TAIWAN VISA-FREE ENTRY: Requirements and How to Do It

Updated! October 2017!

For Filipinos

Starting November 1, 2017, Filipinos may enter Taiwan completely visa-free. No need to apply for a visa or a Travel Authorization Certificate. You may simply show up for your flight, provided that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Your passport must have at least 6 months validity.
  2. A return ticket or onward ticket (to your next destination and a visa for that destination)
  3. A proof of accommodation. It may be hotel booking or host’s contact information or tour arrangements
  4. You must have no criminal record in Taiwan.
  5. Your trip is no longer than 14 days.

Just make sure you have the above requirements when you approach the Immigration counters. Enjoy Taiwan!

This visa-free policy is effective from November 1, 2017 to July 31, 2018.

If you need more help planning your trip, read this: Taiwan Travel Guide



For Nationals of Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam

Nationals of the countries above may enter Taiwan visa-free provided that they secure a Travel Authorization Certificate before their trip.

According to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO), the following conditions must be met:

  • Your passport must still be valid at least 6 months from your entry date.
  • You must have an onward or return ticket (plane or ferry).
  • You must never have been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.
  • You must have at least ONE of the following documents from Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, or any of the Schengen countries:

– Valid entry visa. E-visas are accepted.
– Valid resident or permanent resident card
– Visa or resident card that has expired less than 10 years before your intended entry date in Taiwan.

*Taiwan was added to the list last June 2017. So if you have an existing Taiwan visa or resident card that expired not earlier than 10 years ago, you may use that too. However, Taiwan visas bearing a remark of “FL” (foreign labor) or “X” (others) and resident cards with the purpose of “Foreign Labor” are not eligible.

If you don’t quite fit the bill, no worries. Just apply for an e-visa or a regular visa. Here’s how: Taiwan Visa and E-Visa for Filipinos

If you meet all four requirements, then you don’t need a visa to visit Taiwan.

But hold your horses!

This doesn’t mean you can just sashay your way through Immigration without doing anything. You still need to secure an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate (aka Visa-Free Certificate). And it’s great because:

  • It is valid for 90 days. Each stay must be not longer than 30 days.
  • It can be used for multiple entries.
  • It is FREE.

The best part, getting one is a piece of cake. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes. Here’s how to do it:


1. Visit the ROC Travel Authorization Application Site.

You’ll find it right here. You’ll be greeted with this page:


2. Choose your language.

You will be taken to this page with a flow-chart explaining the whole process. Looks easy, right? It is easy. Click the NEXT button at the bottom of the page.


3. Read and understand the terms.

On the next page, you’ll find more info about visa-free entry. Read it. Understand it. Then click NEXT again. You’ll be led to the actual form:


4. Fill out the application form.

Fill in all the fields. Make sure you have with you the supporting visa you will use because you will have to enter that document’s number. Yep, your expired Japan or Korea visa is accepted as long as it hasn’t been expired for more than 10 years. That is, the period between the expiry date of that visa and your entry date to Taiwan should not be longer than 10 years.

“I have a Korea visa that I never used. Can I use it?” YES, you can use it.

“My Korea visa expired last year. Can I use it?” YES, you can use it.

“My Japan visa expired 5 years ago. Can I use it?” YES, you can use it.

“My Australia visa expired 9 years ago. Can I use it?” YES, you can use it.


Note: You cannot use a visa that is stamped VOID, CANCELLED or CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

Click Next!


5. Make sure all the info you entered is correct.

If all’s good, enter the code displayed and click SUBMIT!

If approved, voila! You have your visa-free certificate. It looks like this:


6. Print out the certificate.

You will have to present this, together with your supporting visa or resident card, at both the arrival and departure inspections in Taiwan, so make sure you don’t lose it before or during your stay!

That’s it! Again, this certificate is valid for 90 days and will allow you to stay in Taiwan for up to 30 days. You can apply for another ROC ROC Travel Authorization Certificate if you want, but do it 7 days before the expiry of the current certificate.


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  1. Rekcel says:

    Hi, I currently have an expired Australian VISA and it is still less than 10 years so it is acceptable. However, I only have a document from Australian Government as a Visa Grant Notice and not a visa stamped on my passport. I am not sure if Taiwan Immigration will honor this piece of paper. Do you have any idea?

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Reckel, I’m not 100% sure, but they say e-visas are accepted and e-visas are often just printed out emails/attachments, so I think yours will be accepted. 😀

      • Rekcel says:

        Hi thank you for answering. I actually called TECO and they said they will accept it. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. chris revera says:

    I do not have a visa from any of those favored great countries. And that disqualified me to be a plain tourist even though I have entered Taiwan in 2011 with a Taiwan visa. I wonder why the Taiwan visa issued in 2011 is not good enough to qualify for a planned visit this July 2017. Will I still qualify for a Taiwan travel authorization certificate and will it be free? Or will I have to wait for the real visa free deal? Or go to China?

