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2020 • 2 • 3

This visa guide is for Multiple Entry Japan Visa applications. This contains Japan visa requirements and the multiple entry form. If you’re interested in only a single-entry visa, read these instead: Japan Single-entry TOURIST Visa, if you’re applying as a tourist, or Japan Single-entry VISIT Visa, if you’re visiting friends or relatives.

Note that this visa guide is only for TOURISTS applying in the Philippines. If you’re traveling to Japan for BUSINESS or for cultural matters, I’m afraid I can’t be of help as our knowledge is limited to personal experiences of our team. Rules may be different in other cities and for other nationalities.

Over the past few years, the Japanese Embassy has been lenient when it comes to letting Filipino tourists. Getting a Japan visa is no longer as difficult as before. Processes have been streamlined, rules relaxed, and requirements reduced in an effort to boost tourism.

In fact, they have been handing returning tourists MULTIPLE-ENTRY visas even when they’re not asking for it. That’s what happened to me.

So does that mean that you should expect a multiple-entry visa if it’s not your first time? NOPE, not necessarily.

My first visa was single entry. My second, multiple-entry, and I didn’t even request for it. My third Japan visa was singe-entry again. My fourth, multiple-entry. It’s erratic like that. Clearly, they base it on many factors, which is why, if you’re gunning for a multiple-entry visa and you can’t leave anything to chance, you have to do the application right.

We have been handling the visa applications of our teammates and we have done applying for a multiple-entry visa many times. So allow me to share how we do it.

Update (Feb 2018). According to the staff at Reli Tours, they noticed since the year started, the embassy had been giving multiple entry visas ONLY to those who explicitly applied for it (meaning, those who filled out the form below). It was just their observation, nothing confirmed or official, but just sharing with you what they said.



Below is a form provided by the Japanese Embassy, enumerating the types of multiple-entry visas and corresponding eligibility requirements. If you meet any of the following criteria, you may request for one.

Japan Multiple Entry Visa Request Form 2019

Most people will fall under the first category, so let me highlight that for you:

Multiple visa for tourist Eligibility Categories:

For the purpose of this article, let’s label A to D. The reason: I’ll be referring to these categories again when I discuss the requirements so it is important to know where you fall under.

  • Category A. If you have travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years AND have sufficient financial capability to support their trip.
  • Category B. If you have travelled to Japan as temporary visitor within the last three years AND have travelled as temporary visitor to G7 countries (excluding Japan) several times within the last three years. The other G7 countries are: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (USA).
  • Category C. If you have high financial capacity (but has not been to Japan in the past 3 years). The keywords here are HIGH FINANCIAL CAPACITY.
  • Category D. If you are an immediate family member (Spouse/Child) of a person who has high financial capacity.


Here’s a checklist for those visiting as TOURIST, (which means you won’t be visiting a friend or a relative, and you’re staying at a hotel).

Note that this section contains just the basic requirements. There are additional documents needed depending on your eligibility category, listed in the following section.

1. Multiple Entry Visa Request Form

You can download it here.

You can also get the form from the agency.

At the bottom of the form, you’ll find a box where you will be asked to explain why you need a multiple-entry visa. If you feel like it’s not enough space for your explanation, you can use an extra sheet. Better yet, just provide an explanation letter.

2. Philippine passport

Must have at least 6 months validity from your target travel date.

Must have 2 blank pages or more.

Must have a signature. For newer passports, you can find the signature field on Page 3, the page next to the Bio Page. If it’s blank, you can sign it. For older e-passports, your digital signature is already on the bio page. No need to sign.

3. Accomplished visa application form.

The form must be completely filled out. Just put N/A if some fields are not applicable to you.

You may download it from here.

Use A4 paper when you print it out.

4. ID photo.

4.5cm x 4.5 cm.

White background.

Write your name at the back.

Paste it on the designated area on the application form.

5. Daily itinerary

  • Also known as daily schedule.
  • Download the format here.
  • Must be printed on an A4-size paper.

Update: Covid-19 Form

On 3 February 2020, the Japanese Embassy in Manila announced that visa applicants must answer and submit an additional questionnaire in accordance to the Japanese government’s decision to impose restrictions on travelers who have recently visited areas that are affected by Covid-19.

All applicants must accomplish and submit this form, in addition to the other requirements.


Aside from the basic requirements listed above, you must also provide additional documents depending on the category you fall under.


CATEGORY A: If you have traveled to Japan as temporary visitor within the past 3 years AND have sufficient financial capacity

  • Proof of travel to Japan in the last 3 years. The used visas and landing permission stamps on your passport are accepted. If your qualified visas/stamps are on an old passport, submit the old passport too.
  • Income tax return (ITR) Form 2316 . If you don’t have a current ITR because you’re new at your job or you’re working abroad or whatever, you can provide copies of invoice or payslip or other tax forms along with a letter explaining why you can’t provide this.
  • Bank certificate. Or any other proof of financial capacity such as dividend certificate of stock. Must be issued within the past 3 months. There’s no telling how big a fund is “enough” to get approved, but (in case you’re wondering) my account had only a bit north of P100,000. I planned on staying for a week. I also have a friend who applied for a 5-day stay with only P50,000 in the bank. Hers got approved, too.

CATEGORY B: If you have traveled to Japan as temporary visitor AND other G7 countries several times within the past 3 years

The keywords here are G7 COUNTRIES SEVERAL TIMES.

