Traveling outside the Philippines for the first time? You might be very excited but I bet you’re a little anxious, too! There might be a lot of questions brewing in your head right now so here’s a little something to shed light on some of the things you need to know before your trip. (These tips are for Filipino travelers only.)

Every country has its own Immigration rules. Some require visas from Filipino visitors, others don’t. Some have stricter rules, others don’t. It is important that you know these rules and requirements before your flight.

But here are some frequently asked questions that I thought I could answer. Again, I’m only relying on personal experience and some knowledge that I gained in my years of working in the airline industry. Some of these might already be outdated but I’ll try my best to keep them current.

What are the processes at the airport?

The usual process is this:

  1. Pay the Travel Tax. IDEALLY, the travel tax and departure fee are already included when you book your ticket, so please check your ticket. But there are times when it isn’t the case. If not sure, check-in first. The check-in agent will tell you if you still need to settle the tax. At NAIA Terminal 3, the travel tax counters should be on your far right when you’re facing the check-in counters. It’s P1,620 per person.
  2. Check in! Present the Departure Card together with the Travel Tax receipt, printed ticket and passport to the check-in agent. The Agent will give you your boarding pass.
  3. Fill out a copy of Immigration Form (aka Departure Card). You will get it at the Check-in Counter. Note that you will need to indicate your address abroad (address of the hotel or the friend you’re visiting).
  4. Proceed to the Immigration Booths. They will be asking questions like: How long will you be staying abroad? What are you going to do there? What’s your occupation? Where will you stay? The key is to convince them that you’re going there to tour and not to find work. When they’re satisfied, they will put a stamp on your passport.
  5. Final security check. Remove all gadgets and metal items (including belts and coins) from your body. Remove your shoes only when instructed.

That’s about it. It’s a long process and it involves a lot of queueing so make sure you’re at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight.

How early should I be at the airport?

At least 2 hours before your scheduled departure.

I personally like showing up at the airport 3-4 hours earlier just in case something untoward happens. I once lost my old passport and visa at the airport on two different occasions (yeah, I was careless, haha), but good thing I had enough time to search. Also, I like staying at airports. Hehe.

Update: In peak season like the weeks before and after Christmas, it’s best to arrive at least 4 hours before your flight.

What are the things that I should bring to the airport?

I always have a checklist of items I MUST NOT forget.

Here are the most important items.

  • Passport – Duh.
  • Visa – When applicable
  • Return Flight Ticket – Make sure you print out the tickets. When I fly domestic, I usually just show the check-in agent the tickets on my phone. They accept it. But for international flights, you will be showing your tickets too many times (check-in counter, travel tax counter, departure fee counter, immigration, etc) that it would be impractical and ridiculously annoying to whip out your phone every step of the way. A printed ticket will make it a lot easier for you and the people who will check it. Besides, a piece of paper does not need to be charged.
  • Company ID – Immigration Officers sometimes ask for a company ID as a proof that you would return to the Philippines and would not seek employment opportunities in your destination country.
  • Address and contact number abroad – If you’re traveling as a tourist, get the hotel’s exact address and contact number. If you’re visiting a friend or relative and you’re staying with them, get their exact address and contact number. You will need it when filling out immigration forms.
  • DSWD Clearance – Only when traveling with a minor who is not your child and the parents are not joining the trip.

Here are other things that you can bring for good measure.

  • Hotel reservation – If you’re traveling as a tourist.
  • Invitation letter – If you’re visiting a friend or relative and staying with them.
  • Money – Of course! Make sure you have enough. My usual budget for a 3-day or 4-day trip abroad is US$600 but I usually just spend less than USD400. Having not enough cash is a common reason why travelers are denied entry even when they are already at the airport.
  • Credit card – Some airports require a copy of the credit card used when the tickets are booked online. You might also need it as a safety net in case you run short of cash. Some hotels also ask for credit card for deposit.
  • Photocopy of the Passport and Visa – Just in case you lose your documents, it would be easier for you to get a replacement if you have a copy. When you’re already in your destination and you’re going out, leave the photocopy in the hotel room if you’re bringing the original with you.
  • Travel Itinerary – Make a clear plan of what you want to do and write them down. In case the Immigration Officers pick you for a random check, a printed itinerary will help convince them that you will really go to your destination to tour and nothing else.
  • Address and contact number of the Philippine Embassy in your destination country – Just in case something happens.
  • A Pen – Yes, the humble pen is important. You will be accomplishing forms.

I usually carry an envelope where I put all these together (except the photocopies and money).

In addition, I have a paper where I write the hotel address, contact number, my passport number, passport expiry date, and flight number. This way, when I’m accomplishing forms, I don’t need to fish out my passport and other documents. I just have one reference page.

What are the usual questions that the Immigration Officers ask?

The questions vary from officer to officer. If you’re lucky, the officer will just throw a couple of questions at you and you’re through. But often, here are the questions:

  • Where are you going?
  • When will you return to the Philippines?
  • What will you do there?
  • Whom are you traveling with?
  • What is your occupation here in the Philippines?

The key is to answer confidently, consistently, and truthfully.

Sometimes, they will ask follow up questions. Sometimes, you will be subjected to a secondary inspection, which I will explain below.

What is offloading?

Offloading is the act of pulling a passenger who is already boarded out of an aircraft.

Technically speaking, the Bureau of Immigration does not have an offloading policy. They do not get a boarded passenger out of a plane on a regular basis. What they do is they screen passengers and decide if they will allow them to board the plane or not. This process happens before boarding, not after, so this is not really offloading.

However, here in the Philippines, “offloading” has been used as an umbrella term for blocking someone from leaving the country, even if the passenger has not yet boarded. If an Immigration Officer rejects you at the inspection, many Filipinos refer to it as “offloading.” Hence, for the purpose of this article, let’s just use that Filipinized definition of the term.

What can I do to make sure I won’t be offloaded by the Immigration?

The Bureau of Immigration has been implementing stricter rules lately. According to the bureau, every day around 40 people are offloaded at NAIA Terminal 1 alone. Three to four in every 50 of these offloaded passengers actually have legitimate reasons to go abroad. You don’t want to be one of them.

If you want to make sure you won’t be offloaded, you need to follow the guidelines released to Immigration Officers by the bureau. A 2012 memorandum enumerates what the officers must require from departing passengers:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (if applicable)
  3. Filled out departure card
  4. Roundtrip ticket

They usually also ask for your company ID. Then, if they deem necessary, you will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Age
  2. Educational attainment
  3. Financial capability to travel

What does the last item mean? Well, in a nutshell, tourists with no steady source of income in the Philippines and no benefactors who appear to have a different reason for traveling other than for leisure are more likely to be offloaded. So if in case you are subjected to a secondary inspection, you would want to have the following with you:

  • If you’re an employee, Certificate of Employment (best if it indicates your salary and how long you have been with the company)
  • If you’re self-employed, a copy of your Business Registration Certificate
  • If you’re a freelancer, you should still have an ITR. If your clients pay it for you, you may ask for a copy from the client. You may also ask your client to produce a document that would certify that they have hired you and the details of the project/contract.
  • If you’re tax-exempt, you should still have an ITR. Since 2018, workers earning below P250,000 a year (P21,000 a month) are exempted from paying income taxes. But that doesn’t mean it exempts you from having an ITR. If you’re an employee, you can still get a copy of your ITR from your employer even if you’re tax-exempt.

I always have a copy of both my ITR and a “Certificate of Employment” from my clients to be safe.

For more info about this, check out: How to Avoid Getting Offloaded

Should I present all these documents at the Immigration booth?

No. Again, most of the time, the Officer will only ask for the following:

  • Passport (with visa, if applicable)
  • Accomplished departure card
  • Round-trip ticket
  • Company ID

Don’t present other documents when they don’t ask for them. All the other documents are more like safety nets IN CASE you need to prove you’re employed.

Just answer their questions confidently.

Do I need to have a hotel reservation before my flight?

It is BEST to always book accommodations first before your flight. You will be required to indicate the address of your hotel on your departure and arrival cards, and Immigration officers on both sides sometimes ask for hotel documents. Even when I’m backpacking across more than one country, I usually make sure I have booked accommodations on at least my first night in the next country I’m visiting. Again, you could go there without prior reservations but if you want to avoid the hassle of getting asked too many questions and the stress that comes with it, better book in advance.

I’m invited by a relative or a friend, do I need an invitation letter?

In theory, yes, so if you could produce one, go ahead. The Immigration Officers DON’T ALWAYS ask for this, so many invited travelers are still able to make it through without it. However, they might just ask for it if they deem necessary. 

The safest thing to do is to produce an Affidavit of Support or Guarantee, notarized at the Philippine Embassy. When officers ask for “invitation letter,” this is actually the document they refer to because it’s formal, legal, binding, and hard to fake.

Anyway, you will be asked to indicate your “address abroad” when filling out forms so make sure you have that. To be on the safe side, be sure you have your friend’s contact number, too.

Is there a show money? How much do I need to have for them to let me through?

I have never been asked to show money, but I know people who have been. I have been asked many times how much money I have with me, though, but never to show it.

My pocket money depends on the destination country. Some are more expensive than others. For example, the cost of living in Singapore is definitely higher than in Thailand. In countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, I usually bring USD400 for a 4-day trip, USD500 for a week-long trip. But that’s way more than I actually spend. In cheaper countries like Cambodia and Thailand, I allot USD50 per day. Again, that has a big allowance.

I also bring a credit card, just in case.

Where should I exchange currencies? Is it best to exchange in the Philippines before the trip?

It depends on the country I’m visiting. In countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, where the PH peso is not widely accepted in banks/money changers, I usually exchange my pesos with US dollars here in the Philippines before the trip.

In countries like Singapore and Hong Kong where the PHP is widely accepted, I exchange directly when I’m already there. At the airport, I usually exchange a small amount, just enough to get me to my hotel. But when the airport rate isn’t that bad or the difference is very little, I exchange more. Sometimes, what you lose in the conversion might even be smaller than the money you’re gonna spend to get to a better money changer.

Based on experience, however, the best way to acquire foreign currencies is still through ATM withdrawal. Some banks collect transaction fees, some don’t. So if you’re setting up a travel account, choose your bank wisely.

Further reading: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

Should I bring an ID?

Your passport is a valid ID. But Immigration Officers in the Philippines have started to ask for company ID to validate the occupation you indicated on your departure card.

I’m a freelancer so I don’t have a company ID. What is a good alternative?

When I was a freelancer, I didn’t have a company ID either. I would usually tell them that I was a consultant. I always had a copy of an Employment Certificate (which I got from my clients) and a copy of my ITR handy. I never had any problems with it ever.

If you’re a registered professional or sole proprietor, bring a copy of business registration documents to be safe.

Here’s the format I followed when I asked my clients to provide some sort of certification that I was working for them.

Sample Certificate Employment PDF

I’m a fresh graduate but I’m currently unemployed. What can I do?

Find a sponsor who is an a family member. Prepare an authenticated Affidavit of Support and Guarantee indicating the relationship within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, together with the supporting documents.

According to a friend who is an Immigration Officer, in addition, you must also provide proof that the sponsor can support the trip. This may be the sponsor’s ITR or bank documents.

You’re most likely going to be asked by the Immigration Officer why you’re traveling. If it is a graduation treat, you can say so. If you have a document to prove you just graduated, that can help too.

However, note that having the above papers does not guarantee anything but it can help.

I’m unemployed and I don’t have funds. What are the requirements?

Prove that you have a sponsor, preferably an immediate family member.

People who can’t financially support the trip themselves must have the following documents with them upon going through Immigration:

  1. Authenticated affidavit of support indicating the relationship within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, together with the supporting documents.
  2. An affidavit of undertaking/ guaranty

In addition, you will also be asked to provide proof that your sponsor can financially support this trip. This may be ITR or bank statements.

However, having these documents does not guarantee you’ll be allowed to leave. They will still assess based on many other factors like purpose of travel, companion, and probability of returning. But the above documents can help build your case.

I’m traveling with my foreigner boyfriend / girlfriend / friend. What are the requirements?

According to the same memorandum, travelers without financial capacity to travel escorted or accompanied by a foreigner who is not related will be subject to secondary inspection.

There is a qualifier there: without financial capacity to travel. I’m guessing if you can prove you’re employed and you have the funds, you will still be allowed to exit the country. Hence, company ID, ITR, and Certificate of Employment or Business Registration documents can be a big help.

But if you don’t have those, there’s a chance they will be stricter on you.

My trip is sponsored by my foreigner boyfriend / girlfriend / friend. What are the requirements?

This is one of the most usual questions we get: What are the requirements if I’m going to meet a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend abroad?

If you’re paying for your trip, it’s easier. Many choose to just declare they’re visiting a friend or just traveling as a tourist. (Not that I approve of it.) You can present proof of employment like company ID, ITR, COE or business registration documents.

If your trip is sponsored by a foreigner, it becomes tricky because it shows you don’t have the financial capacity to afford this trip and you are very vulnerable to risky situations like human trafficking. In this case, you’re most likely to undergo secondary inspection. They’re just trying to protect you.

According to a friend who is an Immigration Officer, an Affidavit of Support/Guarantee/Undertaking can help. IDEALLY, the party supporting the traveler must be a RELATIVE within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. But he said that SOMETIMES, they accept an Affidavit of Support from non-relative if everything else looks good. The keyword there is SOMETIMES. Not always. It’s on a case-by-case basis, so don’t count on it.

