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Last updated: 2020 • 2 • 13

This guide is for applying for a VISIT VISA. If you’re traveling to Japan as a tourist, we have a separate visa guide for that. Read: Japan Visa Requirements for Tourists

When my sister moved to Japan as an OFW, I found another reason to return to Japan over and over again. Before that, I had only traveled to Japan as a tourist. But now that I have a close relative living there, I no longer have to worry about the accommodations and spend any dough on hotels. (Hotels in Japan are expensive!)

However, the documents needed for visiting a friend or relative is different from those required of tourists. Most travel agencies also charge a slightly higher price for it because it’s a little bit more complicated. But no worries, this visa guide will help you go through the entire visa application process.


Below is a list of the documents you need to gather for your visa application. Note that documents that need to be printed out (e.g. application form, itinerary) must be done on an A4-size paper.

  1. Philippine passport. Must have a signature and at least 2 blank pages. Broken passports are not accepted. Must have at least 6-month validity.
  2. A duly accomplished visa application form. Don’t leave any blank. Just put N/A if not applicable. You may download it from here.
  3. ID picture. 4.5cm x 4.5 cm. Write your name and birthdate on the back side. Paste it on the application form.
  4. Birth certificate from PSA. Must be issued within the past one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide). If the birth certificate is marked LATE REGISTRATION, you must also submit Baptismal certificate, School Record (Form 137), and School Yearbook (if applicable). The address of the church or school must be indicated in the documents.
  5. Marriage certificate from PSA. Only if you’re married. If not, ignore this one. Must be issued within the past one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
  6. Daily schedule. Your itinerary in Japan. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Download the format here. Here’s what mine looked like: Sample Japan Itinerary
  7. Accomplished list of Visa Applicants. Only if traveling as a group/family. You can download the form here.
  8. Update: Additional Form. On 3 February 2020, the Japanese Embassy in Manila announced that visa applicants must answer and submit an additional questionnaire in accordance to the Japanese government’s decision to impose restrictions on travelers who have recently visited NCOv/COVID-19-affected areas. All applicants must accomplish and submit this form, in addition to the other requirements. DOWNLOAD THE ADDITIONAL FORM HERE!

The list above are just the basic requirements. But there are additional documents needed depending on your relationship to the person you will visit in Japan.

There are two types of visit visas. The first type is for visiting a Close Relative. The other is for visiting a friend or distant relative. The requirements are different.

If Visiting a Close Relative

Emphasis on CLOSE. This applies to close relatives — parent, child, brother, sister, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle. Everything else falls under the distant relative category.

  1. Birth certificates to prove your relationship. Must be issued within the past one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center (Nationwide).
    Parent-child – BC of both applicant and relative in Japan
    Siblings – BC of both applicant and relative in Japan
    Aunt/Uncle -> Niece/Nephew – BC of applicant + relative in Japan + parent of relative in Japan.
    Niece/Nephew -> Aunt/Uncle – BC of applicant + parent of applicant + relative in Japan.
  2. Invitation letter from person to visit in Japan. Must be issued within the past 3 months. This must explain why you will be visiting and must have a signature. A template is available right here.
  3. Family Registration Certificate(Koseki Tohon). Only if relative in Japan has a Japanese Spouse or relative. Must be issued within three months. Ignore if not applicable to you.
  4. Residence certificate (Juminhyo) if your guarantor is Japanese OR Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hall if guarantor is not Japanese. Must be issued within the past 3 months.
  5. Copy of Residence Card or Special Permanent Resident certificate of relative in Japan. Copy of both sides must be submitted.

Without Guarantor

If you will shoulder part or all of your trip expenses:

  1. Income tax return (ITR Form 2316). They need a clear photocopy of it.
  2. Bank certificate. Must be issued within the past 3 months. I’m not sure if they require a receipt, but I submitted the receipt too. To be safe, when you get your bank certificate, ask for a receipt too. There’s no telling how big a fund is “enough” to get approved, but (in case you’re wondering) my account had only a bit north of P100,000. I planned on staying for a week. I didn’t encounter any problem.

With Guarantor

If your friend/relative in Japan will sponsor your trip:

  1. Guarantee letter. Must be issued within the past 3 months.
  2. Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall, Tax return certificate (Nouzeishomeisho: Form 2) from Tax office (Kakuteishinkokusho Hikae), OR Bank Certificate (Yokin Zandaka Shomeisho). Best if you have all three.

If Visiting a Friend or Distant Relative

Emphasis on distant. If you have friends or relatives in Japan, you may work with one of them. Here’s what they need to give you:

  1. Proof of Relationship. A letter from the person to be visited explaining their relationship to you plus other documents such as pictures, passport copies, etc.
  2. Invitation letter from the person you will visit. This must explain why you will be visiting and must have a signature. Must be issued within the past 3 months.
  3. Residence certificate (Juminhyo) if your guarantor is Japanese OR Foreign Registration Certificate from City Hall if guarantor is not Japanese. Must be issued within the past 3 months.

Without Guarantor

If you will shoulder your trip expenses:

  1. Income tax return (ITR Form 2316). They need a clear photocopy of it.
  2. Bank certificate. Must be issued within the past 3 months. I’m not sure if they require a receipt, but I submitted the receipt too. To be safe, when you get your bank certificate, ask for a receipt too. There’s no telling how big a fund is “enough” to get approved, but (in case you’re wondering) my account had only a bit north of P100,000. I planned on staying for a week. I didn’t encounter any problem.