  • Proof of travel to Japan in the last 3 years as temporary visitor. The used visas and landing permission stamps on your passport are accepted. If your qualified visas/stamps are on an old passport, submit the old passport too.
  • Proof of travel to other G7 countries in the last 3 years as temporary visitor. Same as above, visas and stamps are accepted. Just submit the passports where they are affixed.

Note: Previously, for this category, no need for financial documents like ITR or bank certificate. However, we’ve been getting reports from readers that they were still required to submit financial docs even if they fall under this category. The Japanese website still does not list them as requirements though. It is possible that some agencies require financial docs while some don’t. What we recommend is to call the agency where you will lodge your application beforehand to confirm.

CATEGORY C: If you have high financial capacity

This is for those who have high financial capacity BUT HAVE NOT BEEN TO JAPAN WITHIN THE PAST 3 YEARS.

We receive a lot of messages from people who have never been to Japan and have low financial capacity but are adamant in applying for a multiple entry visa. While that is possible, it can be risky. If it’s your first time to travel to Japan, the safer way is to apply for a single-entry first. This will give you better chances of approval.

If you have high financial capacity (kaching, kaching!) and you haven’t visited Japan as a temporary visitor in the past 3 years, here are the requirements:

  • Birth certificate from PSA. Must be issued within the past one year. If late registration, you will also have to submit a baptismal certificate, high school or elementary school record (Form 137), and school yearbook (only if you have it).
  • Marriage certificate from PSA. Only if you’re married. Must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center nationwide.
  • Income tax return (ITR) Form 2316 . If you don’t have a current ITR because you’re new at your job or you’re working abroad or whatever, you can provide copies of invoice or payslip or other tax forms along with a letter explaining why you can’t provide this.
  • Bank certificate. Or any other proof of financial capacity such as dividend certificate of stock. Must be issued within the past 3 months.

CATEGORY D: Spouse or Child of someone with high financial capacity

  • Birth certificate from PSA. Must be issued within the past one year. If late registration, you will also have to submit a baptismal certificate, high school or elementary school record (Form 137), and school yearbook (only if you have it).
  • Marriage certificate from PSA. Only if you’re married. Must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office or Serbilis Outlet Center nationwide.
  • Income tax return (ITR) Form 2316 of Guarantor. The guarantor is the spouse or parent with abundant financial resources.
  • Bank certificate of Guarantor. Any other proof of financial capacity such as dividend certificate of stock is also accepted. Must be issued within the past 3 months.

If you’re applying to visit family or friends, you can find the list of requirements here: Japan Visa Requirements.


1. Determine if you are eligible.

You’ll find all the eligibility categories above. In some cases, an applicant can fall under 2 or more categories. In that case, I recommend that you take a look at the requirements and figure out which category has the most needed documents that you can provide.

2. Complete the requirements.

Once you have figured out or decided your category, gather all the required documents as enumerated in the previous sections.

Make sure that all printed out documents are on an A4-size paper.

3. Submit via an Accredited Travel Agency.

Currently, there are only a handful of accredited travel agencies. They all charge different rates for the processing of the visa, but it’s somewhere between P800 and P2000. Some are stricter than others, too.

You can find the list of agencies and their office addresses here: Japan Visa Agencies

4. Wait for your visa.

Travel agencies say it usually takes 5-7 working days, but it is often shorter than that. I got my first and second muliple-entry visas after only 2 days. One of our readers said she got hers after 3 weeks. I guess you can never really tell.

Just to manage expectations: Just because you applied for a multiple-entry visa doesn’t mean you will be given exactly that. There’s still a chance that you will be granted a single-entry visa or your application will be denied. It is still at the sole discretion of the Embassy.

That’s about it! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m traveling to Japan for the first time. Can I apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa?

Only if you have high financial capacity or you’re an immediate family member of someone with a high financial capacity.

But in general, it’s much much safer to apply for a single-entry visa if you’re a first-time applicant.

To apply for a single-entry visa, read: SINGLE-ENTRY JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS.

How much show money should I have in my bank account to be considered for “high financial capacity”?

They don’t say how much exactly. I don’t know. The agents I asked don’t know either. But it’s generally accepted that if you have a 7-digit amount in your account (over 1 million pesos), you’re eligible.

I’m visiting a friend or relative. Can I apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa?

I don’t know for sure. In general, it’s safer to aim for a multiple-entry visa if you’re applying as a TOURIST, not a VISITOR. According to some our readers, VISIT VISA applicants are less likely to be granted a multiple-entry visa.

How early should I apply for a multiple-entry Japan visa?

3 months before your target travel date is the earliest, in my opinion. Remember, whether or not you’ll be granted a multiple-entry visa is upon the discretion of the embassy. It is still possible that you be granted a single-entry vis even if you apply for multiple. The single-entry visa has a validity of 3 months, so if luck is not on your side and you’re granted a single-entry visa, you can still use it to enter Japan.

I prefer applying 1 month before the trip.

Do I need a travel agency to apply?

Yes. Unless it’s a special case, all visa applications must be coursed through any of their accredited travel agencies.

Here’s the complete list of officially accredited travel agencies: Japan Visa Travel Agencies.

Do I need to book flights and hotel before applying?

No. It’s not a requirement. However, on the application form, you will have to write down the specific AIRLINE and HOTEL ADDRESS you wish to book (or have booked).

Some travel agencies accept flight itinerary if the applicant is already booked for better chances. Some don’t. In general, it is not a requirement. If you haven’t booked flights yet, don’t. Get a visa first.

How long is the validity of multiple-entry Japan visa?