In addition, it is best that the traveler show proof of relationship with the foreign sponsor. This can be photos together. You might also be asked how long you have known each other and how you met.

If you plan on getting married abroad, make sure you have the necessary docs. According to the memorandum, partners and spouses of foreign nationals intending to depart to meet and/or marry their fiance without the CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate are subject to secondary inspection. You might also want to look at other requirements which may vary per destination country. I’m not familiar with the process so contact the proper agency for this.

I’m meeting my boyfriend / girlfriend abroad for the first time. What are the requirements?

If you’re a first-time traveler, you have no physical proof of relationship AND you’re meeting the foreign sponsor for the first time, you are most certainly going to be offloaded. If you’ve met the sponsor online, they will have a hard time trusting that you’ll be fine abroad. You must have a strong existing relationship with your sponsor for them to let you through. In their eyes, online communication, no matter how long it has been going on, is just not a strong enough proof of relationship.

What is the weight limit for carry-on baggage (hand-carry)?

Depends on the airline so it’s best to call them. Most low cost carriers place it at 7kg. Lately, many have been really strict about it. JetStar and AirAsia, for example, would insist that you don’t exceed it, so make sure you stay below the limit.

Most legacy airlines don’t count laptops and cameras in their 7kg allowance. Most low cost carriers do.

Where should I store my power bank (mobile charger)?

Bring it with you onboard. NEVER store it in your checked in baggage. I made that mistake once in Tokyo, and I was asked to remove it minutes before the flight.

What should I wear?

Depends on your destination. Consider the weather both in your origin and destination. If it’s sunny in Manila and you’re flying to Korea in January, you might want to also bring a jacket onboard. Actually, I always bring a jacket onboard. I just find airplane cabins way too cold. Haha.

But in general, here are some tips:

  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove because you might be removing them during the final security check. Slip-ons are great.
  • Don’t wear a belt during check in, you’ll be asked to remove it too. Place it in your bag and just put it on once you’re through.
  • Don’t wear a watch during check in. Just put it on after the final security check.

Well, that’s all I can think of now. I’ll be adding more to this when I encounter other questions so keep them coming. Again, these are just my personal preferences based on experience. For more accurate and detailed answers, always check with your carrier for airline-related concerns and the embassy of the country you’re visiting for immigration requirements and policies.

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            Malaysia is only visa-free for up to 30 days. If longer, you need to get proper visa.

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      Hi Vi! Yes, I think that’s enough. Just don’t drink too much, haha. Beer is not as cheap as what we have here in PH.

      If you’re SEAsia-bound, there’s no need for medical certificates. :)

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    yup same question here, me and my cousin are going to travel to Thailand by october and we want to start at Clark airport.. are the Immigration Officers there are strict? and is there a chance for us to offload? It’s gonna infuriating if it happen,, please tell Thanks .me what to say and do at the Immigration..

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      Hi Jigz, there’s always that chance since most airlines today overbook. You might want to check in early or use web check-in to secure seats. As for the immigration, just follow the tips above and you’ll be fine as long as you’re not doing anything illegal.

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    My documents are:

    Complete tickets
    Hotel bookings
    Bank Statement (can provide for individual (70k), and joint accounts with my name and my grandmother’s name(six figures)
    Paypal Statements
    Can also ask for previous employment certificate
    I have 3 debit cards, but will bring only 1.

    kung kayo po yung IO okay na ba sa inyo? I’m really nervous po. :< thanks in advance!

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    Hi! You might want to add that in Brunei, they collect tax at the airport when you get out of the country. We had the unfortunate experience of having no Brunei dollars anymore when we were about to go home (and there were seven of us!). Good thing was that I had a friend who saw us off and lent us the Brunei dollars. I forgot how much it was, but it’s a good thing to keep a few dollars on hand. ;)

    So far, that’s the only country I’ve been to where you have to pay something at the airport as you go home. :)

    I also have a little (dirty) secret. One time, I got a lot of those departure forms at the airport and brought them home, so that whenever I have to go out of the country, I fill them up at home and I don’t have to stand at the airport, filling out these forms. Sneaky…ha ha ha!

    Thanks for this very informative blog, by the way! Will go around more when I have the time. :)


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    A tip to those travelling abroad, who dread the immigration officers: Dress like you have money and be assertive.

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    Let me just add that government employees even those with GOCC’s need to have a letter of authority from their superiors if they are travelling abroad. Our travel companion before who happens to be a rank and file employee was asked by the Immigration officer to produce such letter. Being a first time traveler abroad he did not know then that such a ruling exists. Good thing was that our supposed flight was during office hours and he phoned in his superior to send in a fax indicating such letter of authority.

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    Hi! My best friend and I are planning a trip to Thailand she’s based in gold coast so we’ll just meet there and she’ll be the one to book our hotel accommodation. If immigration asks for printed receipts for our hotel booking will it be okay if it’s under her name? or do I need to book at least 2 days of hotel accommodation under my name as well?

    • yoshke says:

      Based on my experience (again, just my experience), it doesn’t have to be under your name. Also, keep the phone number of your friend handy in case they want to confirm.

  13. sam says:

    I was browsing the internet looking for requirements to travel abroad and came across your blog. Eventhough I’m a frequent traveler, I have fears that immigration will decide not to let me depart to my location. Especially now that I heard that they stricter.

    Luckily, I haven’t experienced an IO asking for requirements other than Passport and the departure card at NAIA. They usually just look at you and stamp the passport. Sometimes they ask when you are coming back.

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  15. maureen says:

    hello there…
    were going to clark airport by 26May via hkg and we are traveling by a group / composed of 15 pax including my sons aged 15 & 17; unfortunately my eldest son’s passport is still under my maiden name since i am not married by then — we just applied a deed of legitimacy however DFA did not honor that; school records, school ID, baptismal cert and student permit license is under my husband’s last name…if immigration authorities will ask for another ID like school ID for minors? or if the passport is valid then? thank you…

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Maureen! I wish I could answer your question, but I have no idea either. Have you tried asking DFA regarding this? They will give you a definitive answer for sure. :)

  16. meilyn says:

    I actually bought a ticket for Cebu to Singapore and going back, but aside from a valid passport I didn’t know that they would ask for more documents. I am going there for a 3 days and 2 nights vacation with my 3 years japanese boyfriend ( he is not living in SG we will go there for a vacation) but he will arrived in Singapore the day before me since he is in japan right now, which means I will travel alone and more to that I am a first time traveler. As of the moment I don’t have a job and a credit card as well. My boyfriend will be covering the expenses for the hotel and food. Right now I’m scared to be off loaded… I hope someone can give me advice on what I should do.

    • carrisse says:

      Hi, I plan to go to sg also to be wit my bf, I wonder if I need to have cfo. . Nakalusot kb sa in?

    • Grace says:

      Hello meilyn.
      Nakapunta ka ba sa Singapore?
      What exactly ask the io at you and what is your answers. Can you help me meilyn.
      I’m going to Malaysia next year and I was only sub-teacher. I’m going there with tourist. I’m not regularly teach. Please can you advice me. Thanks ahead. I wait your response.

  17. carrise says:

    Hi, I’m a first time flyer and plan to go to sg, I’m afraid if the is will let me pass if I tell them the truth that il stay at my bf ‘ s house in Singapore. . Il go to sg to meet my bf’ s family. . Do I need a cfo? My bf is a singaporean national..what documents I need to pass through io?

  18. Patrick says:

    Wow this is very informative

    Anyways i would like to share with you my “flawless” experience with the IO

    I travelled to Bangkok last week and and was my first time traveling and alone outside the PH. Beforehand i do research on how’s the Immigration process here and i would say it was really quite frightening since there are legit travelers who have been offloaded on the airport

    To cut the long story short, i was looking on all the IOs on the floor and have a look on whom i think was easiest i could pass. I queue on this middle aged lady because her face is somewhat kind. :)

    And yeah i am right she just asked me few questions like:

    First time mo?
    Bakit ikaw lang mag isa?
    San ka nagwowork at ano work mo?
    Kelan balik mo dito?

    I even insisted on handing her my return ticket and accomodation but told me my answers are enough then stamped my passport and let me in

    Oh diba naka chamba lang ako mg mabait na IO since yung katabi nyang IO eh mukhang maldita, though pretty since lahing koreana pero di sya yung pinuntahan ko kasi meron syang ni reject

    • jc says:

      hi! is this also possible when you are going to hk? i am a solo traveller as well. i am really afraid to io since i read dreadful things about them.

    • Roselle Espiritu Rebelala says:

      may work ka po ba nung nagtravel ka.]
      San ka nagwowork at ano work mo?
      ano po sagot nyo jan

  19. reneboy lamata says:

    hi flight ko po this coming feb 1 going to hong kong, i am a boutique manager po and i already have my company i.d need ko pa po ba mag present nang ITR or hindi na po?


  20. Jean Mendoza Santos says:

    Hi sir! Very informative blog :) Sir do you have any idea what documents are needed to show to the IO if you’re working in the local government unit as an employee? thank you and God bless!

  21. monic says:

    Hi, this blog is very helpful. I just wanna ask your oppinions, i am going to tour for five days this holly week to SG, my british bf is waitingfor me there, he fixed everything i need. For now i have my passport, roundtrip eticket, hotel reservation,company id(i am a minimum and contractual employee), i also have a copy of his passport and the credit card he used.

    Is this enough for the immigration officer? What are the possible questions they may ask? Thank you!

      • Clark Johnson says:

        why is it that very few people follow up and respond to what happened for them? is this a good sign or not?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Clark, it’s because commenters are not notified when someone replies to their comments, and most commenters don’t really return to this blog after their trip. Especially when the comments are really old.

  22. Ace says:

    kinakabahan ako kasi for the first time pupunta akong abroad at the age of 20 para mag tour, student pa lang po ako and currently taking BSBA, tips naman po para sa mga young traveller para sa pagharap sa IO

  23. Lee says:

    My bf is working in macau right now and I’m planning to go there to visit him just only me coz we already have 2 kids and they’re too young to go there and his the only source of our income so what should I present to the IO sakaling matuloy ako

    • Janice Madamba says:

      hi lee! nasa macau rin common-law husband ko, roundtrip ticket and invitation letter will do. :)

  24. Samantha says:

    Hi. mag travel po kami ng bf this aug sa hk. the problem is yung bf ko po works for their family business wala po siyang ma poprovide na company i.d sa immigration. Ano po kaya pwede namin gawin or ipresent nalang sa IOs. Thank you. :)

  25. arceli says:

    Hi ask ko lng po ,plan po naming mag vacation sa thailand with my foreigner boyfriend for 30 days , ano po ba ang dapat kung dalhin na requarmints

  26. Gamerabii says:

    After reading the article and doing some research, my fear for the IO increased. It will be my first time travelling abroad and the last thing I want is to be offloaded. I just hope for a smooth departure.

  27. lizab says:

    hi, ask ko lang po if 2nd time mo ng mgtravel abroad hindi naba ganon kahigpit ang IO, they will let me pass na ba even i dont have an invitation letter. thanks

  28. Marvie Fernandez says:

    hello .. what if for student like me . what questions are they asking . thanks :))

  29. Some information in your blog is wrong. Airport taxes are now incorporated in the ticket prices for most airlines. OFWs can get a refund.

    No need to pay taxes at the airport any longer; unless this was not inluded in the airfare.

    Other countries do not collect airport taxes because they may also be already incorporated into the airfare. Take note that in Indonesia they still collect taxes at the airport.

  30. Racquel Caballa says:

    Hi everyone….I’m upcoming student modular class ,class start on August….my question are what I gonna write at immigration departure form (occupation /work).I don’t have work.should I write student but I don’t have I’d…I only have enrolment cert.anyone pls tnx

      • Pau says:

        Hi! What if the student just recently graduated and doesn’t have work but is going to travel to SG for leisure? What to bring?

  31. John Mark Grancapal says:

    Please help. I’m a freelancer, me and my wife are first timers going to Singapore. I don’t have ITR. But she have a business, so she can bring Business Registration Certificate. Is that enough for both of us?

  32. Tina Carpio says:

    hi what if I have a sister in Japan who invited me to go there and she will be the one who will provide all the expenses and i have a japanesse guarantor, what are the papers should i give to the immigration?

  33. Miriam says:

    Hi! Thank you for your informative blog. Just like to ask, me and my boyfriend will be celebrating our anniversary in hongkong. I have no problem on my side because I have work and it is not my first time to travel. However my problem is with my boyfriend. His last day of work is this month, December 2016, and he will be jobless at the time we will be leaving the country, also, this is his first time to travel. We will be staying with her sister in hongkong. What are the documents that we need to provide and what should we say for them to allow us to leave the country?

  34. sam says:

    Hello, i just want ask what to do with my scenario or if someone already experience this please let me know what to do, my half brother is currently working in the middle east and he will be the one to provide me with the letter of sponsorship, I’ve got my tourist visa already the only problem is that the spelling of the first name of our mother that appears in the birth certificate of my brother and mine we’re different. On my brother’s birth cert it shows GLY and on my birth cert it shows GLE, can someone please tell me what supporting document should I need to present when ask by the IOs? Thanks.