With Guarantor

If your friend/relative in Japan will sponsor your trip, you may not be required to prove you could afford the trip. The burden shifts to your friend or relative.

  1. Guarantee letter. Must be issued within the past 3 months.
  2. Income Certificate (Shotoku Shomeisho) from City Hall, Tax return certificate (Nouzeishomeisho: Form 2) from Tax office (Kakuteishinkokusho Hikae), OR Bank Certificate (Yokin Zandaka Shomeisho). Best if you have all three.

Again, documents to be printed out must be done on an A4-size paper. Other sizes will not be accepted.

All birth certificates must be issued within the past year by PSA Main Office or Serbilis Center.


  1. Complete the requirements.
  2. Submit the documents to an accredited travel agency. Unless summoned by the Japanese Embassy, you can’t apply directly at the embassy. You MUST course it though an agency. My go-to agency is Reli Tours for the only reason that it is the one closest to my home. Check out the list of accredited agencies here.
  3. Pay the processing fee. The actual visa is FREE, but you will need to pay the agency that will process your application. The cost of processing a visit visa is much higher than a tourist visa. Every agency charges a different amount, but it’s usually somewhere around P2000.

That’s about it. After the agency accepts your application, the only thing you can do is wait. It takes 3-5 days, sometimes shorter, sometimes much longer. My most recent application took only 2 days. Some of our readers had to wait 7 days. You can’t really tell. Just wait for a message from your agency.

When the embassy returns your passport to the agency, you should receive a message from the agency telling you to pick it up or that they’re sending it to you, depending on your prior arrangement with them.

If it has a visa affixed to it, congratulations! If there is no visa, then your application is denied.


How to renew a Japan visa?

The process is still the same. The only difference is you don’t need to submit a birth certificate and marriage certificate. But you will need to submit the passport with your old visas.

How to apply for a multiple-entry visa?

We also have a dedicated post for that. You’ll find that here: Multiple-Entry Japan Visa

Do I really need a travel agency to apply? Can’t I apply on my own?

Yes, you need a travel agency. Unless it’s a special case, all visa applications must be coursed through any of their accredited travel agencies.

Here’s the complete list of officially accredited travel agencies: Japan Visa Travel Agencies.

Are flight and hotel bookings required to apply?

No. It’s not a requirement. And it’s not advisable. However, on the application form, you will have to write down the specific FLIGHT NUMBER and HOTEL ADDRESS you wish to take.

How long does it take to process the application?

It varies. My first time, 5 working days. Second time, 2 days. Then on my third and fourth times, 7 days and 2 days respectively.

I know people who have waited weeks for theirs. Pretty hard to tell.

How long is the validity of the visa?

Single-entry tourist visas are valid for 90 days upon issue and will usually allow you to stay for no longer than 15 days. So for example, your visa is issued on January 1, you can enter Japan any time between January 1 and March 31, but once you enter, you can stay for only 15 days maximum.

Multiple-entry visas will usually allow you to stay for up to 15 or 30 days, depending on what is given to you. But it’s usually valid for 3 or 5 years. Meaning, you can visit multiple times within 3 or 5 years since the issue date, but every stay must not be longer than 15 or 30 days.

How much money should I have in the bank to get approved?

We answered that and more frequently asked questions here:

More Japan FAQs

Updates Log

2020 February 3 – Added the new questionnaire (related to Hubei Province) to the list of requirements
2020 February 13 – Replaced the NCOV questionnaire with a new version that includes Zhejiang Province.

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Hi! Ask ko lang if saan kayo nag apply? Then sure ba yon na 2 days lang processing? Thank you!

Laura Marijana Donato

Hi i sm holding Indondian passport , married to filipino , have permanent residence in the philippine , do i need visa going to japan ? Thank you


Hi Yoshke

I’m living in Japan and will be the guarantor when my friend visit me. I wonder about those documents I provide, like proof of relationship, should be written in English or Japanese?



Would you please contact me
I want your advice

Muhammad Jawad Saleem

Can you please confirm me which documents are required for visit visa ? one of my friend living in Japan and I wanna visit his place Further If you have any information about visit visa please let me know.

I am waiting for your response.


Hello po..ask lang if with guarantor ano need na docs pagdating sa immigration..i’m traveling with my daughter and full time mom ako. Thank you


What type of visa po kinuha nyo? With guarantor po ba kayo? Im planning to visit japan soon.. wala akong itr kasi unemployed nako pero may bank account ako. My fiance is in japan as a trainee plan namin na magstay sa apartment nya para makasave. Any suggestion po what reqts need ko and sa baby namin.


Liz, ask ko lang if training pa yung partner mo dun nong nagapply ka dineclare mo ba sya and na approve ba ang visa mo kasi sabi nla may limited rights lng if trainee lng ang holder ng residence card sa japan pero tourist visa lng aapplyin ko and ako rin magshoulder ng expenses ko bali invite lng kunin ko sa boyfriend ko na trainee dun


Hi i am planning to bring my mother to Japan, i will be guarantor. My passport reads mothers name as “Santhi”(applied long back), whereas my mothers passport reads “Santhalakshmi”. will this be a issue. Please advise.


