problem with the immigration because we showed them that my nephew is considered is eligible to be a permanent resident in Japan.

      My suggestion is to still go to DSWD and ask what should be done. I’m pretty sure you’ll be told the same thing, though. But to be on the safe side, go anyway. :)

  132. Clifford Jann Carlos says:

    Hello :) I’m going to travel to Sweden on april 4,2016 for vacation and to visit my boyfriend. I’m travel as a tourist on a Schengen visitor visa and will stay for 4 weeks.I have my passport with visa,roundtrip ticket,travel insurance,cfo,authenticated affidavit of support and photos of us together as a proof of our relationship.
    Question: is that enough to get through th
    e airport Immigration and travel to Sweden?

  133. 베리노루셋 says:

    Hello po last year i have been in korea nag apply ako ng visa in my own. But nsabi q ksi sa immigration na bf ko ang pu2ntahan ko sa korea so inoofload nila ako nag ask sila ng invitation from my bf so a few days naka punta rin ako ng seoul. Bumalik din ako ng pinas after 7 days like ng promise ko sa immig.Then now break na kmi ng bf ko almost 6 months na. But i want to visit jeju island. Nag ready nq ng ticket roundtrip then hotel reservations. Nag ready na rin ako 1000 dollar to show money.Ano ano po ba ang need ko dalhin sa airport baka ma offload nnman po ksi ako. Salamat

  134. 베리노루셋 says:

    Hello po last year i have been in korea nag apply ako ng visa in my own. But nsabi q ksi sa immigration na bf ko ang pu2ntahan ko sa korea so inoofload nila ako nag ask sila ng invitation from my bf so a few days naka punta rin ako ng seoul. Bumalik din ako ng pinas after 7 days like ng promise ko sa immig.Then now break na kmi ng bf ko almost 6 months na. But i want to visit jeju island. Nag ready nq ng ticket roundtrip then hotel reservations. Nag ready na rin ako 1000 dollar to show money.Ano ano po ba ang need ko dalhin sa airport baka ma offload nnman po ksi ako wala na po akong matatangap n invitation ksi wala n kmi ng bf ko. Salamat

    • yoshke says:

      If you have a job here in PH, bring your company ID. And say you’re traveling as a tourist and not visiting anyone when asked. :)

  135. Mycel says:

    Hi po gud morning.. pangalawa na pi ako ma offload kasi friend kulang ang mag sponsor sa akin..sayang lahat ng gastos namin kasi hindi nman refundable ung ticket..ano pbang ibang paraan pwdi nyo na akung matulangan thnx…

  136. Dominic James Mabala Lasco says:

    DISTURBING. I feel nervous as the days go closer to my flight schedule, fresh graduate PA po ako. Then wala PA akong work.. Pero book na po ang hotel ko then at sa theme park.. Meron na po akon pocket money.. Ano PA po ba ang dadalhin Kong documents??

  137. David Piepgrass says:

    What the ****? Why is the government trying to make Filipinos “prove” they will return to the country? How is it any of their business? Is emigration illegal? What is going on here?

    • Dottir says:

      there’s a big percent of Filipinos not returning to the Phil’s, also called TnT (Tago ng tago), filipinos who illegally move to another country. And also a big case of human trafficking. I can understand the need for a second inspection, but if the person can prove that he/she is financially capable and WILL go back to the Philippines, then that should be no problem.

  138. Evei says:

    Hello everyone, i just need advice. I’ll be travelling alone to sg this coming july just for a 3day vacation, a me time actually. This is my first time to have an international flight. What to do to avoid being offloaded? Thank you.

  139. Bebe Nayoremap says:

    May case po ba n naoffload n my kasamang baby turning 1yr … Thank u po..

    • Belle says:

      Hi , travelling with a 2yr old son to hongkong this aug 21 via dmia. Just want to ask if my papers meet the
      requirements .

      -roundtrip tickets
      – hotel bookings
      – klook vouchers ( booked under my name and husband)
      Meeting my husband in hk hell fly directly from us
      I have his ticket too .
      My son holds a us passport and philippine passport .
      I dont have other id aside from voters id which still got my maiden name on it .

      May chance kya na maoofload ?

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Belle, I think okay lang naman yung sayo. They’re more lenient pag family trips. Just be confident and consistent sa pagsagot. :)

        • Belle says:

          Thank you so much for the reply . I was really paranoid cuz flying from dmia which recently got a lot of offloading stories :(

  140. Rhane says:

    Hi everyone! During 2008, I was granted a Student’s Visa in the US. I studied there but I didn’t last a year, went back to The Philippines (to make the story short). And now, I am applying for a Tourist’s Visa (US). I was terrified after hearing na maraming na ooffload. Meron po ba sa inyo na same case with me? I mean, first time ko po na mag apply as a tourist. I just graduated from College. I don’t have work yet. My aunt will be the one who will sponsor for my travel. Thank you guys!