  35. My Babes says:

    Uhmm my friends and I were traveling to HKG this July, we have Booked thru travel agency , we had prepared our passports and stuff, but Financial capability to travel or Certificate of Employment the agency did not informed us. we will stay there for 3d2n. Is there a chance that we will be offloaded? it’s our first time going abroad.

  36. Katrina says:

    Hello ask ko Lang po if mahigpit po ba IO sa first time traveler, kasi first time ko po mag travel, BF family invited me to travel their country for 3 mos only in Bolivia South America,.and they already pay my round trip visa din kasi bolivia,me ron na po ako round trip ticket, passport, invitation letter and yellow fever offload po ba ako? First time ko kasi, I need some advice lang po.

  37. yayo lim says:

    Hi Yoshke and Vins! I am getting anxious about my travel next month to the US for the first time, I just recently resigned from my previous job (about a month ago) and now I’m worried on how to get pass both the IO here and in abroad. Would I be asked for any documentation to present to them given my current situation of being unemployed? and what could that be? I know the timing is off to travel with no job but I badly need to use my visa due to its expiry date and for renewal purposes. I will be traveling with my dad as my benefactor. Please help! :(

  38. lyka santiago says:

    Hi, My flight is on June 28. I will be staying in Phuket, Thailand and I will stay there until July 1. I was just wondering how much pocket money will I bring? By the way, Im from the Philippines. Thanks in advance.

  39. phil says:

    how do we send off my brother at the naia T3 airport?
    can we enter the terminal with him, or is there another entrance for
    the send-off group?

  40. Melissa Althea says:

    I am planning to travel on November for a 6 day vacation to Malaysia-Singapore. I will be staying at my friend’s house. This would be my first time to travel international, ALONE, usually when I travel, my travel buddy will make all the necessary steps before and after boarding. I regret the time not knowing the entire process. Hindi ko tuloy alam kung saan saan pupunta kapag nasa terminal na. Nerbyosa pa man din ako. Lalo pag arrival na hindi ko alam saan una pupunta ;D
    Natrauma din kasi ako the last time I went to Hongkong po, yung immigration sa Clark ang tatapang, mataas kasi yung cubicle glass nila, hindi ko marinig yung mga tinatanong, nagalit bigla. hindi daw ako nakkikinig. How much money do I need to bring po kung ililibre lang naman ako nung Friend ko like pag pupunta ng Lego Land, Universal Studios?

    • Hi Melissa, I don’t know if there are set minimum when traveling to Singapore. But most developed countries I have visited require around 50 USD per day.

  41. Pam says:

    Hello. First time ko po mag-travel in the age of 19. Meron na po akong book na hotel and syempre roundtrip ticket . Student pala po kaya I dont hve any accounts. What should I do?

  42. vijender says:

    sir,i come delhi to bangkok on oct.2015.then i fill immigration form address bangkok my friend sister.but anyone not recieve me on i go to pattaya and stay. i did not know that it change address information gave immigration office.please tell me my next vist which problem face to me.

  43. Angeline Hintay says:

    Hi, I’m going to japan this sunday and its my first time.. Just wanna ask if you know the process in osaka kansai airport? My brother explained it to me but I’m stil confused.. Hope you know the answer.. Thanks! ☺

    • Hi Angeline? What process are you referring to? If you’re talking about the overall airport process when you arrive, it’s the usual. When you arrive, follow the signs to the Immigration. Once you’re through with the Immigration Inspection, check the screens for the assigned carousel for your luggage, go there, pick up your luggage, and exit the airport. Sometimes, Customs will do another inspection before you exit. Just outside the airport is the train station.

  44. em says:

    Hi im a financer. most likely lending. i dont have Id as well. But I earn a lot. How will i be able to pass in immigration?

  45. Dhin says:

    Hi, just want to share my experienced first time travelling abroad. before that, i was so nervous thinking about for travelling abroad, because i am not working/ and have no job, ….My only job, was that, i just taking care of my elderly/sickly mother. and i was confused what to fill up the form in my departure card, since i have no occupation..actually i travelled with my bf for 5 years ,going to vietnam recently, and he shouldered all the expenses, plane tickets and accommodations…be sure that you have a return ticket..and i was confused what to fill up the departure card..i Put “NONE” in the occupation space. when the IO asked my passport and the departure card. she looked at me and asked some personal question like ,who is my travel companion and i said that my bf. she asked me if we have kids ,i said. we don’t have kids. and she said that, you have to proceed there.. she pointed out the other side and thats for secondary inspection probably and there was an officer who gives me a form to fill up..and when i started to fill up and almost half had finish, the officer asked me a question, like who is travelling with me, and is it my first time travelling abroad, and where we gonna go, and whats my purpose for travel..and i answered him straightforward, honest and confident. .and then he said that, ok..give me the form and i said that, im not done yet with my form to fill up. and he said it is Ok..and then he brings me to the Lady officer (IO) to stamp my passport..and that was it..and when we arrived in HCMC airport , i thought that we need to fill up the arrival form when we arrived there..but its not. instead we went directly to the immigration, and i’ll give my passport and he looked at it and scan and asked what is my flight..and i answered my flight number and he stamped my passport and thats it..everything was fine..

    • Cris says:

      Hi, I just wanted to seek for your opinion, Currently I am working in Dubai UAE and I will have my vacation in the Philippines on August 2018 and I will return in Dubai on October 2018. I planned to have 4days vacation in Taiwan on September 16-19 since its free visa and also to visit my sister working there. I have book for tour package with a travelling agency including my ticket,hotel and tours. My concern is that I only applied for visit visa in Dubai before and apply for job there, Does immigration will question about it? And will it be a factor for possible offloading?

      • Uaenne Clarine says:

        Hi Cris.. I know it’s 2019 already but would you mind if I ask you what happened to your trip stated above? Because I am planning to travel to Singapore as well and seems like we have the same issue :) I had worked in Dubai for almost 3 yrs and decided to go back home last year. Now, me and my mom plans to travel to Singapore. Did they question you about your dubai travel history? I will really appreciate your response Cris.. Will surely help me a lot.. Thank you so so much! God bless…

  46. Janine Mae Alvior says:

    Hi! We don’t have a company ID po. Pano po paghinanap nila ano po alternative na pwedeng ipakita?

      • stef luis says:

        Hi Yoshke, for those who are employed in the government like DTI buit contract of service. kelangan pa po ba ng travel authority un? thanks

        • Jhay says:

          Hi stef, i know 1 year na po ung comment mo pero curious lang po ako. I’ll be travelling din po kasi and government employed ako but contract of service (municipal level po). Kailangan po ba ng travel authority? Or my iba pang requirement? Thanks!

          • Sherry Lynn Barquin says:

            Pwede po mag tanong yung ticket ko po wrong spelling I mean pinagdugtong yng 2 names ko at kulang ng 1 letter. Pina book kc ng friend namin yun. Pwede po ba yun o dapat mapalitan po

  47. jhaz says:

    Hello poh , tanong ko lng po first time po ako magtravel sa australia anu po kailangan kong dalin or ipakita sa IO and boyfriend ko po nag sponsor skin sya rin po nagbook ng ticket ko and stay po aq sa bahay nia , shoulder po nya lahat ng gastusin pagpunta ko po dun, since wala po akong trabaho but i have a small bussiness nman dito sa pinas at stay po aq dun for 3 months , kailangan pa po ba ng show money .please help po sa mag need to bring to show sa IO .

    • Charry says:

      Hi jhaz!!! Kelan flight mo? pa share naman ng experience mo kung nakaalis ka na.. Like you first time ko rin mag travel sa Australia next month, Medyo anxious ako kasi baby ko lang ang kasama kong magtravel..

      • Carmina Zipagan says:

        Hi jhaz. Pashare naman po ng experience niyo. first time to travel din kase on december. Same scenario po kasi tayo. Salamat po

    • Hi Jhaz, you already have a visa?

      Bring your business registration docs. They’re more concerned about your employment status than how much money you have (although it can be a factor too).

  48. LouiTherese says:

    Hello, Ask lang po, I’m planning to travel abroad alone and its my first time to travel abroad . What should I do to pass the immigration? Thanks po

  49. IAN says:

    HI Sir , very informative blog. Quick question sir. My Boyfriend and I will be meeting in morocco to spend time together he is from Belgium, this is my first time to travel outside the Philippines in our Hotel Accommodation is it okay to place his our names together? and when the IO asked I will just say i will be traveling with a friend or do you think I should say im only traveling alone? with regards to documents I have everything COE, ITR, Bank statements and Credit card. Im just worried that if I say I will be traveling with a friend it will open can of worms and I wont be able to defend it. I need enlightenment on this,thank you!

    • The foreign boyfriend might open a can of worms, as you put it. But if you declare you’re traveling alone, make sure your hotel reservation supports that.

      Is it your first time to travel abroad?

      • Akira says:

        Hi sir my bf come and get me here in Philippines he from Indonesia what documents need to Po

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Same as what’s listed above. They can be stricter with someone who is going out of the country with a foreigner, though.

  50. Cha says:

    Hi! I will be travelling with my friend to Malaysia and Singapore for 5 days (2 days in KL and 3 days in SG). Do we need to declare to the IO na mag cross border kami? Also, yung friend ko first time niya mag travel overseas while ako 2nd time and the first country I visited was Taiwan (with visa) last May. Sabay rin ba kami sa immigration or hiwalay? Thanks for your response. :)

  51. nnHachie says:

    Hi Poor Traveler,

    Thank you very much for this helpful tips! I will bookmark your page for future reference. Ciao!

  52. nai says:

    hi, Im traveling to Singapore next week. Do i need to get medical certificate? thanks

  53. Ynah says:

    Hello po. Ask ko lang po kung sabay sabay po kaming iinterviewhin ng mga kasama ko sa airport immigration? Papunta po kasi kaming Japan this coming april para po mag bakasyon.Actually mga cousins, tita and tito ko po kasama ko. Im 19 years old btw. Thanks po

      • Maritchu S. Guston says:

        Hello po, first time po namin mag travel as tourist sa Japan this coming December ng anak ko (11 yrs old) ask ko lang po kung kailangan pa ba may clearance from DSWD at kailangan ba talaga may hotel booking na ipakita sa immigration kasi doon kami mag stay sa asawa ko who is also working sa Japan pero d sya Japanese, Filipino sya. Ano po ba kailangan docs kung doon kami mag stay sa asawa ko if ever. Sana po matulungan nyo ako kasi takot po akong ma offload kami ng anak ko. Maraming salamat po & God bless.

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Maritchu, if kasama ka magtravel, no need for DSWD clearance for your kid. Basta may kasamang parent, no need na.

          If sa asawa mo ikaw magstay, di kailangan ng hotel booking. Based on our experience, pag inask ka ng Immigration officer kung saan ka titira, sabihin mo lang na sa husband mo. If humingi ng proof, pwede mo ipakita yung photocopy ng Japan resident card nya. But make sure you have the exact address.

  54. Nervous1stTimeTraveller says:

    Hi Joshke,

    Me and my gf are both first time travelers, I am currently unemployed but with savings from previous work. I’m afraid to be offloaded that’s why Im reading blogs that can help us prevent the worst case scenario. We all have the documents needed like; statement of acct, COE (gf only) , Leave form (gf only), Company ID (gf only), round trip tickets, itinerary, attraction passes&tickets..but this is my problem..I booked an accommodation online (pay at the property and free cancellation*) and planning to write the address and contact no of this one in the immigration form BUT we will not stay there. I have a friend working in that (asia-non visa) country and we are going to stay for free at his place for 3 nights. My friend doesn’t want his name to be involved in any interviews or form that we are going to fill-up at immigration that is why I have to falsely booked an accommodation. My question is, Does the immigration calls the no. that we will be providing in the immigration form and confirm it themselves to the hostel if we will truly stay there? Because I have to cancel my booking 10 days before my reservation date so that they wont charge me cancellation fee. Pls help.
    Note: Our sincere intention is just to travel.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Nervous1stTimeTraveller!

      I honestly don’t know the answer to this. :(

      • Nervous1stTimeTraveller says:

        Hi Yoshke

        We followed every suggestions, tips and instructions in this blog, thanks to you we weren’t offloaded regarding my concern above, it wasn’t worth a worry po pala. They asked lang kung may tutuluyan na kami and I said ‘yes’ and no questions na. Buti nalang nacancel ko yung booking ko sa hotel beforehand kundi sayang pa yun and thanks to you evertyhing they ask for ay meron kami like VL form, company id etc. I am unemployed but they didnt make fuss about it. Tinanong lang nila kung nag aral ba ko, kung natapos ko ba, what school and sino nagbayad ng trip namin and that’s all again, thank you the fear of unknown has been unlocked Goodluck to all first time travellers

        • JV. says:

          Hi po. I am a college fresh grad and I am planning to visit Taiwan. The expenses are paid by my grandpa as a grad gift. It’s going to be my first time going out of the country. I am unemployed too since I just graduated. I am afraid that I am going to be offloaded since it’s my first time going abroad and on top of that, I am unemployed. Could you share any tips po? Please? Napapraning na ako dito e. I want to make my first time travel abroad a success.

  55. Yanna says:

    Hi my mom is a retired public school teacher, what can she write as occupation in the departure card? Thanks!