Multiple-entry visas will allow you to stay for 15 or 30 days per trip, depending on what is given to you.

But the visa can be used multiple times for 5 years.

How long does it take to process Japan visa application?

Up to 7 days, generally. But it varies. My first time, 5 working days. Second time, 2 days. Then on my third and fourth times, 7 days and 2 days respectively.

I know people who have waited weeks for theirs. Pretty hard to tell.

Is personal appearance required for a multiple-entry Japan visa?

NO. You can ask someone else to do submit the documents for you IF THE REQUIREMENTS ARE COMPLETE.

For good measure, write an authorization letter.

Should the application form be typewritten/computerized or handwritten?

Either is okay. I’ve tried applying with both. No problem.

If the question doesn’t apply to me, should I write N/A or just leave it blank?

Put N/A.

It confuses applicants because Japan and Korea have different policies, and most designated agencies process both Japan and Korean visas.

But here’s the generally accepted practice: For Japan Visa form, write N/A. For Korean Visa form, leave it blank.

What are the common reasons why multiple-entry Japan visa applications are denied?

I can only speculate, but based on the messages we receive from our followers, the usual reasons are the following:

  • You’re not eligible for multiple-entry. You’re probably traveling to Japan for the first time and have insufficient funds but you’re applying for multiple-entry. You should apply for a single-entry visa first.
  • You can’t prove that you can financially support yourself on this trip. You probably have insufficient funds or not in a good financial standing.
  • You can’t prove that you intend to return (rootedness). You probably don’t have a stable job at this point, unemployed, newly employed, or newly resigned, and it’s giving the impression that you intend to work there.
  • Your intention/purpose in Japan is unclear. This is why it is best to be specific when you’re detailing the reasons for your visit. There may also be some inconsistencies in your application.

How many times can I visit Japan using a multiple-entry visa?

I don’t know if there is a limit regarding frequency of use. However, according to most forum sites, you shouldn’t spend more than 180 days in Japan. That’s total, cumulative number of days. This is just based on online forums. I don’t have official confirmation.

That’s the cumulative number of days. Not to be confused with the length of stay you are allowed PER TRIP, which is usually 15 or 30 days per trip, depending on what you are granted. Check your visa, the length of stay allowed is indicated.

I have just returned from Japan. How soon can I travel to Japan again?

Not sure if there is a limit. But I can tell you these:

In 2016: I exited Narita at 7:45pm to accompany my mom because she didn’t want to travel alone. Then, the next morning, I flew back and entered Narita again. That’s less than 24 hours apart, but I didn’t have any problem at the Immigration at all.

In 2018: I exited Nagoya on December 7 and flew to Sapporo for another trip on December 10. I didn’t run into any trouble either.

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Styles Laoshi

Yes, anything between 50k to 100k is the safest amount to have inside the bank.


Hi, question..if someone have multiple visa. When she return to japan since the lst time of her visit?


Good day,
I applied for tourist visa in japan.single entry.plan ko na mag vacation this august 2017.nxt time gusto ko ulit bumalik so plan ko na mag apply for multiple entry visa.ilang months bago ako ulit makapg apply ng visa?
‘Hope to hear your respond.
Thank you


Hi, Good day. Did you fill up the multiple enty form for your 2nd try or was it the single enty then they gave you a multiple entry visa? Thanks


if we fill up the multiple entry form do we still need to submit a letter requesting a multiple entry visa??


hi! when you were granted a multiple entry visa, did you perhaps buy JR Pass as well? is multiple entry visa with temporary status accepted that time? i was searching the net and one JR Pass seller mentioned that multiple entry visa holders cannot use JR Pass… thank you!


Hi! I saw that too when I was granted a multiple visa back in 2016. I was still able to get a JR pass from the travel agency where I applied for my visa despite this “rule” though. Just ask your TA. But you probably don’t need to worry about this. :)


File not found — sample IT format T-T


Hi.. I’ve been to Japan twice in last year but I haven’t been to any of g7 coubtries yet. Can i still apply for multiple entry?


Hello! For the last multiple entry visa that was given to you last year, did you apply for a single entry visa only? Is that the form that you filled-up? Back in 2016, there were no forms yet separating single entry and multiple entry visas, and I was given a multiple entry one on my first visit to Japan. My sister went last year (this was when they started having the separate forms), and since she only applied for a single entry one, she was given that, even though we submitted basically the same requirements (we had our mother as guarantor).

My family and I are planning to go to Japan this June. It’s my mother’s and my brother’s first time in the country. I was thinking to just have them apply for a single entry visa, just to play it safe. But we plan to go back for the 2020 olympics, so a multiple entry one would really be great.

Do you have any recommendations? Thank you and more power to you and this site! :)


I fall on both #1 and #2 eligibility since i had been to Japan and I had traveled to G7 countries multiple times in the last 3 years (12 Schengen countries + UK + US) even Australia. However I did not request for multiple entry visa so on my 2nd visa (2018) they still gave me single entry.


Hi :) Question about: “I also have a friend who applied for a 5-day stay with only P50,000 in the bank. Hers got approved, too.”

Did your friend get approved for a single-entry or a multiple entry? Thank you :)


How high is the HIGH FINANCIAL Capacity? :D


same question, just wondering if 500k is high enough to get a multiple entry if you are applying for the first time in Japan


Also i was planning to go this November kayalang i wanted to book early. I just did not want to risk buying the ticket without the visa that is why i wanted to apply for multiple because of the validity. Is there a chance na i applied for multiple tapos bigyan nila ako ng single entry which is di ko pa naman magagamit. Baka it might affect affect my next visa application?