  3. riza orias says:

    hi my son currently working in Taichung Taiwan.Can i visit him for free visa?

  4. Frm Cristina A. Garcia says:

    Hi,i want to visit my old lady boss who is half paralize and her family in taouyan city I really love and miss them..they treated me like thier owned family member they were very good and kind to me thats why i love and care them very much.I worked for them for 9 years and 4 months because of bone problem i need to exit and not finished my last year contract.We dont loose are connections thru internet and calls until now .I want to see my old lady boss her dream is to see my husband in person.so .together with me is my husband .I go back here in the Philippines last 2015 of march.. Can i and my husband have opportunity to have a free visa?thank you

  5. Garnet Terra says:

    So, I need to buy plane tickets and book my hotel first before I can apply for the travel authorization certificate online? The application form is longer than the one posted above… Flight/Vessel No. and the hotel address and contact number in Taiwan are now required in the form. I wouldn’t mind if issuance of the certificate is a sure thing. I just don’t want to waste my money. But I am hesitant to just write any hotel or flight details because the embassy might check it out.

  6. ruby says:

    hi ask ko lang kaninong contact number ang ilalagay sa application ung sa hotel or ung personal number? saka ung japan visa number ba e ung alpha numeric. just want to make sure


  7. Jas says:

    Hi, do I have to apply twice for the my entry and exit of taiwan? Like, one certificate for entry and one more for the exit?

  8. MJ says:

    Hi thanks for this post. Can you help me understand this part?

    The applicant possesses a visa or resident card issued by R.O.C. (Taiwan) over the last 10 years and has had no evidence of past immigration irregularities or violations in Taiwan. However, holders of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) visas bearing a remark of “FL” (foreign labor) or “X” (others) and resident cards with the purpose of “Foreign Labor” are not eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate.

    -Ibig sabihin pa nito kapag meron kang expired entry visa to Taiwan issued within 10 year, eligible din for free visa certificate? Please help me clarify because I have expired Taiwan visa. Thanks

  9. Charm says:

    Is this still valid? Taiwan released a statement that they are putting on hold visa free entry privilege for PH.

    • Hi Charm, what’s on hold is the visa-free for ALL Filipinos, even for those without Schengen/US/etc visa.

      But the procedure in this article, the Travel Authorization Certificate policy, which allows visa-free entry for Filipinos with existing visas (from specified countries) is still on. 🙂

      • Ian S, Tating says:

        I have a flight this November 2017 and Hotel Reservation kin TPE. Do I still need to apply for entry visa? I don’t valid visa from all the countries mentioned like US etc. Do we get denied even we apply for visitor’s visa with fees?

        • Hi Ian, on Monday, Taiwan will be announcing when they will implement the visa-free policy. When exactly is your trip in November? If it’s mid or late Nov, I suggest that you wait for the announcement on Monday.

  10. kahli says:

    I applied for ROC however over look the Entry Visa and selected permanent Visa. How can I change it? when i tried to re apply same info was showing 🙁

  11. lhey says:

    How much is the e-visa cost as of today in peso please? we are travelling on November 2017. Thanks.

  12. SHERMAY pONCE says:

    hi! i applied for visa free certification because i have a visa from korea, when i click the submit form the next page is blank.. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

  13. renz says:

    Hi. I am planning to visit my sister in taiwan this coming nov 2017. Ano pong kelangan kong documents? Yung ROC lang po ba? Manggagaling po akong singapore since dito po ako nagwowork. Pero ph passport holder lang po ako. Kelangan ko pa po ba magbook muna flight and hotel? And kelangan pa po ba tourist visa?

  14. Fae C says:

    My old passport contains my Japanese visa. Got a new passport issued. Which passport number should I place on the form?

  15. Ian S, Tating says:

    We have a flights and hotel reservation for Taiwan this Nov 17-22 2017. Should I pay for visa to going there since I heard that Taiwan issued a visa free for Filipinos. Is that true? If not we will apply for visa with fees if that the Taiwan Immigration Requirements.

  16. Jasper says:

    Hi! I’m currently in Shanghai,China and planning to fly to Taipei on Sunday, October 22 . Is the Travel Authorization Certificate applicable pa? Thanks

  17. King says:

    Good day po Mr. Yoshke ask ko lang Po paano Po ako makakakuha Ng permanent resident card? kahit filipino Po ako need parin Po ba yon? Thank you in advance.

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