  56. Jer says:

    Hello po. Good afternoon po. Ask ko lang po sana kung okay lang gumamit ng fake company ID sa immigration ng Philippines. Unemployed po kase ako and balak ko mag tour ng singapore or malaysia. Hindi po ba nila madedetect if it’s fake po? Sana po mabasa nyo po ito. Salamat po

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jer. Hindi po namin inaadvice yan kasi mas lalo lang po kayong mapapahamak if ma-second inspection kayo.

  57. Mika says:

    I am a student who wished to travel in Hong Kong, ma-offload kaya ako if wala akong kasama to go there just for 3 days with round trip ticket and also mga e-mail confirmation ko na nabayaran ko for tours and my itinerary na gagawin ko sa Hong Kong. This is my first time to travel and ung gagastusin ko is from my savings. It’s like a reward for myself and to find a leisure. I hope you will answer back. Thank you.

    • Mika says:

      I am a student who wished to travel in Hong Kong, ma-offload kaya ako if wala akong kasama to go there just for 3 days with round trip ticket and also mga e-mail confirmation ko na nabayaran ko for tours and my itinerary na gagawin ko sa Hong Kong. This is my first time to travel and ung gagastusin ko is from my savings. It’s like a reward for myself and to find a leisure. And also even though I am a student and unemployed we have a sari-sari store dito sa bahay. I hope you will answer back. Thank you.

      • Jane says:

        Hi mika! Same here! Gusto ko ding magtravel sa Singapore alone. At first time ko din. And i’m Also a student. Did u make it? I mean nakalagpas ka ba sa immigration? Kasi savings ko lang din yung gagamitin ko sa pagtravel eh. Hindi siya sponsored ng parents ko

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Not likely. As long as you’re enrolled and they don’t find anything suspicious.

  58. Sims says:

    Good Day, po if nasa singapore ka na po pabalik ng pilipinas is the process the same do i have to fill out immigration forms there ?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      When you enter Singapore, you’ll have to accomplish a form. When you present that to the Immigration Officer, they will take half of it and give you the other half.

      When you leave Singapore, you can either return the other half to the Officer or use the electronic passport scan machines at the Immigration area. No need to fill out a form.

      • Renaosia says:

        Ask ko lang po nung una po nag travel lang po kmi ng mga friends ko pero ang nagsponsor po ung bf kong korean tapos na offload po kmi sabi po sa immigration mas ok po daw kung kasama nalsng ung boyfriebd ko pag mag travel ok lang po b yun kahit married po nakalagay sa passport ko tas my bf akong korean possble b makapag travel kaming dalawa kase balak po namin pumunta ng jeju island please answer????

        And ask ko lang din po if magttravel po ako magisa pero wala po akong job ngayon pero my ipon nmn po ako is it possible po nmakapag travel??

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          If unemployed po kayo ngayon, may chance talaga na makwestyon ng immigration mag-isa ka man or kasama mo yung Korean boyfriend mo. Mahigpit talaga kasi sila sa unemployed na invited ng foreigner, whether kasama mo man sya or hindi.

  59. Seth Bricia says:

    Hello. Just want to ask regarding the show money. Is it necessary that it is on cash or bank statement is fine? Thank you for answering! :)

  60. Joycetotheworld says:


    Im travelling to Israel this March to visit my Israeli boyfriend, We want to maximize the 90days allowable stay so we get a tourist permit from Israel immigration which they paid cash bonds for almost half M pesos, everything was paid by my boyfriend. I have the original copy of permit and attached is his notarized letter of support. I read from many post that it should be authenticated by the Phil. Embassy there? I dont think we have much time to do it, is it really necessary? Is there anything else I need to secure to avoid being offloaded? I am really worried as I dont want his money and effort put into waste.

    I have company ID, ITR, COE, & Return ticket. I can also show our pictures together with family since he already visited me here.

    Your advice is much appreciated. Thank you!

      • Renaosia says:

        Ask ko din balak ko po din kase isama ung kapatid ko magtravel kasama ko nmn po ung boyfriend kong korean magkakaron po b problema pag ganon pero ang mag bobook ng ticket ung boyfriend ko para samin ok lang po b ung ganon?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Renaosia, do you have financial capacity to travel?

          If maggo-go by the book yung officer and wala kang financial capacity (no work or bago pa lang sa work, limited funds, etc), malaki ang chance na i-secondary inspection ka kasi you’re traveling with a foreigner and sya yung sumagot ng ticket mo.

  61. Nc says:

    Good morning po sa lahat firstime kopa mag travel go hongkong student pa po ako anu po ba ang kailangan ko po?ako lang po mag isa anu po kailngan ipakita sa io mother ko po ang mag gastos skin bday gift nya

    anu po ang kailangan pakita para nd mag ofload

  62. Jovelyn says:

    Hi I am going to ask if the immigration will still ask me about my Hotel booking . Because in plan to my boyfriend plan to book 1 night In the hotel and i stay there 1 week and the second day of we go to another city to visit some tourist spots. Is the immigration will still ask me with the 1 week hotel booking. Thanks

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Depende sa officer kung saan ka matatapat. May mga officer na hindi hihingin un pero if matapat ka sa mahigpit or may makita silang anything na ikakaduda sila, they might ask for hotel booking. If that happens, best na meron na for your entire stay kasi medyo suspicious ung 1 night lang.

  63. Dara says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ll be traveling abroad very soon and for the very first time. I will include these in your checklist, especially a document of hotel addresses and photocopying passport. Thanks so much!

  64. ruby says:

    Hello…i have a plan to go 4day tour in thailanfd….ng diDIY ako lahat ng bookings ko fron round trip ticket to hotel reservation…wala po bang proble sa IO kapag ung hoter voucher ko is galing sa site ng TRAVELOKA APP?…usually mga friends ko n nka try n is dumadaan pa ng travel agency para s mga documents nila…ng seself booking ako para makaminus ng gastos

  65. Gretch says:


    Curious lng po ako.. okay po ba e.declare sa immigration officer na mag cro-cross border ka? (e.g. SG to KL).

  66. Michina says:

    Hi, magttravel po kmi kl with my niece 14 y/o po sia, nakakuha n po kmi ng dswd clearance ang nakalagay po s clearance s reason for travelling is visiting mother, kaso ung mother po nia n nsa kl e tnt po dati, ngaun po e on the process n po working visa. Ask q lng po qng hahanapan p po b kmi ng IO ng mga papers at visa ng mother nia? O okay n po ung dswd,passport,return ticket at hotel accomodation?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Michina, sa experience po namin, hindi naman hinahanap. Pero siguro depende pa rin sa IO un.

  67. Charmaine says:

    Hello po ask ko lng po ang bagong requirements ng immigration. Pag ngtousist ka..sabi po PSA ng kamaganak mo na kukuha sau at kamaganak mo dto sa pinas proof na makakamaganak po kau. At ung visa po. Anu pa po ang kailangan para hindi maoffload??salamat po.

  68. cindy says:

    hi po goodmorning po first-time ko mag tourist sa hongkong ano po bang mga kailngan po qmo pung dapat ko po ipakita sa march 27 po.. ano po ba question ng immigration kapag mag tourist lang po… thank u

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Cindy. Please read the post. The answers to your questions are in the post.

  69. cindy says:

    hi po goodmorning po first-time ko mag tourist sa hongkong ano po bang mga kailngan ko pong dapat po ipakita sa march 27 po.. ano po ba question ng immigration kapag mag tourist lang po… thank u

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Cindy. Please read the post. The answers to your questions are in the post.

  70. Adee says:

    Hello po,

    Your site inspired me to travel! First time traveler po (technically 2nd,yung first ko with family 20years ago) And since ngayon lang ako napayagan ng company ko ng 2 weeks vacation leave, ask ko lang po if wise po ba na sabihin sa IO na mag cross border ka?

    Itinerary ko po is Bangkok to Singapore to Hongkong then back to Bangkok.

    sayang po kasi yung 2 weeks kung one country lang. hehe

    Thanks po

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Yep, okay lang yun as long as you have a return ticket and enough funds for it. :)

      • Sherry Lynn Barquin says:

        Pwede po mag tanong yung ticket ko po wrong spelling I mean pinagdugtong yng 2 names ko at kulang ng 1 letter. Pina book kc ng friend namin yun. Pwede po ba yun o dapat mapalitan po

  71. Scharmen says:

    Hi po, approve po ba sa immigration if Certification of employment and leave form po ang maipapakita ko? Magttravel po ako sa Dubai nextweek. Thankyou!

  72. Yhan says:

    Hello po, ask lang if I will travel to SG with my bf and a friend. I-interviewhin po ba kami isa isa or as a group na po? And wala din po kaming credit card, ginamit namin pang book ay yung CC ng tito ni BF. Need po ba namin ng copy? And hm po kaya need laman ng bank account namin bukod sa pocket money if we only have debit card? thank youuu!

  73. Marianne says:

    Is 300 dlollars enough for 7 days in thailand? Also, I dont have ITR but have cert of emoloyment but no salary included just the job description. But I do have bank cert that shows my money in the bank and credit cards. Is that ok?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Yep, COE is okay.

      Is 300 dollars enough for Thailand? Depends on your itinerary and whether or not you have booked accommodations already.

    • dk says:

      Hi Mariane, gow was your trip? did you pass the IO? I will also travel to thailand this coming sept. 8 but i am worried ciz i dint have I.D, what i only have is COE, RETURN TICKET, HOTEL BOOKINGS, STATEMENT OF ACCNT,DEBIT CARD. may i ask if yiur coe is ok without stating the salary? thank u in advance.

  74. annie says:

    Hi po. Will the immigration call your company to confirm employment? I’ll be going on family trip to Singapore and its a package tour. I’ll be bringing COE and Company ID just in case. I actually lied to my boss and told him I’ll be absent because of family emergency. I know he won’t approve vacation leave because of an upcoming event and everyone needs to help out with preparations.
    Baka mawalan ako ng trabaho.
    I know its bad but no judgement please.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      If you’re picked for a secondary inspection, yes, they do sometimes. I know someone whose employer was contacted during the questioning.

      • annie says:

        Do they pick randomly or just people that seem suspicious? I wasn’t planning on bringing much money (200SGD) since my cousin who’ll be travelling with us will be paying for food. The tour and hotel has already been paid for. 10 people are travelling and we have round trip tickets. We just need to bring money in case we want to do a little shopping.

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Just those they think are suspicious based on the answers to their initial questions (and most likely history). It’s the employment status that I think usually triggers a secondary inspection.

  75. Rena says:

    Hi po! Im glad nabasa ko blog nyo. Akala ko kasi, pag may passport ka lang at tatravel ka sa countries na walang visa requirements eh pwede na. Salamat sa blog nyo! Napaka informative!

    I’ll be travelling alone sa Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnman very soon. Im a teacher po. Gift fir my self kumbaga… Kaya lang natatakot po akong ma offload sa plane. Well, your blog informed me about the dis and donts. I just hope my travel will be fine.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Dala ka lang ng work ID. if public school ang tinuturuan mo, check mo rin if baka may additional document na kailangan kasi cosidered government employee yata pag ganun.

  76. Cathy says:

    Hello po..ask lang sana pag visa on arrival po ba okay lang na ticket at passport lang ipakita sa immigration at dun nakukuha nang visa sa Sri Lanka airport?..tatay din kasi nang anak ko Sri Lankan pero hindi kami kasal,dala ko baby ko pag punta dun . ..hindi kaya ako eh hold nila? ..sana masagot salamat

  77. Mika Anlei says:

    Hello po , good day , I wonder if this page is still active? ask ko lang po sana for tips para di ako ma offload or are there any chances of me getting offloaded?

    Here is my situation :

    -I am a student (19 years old).
    -I will be alone when traveling
    -I don’t have a job but I will be using my money na inipon ko po for how many years .
    -I’ll be staying in the country for 7 days. (Thailand po yung country).
    -Purpose po ng pag out of country po is travel vacation lang po talaga , somewhat a reward for myself.
    -I don’t have a credit card , and also no Certificate of Employment and any other job related documents.
    -I have a show money of around $2000 (inipon ko lang po yan , so no bank statements and anything of that sort).
    -I’m using an online virtual card to pay for flight ticket and hotel reservations (PayMaya)
    -I will have a return ticket
    -I have a passport
    -Will book hotel reservations (Through airbnb)
    -Willing to make a travel itinerary

    Is there anything that I am missing po? Can someone suggest me the things that I need to do to avoid being offloaded considering my situation? I would really appreciate it if someone can answer my questions po , di ko po kasi maiwasang ma anxious since it is my first time traveling , thank you po!

      • Mika Anlei says:

        Thanks po , been really anxious for quite a while , your vlogs are really informative and helpful to me people like me , thank you so much po and keep up the good work!

          • Rom says:

            hii paano tanong ko po if magbabase rin ba sa ang mga IO sa bansa na pupuntahan? First time and student pa kasi ako and from ipon ko po tung igagastosko btw Im with with sister po , gusto namin mag Bali
            School ID
            Cert. of enrollment
            tapos Bank account
            Ok na po ba ang docus na yan? Salamat po sa pagsagot

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          No problem! Good luck! And have a safe and fun trip! :)

        • Jane says:

          Hi po, na off load po ba kayo or successfull po ang travel niyo?