Allan Ray Restauro

HI! I just wanted to verify, according to your reply above, I can choose to apply for multiple entry, but if somehow they find my requirements not enough for multiple but would suffice for single entry, it is still possible to be granted single entry visa right? (Background lang po, I already visited Japan last January 2017, then will go back this year by September.)

Planning to apply po kasi ako for Multiple entry kasi I want to go back by 2020 for the Olympics.

Elisa jean Arcilla Bautista

Gud day ask ko lng single entry po ako lagi coz invite ako ng brother inlaw ko now dto po ako s japan pauwi nko ng april ask kol lng pde ko kya iapply multiple visa s nxt n punta ko dto s japan my business nmn ako s pinas n pde ko iproof for applying without guarantor possible kya maaprubahan ako tnx po


Hello, I’m a girl from Iran, which four Japanese girls asked me to form a team. What visa should I receive? The invitation visa is accepted by my friends? I want to stay in Tokyo for one month ありがとう


Hello! We just submitted our requirements for Japan Visa. This is now our second time applying. We didn’t submit a form of request for Multiple Entry because we were not aware of it and the agency didn’t inform us about it. Anyway, do we still have the chance to be given multiple entry visas? Thank you.


Hi Happy. May I know if you were granted multiple entry visas?

My family and I will be submitting this month. It will also be our second time applying. I’m thinking of applying the single entry (and hope that we will be given multiple entry) to be on the safe side.


hi! Gusto ko sana magapply ng multiple entry japan visa. NagSchengen ako last 2016 and went to both Italy and France, and last trip ko to Japan is 2015….ang problem ko is this: i have an italian schengen visa but yung entry and exit ko is through amsterdam. In other words, yung travel ko to italy and france walang immigration stamps. Acceptable po kaya yun sa embassy? May suggestion po ba kayo na pwede kong option or gawin? Thanks.


Hi Yoshke,

I have 2 Schengen Visas, one was issued by Czech Republic (last Dec 2016) and the other one was from Switzerland (last April 2017). For the Czech, my entrance/exit point is Amsterdam while for the Switzerland, my entrance/exit was Geneva. I was able to tour France and Italy kaso walang immigration stamps. Do you think I need to submit photos pa during my Italy and France stay as proofs?


Hi! Just wanna ask something. Ive been to Japan twice last year but both my visas are with a guarantor. Is it possible for me to apply for a multiple visa? Can I just submit the multiple entry visa form without having to provide my own tax return form? Thanks


Hi po. sa page ng relaxation of visa requirements in the JPN emb. in the PH, ang list of documents for category A is this:

a. Visa Application Form (with Photo)
b. Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) meeting (ICAO) standard or ordinary IC passport
c. Proof of previous travel to Japan (existing or old passport with Japan visa, landing permit and entry stamps)
d. Bank Certificate of applicant
e. Employment Certificate of applicant
f. Letter of explanation for requesting Multiple-entry visa

can you tell po if hindi na need ng ITR basta may employment certificate, or requirement parin po kahit hindi na nakalagay dito sa list??? thank you. :)


ay wait po nvm, kakakita ko lang. requirement pala talaga. don’t approve napo yung comments ko. thank you.


My sister and I are planning to go to Japan this May. I have been to Japan before back in 2016 and I plan to apply for multiple entry. My sister has never been to Japan but we have both been to New Zealand in 2016.
My Questions:
1) Can my sister apply for multiple entry visa in Japan?
2) Can she fall under Category B (since she has been to NZ but not Japan) or Category D (since I can sponsor her)?
3)If she does not fall within any category, is it “safer” (higher chance of approval) for her to apply for Single Entry?
Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi po,

Plan ko po magapply ng japan visa this May 2018. Plano ko pumunta ng japan (first time), ma-aavail ko kaya ang multiple entry kahit 1st time lang ako pupunta?

btw, nakapunta na ako ng korea early this year (w/single entry visa).


how much is the amount needed for a HIGH FINANCIAL CAPACITY?


Hi, do you have idea if the agencies charge higher fees for multiple visas? compared to single entry. or same lang, thanks



Do you any idea if there is a passport validity requirement for applying for a multiple-entry visa? I mean,
if that will be good for 5 years, should it fall within one’s passport validity? Say mine is 2015-2020 and if I will apply this year(2018), am I still capable to apply?


Hi,sorry Galing po ako sa japan last May 2018 pero guarantor ko fiance ng mama ko. Pwede kaya ako mag apply ng multiple visa na walang guarantor?


sorry i mean May 2017


Hi do you have any idea how high is the high financial capacity?



Question lang po, If ever I was not given a multiple entry visa, does that mean Single entry lang ung ibibigay? or Denied na ako nun, and I need to re-apply?


Been to JP thrice already, and this year will be my fourth. :)



Im planning to apply for a single entry visa for japan this coming august. ive been to the country already last february. not planning on applying for a multiple entry visa. are the requirements still the same for single entry even if it is your second time applying for it already?


Wheng Bautista

My family and I had our first visit in Japan late last year. We are visiting again in December and are planning to get a multiple visa this time. If me and my hubby falls on Category A, does my 18 yr old daughter also falls under this category or category D as she is still a student?


Hi! My bf and I submitted all the requirements, except I submitted extra ones like COE and Car Registration, and he did not. He only submitted tickets and bookings, ITR, but no COE. His ITR was lower compared to what he is earning now, and it might not be commensurate to his current savings (120k). I’ve been to Japan once but I only applied for single entry, just like my bf.