Good day!
Ask ko lang po, my sister is on a student visa in Japan, and im applying for tourist visa and i will be paying for all expenses. Should i declare her as sponsor without her bank details and provide only her residence info? Thank you very much for your response! :)


Hi, ano po ang mas ok i-apply, tourist or relative visa? malaki po ba ang difference nila 2?

Tin Reyes

Hello, just want to ask possible ba to apply for visiting a relative kung wala pang one year relative sa Japan? Wala pa kasing tax return certificate yun, right? Thanks.


Hello sir. Tanong ko lang po pwede ba mag stay ng japan kasi ang visa ko for stay in japan is 30 days date of issue june 11 2019 pero ang expiration ay expiry ay sept 11 2019 . Pero nakarating ako dtobsa japan june 25 . Pwede ba ako mag stay dito sa japan bago matapos ang expiry ng visa ko? Salamat


Hi! Do you have any ideas on why is the processing taking too long? My sister and I applied for a “Visit Relative Visa” for 90 days as we are invited by our Japanese stepfather (guarantor) and our mother who’s a permanent resident there, and it’s been a total of 45 working days since our application which was way back in April 2. It’s my first time to travel in Japan and it will be the third time for my sister.

Sorry for the long message, and thank you!


Hi nina! I’m also applying for a 90-day visit this december. My guarantor will be the husband of my aunt. I’m afraid I’ll get denied also. Do you have an idea as to why they denied your visa? Did you submit everything listed above? I’m really scared upon reading your comment T-T I hope you reply thankyou


Did you got approved, dear?


Well, we just called the embassy last Friday and they said that it’s still processing. It’s giving me the benefit of the doubt that maybe there’s a problem with our papers? (but they’re not calling or emailing us about it) or is it because we applied for 90 days? I’ve known a lot of people that applied for a 90-day visa, but got theirs just in 15 days or less. Also, we didn’t applied for a multiple-entry visa. I don’t know why is it taking too long.

Do you think that our applications will get denied? BTW, thank you so much for replying!


late registration po ako may baptismal po ako pero wala me form 137 pero i have doploma ok n po b sya


I just got the result today-

and it’s denied. Wow. Total of 51 days waiting for nothing. I wonder why it took too long if the verdict would be denied anyway where in fact they could have just sent it back to us like days or a week after applying. It’s very torturing and unproductive, tbh.


Hi po.. Tanong lang kung kailangan po bang original/pwedeng scanned copy ung requirements ng relative sa japan (ex. Guarantee letter, invitation letter, etc.)? I don’t need her as guarantor but I intended to stay in her apartment in the course of my travel. Better ba kung mag book na lang ako ng hotel and apply for tourist visa then cancel the booking later on if approved/ should I really apply for visa as Visit a Relative (medyo hassel kasi ung additional requirements)? Thank you :)


Thanks for the reply. :)

I’m scared to be denied if I apply for a tourist visa since this is my first international travel and it would look as if I’m travelling alone (I’ve heard that some people are denied because of that, is that true?). In addition, if ever I’ll be denied for a tourist visa can I then apply for
a visa for visiting a relative immediately or the 6 months waiting period still applies?


Hello po, Me & my mom are planning to travel in japan, my mom has friend there that going to sponsored our trip. I will ask lang po kung possible po ba yun na dalawa kami ng mom ko sa isang sponsor? Magkahiwalay po ba kami ng application since I’m a student? Need po ba ng ITR & Bank Certificate of my mom for me? My mom been there already but still di pa rin niya po kasi kabisado yung patakaran. Thank you & God bless, sorry for a lot of questions.


Bale magkaiba po kami ng application form dba? Okay po. Salamat & God bless! :)


Hi po may anak po akong 2 sa x japanese husband they are both japanese.. we are planning to go back in japan soon ano po ang kailangan na requiremnts for me? Coz my daughters they have japanese passport… for me as a mother what is d requiremnts?

gajer muksan

hi po tanong lang sa travale agency po ba kpag nag aply ka ng visit visa sa japan ikaw po ba mag decide kung ilang month or days ang stay mu sa japan

thank you po

Gemma Marzon Kato

Good morning po.ask ko lang paano maka apply pa punta nang japan.ang dati ko asawa japanese.may tatlo ako anak.legally wife ako.kasal kami dito sa Pilipinas.gusto ko pupunta nang japan para ma meet ko pamilya nya.

Anne bee

Hello po galing po akong japan last may 24 at umuwi ako nong june 4 nabigyan po ako ng 15 days visa . May nag guarantor po sa aken yong fiancee ko. Plano po namin ulit mag apply ulit ng 90 days next month July po. Sa tingin nyo po okay lang po ba mag apply ulit after 1 month? 90 days. Di po ba ma de denied yon? Salamat pi sa sasagot :)

Dana Lee

Hi, I want to apply for single entry visa to Japan. I have a guarantee who pay for my trip but how much should I deposit in to my bank account? Thank you



I have been reading this thread over and over and it is really helpful. I have a question, though. I am currently applying for the 90-day visa (visiting relatives) as my sister got birth last March and they asked for help; pareho kasing nag-wowork siya and her husband. The reason behind why they need me there is to take care of their kid/ child care purposes. What are the normal questions pag nag-aaply ka nang 90-day visa? Thanks,


Hi Yoshke,
My friend (Filipino) plans to go to Japan with a sponsor visa from a Japanese friend. Would you know if it’s possible and allowed to look for a job there (if lucky) at the same time? Do you know someone who had experienced such case? Thank you.