  78. Faye Clarisse Cadag says:

    hello! I’m just a fresh graduate and my trip to abroad is just a graduation gift. I still don’t have work. what is the alternative if I don’t have certificate of employment and ITR? by the way, this article of yours is very helpful! thank you so much!! :)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Faye, saang bansa ka punta?

      In this case, you can just say that to PH immigration officer. Or for good measure, bring an affidavit of support from your parents.

  79. bryan says:

    Hello Yosh, tanong ko lang sana. I don’t have job right now and we are planning to got SG for tour with my family and son. Right now, we are managing our family farm for our income. What do I need to bring? Kindly help. Thanks.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Bryan, if your farm is registered as a business, you can bring your business registration (BIR or DTI or SEC). :)

  80. WishUsLuck! says:

    Hi, will be travelling to Thailand and Cambodia this May 30 with my sister. We’re first time travellers and we’re supposed to celebrate her birthday there. My sister’s papers are complete na, (COE, Bank Statement, LOA, ITR) while I’m unemployed but managing our family business naman so i dont have any company ID with me. I have here my bank statement, IDs and business permit and ITR but it is named after my Mom. Do you think magkakaproblema since nakapangalan sa Mother ko and not me?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Depende kasi yan sa matatapat na officer. Pero it should be fine. You can say it’s a family business if magtanong.

  81. Mae says:

    Hi! May chance kaya na ma-offload ako since wala pa akong work? I graduated last year and first time to travel kasi at kukuha pa ng board exam February next year. May savings naman ako at tsaka may family business naman ( pwede ko ka ba ma-present yung permit ng business namin as another source of income?) and besides yun dad ko seaman so sya nagbibigay sa akin ng funds. Punta sana kami sa Singapore this coming October. Nakabook na kasi lahat- with returning tickets and hotel. Four days and three nights kami doon. Sana po masagot ang tanong ko. Salamat!

      • Mae says:

        i’m goint to be with my friends, and the problem is I was the one who paid for our hotel using my credit card. This trip is also my graduation gift and birthday gift given by my parents. I am also planning to just request for a bank certificate to make sure that I have the money for my travel. Any advice, please.

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          More often than not, papalagpasin ka lang naman. But in case you get picked for a secondary inspection, it would be best if you have copy of hotel reservation, detailed itinerary, and contact number ng parents mo if gusto nila iconfirm yung story mo. :)

          • Mae says:

            Hindi naman siguro kailangan na may letter ako from my parents stating na this trip is a gift from them or mas mabuti na may meron?

    • Mark says:

      Hi mae we have thesame problem. My friends and I are fresh grad. Ano nilagay mo sa embarkation card ng immigration sa philippines? Unemployed ba?

        • JV. says:

          Hi, Mae! I am a fresh grad too, and unemployed. How’s your trip? Could you share us your experience with the immigration? That’ll be extremely helpful for us fresh grads whose planning to travel abroad.

  82. Step says:

    hi Goodmorning!
    Ask ko Lang po kung
    Ano po madalas tanungin sa immigration?
    First time ko po pumunta ng Dubai.
    Next month na po.
    Pwede po ba direct manila to Dubai?
    Baka po kasi madalang offload Ako.


  83. Mae says:

    Hello! I will be travelling to Taipei this June 2018 with my sister and 4 friends. All of us have already travelled abroad before except for my sister. What more, she is a fresh graduate who has just passed the CPA Board Exam this May 2018 so she doesn’t have any company ID yet and is unemployed. The reason for the travel is to treat her for her milestones (on my part). I’m worried though that she will be questioned or doubted in the immigration because she’s not yet employed and have no other IDs except for school ID and brgy ID as well as some clearances (like NBI). Please advise. I really need your help. Thank you.

  84. Joehanie Jolero says:

    Hello, It’s my first time traveling alone. I’m going to Japan and South Korea. I’ll go to Japan first for 3 days and from Narita Int’l Airport, I’ll go to Seoul for 5 days. For Immigration Booths, which page/visa they should stamp?? Thank you! God bless.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi. I’m not sure I understand the question. Could you clarify?

  85. Aqeelah says:

    Hi! My sister and I are travelling without our parents but with our titas and cousins, I’m 18 years old and my sister is 20 years old, do we still need to get dswd travel clearance? Thanks!!

  86. Mark says:

    Helle po my friends and I will going to HKG this coming July. The problem is fresh graduate po kaming tatlo and we dont have work yet. Graduation giftpo kasi ng parents namin itong trip na ito. Pano po kaya yun? Ano po ilalagay namin sa embarkation card ?

  87. diel says:

    Hi po, good thing I saw your blog, I am planning to go by my own from Ph to Singapore for a tour,
    I have a friend there and asking him to provide me an invitation? is that enough?

    As of now, I have passport. I know I need hotel accomodation and itinerary as proof of trip.
    I have debit card with enough money . Wala akong work now, kakatapos lang ng work ko 2 months sa Dubai. I am afraid baka ma offload ako and they will assume na maghahanap ako ng work.

    can u please help me, what are the other things to provide to immigration?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Diel, an invitation letter from your friend will surely help, just in case.

      But I don’t know what else to suggest pag unemployed. It will depend kasi na on the Immigration Officer.

  88. LHANZYL says:

    Hi me and my bf will be going to thailand this month but my bf doesnt have work right now but he is ex abroad. I am the only one that have work what do we do to avoid offload by IM.. We will travel since its our dream to go in thailand please help

  89. Norz says:


    I just wanna ask, im planning to go In Dubai to seek for a job, i will apply a tourist visa. What questions I may encounter from immigration officer? How can i avoid getting offload?

  90. jean says:

    helo po , may vacation po kami ng mga friends ko in thailand,, ask lang po kung may ma offload po sa amin, lahat po ba kami hindi makaka alis?? thanks po..

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Nope. Kung sino lang yung hindi papayagan ng Immigration. If your friends made it through, they can still go on with the trip.

  91. DSZS says:

    Hello The Poor Traveler,
    I will be traveling to SG with my 2 kids. Will only stay there for 5days. We have round trip tickets, and paid hotel booking. I booked the airfare and hotel using my debit card. Thing is, I am now unemployed, but I have worked for many years before I decided to stop and take care of the kids instead. Also, my husband works in SG with a valid permit. I have PSA Birth cert of my kids and our marriage cert, my husband’s OEC and a copy of his ID card in SG and passport. My kids are also enroled at school but they dont have the current school ID yet as the class just started this week, I got their registration forms though. I also have bank certs just in case.

    Are there any docs that I might lack? In your opinion, will I have any issues with the IO? Having read all this IO horror stories makes my tummy go upside down. And btw, your blog is awesome!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi! I think you should be okay, but then again, it depends on the Officer. But you should be fine. You’ve done everything you can on your end.

  92. denis says:

    hi po. i’ll be traveling to indonesia tomorrow for a tour. my stay will be for one month. i’ll be staying to my friend’s house. i am a private tutor. i dont have any company id to show. any suggestion po?

  93. JVG says:

    Hi. We are travelling to hong kong on 26th of july 2018. Im with my son, may live in partner, my sister and 2 cousins. Im working in govt but as Job Order, contractual lang pero 4 years na ako don. Sabi nila di ko na daw need ng travel order galing sa govt office dahil ko job order nga lang ako. Ano ba magandang sabihin sa immigration officer? Sabhin ko na sa doh ako or self employed? Nakakalita kasi mga sinasabi nila. Thanks!

  94. Shaira Nikka Seniel says:

    Hi, I hope you’ll notice this comment. So here’s my situation.

    – I’m a first-time traveler.
    – My Mom will be the one to sponsor my travel, it’s like a sort of gift.
    – I’ll be the one to provide the “show money” it’s like ipon from my first job pero nag quit na ako last May.
    – I have passport, hotel booking yung spots na pupuntahan.

    If this would be my case, what are the possible documents that I need to have/ show? I’m really having a hard time thinking since I already had a job and they might think that I quit my job to seek for another job in Thailand, that thought na “Anong maipapakita ko, If they’ll ask me anong hold nila sakin aside from the return ticket?”

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Shaira, to be honest, I can’t think of anything more since you’re no longer employed. Tama naman that you should have your hotel bookings and return flight ready. Just answer their questions consistently and confidently, and hope that the officer na matatapat is lenient.

  95. Dude says:

    I had to book a pass through or return flight at the airport leaving US to philippines (didn’t know it was required) . Booked a flight to VNam out of Manila, so they let me board. Later (now in Manila) Realized I had not purchased the ticket. Question: do I need to show I did fly out to VNam before I can fly home to US?

  96. Rhea Abby Calalang says:

    hello, if me and my bestfriend eh same company pero sia 5 years na don at ako 2 months pa lang, at may coe naman. will they call our employer to confirm? or di naman nila gagawin un?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Sometimes, during secondary inspection, they call. Wala namang problem if 2 months pa lang, basta employed ka naman.

  97. Ryan BiBi says:

    Hello there,

    Hahanapin pa din po ba ng IO yung expired passport na nagamit ko sa previous travel abroad ko? I heard yung iba hinahanap daw po, Hindi ko na kasi maalala kung san ko nasuot yung old passport ko. Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Minsan hinahanap if may tatak yun. Pero usually hindi naman. For us in developing countries, it’s good practice to bring old passport.

  98. grace says:

    hi! I’m planning to go to china to meet my fiance and his parents who are Chinese nationals. Aside from the certificate from the CFO, what documents do i need to prepare?
    Thank you!

  99. savi says:

    hi i am planning to go Vietnam from India for a volunteer work which is gonna conduct by an organization to help poor peoples learn English and also work in orphanage so i applied 3 month tourist visa…my question is if immigration officer ask me why travelling and what purpose what should i say exactly and i have their mail with their name and logo and address and contact no if they ask me that where i stay so is that enough or i need invitation letter please help me to clear immigration question and i am just 22 and i am writing e books in amazon will they ask anything else what should i carry with me to make sure i will clear immigration

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Savi. Are you holding an Indian passport? If so, I have no idea about the process for Indian passport holders.

  100. PATTY Noreen Pavon says:

    Hello sir. Mgtour po kami ng friend ko sa SG last week of july. Unemployed po kasi ako but my work before is staff nurse sa isang private hospital. Housewife po ako ngayon, with 1 kid. Ung husband ko po ngwowork sa UAE.Magkakaproblema po ba sa immigration?

  101. Jr says:

    What if Im A student Traveling with my Parents What Documents Do i need?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      School ID, return ticket, address (hotel) in the country you’re visiting. But it’s unlikely that they will ask you since you’re with parents.

  102. Phee says:

    Hi, me and my friend will be travelling to Hongkong this October It’s a first for both of us but the problem is I am unemployed at the moment, but currently looking for one. And I am also a student whose being funded by my brother. What are the documents should I bring and the chances of being offloaded? I just saw a post from a group of Filipina who were not allowed to enter HK by the immigrant officers there.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Phee, kung ano nakasulat sa post sa taas, yun. Nakalista naman na sa taas. And since you’re a student, school ID.

  103. liz says:

    Hi I’m planning to travel by November at SG to cross to KL with my mother. My mother is not employed, no sources of income and if ever this is her first time to travel abroad and i’m covering all the expenses. I currently working here abroad and i could provide all the documents needed. My question is, is there a chance that she will not be offloaded? And if so, she don’t speak english what if she will be approve and she will be question in the immigration at singapore or malaysia can i escort her all the way?
    Thank you in advance, hope you could give me feedback.
    P.S: This post is informative and really a big help.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Liz, I’m a bit confused. You’re going to cross to KL from SG, right? You mean, by land?

      Regarding English, I’m not sure what the Malaysian policy is. But in my experience traveling with my mom in HK, SG, and Japan — and my mom doesn’t speak a word in English — the officer calls me and asks me to come over, which is why I always make her go through immigration first. This way, I can easily come forward in case the officer needs some clarification.

  104. brez says:

    Hi thank you for this! it’s a big help for me because its my first time travel outside the country. I’m so excited this August 8 is my travel date going to Australia. God bless

  105. Ina says:

    Hello Sir,

    This article is really helpful and I’m glad to see you actively respond to comments. I might have a stupid question but I will ask it anyway and hopefully get your opinion.

    When you say “benefactor”, that is the person paying for the trip and all, correct? I am a housewife, a first-time traveler and with no source of income. I will be traveling to Singapore and Malaysia with my husband and our 4-year-old son. My husband is employed and is obviously paying for our trip. He’s considered our benefactor, right? I asked because I didn’t see anything about spouses or marriage certificates as a requirement.

    Thank you,

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ina, yes. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you, since you’re traveling with family (and with a kid). Just say you’re traveling with your husband and child when asked. You’re also most likely to be interviewed together.

      Marriage certificates are usually not asked for. It’s only helpful when your last name in the passport is different from a company ID or something.

      • Ina says:

        Thank you for the swift and positive response, Yoshke Dimen. BTW, keep up the good work! :)

  106. Jhaypes says:

    Hello po,

    Very informative ng blog mo. :)
    ask ko na lang din, what if multiple hotels ako magstay. need ko pa ba isulat lahat sa departure card ang lahat hotel na pagstay ko?
    first time to travel abroad and backpacking in multi-cities kasi.