Do you think there may be something lacking in our application? Should he have submitted more optional documents?


Hi there,

Kakauwi ko lang from Japan and I was given 1 time entry with 15 days stay. I have few questions sana and hope you can answer.

1. I applied my visa may work pa ako kakaresign ko lang din.. But now all i have is my itr syempre wala na me work. Do i still need to provide COE or ok nlang yung ITR ko? Or need ko gumawa ng letter explaning wala ako work..

2. My timeline ba ng visa application bago ako mag apply ulit since kakauwi ko lang ngayung July 14? Or can I apply agad agad?

Thank you!

leo matic

Hi mr. Yoshke, i just want to ask. If i file multiple visa via relatives ok lang ba yun? Im currently here in japan for 90days and balik ko ng phil. By august 29, nagrant ako ng single entry na submit ko nman ung req. tapos plan ko ulit mag apply after 3 months ng multiple visa, ganun din ba process na katulad ng ginawa ko sa single entry ko?


Hi.. gaano kalaki ung chance ko na magrant ng ME kapag nakapagstay na ako japan for single entry last june-august? Thanks!!!


On my 2nd application, i explicitly applied for multiple entry and got approved for 1 yr 15 day one. You mentioned you got 5 yr, how many days? Any idea what are the other variations? 1 yr 30 day?

James T

Good Day,

I’ll be applying for Multiple entry Visa for Japan.
I have been to Japan last year lang, January 2017. I think na pasok naman ako don sa A.A.
What worries me is I transferred all my balances from my 2 BPI accounts to my to my BDO account . The reason is this is the same account(BDO) I used last time. I needed to transfer my balances from my BPI accounts para at least mag 6 digits and ending balance ko and to prove that I have enough Financial Capability to support my trip. I only did these transfers last week. Hindi naman kasama sa ADB ang Bank Cert for Japan visa Application right? Only the Current balance and Date of Start ng Account.

Or should I just request Bank Certs from my BPI accounts as well. Kasi every certificate request has a fee. That;s why I though na itransfer na lang muna ung balances to one account.



I’ve read in an ABS-CBN article ( that they’re going to extend the maximum validity period of an ME visa from 5 to 10 years.

Any tips for qualifying for the 10-year visa?

Althea Louise Cerico Almeria

When I applied for my visa last month, my relative in Japan was my guarantor. Can I still follow the same process if I will apply for multiple visa and the purpose is to visit a relative? Can my relative still be my guarantor or should I provide my Bank certificate and ITR already? Thank you. :)


Hi, I went to Japan last November 2015 ( single entry) and I want to travel again this september for 11 days ( booked tickets and accommodation already). I want to apply for a multiple entry but I am kind of worried since I do not have an ITR. The last time I went there, I submitted an explanation letter with a COE from my company that I am a contractual nurse thus wala akong ITR. Do you think I should apply for single or push through for multiple entry?


hi good day!
Ive been to Japan last 2015 and 2016 for single entry lang.. can I. Be given a multiple entry if I apply this year? What to prepare for the multiple entry Visa? Currently I am not employed. I am just a freelance networker.any advise?


Hi, do you think it’s okay to apply for a multiple visa if I had only 60k in bank?

I was able to secure single entry visa in Japan last year twice and visited Japan twice but using visiting friend. But now I’m planning to get multiple by my own. My worries are, as of the moment, I opened a new bank account last July and it currently have 50-70k.

I hope you can advise me. Thanks!


Hi, kung sa category D, hindi na ba need yung Letter of Guarantee? Planning to apply as a family and mom ko yung guarantor for all of us sana.


Hi, I just want to say thanks! This guide absolutely helped. I did bring a guarantee letter just in case and Reli took the document. My whole family got 5-year ME visas. We used category C and D since we’ve never been to Japan before. The application took 9 working days to be processed so I was nervous but it was worth the wait.


Hi Yoshke! So if I have traveled to Italy, Canada and Japan in the last 2 years (I have single entry visa for these 3 countries), I don’t need to submit my ITR AND Bank Certificate? Did I understand this correctly?


Hi Yoshke! I just applied. No financial docs nga needed just my Japan and G7 stamps haha i didnt even submit a CoE! Got approved in 2 days through Attic Tours. thank you!!!!!!!!


Yey! That’s a relief! I’m praying I receive multiple entry next time I apply later this year. Thanks, Yoshke!!!


Hi my sister is living in tokyo but i dont want to bother her to be my guarantor. Is it possible to apply for multiple entry visa using my own documents even if i mention that i will visit my sister? Or they will require me additional documents from my sister?


Hi Yoshke! I have travelled to Japan (single entry) last week for 13 days. My questions are:

1. When is the soonest I can apply again for Japan Visa?
2. How can I apply for multiple-entry Visa?
I want to apply for multiple-entry VIsa but my bank account falls under 50-70k. I am not eligible with the requirements above (for multiple) because my Travel history is just Singapore (dec 2015 and Jan 2018) and recently Japan August 2018.

My reason for applying multiple-entry visa is bitin kasi yung 15 days. My Girlfriend is currently working in Japan (last march lang sya nag start) so no problem ako sa accommodation. I want to apply lang as a tourist not visiting her (same in what I did before) baka kasi malaki chance ma deny. I need your advice on this Mr. Yoshke.

Should I just apply for a visiting tourist sa GF ko or just apply multiple-entry visa na hindi ko imention GF ko? or single entry nalang? Maraming salamat po. Hope I get a reply.