Hello po…sa proof of relationship po what type of docs is needed? Thank you

Danica M Eugenio

Hi sir,

Ask ko lang po kasi pareho tayo ng situation. I have also a sister who is residing in Japan. My trip will not be sponsored by her. Ask ko lang po sa application form may nakalagay na guarantor and invinter.

Ilalagay ko po ba sa guarantor N/A

Tapos sa inviter siya?

Thanks po.


Hi! Ms Danica ask ko lang po sana if ano po nilagay niyo kasi same situation po tayo.

at the same time dun sa portion na “Nationality and Immigration Status” ano po pala nilagay niyo dito?

thank you po in advance.


ask ko lng is there any possibilities na ma denie ung application mo kung mlmn nilang naging tnt ka before… but it almost 7 yrs ago when they sent us home.
Thank you


hi ask ko lang poz. US immigrant po ako anu po mga requirements pag gusto ko mag apply for tourist sa japan?

Myra Bautista

Hi,I’m planning to visit Japan soon to visit my fiance’s sister who is sick.,my problem is I don’t have ITR but I have my bank account and fiance is a retired Japanese and staying here with me in the Philippines for 5 years..


Question po. I already have a tourist multiple entry visa. This will be my 3rd time visiting Japan. Problem is by that time I’m already unemployed. I will stay with my boyfriend’s apartment from Dec 19-Jan 11. May I know what should I indicate with my embarkation card? Do I need his invitation letter? Also, he’s holding a student visa. I’m afraid I will be questioned by the IO for staying too long. :(

Myra Bautista

Hi! As I told in my first message, I will travel together with my fiance and he is willing to shoulder all my expenses, He is a retired Japanese living with me here in the Philippines, he doesn’t have Ute now because he is already retired.. Is it possible for him to be my guarantor even he is living now in the Philippines?

Christopher A. Botalon

How to apply fiancee visa?

Christopher A. Botalon

How to apply fiancee visa?nasa japan po ang live in partner ko.plano ko bisitahin sa japan po nagwowork

Christopher A. Botalon

Hi sir.good noon.ask ko lng po kung paanong paraan ko mabibisita ang fiancee ko sa japan?meron po bang fiancee visa?

Des Lacida

Hi! me and my family will travel for the first time in japan for a cruise that includes a stop in korea before going back to japan. i understand that its quite difficult to get a multiple-entry visa for first time visitors. what can u suggest po? and what is the earliest possible time we can apply for the visa? april 2019 po yong cruise. tnx.

Hikari Morales

Hi, i have this problem kase my mom doesn’t have bank account sa japan bcuz she was blocked, though she can provide everything except bank certifcate, but somehow I have one. But the only problem is Im a student and i cannot provide the income tax return, so can the agency considered my situation or nah?


Hi If my guarantor is from US ano need nya provide? same thing ba estated above na requirements for with guarantor?
anyway i have work naman for 2 years and have 80k in my bank account. and we travelled some asian countries, i ask my fiancee to be my guarantor just to make sure ma grant visa ko.


hi! pag sponsored po ng company/employer yung trip sa Japan, do we need bank statements to process the visa? thanks


Hi. Ask ko lang.
I planned to go to Japan on April,2019 to meet my boyfriend’s family before wedding namin sa Cebu. My boyfriend is a Japanese peru without guarantor ang visa na i aaply ko. Pwedi kayang e state na reason yung e meet ang parents nang boyfriend ko ? Hindi kaya ako ma question nang embassy ??

Hope to hear from you..
Thank you!!


Hi, mag travel po kami ng pamangkin ko na japanese citizen/ filipino recognized 8 years old need ko pa po bang kumuha ng dswd certificate dahil minor sya?
Ang mother nya po sister ko, housewife po ako and my husband is a civil engineer in dubai sya po sponsor ko sa travel ano pong need na documents,
Purpose lang namin is magvacation dun ang anak ng sister ko for 3 weeks.


Is it okay to apply for visa this year but travel date will be 6months after? Schedule not definite for the travel.


Hi. Okay lang po ba kung Bank certificate lang ang masusubmit? Invite ko kasi mom ko and 4 months palang ako dito sa Japan.


Hi po. Ask ko lng po kasi im already a permanent resident here in japan and i have a friend sa pinas now i want to invite here in japan kasi tagal n namin d nagkita and makapag bonding kami uli but its not her first time to come in japan shes living there before and deported for overstaying but it was 10 years ago, they will allow her again just a short time visit?


hello po ask lng yoshke ang husband ko po plan to visit his half sister in japan ..same requirements lng po ba yun like sa whole siblings if not ano po ang need documents para don? tnks po


hi. I would like to apply for a tourist visa with a guarantor which is my Mom who is also travelling with me. In the application form, there is a guarantor section. Does it pertain only to guarantor from Japan or I should fill it up also with my mother’s info? thank you!


Hello Po good pm ask ko lang Po meron Po ako fiance and then siya Po magiging gruarantor ano po mas maganda visa ang kukunin kasi gusto Po niya 90 days Po Thank you Po .