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Kahit yung first stop lang, Jhaypes. Di rin naman kasya :P

  107. Jayson says:


    I don’t know if this will be a concern but I’ll be travelling solo to Malaysia this August 23 and this is my first time to travel solo outside the Philippines. My passport will expire December next year and naisip kita possible kayang itanung sakin ba’t ngayon ko lang naisipan magtravel outside PH? Would that cause any issue to the IO. Hope you give me advice on this.
    (Sorry advance lang ako magisip hehe… :p)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jayson, hindi naman magiging issue yun. :)

      Mas ang itatanong nila ay anong gagawin mo sa Malaysia, saan ka magse-stay, and kelan ka babalik. :)

  108. Marivic Castro Dela Rosa says:

    Hi Dimen..
    Vic here.. Ask ko lng if pano kung one week ako mag stay sa Orlando Florida U. S.. Pero ang nakaindicate lng na date na seminar/ training ko ay october 25-26-27.. Pwd po ba un? Three days ako mag stay sa hotel after that four days sa boyfriend ko.. Anong gagawin ko pag tinanong ako ng IO.? kailangan ko po ba ng medical certificate din? Tsaka paid nalahat ng needs ko.. Mga magkano kaya ung cash na pwd ko sabihin?salamat in advance

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Marivic,

      Pwede naman na mag-extend pag business trip, marami naman gumagawa nun. Basta within sa duration na allowed lang ng visa. May visa ka naman na, di ba?

      Dun sa pagse-stayan, sa departure card, yung hotel mo na lang ang isulat mo para konti lang questions.

      Re medical certificate, hmmm, di pa kasi kami nakapag-US so hindi ako makasagot for sure. Parang di naman.

  109. Louise says:

    Hi i’d like to ask first time ko magttravel abroad, fresh grad ako and im working online as a medical encoder ano pong ippresent ko since wala akong Company ID? and sabi di daw nila ako mabibigayn ng COE kasi di naman daw yun worrk with benefits like SSS etc,

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Louise, you can bring a copy of your contract with them, if you have. They’re most likely not gonna ask for it, but just bring it in case they do.

  110. Cris Ty says:

    Hi, hope you can read my post.

    I’m a bit nervous since I will be traveling alone to KL next week, (1st -time) and I will be spending 5 days there to find some leisure time for myself. Pero yung mabigat na reason po ay pupunta po ako dun to pass my documents sa isang embassy dun mismo (Instructed by my employer) Yes, I am applying for visa but the decision of the embassy (approved/denied) will be sent to my email after 15 days evaluation by them. If approved, may binigay pong requirements ung POEA para maka avail ng OEC.
    Possible po ba akong i-offload? Or di payagan if ganito po ung reason ko?
    Salamat po in advance sa inyong response.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Cris, I have no idea. Di kasi ako familiar sa ganyang case. Pero baka yung ibang readers ay alam.

  111. Ain says:

    Hi! It is my first time to travel and I am planning to have an online business, of course I will get business permits and all that stuff, will that guarantee me to travel and not get offload? Thank you!

      • Ain says:

        Another question, I have another business which is a small store here in our place and it is already registered in DTI and have a permit already pero one month pa lang siya naka register. Aalis kasi ako by October so okay lang ba na yun ipresent?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Yep, pwede naman. Pero pwede ka pa rin i-question ng officers about your business. Saan po ba ang destination n’yo?

          • Ain says:

            It’s a mini grocery po. May dti at business permit naman po siya. At iyan na lang po ang ipe-present ko sana sa immigration papuntang SG by October.

  112. Stella says:

    Hi Sir. Hope you get to notice this query. I will be going to my bf in Japan this October. I already have an approved Visa for my trip (which is a maximum stay of 15 days. Though i declared during the visa application, i just worte in the itenerary, staying only 5 days there. But originally i’m planning to stay there for 11 days. I’m just wondering if would the immigration officer still questions me if where am i gonna stay or what is my itenerary there? Or will he/she ask me any proof of show money (even if I already have my Approved Visa?).

    Hoping for your reponse to this! Thanks

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Stella, sa Arrival Card ng Japan, ia-ask ka dun kung saan ka magse-stay. Minsan tinatanong din sya ng Immigration Officer.

      Having a visa doesn’t guarantee entry. Pwede ka pa rin tanungin ng Immigration Officer ng maraming bagay including magkano dala mong pera, saan ka magsestay, anong gagawin mo. Bihira lang yan mangyari, though.

  113. ann says:

    Hello! Yoshke, may i ask if my documents is enough. I will travel to thailand this coming sept 8, what i only have is the ticket including return ticket, hotel accomodation, coe, debit card i used to booked my ticket and hotel, and bank statement.. My concern is i dont have the com. i.d because i am working online as homebased teacher. Is the coe enough, to prove that i am employed here? Is it also ok that in the coe my salary is not stated? it only stated the reasons why i dont have com i.d and the absence of leave.
    thank u for your page it is very helpful, like me who is a first time traveller.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ann, when I was a freelancer, yan lang din ang dala ko parati. :) It should be fine. I mean, that’s everything you can do given the situation. Just be confident and consistent with your answers sa mga tanong.

      • ann says:

        Thank u Yoshke. hopefully, i have a breeze through the IO, I am really nervous due to my travel date is fast approaching. I hope the IO let me pass

  114. Ela says:

    Can I only present my DTI permit and barangay business permit when I get to the immigration? My business kasi is located sa barangay namin.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      pwede. pero depende rin yan. Kung ang date ay bagong-bago pa, pwede ka pa ring kwestyunin about it.

  115. Dhaline says:

    Hi yoshke
    My brother and his gf mag toutour sa malaysia in 3days ano po kaya ang possible n tanong sa imigration and first time din po kc ano pong requirements n dapat hawak nila para di maofloa..thanks in advance

  116. Bob says:

    Hi yoshke

    First time ko kasi mag tatravel, may bf is going to buy my tickets back and fort and he will also shoulder my stay in KL. Any tips po about my trip? Thank you!

  117. Mary Ann says:

    Ask ko lang po ..paano po kpag do na po nag aaral..tpos wla p pong work..hndi na po ba hinahanapan mg ID?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Mary Ann, parating tricky yung ganyan. Pede mo iexplain na lang sa Immigration Officer.

  118. Mary Ann says:

    Kailangan din po ba ng show money khit may mag ssundo nmn po syo sa airport ?

  119. Akira says:

    Hello Po ask ko lang Po Kong Anong documents ipa Pakita sa immigration Kasi Po pupunta Po Dito bf ko para sundoin Ako at dalhin nya Po Ako sa Indonesia Kasi taga Doon Po sya Kong mron Po bang ipa Kita or wla na Po Wait ko Po replay nyo slamat Po

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Same as what’s listed above. They can be stricter with someone who is going out of the country with a foreigner, though.

  120. Ain says:

    Hello, Poor Traveler! Kababalik ko lang from Singapore last October 11. Apat kami ng ang umalis noong October 7 at tatlo sa amin ang first time travelers. Thanks God at maayos yung process sa amin sa immigration. At first kinabahan kami kasi nga first time namin, maliban lang sa isa. Ayon tinanong na ako kung saan ako pupunta at kung sino ang mga kasama ko at kung kaano-ano ko ang iba ko pang kasama.

    I think mas naging maayos yung sa immigration kasi sa isang ticket apat kami ang nakabook. Tinanong sa akin kung kailan ako grumaduate at kung ano ang trabaho ko. Sabi ko may grocery store ako sa amin, good thing hindi ako hinanapan ng business permit or dti. Medyo strict pa yung nakaharap ko na officer. Tas ayun, tanong niya if malaki daw ba nag grocery store ko sabi opo malaki naman. Tas ayun, fingerprint na at picture then tatak na sa passport! Ang saya lang kasi nabunutan kami ng tinik sa dibdib dahil sa kaba hahaha! Anyway, good luck sa lahat mg first time travellers! Dasal-dasal lang talaga na mabait ang officer na makaharap mo.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Thanks for sharing, Ain! Glad that everything went well! Hope you enjoyed SG!

  121. MT says:

    Hi Yoshke!

    I’m asking kasi I know you’ve travelled with your nephews/nieces before. In your experience, did the IO ask them any questions? My nephew is a little shy kasi and very quiet so Im not sure kung kailangan nya ba sumagot sa IO. Thanks!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi MT, in my experience, hindi masyado. Kung meron man, they usually just call me to come over and answer for them. Sa PH immigration ‘to ha.

      Pero sa Immigration abroad, usually nagtatanong sila.

      • MT says:

        Thank you! So we can prep sa immi abroad (HK), usual questions lang ba sya like name, age, purpose of travel etc? Should we present agad the DSWD clearance or wait til they ask? Sorry first time to travel with a minor without parent. Thanks again! :)

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi MT, based on experience, the Immi on HK side will not look for DSWD Clearance. It’s only for PH Immigration upon exit.

          But yes, the usual questions: Where are you staying? How long is your trip? When will you return? What’s the purpose of the trip? They might also ask for a copy of return ticket and hotel reservation.

  122. Paula D. says:

    Hi! Just sharing my experience as a Job order, government worker and a solo traveler. A little background, I have already traveled abroad twice, both for vacation. I have never traveled solo without my parents and as an employed Filipino. As a job order, our Admin/Personnel explained that they can’t provide me a travel authority (document needed by gov’t employees to travel) because of my status.

    Besides securing a round trip ticket and accommodations, I did the following:

    – I wrote a letter addressed to my boss (the BIG boss, not my direct supervisor) requesting for me to travel abroad for a vacation. The letter was then noted by my direct supervisor. My boss wrote a note on the letter saying approved and signed the letter. I then asked permission to use a dry seal on the letter.

    – I also managed to have compensatory leave credits by working on weekends. I used this when I applied for a Compensatory Leave which indicated that I was travelling to Singapore for a vacation.

    – Lastly, I asked from our Personnel/Admin for a Certificate of Employment.

    I had no problems with the Immigration Officer. I was prepared to answer questions but the IO didn’t even asked me anything. He just looked at my papers and stamped my passport, while I acted calm, stayed quiet, and was just relaxed the whole time.

    Hope this well help!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Paula, thanks for sharing this! I’m sure this will help some of our readers.

      Yep, kahit smooth yung sayo, best pa rin to be prepared kasi baka sa iba, may questions.

  123. Kirst says:


    Its my first time travelling abroad and its on hongkong this nov. Ilan beses po b kami dadaan sa immigration. Is it departure immigration then hongkong arrival immigration vice versa pag pauwi n po ng manila? 4x?

    Other question po kami ng friend ko nag tayo po kami ng clinic pero sa kanya lng nmn pinangalan para wala n masyado inasikaso sa papel. Part owner po ako. Ano po ang ilalagay ko sa employment status kung hindi ko m support ung claim ko n self employed ako

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      yep 4x. PH immigration upon exit, HK immigration upon entry. tapos vice versa.

      Wala talaga ang name mo sa kahit anong document kahit part-owner ka? Kasi if ganun, legally, di ka owner. Di mo rin sya mapuprove kasi wala name mo sa papers. Pero you work din sa clinic aside from being part-owner? If ganun, pede ka pagawa ng COE dun sa clinic or kung kanino nakapangalan ung clinic.

  124. Kirst says:

    Hi Yoshke

    Thank you for replying. Yes wala ung name ko sa mga papers n inasikaso nmn kasi ung paper nmn eh requirments for practice only and not consider for business as per philippine law. Pero sakin naka nakapangalan ung contract lease nmn amd PDC for payment and others. Can i use the contract lease? Im a nurse but no longer in practice and yeah as part owner i also work in our clinic as clinic manager.

  125. Shiyen says:

    Good day po! Sorry po this will be a long post with my questions po.

    Ask ko lang po, I was offloaded yesterday sa pagpunta po sana namin sa Dubai with my brother, his girlfriend and yung dalawang pinsan ng gf ng kuya ko na minors. Lahat po kami first time traveller, we all have the same documents, round trip tickets and tourist visas, hotel bookings and we will be staying for 7 days. Sponsored po ng mom at tito ng gf ng kuya ko na chef sa Dubai with their documents attached na they sponsored us. Nasa pila po kami nauna gf ng kuya ko then ako pangalawa, tapos biglang sinabi ng Immigration officer na ako ang ihuli at mauna yung kuya ko na nasa likod ko,
    (is that possible na sila ang pipili kung sino mauna at mahuli kahit may pila po kami?) nakalusot siya, then sinunod po gf ng kuya ko, nakapasok din po siya. Tapos next po yung isang minor which I think hindi pwedeng tanungin ng questions without my brother’s gf kasi siya ang guardian (pero pwede po ba yun?) nag try i assist ng gf ng kuya ko dalawang bata pero sumigaw yung immig officer sabi niya “hindi ka ba papasok, pumasok ka na dun?!” so dyan na po ako nagstart kabahan, nakapasok naman na po mga bata then ako na po huli, I was asked kung student, I said yes kasi yun po nakalagay sa tourist visa ko
    (student/not allowed to work) pero hiningan po ako ng school ID, pero sabi niya 2016 pa daw ID ko, hindi po kasi na update yung school ID namin. Then came so many questions na sinagot ko naman po ng tama. Tapos biglang may pinapirmahan na form sakin then pinapunta po ako sa second inspection, hiningan ng passbook (the other officer checked my passbook then said “ganyan kaagad kalaki?! ano to show money?! then binagsak sa mesa passbook ko ) and asked if magkano po dala kong pera sa wallet ko I said 2,000 dollars, tapos sabi po sakin na “lahat kayo talaga sinuportahan? talaga lang ha” and sabi nila they don’t need my show money. I was already shaking by then po. Tapos paulit ulit po akong tinanong If I will work there sabi ko po hindi, magbabakasyon lang kami tapos biglang sinabi na “walang work, student pero expired ang ID, susuportahan ng parent ng gf ng kuya niya” tapos tinanong po ako kung may proof ako na I am capable of travelling sabi ko po yung dala kong pera, hindi daw po enough yun. Tapos ayun na po, naiwan na ako ng eroplano, sinabihan pa ako na they will not allow me talaga at hindi din po ako pwede nag rebook hanggat hindi ko napapatunayan na may kadugo ako mismo sa Dubai na mag sponsor sakin. Sabi pa na I lied daw kasi na baka hindi ako student talaga at magwo work ako doon
    Ask ko din po sana kung magrereflect po ba yung nangyari na yun sa records ko if may next travel ako, this time sa ibang bansa naman po? may bad record na po ba ako sa Immig.? because really na trauma po talaga ako hindi ko po alam saan ako nagkamali. Maraming salamat po!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Shiyen,

      So sorry to hear this, but thanks for sharing.