Thank you for your great content and appreciating your help!

1- Do you think that an amount of $ 10K dollars will help me get a multiple entry visa?

2- I have recently joined a job since one month and I don’t have any ITR. Can you please send me a sample of any payslips that I need to provide along with my documents?

****I am from Afghanistan****
*****I have never been to Japan yet. Not applied yet. Please kindly guide.****


Just applied yesterday at Reli Tours Megamall. A few seconds after I gave my requirements to the staff, she said “Sir nakapunta ka na sa Japan. Would you like to request for a multiple entry visa?”. Of course I said yes!


Late ppdate: My visa is ME for 5 years! Ang bilis, I applied Sept 2, then around 6:30pm of Sept 4 nagtext na ang Reli Tours na ready to pickup na ang passport ko.


Hi, would you know if the maximum number of days I could stay in Japan should I apply for a multiple entry visa? And if I will be able to extend my visit or stay? It will be my fourth visit if ever.



Super thanks

Honey grace padilla

Hello mr. Yoshke ask ko lang last month nagpunta ako ng japan for tourist visa with guarantor for 15 days. And balak ko mag aply ulit ng tourist visa with same guarantor ok lang po ba yon friend ko lang yong guarantor ko posible kya yon.?


Hi Yoshke! :)
I’m planning to apply for multiple entry visa sana but I’ve never been to Japan pa. Although I have toured several SEA countries (w/o visa) + I have multiple entry Korean visa. Do I have a chance na magrant ung multiple entry ko? TIA.


Thank you :)


Hi! I’ve been wanting to apply for a multiple-entry visa and I think I fall under category A. I have two questions:

1) For the show money, should it be “just enough” for the first planned trip (just like for single-entry) or should it be large enough to cover for the succeeding trips?

2) I traveled to Canada just recently. Only once so far but I have a multiple-entry status. Do you think I also fall under category B? If not, do you think it would help anyway if I apply following category A procedures but submitting a copy of my Canada visa (and entry/exit stamps) to help strengthen the chance of the visa being granted?

Thank you very much!

Zaeefa Pandangan

Ohh. I see. Thank you so much for the info!

May follow-up question din pala ako. I have a friend who wants to try applying for the ME status as well but the last time he went to Japan was 6 years ago. He also went to Canada just this year and ME status din. How high should his show money be to fall under category C? Thank you!

Zaeefa Pandangan

Ohh okay. Thank you so much! Your blog and your quick replies are very helpful. God bless. :D


Hello Yoshke!

I already got my multiple entry visa valid for 5 years!
Do you have any idea if there’s a maximum number of days/trips I can go to Japan within a year?
Thank you!


This site answers your question:

I think the point is for travelers to not make Japan their “second home” by staying longer than they should.


Hi Yoshe,
Me and my family were granted visas twice already (visiting relative), this time we want to apply for a ME since our travel would be on May 2019. I just want to apply earlier (this Nov) coz my husband would be here for a vacation. He’s an OFW, with annual leave. He would be applying with us here since he doesn’t keep his money/savings in the bank abroad. My dilemma is that, I put in my letter that we have been granted two visas (2014 and 2016) visiting relative, would it affect our application now that we are applying as tourist? By the way, I indicated that we want to explore Tokyo on our own and book ourselves in 2 hotels. Also, will my children and my spouse fall on category D or will we go as a group and be categorized in A? I have an ITR, employment cert, stock cert and bank certificate. My children and my husband do have separate bank accounts but with modest savings in the bank (I don’t know how the Embassy tagged one’s finance). As much as possible, I want them to apply in Categ A coz If I go for D for them, I still have to provide PSA stuffs. Kindly enlighten me with my predicament. Thanks and more travels for you.


Hi Yoshke,
Just to update you, got ours for 5 years, ME. Thanks Yoshke.. For travels for you. God bless..


Hi yoshke!
Will go to Japan in Jan my first time ,Im thinking to apply for ME visa I’ve been to Singapore just a few months ago. I’m quite worried I don’t have an ITR because I just opened my business last September. Do you think I’d get approved? Is it ok if I will submit the bank cert of my checking account or better the savings account?


Hello, I have a ME visa sa korea. Hindi pa ako naka travel sa Japan. Do you think pwede ako mag request ng Japan ME visa? How much ang balance na dapat meron sa bangko?


Hello! It will be my first time to go to Japan around July 2019.
1. Can I apply this early for a single entry this early?
2. I actually qualify dun sa 2nd category for multiple entry visa (employee from a company na Japanese subsidiary and also Japanese-managed) but I want to be a tourist. Can I use that for a first timer visa for multiple entry as a tourist? Thanks.


Sorry po. Yung 2nd option sa multiple entry visa na form, yung employee ng Japanese company. Is it for business only or for tourists lang? Thanks po.

And any idea with high financial capacity?

John Paul

Hello! Plan ko magapply ng Japan Tourist Visa pag nagbakasyon ako sa pinas next year .

May question are:

Exempted ba kming mga OFW sa ITR?
Pwede ba akong mag apply ng Multiple may Canada Multiple Visa ako pero isang beses ko pa lang nagagamit?



Hi Yoshke

Me and daughter recently traveled to Japan. Gusto ko mag apply ng multiple visa both sa akin and to her.

Alam ko sa category A ako.

CATEGORY A: If you have traveled to Japan as temporary visitor within the past 3 years AND have sufficient financial capacity

Ang anak ko kaya sa category D?