Hello, may question ako. May plan kami magpunta ng Japan next year. Kasama ako, mama ko, friend ni mama ko (american citizen) pati yung nephew ng friend ng mama ko. Ngayon, ang balak ng friend ng mama ko na american citizen is sponsoran kami papunta sa japan. Lahat ng expenses sa kanya. My question now is kaming iisponsoran kailangan din ba magsend ng ITR, bank accounts? Or kung meron man na requirements. Anu-ano po sila? Maraming salamat sa sagot.


Hi! I plan to visit Tokyo on March 2019 for 7 days, but I will be staying at a friend’s home. I don’t have the residence certificate yet but if ever, okay lang po ba na mag-apply ako for tourist visa instead of for Visiting Friends/Relatives?

Then can I just show the invitation letter and residence cert. at immigration instead?

Also, can you please advise which of the two visa types will I have a higher chance of approval? Since this will be my first solo trip abroad, and my first time abroad after a long time. I’ve also read about how they’re cautious towards single females who have no established travel history. I employed naman po and have sufficient balance in my bank account (based on this post).

Thanks so much!


Hi! Thanks for the response!

Another question po. If I do get approved, is it okay to present a scanned copy nalang of the invitation letter to immigration on the date of departure? Or would they still look for the original copy?

Xii Lah

good eve po . ask ko lang po sana nkapag apply po ako extension visa for my parents for temporary visiting here in japan nung dec 28 but Jan11 po ma expired po visa nila which is kakarating lng po ng hagaki ngaun po sa bahay d po ba magkakaproblema yun ?
tsaka kung hindi man po pwede po ba sa friday ko na ipupunta sa immigration ung hagaki na dumating kasi po total nkalagay nmn po vali til jan 24 pa po sya .

Xii Lah

ay ganun po ba extension of stay kasi ung tatanong ko sana .


Hello po, Goodmorning, ask ko lang po sana kung kelan pwedeng mag apply ulit for japan visa for visiting relatives. Kakauwi lng po kasi namin last year December. nabigyan po ako japan visa june . kailangan pa po ba maghintay ng six months? salamat po. :)


Hello just want to ask pagdating sa immigration my husband is inviter lang hindi ko sya ginawang guarantor i dont need to have AOS tama po ba pagdating sa immigration? Also new format na yung Invitation letter wala ng signature ok lang kaya yun?


Ganun po ba. Salamat po sa info.


Hello, Miss Kathryn! Navisahan ka ba? Sorry for intruding. Same case lng kasi sa akin and I got denied


Since 2019 na po today, pero wala pa pong nirerelease na ITR for 2018. Yung 2017 ITR pa rin po ba yung isusubmit?


hello po ask ko lang po sana yung sa letter of invitation and guarantor letter na pini-fill upan ng mag iinvite sayo pa japan okay lang bang ipasa sa agency un ng naka japanese words (since ung guarantor ata mag provide non) pag mag aapply ng tourist visa or fiancee visa? diko po kasi masyado na gets sa part na yon.


ung asawa kong hapon ang guarantor para kunin ang mother and brother ko sa pinas papunta dito sa japan.
pero ako naman ung nag iinvite….
ung pinasa nila ang papel sa agency.
ung copy license ng asawa ko binalik nila or di nila tinanggap, kundi residence card ko lang kinuha nila. pero dati dati kinukuha naman nila ung license ng asawa ko. 3 times na kasi nagpupunta dito mother ko lang. ngayun dalawa sila sabay kukunin ko. nagtaka lang ako na bakit di na kailangan ang copy ng id license ng asawa ko.


Hi po ask ko lang po sana kung halimbawa pong walang bank account malaki po ba chance na madenied? government employee po ako for 9years na din po gusto ko lang po mgtravel sa japan first time ko po at ako lang din po mag isa, o mas okay po ba magtanong na lang po sa accredited na travel agency? Thank you po


Gud pm sir!
Nabigyan po ako ng 15 days visa as a tourist tapos gusto kong mag apply ng multiple kakauwi ko lang jan 4 2019.kailan po ba ako pwedeng mag apply


Hello, Yoshke! I just want to ask if you have tried applying for visa two days after you arrived here in Philippines? Kauuwi ko lang from Japan ng Feb. 4, 2019. I stayed there for 186 days(lumampas ng 8 days ang extension ko dahil hindi agad nirelease ng Japanese Immigration but I know there’s no problem coz we applied 2 weeks before my visa expiry and it was indicated that my application was on process already)

Anyway, bago ako umuwi I messaged the travel agency where I always apply my visa- that was my 3rd time in Japan, I asked kung kelan ako pwedeng mag apply uli and they responded, ‘pwede na po mag apply agad pagkauwi nyo pero nasa Japan Embassy pa rin kung mavivisahan kayo’. With that nagkaroon ako ng hope na mavisahan uli agad because I think my reason was valid. I am taking care of my half Japanese nephew. Sister ko ang guarantor ko and she is a single mother. My nephew’s class schedules are from 8am until 2:55pm(Mondays & Tuesdays) 8am until 3:45(Wednesdays) 8am until 2:45(Thursdays) and Fridays are same as Wednesday. My sister works from 8am-3pm but leaves apartment at 7:45 to catch the bus and arrives apartment at 3:45pm. Depends on what time the bus will arrive at the stop…. Her workplace is like 45 minutes walk and most of the time nale-late ang bus kaya nakakauwi na ang nephew ko bago pa sya makauwi… Our apartment is located at the 3rd floor at naexperience ko ng mag slide once kaya nag aalala ako para sa nephew ko na kahit 9 years old na eh parang 6 yrs old lang… Anyway again, after 3 days may resulta na ang visa application ko. Denied at alam naman natin that Japan Embassy do not tell the reason as to why the visa application was denied. Ang gusto ko lang malaman ay kung pde ba akong mag apply ng appeal? Wala kasing ibang ma iinvite tlaga ang sister ko para mag alaga sa anak nya. And I also want to know kung bakit sinabi ng agency na I can apply as soon as I arrived in Philippines gayong madedeny naman pala. Thanks and sorry for my long message