      Although hindi talaga nakakatuwa yung manner kung paano sila makipag-usap sa mga iniinterview nila pero malaki talaga ang risk if wala kang direct relationship dun sa sponsor. Kilala mo ba personally yung mom and tito ng gf ng kuya mo? Mahirap din kasing iprove yun, malayong malayo na kasi. Feeling ko nag-raise din talaga sa kanila ng red flag na may dala kang passbook na may malaking laman eh student ka pa lang. Lalo pa na hotspot for them ang Dubai/UAE.

      Anyway, to answer your question, I think nasa record nila na na-offload ka. Usually pag na-offload, may binibigay silang slip of paper na nakalagay dun ano yung dapat mong iprovide sa next trip mo. May binigay ba silang ganun sayo?

  126. Maritz says:

    Hello po. (This will be my first time travel ) I’m travelling to Bali next month to meet my boyfriend there.He’s an Aussie but working in Saudi. He booked my ticket to bali and he booked a return ticket for both of us (same itinerary). Kase he’s planning to go back Philippines with me. And stay for 5days more. We know each other for a year. We booked a hotel for 10 days under our names.He booked a hotel din po dito sa Philippines. We already met 5x. We have pictures together and conversation sa messenger.I have remittances slip as well. My concern po is I’m currently unemployed. I can’t show any company ID, What else po to bring para payagan ako ng magboard. Thanks po :)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Maritz, naku, di ko alam. :( Ang alam ko lang, medyo mahirap yan. If matapat ka sa officer na matanong, magiging problem talaga ung pagiging unemployed lalo na’t imimeet mo yung foreigner bf mo. Two red flags kasi sa kanila yan.

  127. Mariane Siong Catubig says:

    Hello Yoshke. Will the IO be wondering that we will be in Vietnam for 17 days and we’ll be offloaded? I will be travelling with my co-worker(first time) We have dreamed about going to abroad for a long time for sightseeing. This trip will be sponsored by our student before, when he came here in the Philippines which he promised to give us this trip for a gift. He already bought plane tickets for us. He bought it separately, one way first to get there then the flight from there to here to save money.

    Our friend in Vietnam will provide:
    – Invitation Letter
    – Itinerary from north to the south part of Vietnam with the specific places
    – His house for the first 5 days in Hanoi and then next will be in the centre part where we will find cheap hotels together with our friend

    My co-worker and I got:
    – Passport
    – Printed plane tickets
    – company ID
    – COE (indicated that we will be on leave without pay)
    – 20k php each (since we also want to buy something for ourselves during the trip) and some in our credit card
    – His address and contact #
    – We will write or print our itinerary
    – Travel Itinerary

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Mariane, for good measure, you might want to also prepare proof of your relationship with your sponsor. :)

  128. marie says:

    hello po, my 1st travel to KL was smooth ksi may work pa ako noon at kasama ko anak ko…. this time i will travelling alone at unemployed.. OFW po sa Malaysia husband ko.. member po ako ng MLM company parang networking po like Royale Business Club at UNO Premier… ano po ang ilalagay ko na work? housewife or networker po? salamat

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Marie, saan po kayo punta this time? Malaysia pa rin? ANg purpose po is to visit your husband? If so, okay lang naman po kahit ano basta meron kayong paperwork to prove it. If as networker, make sure you have supporting docs from your company. If housewife, dala na lang kayo ng proof of relationship (marriage cert) and financial means ni husband, among others.

      • marie says:

        hi po, sa Malaysia parin to visit my husband… need pa po ba ng Affidavit of Support? saan po kukunin ang form? okay lang po ba kung letter of invitation, marriage cert., hotel booking at RT ticket dala ko? salamat

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Marie, di ko alam if need mo ng AFfidavit of Support, kung nag-aapply sya sa married couples.

          Dala ka ng lahat ng nabanggit mo and proof ng work ng husband mo dun, just in case hingin. Pag dumadalaw ako sa sister ko, lagi akong may copy ng contract nya to be safe, pero di naman hinihingi.

  129. She says:

    Hi good afernoon.. ask q lng kung my possibility aq ma offload kz ngbabalak aq pumunta ng macau to visit my friend.. my invitation letter aq galing s knia, round trip ticket at $500 pocket money… my possobility b n mangyare s aqn un? Hnd e2 ung first time q aalis ng bansa kz ngwork n rin aq s israel at cyprus be4.

  130. YuMhy says:

    Hello, I will be traveling to Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea with my 15 years old daughter this December to celebrate the holiday season with my husband who is currently working at PNG. We will be staying at his house there. I am employed here in the Philippines. I already prepared the docs listed here except for the Letter of Invitation and hotel bookings. Do I still need a letter invitation from him? I am a first timer to travel outside the Philippines. Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Yumhy, best if meron po kayo letter and marriage cert. Yung letter, may contact number nya sana sa Port Moresby.

      Most likely, hindi yan hihingin. Pero better to be prepared po.

  131. Frequent traveler says:

    Hi i’m 21 , yrs old first time to travel solo po but not first time to travel outside the phil, my recent trip was in New york and Toronto last may 2018 as well in Korea and Japan but at that time kasama ko po parents ko. Now I’m going to taiwan solo but kakaresign ko lang this October 2018, then right now is ako na po nag mamanage ng several business namin so ginawan ako ng temporary id like yung laminated na card board. and then COE so what i prepared ( should i bring my Resignation letter and as well latest payslip

    Bank Cert with passbook
    Hotel acco (paid)
    round ticket 2 paid
    pocket money
    Credit card and debit
    DTI and permits which nakapangalan sa dad ko
    all expeses was paid by me

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Frequent Traveler,

      you should be fine since you have a good travel history, unless super mega strict nung IO. But I think you’ve done what you can do. Just don’t volunteer the documents. Only present when asked.

  132. Len says:

    Hi Sir yoshke ask ko lng mahigpit po ba sila sa address mo natutuluyan pagdating sa immigration. .,nag apply kasi ako as tourist sa japan na wlang inviter pero yung auntie ko at pamangkin ko inviter sila so may tutuluyan sila at dun din balak ko tumuloy, sabay sabay nmn kami aalis dito, hindi na rin ako kumuha ng hotel reservation kasi may tutuluyan nmn. yun nga lng hindi ako kasama sa invitation letter. pwede kaya makalusot kung sakaling ilagay lng din address yung sa pinsan ko sa japan? anong magandang gawin?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Len, di ko alam if nakikita ng Immigration Officers sa Japan yung record mo ng application. Meron akong kilalang ganyan ang ginawa, di naman nagkaproblem. Pero di ko alam if ok lang yun.

      Yung multiple entry ko though, nagapply ako ng tourist. yung first time na ginamit ko yun, sa hotel talaga ako nagstay. Pero ibang sumunod na trips ko, sa sister ko ako nagstay. Di naman issue. Pero multiple un. Di ko alam pag single.

  133. ELIZA says:


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Eliza, saan ang lipad nyo?

      Bihira naman sila mag-ask ng mga proof of employment or funds. Usually, need mo lang masagot yung mga questions nila confidently. Pero if you want na makasigurado, okay naman yung may dala kang financial proof, pero don’t present them unless hingin. Di ko alam if needed pa ba ng Support letter if kasama mo naman ang magsusupport.

  134. Narbi says:

    This is really helpful. I was about to make a blog for the first timer who will travel abroad but you listed it all. Thanks. I’m planning to go to Taiwan or Taiwan next year. But really thanks :)

  135. queenM says:

    Hi, I hope mabigyan mo ko ng tips. I am going to Bali, Indonesia for my birthday and holiday vacation na din for 8 days. I’m working pero kasama ko yung boyfriend ko na student palang. Ano kaya ang magiging process ng boyfriend ko sa immigration? First time kami mag trip abroad pareho. Thanks.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi QueenM, usually, doon sa Occupation pag nagfill up sya ng Departure Card, isusulat nya STUDENT. Most likely hihingan sya ng Student ID.

      Yung mga malamang na questions sa kanya: Gaano ka katagal sa Bali? Sino ang kasama mo? Sino nagbayad for your trip?

      If everything goes well, hanggang ganun lang. Most cases, yun lang, tapos i-stamp na.

      If you really want to make sure talaga na walang butas or if matapat sya sa strict na officer, he may be asked to present an Affidavit of Support and proof that yung sponsor (which is you) ay may financial capacity to support the trip (it can be ITR or COE with salary).

      Ang pwedeng gawin is paunahin mo sya sa pila and dapat nasa same line kayo para if may questions, andun ka pa sa line. Pag nauna ka kasi, di ka pwedeng bumalik.

  136. Jane says:

    Hi! So i’m a student and i’m planning to go to singapore alone for 7 days po. Ipon ko po yung gagamitin ko para sa expenses ko pero Hindi po ako yung nagbook ng rountrip ticket ko tsaka hotel reservation (since wala akong credit card. Pero binayaran ko din naman yung nagbook ng tickets tsaka reservations ko).. Ok lang po kaya yun na hindi ako yung nagbook? Titingnan pa ba nila yung details? Baka po kasi hanapin saken yung credit card na ginamit. Tsaka id/ enrolment registration card lang naman po yung titingnan saken diba? Baka kasi maoffload ako. Sayang po yung pera para tickets tsaka hotel reservations.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jane, sino yung nagbook for you?

      Titingnan pa ba nila yung details?
      – Depende. Pag napili ka for second inspection, pwede nila tingnan.

      Baka po kasi hanapin saken yung credit card na ginamit.
      – Di lang immigration ang pwedeng maghanap nyan. Pwedeng ung airline din. Bawat airline may kanya-kanyang policy regarding credit card. May airline na ichecheck talaga yung original copy ng credit card. Best to contact your airline din.

      Tsaka id/ enrolment registration card lang naman po yung titingnan saken diba?
      – Normally, yan lang yung hihingin pero if mapili ka nga for second inspection, they will ask for more. Best to read this:

  137. Jane says:

    Tito ko po yung nagbook ng flight ko. Pero Hindi ko mapapakita sa airport kasi nasa US na siya ngayon. Then sa Jetstar po yung airline. Nagtanong ako sa kanila sabi hindi naman daw kailangang ipakita yung credit card. Ang problema ko lang Baka kasi hanapin saken sa immigration. Ano po kayang pwede kong gawin regarding my situation po?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Most likely, hindi naman yan hahanapin. But if gusto mo talaga makasigurado: you can either bring proof na may ipon ka (your own bank cert) or declare na sagot na lang ng tito mo yung trip since credit card nya yung ginamit. If you choose to do the latter, you will need proof of relationship (mas madali ‘to if same kayo ng last name, pwede rin birth certs) and proof na afford ng tito mo na sponsoran ka (ITR/bank cert ng tito mo).

      But again, it’s unlikely na hihingin yang mga yan. Pero depende kasi yan sa magiging sagot mo sa mga questions and sa demeanor mo.

  138. Madison grace Gines says:

    Hello po,
    Mag tatravel
    Po ako netong dec. my visa napo ako sponsor
    Ng ate ko sa
    Muscat oman, kaso lng po ang prblma ko magkaiba po kame ng spelling sa lastname namen. Pati rin po sa marriage contract ng parents namen iba ang spelling. First time ko po sana mag travel, ano
    Po kaya ang magandang gawin? Ty po

  139. Dreamer says:

    Good day sir.thank you po sa mga info,malaking tulong po. May tanong lng po aq…paano po kapag resign sa teabaho at balak mgvisit or tourist visa sa dubai???90days tourist visa po ang kukunin…
    Malaki chance po b maoffload kc unemployed???

    Pero yung sponsor po ay buo tas sabay din babyahe…need po ng advise nyo sir.


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Dreamer, maaari kang ma-question kung unemployed, lalo pa’t Dubai. Di ko alam yung chances though, kasi madalas sa ganyan swertihan lang sa matatapat na officer.