  141. Roger Duran says:

    I’m an online freelancer, first time out of the country trip and a solo traveler. I passed the immigration by just showing my plane itinerary, hotel reservation and credit card. IO will asked you some few questions if it’s your first time. Make sure you ready your documents to prove that you can finance your trip and you’ll go back in the Philippines.

    • Jamess says:

      I also work as an online freelancer. I am also taking my masters. So when the IO asked for my ID (it was my first time outside the country), I only showed school ID. She allowed tm go through. I guess it’s easier for my case because i’m male. If female, I might have a harder time.

  142. Milloy36 says:

    This site isn’t used very much I see. Don’t forget to keep you bags tightly closed, these Immigration people have been known to put bullets in peoples bags and then extort you.

  143. Salve says:

    Hellow po my question lang po aq sna masagot nung october 3 flight ko po sna papntang china ksma gf q (les)kaso dpo aq pinyagan mkaalis ng immigration offload npo b twag dun kahit d nila tinatakan visa q ng declaim..

  144. John Lennon says:

    sa lahat ng mga na offload, pool your money and hire a good lawyer to question the constitutionality of this immigration policy. Being able to travel in and out of the country is a basic right of every Filipino as lonig as you are not a health or security risk. Only the court of law can render judgement on your real intention. By mere suspicion of the IO on your real intention for travel is not enough reason to stop you from enjoying this basic human right. The burden of proof is on the IO and not on you. Fight human trafficking not by violating the constitutional right of Filipinos, but by attacking the root cause of this, poverty. Our government is just too lazy to think for a more holistic solution. They just implement something that first comes into their puny brain. A good example was when martilyo gang attacked malls. The solution that first came to mr. roxas was stop selling martilyo inside the mall. For traffic, reduce vehicles traveling daily on MM roads by implementing travel ban, or number coding. For drug addicts and pushers, kill them.
    You see, there is a pattern going on here. The government policy of “cut them off”, to the extent that it is already violating our basic human rights.
    I think instead of just venting your frustrations on social media, act together and file a class suit against immigration officials and question the legality of offloading before the supreme court.

  145. francokills says:

    Traveled first time two weeks ago to Bangkok. I was with my girlfriend, she’s a student and I am a freelancer. I wasn’t aware of these immigration shiznit, we’re unaware of what we should bring until that very moment, in front of the eyes of the male officer, judging my fate, i felt like Tyrion Lannister for a second there. I gave our passports to the officer, minsanan na dahil wala namang pila and it was around 5am. She was the first one to be interviewed. “Nag wo-work ka na?” – “Student po.” she answered. “San ka nag aaral?” then she said the name of the University. “May school ID ka?” “Ay, wala po. Iniwan ko po, meron po ako Postal ID” – “Ok, patingin” sabi ng officer. “Friends kayo?” “Mag boyfriend po” she said “First time mo out of the country?” “Opo”. “Patingin ng ticket” I handed it to the officer (with return ticket – 6 days from our arrival in Bangkok). Then I saw him stamped her passport (whew!) that was a breeze. I am next, “May work ka?” – “Meron po” – “Anong company” – “Blabla company” (at this moment, I don’t want to tell him that i am a freelancer, but i do work for that company as a freelancer) “Patingin ng company ID” – “Wala po, di ko po dinala para di mawala” (eh wala naman ako company id since freelancer lang) – “Gaano ka na katagal sa work mo?” then i answered. Then he said “NEXT TIME MAGDALA KAYO NG ID HA?!” – “Opo sir”. “Meron ka bang leave form?” – “Meron po sa phone, ipapasa ko palang.” – “HA? IPAPASA MO PALANG?!” – “Bali, gagawin ko po kasi syang emergency leave.” (kino-connect ko phone ko sa data – since nasa google drive ko ang leave form ko. For about 3 mins ayaw mag load tangina, nanginginig na kamay ko at kinakabahan pero mukang tinatatakan na passport ko” Biglang sabi “Sige, ok na”, may pahabol pa ko dahil na load ko na “Ito po oh” “HINDE! OK NA!” sabay bigay ng passport ko. Damn. Nakahinga ng maayos. Welcome to Bangkok na, wala ng usap usap sa immigration dun, picture sabay tatak agad.

    • yoshke says:

      Thanks for sharing, francokills! Damang-dama ko yung suspense sa kwento mo, haha! Great that it still turned out alright! :D