CATEGORY D: Spouse or Child of someone with high financial capacity

Or one application for both us is enough?

Thank you!


Ok. Thank you. I would try and let you know kung puwede or kung anong naging experience ko for others to know.

Mikaela Gonzaga

I will be applying Multiple Visa for my Family. We’ve been to Japan before but I only apply for single-entry visa. I’ll be coming back with my family and boyfriend. But the problem is it is indicated that you can only apply if you or your parents have financial capacity. Can I still include my boyfriend in our application or it should be in different application. He has a Multiple Visa in USA and Korea.


Hi, for category B, is it required that the visit to g7 countries be “several times”?

I went to japan 2017 and US DEC2016 TO JAN2017. Ive been to US several times but only once in the last three years. Do i still qualify for category B?



i have a filipino friend who work in japan and sponsor her fiancee to visit her there. She said her fiancee visa approved and allowed him to saty in japan for 3months straight. I’m not sure the authenticity of her information but this is what she’d been telling me.
Is it really posible to stay in japan 3 months staright just holding fiancee visa?


Hi po. I have multiple entry visa and once ko palang nagamit last year. No idea po ako kung paano sya gamitin for the 2nd time onwards? Basta punta na lang po ba ako ng airport and good to go na yun? Nasanay lang po ako sa single entry since 2016. Sorry po kung ganito yung tanong. >.<

And ayos lang po kaya kung halimbawa magkasunod na months ako pupunta pero a week or two lang each visit? May nagsabi po kasi sakin na parang bawal daw magkasunod na month kung nagamit yung 30 days na stay.

Thank you po!


Hello Yoshke! Just wanted to confirm if my passport has expired and my multiple entry visa for Japan is still valid, do i just bring my old passport with valid visa and my new passport? No need to have my valid visa transferred to my new passport? Thank you!


Hi pwede mag ask yung friend ko may 5years multiple visa tapos on process yung long term visa nya sa japan bali asawa nya don sa japan permanent resident pwede ba sya pumasok ng japan as tourist visa habang di lumalabas yung long term visa nya na finile ng asawa nya

Lucky Gil


I’m an OFW based in Singapore so will apply through the embassy here. Just wanted to know if meron ka pong reader who is also based here and applied for 5-year multiple entry visa. Main reason for it is I want to come back next year for Tokyo 2020 and return for other cities such as Sapporo, Okinawa etc.

Visited Kansai region in January 2017 and I have multiple stamps from USA and will be visiting Germany next month. So I guess pasok naman sa criteria :)

Thank you!

Lucky Gil

Ok po, will do, salamat! :)

Lucky Gil

Hi po,

Sorry 2 more questions :)

1) For the passport photo/info page, G7 visas and passport stamps, do I need to submit photocopies OR the passport itself will suffice?

2) Are they strict about the A4 paper printout? Was there any visa application rejection due to not following this requirement? Curious lang. :)




would like to ask, i want to apply ng M.E. Visa but my first time sa Japan pa lang.. But I’ve been to Schengen Countries and turkey and 8 asian countires including korea but not yet in Japan.

Do i need a cover letter for applying ng ME Visa? pasok na ba sa qualifications kaya yun? my bank account naman is in good standing… what if ndi ako nabigyan ng ME? possible ba na Denied agad un? or baka naman single entry lang ? Salamat po



Will it be okay to apply for a multiple entry visa just months after I came back from my last Japan trip? It was April then I plan on going back during Autumn.

Or should I wait?

By the way I love your blog, I am learning a lot about traveling, and even though I know it’s complicated, your blog definitely makes it easier for me, I feel like I can travel like how you guys are doing. Way to go!

Jay Michael


I have a ME Japan visa, I just came back last March 28 2019 for a 26 days visit, My question is When is the soonest na pwede ako bumalik sa Japan? Planning to go back there this month with my other family members with of course with visa ready on hand.. Thanks


Hi sir!

I just want to clarify. How often does “multiple entry” means? In a year, how many times can i go in and out of Japan? And are there any duration of the exit? Say for example i just came back from japan and plan to re-enter, does it have a span of time like a week or so?


gd pm po may anak ako sa japanese nadeport kmi .8yrs na kami dto sa pinas. nag apply ang anak ko ng tourit visa 1week na dpa lumalabas resulta. tanong kolang makakaapekto ba sa anak ko na dcia mabisahan kc nadeport kami. kawawa naman kc un anak ko kung dahil don ay dna cia mabigyan ng pagkakataon makabalik kung san ko cia pinanganak .gusto na nia mkita ulit ang ama nia un nga lang nde cia garantor ng anak ko sa pagpunta don.may posibilida ba na dna cia mabigyan ng visa khit half japanese cia? ano dapat kong gawin sana naman manigyan cia ng visa.


Hi, I think my situation falls under the 2nd checkbox in the eligibility requirements (which was not discussed here) – my company is included in the top 1000 Philippine corporations in terms of gross revenue. My question is: Can i apply for a multiple-entry visa — for TOURISM purpose only — using the above-mentioned criteria? Or is the criteria for business purpose only? Thanks.


Hi. What if I applied for a tourist visa and I get approved either SE or ME. Then, there comes my trip to Japan, a friend offered that I can stay in their place. Will I have a conflict with the immigration officer if my visa is a tourist visa but I am staying in a friends house? (In wc I may suppose to fall under visitor visa upon application) Also note that this is not gonna be my first travel to Japan, was previously granted SE on mg first application.