Hi, i’ll be applying for a tourist visa for april 2019 trip. i already have plane tickets and hotel booking (with free cancellation) but my friend who is working in japan said i can stay at her place instead para makasave sa accomodation cost. My worry is paano pag immigration will ask me saan ako mag stay, pwede ko kaya sabihin na sa friend ko ako magstay kahit nakatourist visa ako?


hi sir,

Possible po kaya na maapprove po kami ng multiple visa entry if first time lang namin mag visit ng japan?

Ang plano po sana namin 5 days in tokyo (since relative ng friend ko nagstay sa tokyo japan) . Then pupunta kami ng osaka and magstay po kami for 3 days. ang entry po namin tokyo and exit po ay osaka?

Edgar Jose

What are requirements for senior citizens who will just spend a vacation in Japan for 10 days?


Hi ask ko lang if naapproved ka ng 3months kelan ka uli pwede mag apply for japan visa pero invitation lang is friend? Thanks


I have a question.
What if my Japanese citizen cousin will be the one who will invite me and be my guarantor? Is it still fall under the close relatives?
And for the proof of relationship? Ex: My BC –> Mom’s BC —> Aunt’s BC —> Cousin’s BC/Koseki Tohon
Is it correc/t
Thank you!

Nenita t. Ramos

Hello ma’am we’re planning to visit japan this sept, am62years old i have a phil. passport and used already when we traveled in singapore and vietnam. My worries now is that my birthcert was a late registered i have no baptismal cert. And have no form 137 ihave a high school diploma voters cert and marriage cert. drivers license also. would this be enough docs to show for applying a japan visa pls reply. Thank you.


Hi! I am 21 and was planning to visit Tokyo on my own. I have a job kaso here in Riyadh kaso bago lang po ako dito which I think did not help with my visa application. I tried to appeal their decision kaso di na daw pwede.

Meron po kaming relative sa Japan, third cousin ko siya (yung dad niya po pinsan ng lola ko). Ang problem po kasi di ko siya nakausap or nakita before pero may contact parin naman po sila ng mga tita ko and she agreed to be my guarantor. Should I still apply for the visa or try nalang after 6 months?


Question, meron ba hinihingi docs yung japan immigration in the visa applicant is invite? Or the passport with visa is enough?

Thank you


Hi yoshke
Im planning to invite my sister here in japan, they my sister need a medical certificate?

Gemmabel nakayama

Hi po tanong ko po anong aapply namin a visa po nandon po kasi asawa ko japanese po 4days lang po kami don. Ehh dito lang po kami kasal sa Pilipinas d po kami kasal japan ano pong visa po tourist po ba visiting relatives po patulong po lamat ng madami


Hi just want to ask, pag nag pasa ba ng COE and ITR tatawagan ba ng embassy yun company na pinapasukan ko para i verify? thanks!


Hi, i’ll be applying for a tourist visa for July 2019 trip.but my aunt who is working in japan said i can stay at her place instead para makasave sa accomodation cost. My worry is paano pag immigration will ask me saan ako mag stay, pwede ko kaya sabihin na sa aunt ko ako magstay kahit nakatourist visa ako?

Floyd Cyrus Baltazar

Hi. May concern lang aku kasi ang situation namin is visiting kami. Mama at kapatid ng partner ko nsa japan. Kami naman ang gagastos ng expenses namin pero dun kami sa bahay ng mother mag stay. Need parin ba namin mag request ng guarantee letter to prove na may matutuluyan kami? Or di na namin need dahil kami naman ang gagastos sa expenses namin. Feel ko kasi same tayo ng situation nung nag visit ka sa sister mo. Dun ka nag stay sakanila pero ikaw ang nag shoulder ng expenses own expenses mo. Thanks ahead sa reply! Much appreciated


Hi Yoshke! Just want to ask if sa IO, hahanapan pa din ba ng AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT kapag visiting a relative (my Filipino husband) kahit na ako pa rin magshoulder ng expenses ko and magstay lang ako sakanya for a week before we go around Japan the next two weeks? I have my visa already.


what happened po hinanapan po kayo ng AOS kahit ikaw naman po magfinance ng trip?


Helo poh im anne. We planned po ng sister ng furture husband ko na mag visit ako sa kanila sa japan and der weling to become my guarantor poh. 3 months daw yong visa ko to stay. Wat if po gusto to ko pang mag stay longer po. Pwd po bah kami mag apply ng extension for another 3 months poh??



If travelling with guarantor po, ano po mostly need ni PH immigration on the day of departure aside sa unexpired passport with valid visa and return ticket?