  140. Shalyn says:

    Hi next month travel ko po papuntang Netherland 3 months as a tourist Ang sponsor ko yong boyfriend ko, but wla po akong company ID Kasi wla po akong work dito pinapadalhan lng ako ng boyfriend ko kada buwan full time mother Kasi ako ano po ang need, may mga documents na ako may envitetion letter, at marami pang iba Company ID lng po wla , please need ko answer nyo thanks.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Shalyn, if wala ka work, make sure na lang na you have strong proof of relationship and proof din na kaya isupport nung sponsor mo yung trip.

  141. Macey says:

    hello po,
    thanks for the info. .
    pero may tatanong pa po ako. .
    pupunta po ako ng Vietnam this Dec 30 po at uwi po ako Jan 4.
    I have already a roundtrip ticket hotel booking and a passport . . pero konti lang po dala kong pocket money kasi nga yung boyfriend ko na po bahala sa lahat. .maraming beses na din po kami nagmeet in person unemployed po ako and this trip is sponsored by my Boyfriend. And hihintayin naman po niya ako sa Vietnam airport. .may possibility kaya na offload ako??

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Macey, lagi naman pong may possibility. Yung boyfriend nyo po ba ay Pinoy or foreigner? Kasi nagmamatter po yun sa immigration. Either way, prepare na lang kayo ng proof of relationship mo with your sponsor, and if taga-Vietnam yung bf, invitation letter na rin. Pero wag mo ivolunteer ung information, sabihin mo lang pag in-ask ka.

  142. Angelo Serrada says:

    Hi po Maam/Sir tanong ko lang po kung kailangan po ba ng requirments pag-magtotour sa ibang bansa in just one week and kailangan po ba ng may kasamang ibang tao pag nagvacation ka ng one week po sa ibang bansa?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Di naman po kailangan na may kasama.

      Dun sa requirements, depende kung anong bansa. Iba-iba po ang rules ng mga bansa.

  143. Vin says:

    Your blog is worth reading!One question, It will be my first time to travel to Mainland China. I booked a tour with a travel agency and it will be a group tour, my worry is I am a freelancer without ITR, but I have COE, ok na ba yun? Less strict na ba sila sakin since I am with a group tour under a travel agency?Thanks!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Vin, yeah, I think less strict pag group tour tapos kasama mo sila sa pila sa Immigration. Pero whether or not enough yung COE, depende sa officer talaga eh.

  144. Kiko says:

    Im just curious. Ung new departure cards ba still has country of destination in the form?

    Pano kung multiple countries pupuntahan, ung first country lang ba ilalagay?

  145. Allysa Jean says:

    Hi. Just want to share my experience, medyo late na kasi June 2018 pa ito. Destination ko is SG, solo female traveler and first time international ko pa, and wala akong hotel reservation kasi may tutuluyan ako, sa pinsan ko doon sa SG pero may roundtrip ticket. Besides rountrip ticket, dinala ko mga documents na sinabi dito sa post like COE, LOA, Bank Statement, Company ID, Invitation Letter and photocopy ng ID ng pinsan ko.

    Parang malas ko kasi napunta ako sa masungit na IO. Hiningi passport, roundtrip ticket then nung nalaman nilang first time at solo ako at sa pinsan ko ako tutuloy, yun na medyo alanganin na so marami na question, tinanong ako kung may work ako and how long na nagwowork, yung letter of invitation (btw, hindi siya authenticated, inemail lang sakin ng pinsan ko), then yung photocopy ng ID ng pinsan ko. Then tinanong anong work ng pinsan ko dun and paulit ulit tinanong yung kung pano daw kami naging magpinsan, siguro hinuhuli lang nila kung madudulas ako or hindi, I said yung father ko and mother niya is magkapatid. Good thing din na sa photocopy ng ID ng pinsan ko, nakalagay middle name niya which is my surname. Yung nauna sakin sa IO, same kami na female solo and first international (and later nalaman kong same destination rin haha), then sabi nung IO “Oh eto din oh, first time solo rin”. Kinabahan na ko pero di ko pinakita, inisip ko na lang na anumang outcome, I did everything naman.

    And then yun na nga, for secondary inspection ako, pinapasok ako sa room and then binigyan ng form, and interview ulit. Malapit na ko malate sa flight ko then pinapunta na ko sa desk, and ininspect form ko, okay naman daw so pinirmahan ata or tinatakan na form ko then pinabalik sa booth ng IO sa labas, then tinatakan na passport ko. I guess you just have to be confident sa mga sinasabi mo, confident na wala kang ibang purpose but to travel lang talaga and although hindi hiningi ibang documents na dala ko, importante pa rin na na meron ka nun kasi hindi mo alam anong hihingin ng IO. Yun lang and good luck sa travels niyo :)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Allysa, thanks for sharing this. Malaking tulong ito sa ibang readers.

      Great that everything ended well pa rin. Hope you had a wonderful trip!

  146. Jared says:

    Hello po im traveling to taipei taiwan this April and i bring my foreigner partner for 4 days ano po gagawin namin? The immigration allowed ba? And we have enough funds naman. Do we need visa? Thanks

  147. Paula says:

    Sir paano kung wala ID and company ninyo kasi wla pa issue may possible ba na ma offload ako?

  148. Chris says:

    Hi. I’m currently unemployed, kareresign lang and supposedly may trip ako to HK this March 2019. Vacation lang and sort of a “very early birthday gift” to myself. I have already travelled abroad before (HK, South Korea, HK again, Taiwan and Japan) pero noon kasama either friends or family (May records kaya sila sa previous travels kung may kasamang friends or family sa trip?) This time kasi, first time lang na solo and nagkataon na wala pang work kaya kinakabahan ako sa IO. I have my own savings account naman so I can provide a copy of bank statement if asked for proof of financial capacity. Saka matanong din kaya bakit pupunta na naman ako ng HK kasi 3rd time ko na kung sakali? 2 days lang naman ako doon, mag-Disneyland lang (which I have never visited before) and shopping lang sana.

    Also, dun sa finifill-up na form bago pumunta sa IO, di ba may portion dun na “occupation”? Paano kaya yun, ilalagay kong unemployed ako? Kasi baka dun pa lang, pag nakita nila, matanong na ako. Been reading posts about female solo travellers getting offloaded kaya worried ako, although not my first time to travel abroad naman pero first time na solo nga lang kasi ngayon if ever.

    Sorry ang daming tanong. TIA!

  149. Jhie Encela says:

    Pwede po bang walang COE kapag Group Tour, kasama ko mga frends ko pero same comoany lang kami? Ang hirap kasi humingi ng COE sa amin… daming cheche bureche… hehe
    Thanks po…

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Di mo kasi malalaman if hihingin sya sayo or hindi kasi depende sa IO un, kaya best na meron na lang just in case hingin.

  150. Lueder Meyer says:

    Thanks so much for what you wrote. Although I read it now after our trouble at NAINA

    I am a German who traveled several times to Philippines to see my girlfriend. This time we wanted to go on her first travel to Thailand (with me together, after we spent some time in Northern luzon)
    She has a job and has just enough income for her living in the Philippines.
    With my German passport I easily passed the emigration at naina, while my girlfriend was asked for a secondary inspection.

    We underestimated that a bit and as a German I never expected or experienced any immigration trouble. Even we arrived at the airport 3hours before departure, the queue was super long and when I heard she has to undego secondary inspection, I was scared we can’t make the flight to BKK.
    I rejected going to the boarding gate alone which was super important as we have been interviewed individually later and I had to fill a firm stating that I will take care of all her travel expenses (sponsor)
    After many critical questions and in addition they tried to insecure us, my fiancee got her stamp in the passport and we continued travelling. We were running to the boarding gate and boarded last minute.

    Now when searching why there were doubts against her I found this article.
    So folks, please read this before you exit the Philippines as a Filipino and follow all what’s stated above. In my opinion: the most important is to stick with the truth and don’t let them make you insecure.

    Save travels all times and cheers.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Thanks, Lueder! Glad it all turned out okay in the end for you and your gf! I can imagine how stressful it must have been! I hope you had a great time in Thailand!

  151. Eve lee says:

    HI. this article is very informative but it made me anxious in some way. My daugher who is 6 years old and I along with my mom and grandmom will go to taiwan 10 days from now. I am a plain housewife and my husband is working in taiwan because he is a taiwan national but without id. We will be staying there for 12 days and 11 nights. What documents should i bring? We dont have a bank account here in the philippines. I dont have work. We have a return ticket. Thank you in advance.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Make sure you have a return ticket, proof of relationship, and if you can, invitation letter.

  152. misswest says:

    Hi, I’m a freelancer and I don’t have an ITR yet. I’m thinking of filing but I’m not sure if I fit in the Income Bracket. If I’m being honest, I’m not quite good with this stuff, and I have read that there’s this below 250k where one is not required to pay taxes. If that’s my case, is COE enough to present to the Immigration Officer? Thank you in advance! God bless!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi misswest, ang alam ko, pwede pa ring magfile ng ITR kahit na tax-exempt. Ang lalabas lang dun sa ITR ay zero ang tax mo pero finafile pa rin.

      Pero to answer your question, it depends pa rin talaga sa matatapat na officer. Usually pag self-employed, kahit COE lang, okay na sa kanila. Pero may ibang mas strict.

  153. Scarlet says:

    I’m Scarlet Tanong ko Lang po Hindi ko po Kasi maintindihan ung mga immigration officer sa airport my back and forth ticket Naman ako and hotel, ung first attempt ko na offload po ako actually complete naman po Ang mga documents ko nadala ko,inioffload ako Ng immigration officer gawa Ng mag meet kami Ng boyfriend ko sa China last 2017
    5 years na kami boyfriend ko at ganun pa man nag effort parin ako para maka punta Ng China at ganun pa man sa tuwing lalabas ako Ng pinas inioffload po ako Ng mga immigration officer kapag tinanong ko sila bakit Hindi ako makalabas Ang sagot nila sa akin Kasi daw magkikita kami Ng boyfriend ko, personal life ko Naman ito at karapatan Kung magmahal at magbuo Ng sarili Kung family,my sariling business Naman po ako dito sa pinas my maayos Naman po akong income,bakit lagi nila ako offload?
    Ano po ba dapat Kung gawin sa ginawa nila sa akin?
    Advice me please po
    Thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Scarlet, para lang malinaw:

      Pinoy ba ang boyfriend mo?
      Magkakilala ba kayo ng boyfriend mo in person?

      • Scarlet says:

        Hello po actually Chinese po siya at ako Naman half Chinese,opo matagal na kami magkakilala dito sa Manila at magkasama dati,
        Thank you po

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Mas mahigpit talaga sila kapag foreigner ang bibisitahin mo lalo na kung boyfriend and first time mo. Ang pinaka-okay gawin is magdala ng proof of relationship, proof na may work ka dito sa Pilipinas and you can afford this trip, and an Affidavit of Support na notarized sa Philippine Embassy in China.

          Makakatulong din na magbuild ka muna ng travel history.

  154. Sally enriquez says:

    Hi po itanung ko lng po,kc isasama ko po mg children ko sa taiwan at gf nila,first time lng po nila mg abroad, namatay po kasi sister ko nsa taiwan sya kc husband nya taiwanese,need ko po isama all family ko,but my 2 children at 2 gf nila is first time lng nila lalabas ng pilipinas, anu po ba ang mga dadalhin nila para s immigration?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Roundtrip ticket
      Proof of accommodations (hotel or address/contact details of inviter)

      Ideally, have an Affidavit of Support from inviter, just in case maquestion kayo ng PH Immigration.

      Para dun sa gfs, pwedeng galing sa relatives nila ung affidavit of support kasi un ang usually accepted.

  155. Creslyn B. Bayeng says:

    I’m crest, tanong ko lang po kung kailangan ba ng invitation from any relative para makapunta ka ng macau? And kailangan ba na relative lang pweding mag invite?

    Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      To be safe, yep, dapat may invitation letter. Ideally, Affidavit of Support. See #8 above.

  156. Xei says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang po if kailangan talaga yung Affidavit of Support and Guarantee na galing sa Philippine Embassy. Im planning to travel to India to visit my boyfriend and his family. They provided me a sponsorship letter together with their IDs and it was notarized in India. Is that enough?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Xei, I don’t know if that will do, but the safest really is to have it notarized/authenticated at the Philippine Embassy.

  157. Ry says:

    Hi Yoshke,

    Thank you for this post, very informative. Btw, I’ll be bringing my 68-yr old mom and 18-yr old niece. Some questions sana:
    For my mom – do I need to bring a copy of my birth cert for possible questioning sa immigration since I’ll be sponsoring her trip?
    For my niece (Student) – I understand that I don’t need a DSWD clearance na for her since she’s already 18, right? But since I’m sponsoring her, do I need to bring copy my birth cert and her dad’s (my brother) birth cert as proof na pamangkin ko siya?

    Also, do I need to furnish an Affidavit of Support and Guarantee for both of them even if we’re all traveling together? Baka lang may idea ka based on experience since you have already traveled with your mom and nephew. Thank you in advance :)

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ry,

      1. Yep, bring one na lang, just in case. It’s unlikely na hingin lalo if same kayo ng last name, pero dala ka na rin to be sure.

      2. Dala ka na rin, to be sure. I’m a believer of better safe than sorry, so lagi akong prepared on the off chance na ma-question ako.

      3. Yep, dala ka. Again, hindi sya usually hinihingi but naranasan ko nang hingin sya. Once pa lang naman nangyari but buti may dala ako parati.