Hi. In this scenario, is it necessary to present an invitation in the immigration or not. Thanks



Thank you for responding. I have another question. My scenario is punta kami as tourist ng boyfriend ko pero nag offer yung relative niya na mag stay sakanila for a week. Gusto i-apply ng boyfriend ko may Inviter sa visa without guarantor. My question is, is it safe for me if I apply the same visa with an inviter (my boyfriend’s uncle) or risky pag related about boyfriend/girlfriend and get denied?

If I go with the inviter, anong ilalagay kong relationship sa uncle ng boyfriend ko na ofw dun?

Hope to hear from you again.


Hello planning to apply for a visa again now with my baby. Plan to apply for a multiple entry as we have a single entry previously approved. How about for my baby? Should it be for single entry first or can be multiple na like me? Plan to do the app as a family also with my hubby with previous visa as mine. Thank you.

Alberto M

I was wondering if you knew the age a bank account should be for the Bank Certificate for a Multi-Entry Visa application, and if Letter sized or Short Bond Paper Bank certificates are acceptable?

Kristine Lopez

Hi Yoshke,

My family and I visited Japan last May 31st to June 9th this year, and we are planning to apply for a multiple-entry visa. Is it okay to apply as early as now even if we are planning to go back to Japan next year?

Thank you and good day!


Hi There!

My last trip to Japan was last FEB 7 2016. Im wondering if I could apply for a multiple entry visa next month (August) because technically hindi na sya within 3 yrs talaga if I apply for the visa next month, although 2016 was my last trip and it is still 2019 now :) Am I still qualified to apply for a multiple entry or should I just apply for single entry? :)


Got my 5 years Multiple-entry Tourist Visa from Reli Travel and tours – SM Southmall Branch. Took only 3 business days for the result. Thanks Yoshke! Your blog was so helpful. From my Schengen Visa now to Japan. More power to you and your Blog!

Applied for ME with below criteria
– Traveled once to Japan for the past 3 years
– Traveled once to UK and France(G7 Countries) for the past 3 years
– 100k on bank cert


Hi Yoshke,

Thanks for the comprehensive article! I’m currently a student and work part-time as a freelancer, since wala pa akong ITR I’ve been relying on my sister for my documents. For category D ba kailangan specifically spouse/child ka ng guarantor?

Medyo ambiguous kasi nakalagay din sa documents na ‘immediate family’ (Immediate family members (Spouse/Child) of the person who has highly sufficient financial capacity.) So medyo magulo yung wording.

I’m planning to apply muna for single-entry this week. My last trip was 3 months ago and I stayed for 15 days, I’m planning to do the same ulit. I’m planning on going there more often so I’m hoping there’s a way for me to get a multiple-entry visa without having to apply for single entry every time I want to fly over to JP.

Thank you


Hi there!

My first trip to Japan was February 2016. Will be travelling again this coming 1st wk of December 2019 and I plan to apply for a multiple entry visa this time. Do I still fall under Category A (traveled to Japan within the last 3 yrs) since my travel still falls under 2019? :p

thank you!

Mark John

Hi just wanted to ask.
Do you consider me as “high financial individual”
I will submit soon my application.
Qatar bank – 52,000 riyals (roughly 730k pesos)
Philippine bank- 200,000 php
Citibank credit card- 1,000,000 php credit card limit.

I have japan visas:
Visa (1)- single entry used last April 2017
Visa(2)- single entry again, but wasn’t able to use.
After the expiry of the second visa, I tried to apply again the third time the same year, after one week still no result. I need to submit a letter of release for my passport because I had to process my work here in Qatar.

I am planning to apply my visa in Manila. November 14,2019. Then my flight to japan would be on Dec 30, 2019

Any advice please


May penalty kaya if na grant ka lang ng single entry tapos di ka nakatravel for whatever reason?

Jericson Rubiano

Hi Yoshke,

Good day! Tama ba na I don’t PSA Birth Certificate since I have valid passports with used Japan visa (March 2019)?

Thank you :)

Jericson Rubiano

Hi Yoshke,

Good day! Tama ba na I don’t need PSA Birth Certificate since I have valid passports with used Japan visa (March 2019)?

Thank you :)

maria shimizu

hi!ask ko lang my daughter is a philippine passport holder, her surname is japanese dahil inadop sya ng husband ko nung 5years old pa lang sya ,she visit japan many times ofcourse my husband ang guarantor, now she is 34 years old at kaya nya shoulder ang mga document to travel on her own,posible ba sya mag apply ng tourist visa na di ma question dahil my family sya dito sa Japan?


Hi po. Ask ko lang po. Kung malaki chance kong makakuha ng ME visa sa Japan if nakapagtravel po ako sa USA once this year and 10 years ME yung US visa ko. Kaso first time palang ako pupunta japan. Nakalagay kasi several times sa g7 countries.T_T. November na ang alis ko. baka maudlot pa. hahaha


Thanks for the informative blog, Yoshke! Received my 10-yr multiple entry (ME) visa yesterday after 4 days. I have never been to Japan but I have ME UK visit visas and visited the UK several times for 15 yrs, so tried my luck and applied for ME as a person “with high financial capacity”. It got approved. More power!


Hello po. Ask ko lang if for example meron na akong MUTIPLE ENTRY VISA sa Japan for 30 days stay, pwede po ba akong mag-extend ng another 30 days doon na mismo sa Japan kapag matatapos na yung 30 days na yun? Tingin ko lang bitin po talaga yung 30 days sakin eh. Hehe. Galing na kasi ako don twice pero laging 15 days lang ako. Hehe.