Hello ask ko lang anu requirments if i will travel with my bf. Pero ang bf ko nasa US sya. Sya po sponsor magkikita nalang kami sa Japan

Jen tak

Hello! I want to invite my sister here in Japan next year but the problem is that I’m a housewife. Is it ok to apply for visiting family visa? My Japanese husband will cover some of my sister’s expenses and my sister will also have her own pocket money. Is it ok to be the guarantor? Can my husband act as my sister’s guarantor too since I’ll submit his itr ?Is it ok just to submit my husband’s documents ? And also is it better to buy air tickets before applying ? We’re actually waiting for a seat sale.thank you


Hello po, i just wanna ask if yung guarantee letter po is notarized? And may idea po kayo how much show money ang ideclare for the guarantor. Yung mom ko po kasi guarantor ko kasi student pa lang po ako. and kaming dalawa po yung mag travel to Japan for 5 days. Thank you!


Hello po ask ko lang po kung gaano katagal po yung process po nung visa kapag na denied po. Na denied po kasi yung inaapply kopo na tourist visa then pinagaapply po ulit ako ng agency ng visit relatives visa para hindi napo ako mag wait ng 6months. Then ask kopo if pwede po na yung gurantor kopo if mother ko kasi student palang po ako. Kung pwede po ano po yung requirements po niya. Thank you po.


Hi guys just want to share my experience recently. I applied for a tourist Visa last month at Attic Tours SM North. They did not include my COE and they accepted my bank cert with only 60k for 8days stay in Japan. After 2 days i got the result it was denied. It was devastating coz I already purchased my plane ticket for august trip. I decided to reapply with different purpose, to Visit a Friend since im going to visit my Filipino boyfriend working there.

I completed all the requirements (docs from my boyfriend), included my COE, approved leave, flight itinerary, hotel booking, etc. and submitted 2 bank certs (about 200k+ total). I applied at UHI Dusit Makati last week they accepted my reapplication. They are very accommodating. I even went to padre pio and quiapo church to pray for my visa approval. Luckily, I got my Visa after 2 days and it was approved.

Hope this helps for those who got their toursit Visa denied. Thank you so much for this blog I followed all the instructions and tips you provided.



Question lang po, Meron po akong ME tourist Visa that i’ve used once last December. This coming August po may planned trip ako to Tokyo but this time i’ll be staying in my friends house. Would it be ok if i write my friends address sa immigration form? do i need to provide additional document? or do i need to apply for a new visa under visiting a friend/relative? Or would be ok if i just create a mock-up booking and write the hotel’s address instead since i’m just staying for 9 days?




My cousin and i are planning to travel to Japan, together with my mom and her mom (they are siblings), the invitation would come from our mom’s sister in Japan, but the guarantor would be my the husband of my aunt in Japan, is it allowed?

sofia quijano

good day po
long term visa ko ako dito s japan
(mother of a japanese national)
gusto ko po sana kunin ang nanay ko at pamankin ko as visiting relatives
mabigyan po kaya sila ng visa ?
me work po ako kaso d ako nagbabayad tax. pero meron ako yokin sandaka shomensho.
thank you in advance.

sofia quijano

good day po
long term visa ko ako dito s japan
(mother of a japanese national)
gusto ko po sana kunin ang nanay ko at pamankin ko as visiting relatives
mabigyan po kaya sila ng visa ?
me work po ako kaso d ako nagbabayad tax. pero meron ako yokin sandaka shomensho.
thank you in advance.

elmer capulong

hi po ask ko lng my aunt invites to visit her in she has parkinsons the problem is i have my PSA birth certificate but my mother sister ng aunt ko have no records in PSA but i check with my parents marriage contract it shows my mother ‘s parents same as to my aunt and its has PSA copy of it can i use it as subtitute to my mothers birth certificate as prescribed


Hi Yoshke Dimen,
I’m Cat. I am planning to see Japan this November. It’s only a 4-5 days trip. Plano ko din kasi i-meet ang cousin ko from Nagano. It is advisable na kaming 2 ng husband ko ang mag-apply ng Visa since sya talaga ang may fixed employment or okay lang ba na ako lang ang mag-apply at sya ang guarantor ko. I’m quite scared kasi na ma-deny. Medyo heartbreaking! hehe. Please enlighten, many thanks.


Good day po! I’ve been there last June 2019 and kababalik ko lang last August 2019 at planning to re apply again maybe next year hopefully. Possible ho ba na mag apply for 180 days? or maximum na talaga yung 90 days sa (relative visit)


I have a car company. how can i get visit visa invitation for my business?


Good day po!

I just want to ask, i have a relative in Japan and let’s say i will stay in her house. But she will not sponsor my trip. Do i still need to include that i have a relative there to visit but well in fact i will just go there for tourism. I will just stay in her place. What will you suggest? Will apply solely for tourist? Instead of applying for visiting a relative, cause as i can see it’s more complicated if that’s not really the reason of the trip.

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you


Thank you for your suggestion.
I agree with you. I also want to be honest.
I’m confused.

Kasi i asked my cousin what to apply and she told me it is better if i will just apply for tourist visa but i can still put her home address. What do you think about her idea? I made a comment here because i know you could help me or enlighten me. Hehe..

i’m a follower of this site, you helped me with my dubai visa last yr.
I really appreciate your time for answering my queries.

Thank you so much


Alright then, will take note of that.
Thank you so much


Hi! I’m staying with a friend in Japan next month, my Visa has been approved. Do I still need an invitation letter from my friend? I’ll be staying at her house in Tokyo and a hotel in Osaka. Will the immigration officers ask for an invitation letter since I don’t have a hotel booking in Tokyo? If yes, do I still follow the invitation letter format for visa application? Thanks in advance! :)



1. We changed our itinerary, we are now going to be staying in Tokyo for 6 days and will not go to Osaka anymore. 5 nights at a friend’s house and 1 night in a hotel.

2. I am employed as a freelancer but I have a COE and a company ID from the current company I am working for

3. Not my first time, I already went to SG, TH and Taiwan.


Re: Hi! I’m staying with a friend in Japan next month..

Also, my visa was approved without an invitation letter.


HI Kim! Just want to know if the visa you applied is “Visiting a friend” since you’ve mentioned you will be staying at your friend’s house? And if you did applied for “visiting a friend”, isn’t required to submit an invitation letter as well? I’m planning to visit my boyfriend in Japan this coming April and will be staying at his apartment but I will be shouldering all of my expenses. Thanks in advance.


Hi ask ko lng po if magapply ako ng visiting relative sa japan kahit na sister in law ko nagbigay ng papers at brother in law? Asawa po kasi ako ng kapatid na ngbigay papers skn, considered parin ba un as visiting relative?

Sarah Jane Baring

Questions lang po, Manggagaling po kami sa Pinas lahat 1. ) Yung nanay ko po kasi guaguarantor nya po ang tatay ko na unemployed, pero si nanay po is working in America Green card holder but not yet citizen. Okay lang po ba na yung ITR nya at bank certificate from America lahat kasi wala po sya pag galing pinas eh? 2. ) Guaguarantor po ako at ang anak ko ng brother ko ,sabay po kami magaapply buong family, okay lang po ba kung photocopy nalang po ang isubmit namin ng anak ko na ITR,bank statement,PSA nya kasi nasaknya po yung original yun kasi ang ipapasa nya magaapply din kasi sya ng visa, pero 2nd time na po nya sa JApan. 3. ) Yung married friend ko po isasama nya anak nya na student, guarantoran nya, okay lang po ba photocopy nalang din yung marriage contract,PSA ,ITR,bank cert ang ipasa nya for his daughter kasi ung orig ipapasa nya for his visa rin eh. SAka ano po ba additional need na requirements pag student?

Sarah Jane Baring

LATE REGISTER SA NSO ang tatay ko wala naman syang school requirements or baptismal??


Hi Yosh! Just really curious about this kung may difference ba or nakastate ba sa visa category kung visiting relatives ka kapag visiting relatives visa ang iniapply mo or same as tourist visa lang na ang nakalagay na category is temporary visitor?


is it possible for my girlfriend to come and stay in Japan for a month if I(working visa holder) were to sponsor her?




Hello po! Thank you for the info! I just have a question, I have a working visa here in Japan, and I would like to sponsor my girlfriend with that kind of visa po (visa for visiting a friend) would that be possible? Since she’s not really a “friend”. Should I say on the invitation about our relationship? I’m really not sure if they’ll believe us because me and my girlfriend are both girls.


Hello po, if tourist visa po ba sa japan ng 6months, may possible way po ba para maka pag work po?


Bawal po mag work ang tourist visa as far as I know. You need stamp po sa likod ng residence card to be able to work. :)


Hello po, Charisma here. I am waiting to reopen Japan again. I just wanna ask about my situation regarding about my visa application. My Boyfriend invited me to visit him in Japan po, do you think I have a big chance na maaprobahan ang visa application ko po? He’s a Japanese citizen and a German citizen as well. He has his own company for about 10 years there in Japan. We’ve known each other for 2 years, and when I was working in Singapore he visits me there every month,we met at least 4 times. Pero nuong nagumpisa na ang corona virus hindi na siya makatravel to see me. I hope you could answer my question. Thanks po


Hi my sister will sponsor me, and her fiancé is a navy. What requirements my sister needed ?


Hi ask ko lang kung pwede nalang i email sakin yung invitation letter then i print ko nalang or kailangan ipadala pa dito sa pinas from japan?


Hello. May I ask coz I just got married last August with my Filipino husband whose work is based in Japan. He’s been here for 6 months already but he’s expected to return to Japan in November. Since our PSA marriage cert is not yet available in PSA, we cannot process the dependent visa yet coz the processing (incl. COE) may took for months and I have a flight this December. Is it okay if I apply for the sponsor visa (visiting relative) even if spouse is not included on it? Appreciate your help po. Thank you po.

Ivy May Gabais

Good Day Sir! What if I will visit my OFW husband in Japan? And kailangan ko bang documents na ipakita as proof of relationship namin is young marriage certificate po? Walt quasi door sa sample Inyo yung husband po. Thank you.


Hi, thank you for all the information. It is very helpful and informative.

I just have a question. My Japanese boyfriend is currently working here in PH and he has a working visa. Now, we are planning to visit his home in Japan soon. Should I apply for a visit visa? Does the requirements still the same even if he is working here in PH?


I will be staying in hotel but we will visit his home as well