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Whether you’re applying for a JAPAN VISA to tour or to visit a friend or relative, one of the documents you must submit is a daily itinerary (also called “schedule of stay). The Japanese Embassy will be looking at it to see what you plan to do in their country, which is one huge factor in determining whether or not you will be granted a visa.

Fortunately, the embassy has provided a standard template for the itinerary. The most important details that you need to provide are your planned activities, contact person and details, and accommodations. Let’s break it down per item.

How to Make an Itinerary for Japan Visa Application

  1. Date. This is the date when you make the itinerary. The standard format is YEAR/MONTH/DAY.
  2. Name. Don’t forget to write your full name.
  3. Travel Dates. Pretty straight-forward.
  4. Activity Plan. This is the part where you list down what you plan to do in Japan. It doesn’t have to be super detailed. No need to list down where you plan to have lunch or dinner or whatever. Just give an overview will do: the key places you will visit or major activities you will do. If there are days when you don’t plan to do anything or go anywhere, you can write FREE DAY or REST DAY on those days.
  5. Contact Details. If you’re invited by someone in Japan, write their name and contact number. If you’re staying at a hotel (tourist visa), write the contact number and email of the hotel. If you don’t know the contact details of the hotel, google them.
  6. Accommodations. If you’re visiting a friend or relative, write their full address. If you’re staying at a hotel, write the full address of the hotel. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be booked with the hotel. You just need to enter which hotel you plan to stay.
  7. Same as Above. If you’re staying in a hotel or at someone’s house on multiple days, you can write SAME AS ABOVE instead of writing the same details in every cell. But of course, if you will be staying in different places on other days, enter their addresses and contact details opposite respective dates.

Sample Itinerary Copy

If you want a copy of the above itinerary, you can find it through the link below. You can use it as guide to create your own. It’s a Word file so you can edit it easily. Just replace the details and make the necessary adjustments. We also provided a blank copy that you can fill out.



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Yosh Dimen
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Hello, clarification, please. The date above, shouldn’t it be the travel date and not when you prepared the itinerary?

Nadine :)

Hi. Im planning for a 90-day trip. Yung date of entry po ba is considered as d-1 na or the following day na?


Hi po, need na ba may confirmed bookings ng hotel bago magsubmit ng itinerary

Mojo G.

Hello. :)

Just wan to ask if it’s necessary na kung anong airline yung nilagay mo sa visa application, dapat yun din yung mismong flight na ittake mo.

Thank you. :)

Jam F.

Hi if granted po ng tourist visa first time pwede po ba gamiton max 15 days? Or 5 days lang po?

Luisito dela Merced

Ask ko lang po,nag-overstay po ako sa japan noong 1983 up to 2003 naaksidente po kc yong minamaneho kong sasakyan, nagapply po ako ng visa ulit last august pero na-deny po ako, gusto ko ulit sana na mag-apply ulit this may may sponsor po ako na japanese national kumpleto na po yong pinadala nya sakin na requrements, ask ko lang po kung kailangan ko po ba elaborate sa application form na nagkaroon ako ng kaso since it happened 16 yrs ago? Feel ko kc kaya nadeny ako last time dahil sa naging kaso before. Sabi kc after certain yrs nabubura na sa record nila yong case ko



I have an expired unused japan visa, will I encounter problems if I will apply again for a new visa


Hi! Do I need to stick/follow the schedule I sent when I applied for japan visa? Would I encounter a problem or would they still check it if the daily schedule I submitted is for 5 days only but the actual numbers of day I will be staying is 9 days (15 days is approved for single-entry visa)?


Hi TPT! Would you know if for group visa applications, do we need to submit separate Schedule of Stay even if we have identical details and plans?


hi. would just like to check – standard stay for single entry is max of 15 days? i plan to apply lang for 5day stay (in reality i’ve booked for 8 days) para ma approve kami as im guaranteeing the expense for my mom, aside from my own expense kasi.

thank you

Mark Anthony Margallo

Hello, ask ko lang kong ako gagawa nung daily schedule o si travel agency?

minie aoki

hello po..ask ko lng if possible ba mabigyan ng visa sister ko para magbantay ng anak ko kc summer vacation ang mga student ngyon d2.khit 1month lng sna…kaso kakagaling nya lng din kc d2.from january to april dis bale 3months ago lng..pwde kya sya mabigyan ng visa uli?



just to clarify, we intend to book a flight starting 27th of September, sa daily schedule ba need na start din ng 27th of September?


Hello. Good day. Just wanna ask regarding the guarantee letter. What kind of seal is required? It was stated on the Guarantor’s information/data. Thank you.

ivy fernandez

Hi! We are applying as a family for Japan Visa, do we submit just 1 daily schedule or we need to submit individually?
This is the 3rd time I am using you blog as my guide to my travels, 1st when i went to Paris, then for Seoul, and now for Japan. Your blogs are so helpful, thank you for taking time to put up your blogs :)


Madam how to apply visiting visa like mt Fuji I don’t know how to make itinerary


good am i have japanese friend guarantor with complete requirements and i apply for my visa 90 days it its possible to approved for 90 or it depends to japan embassy?


Good Day, if ever ma approved yong visa ko for visit relatives in japan ano po yong ibang requirments na possible na hihingin nila sa airport?


Hello, if ever po yung hotel address na nilagay ko sa itinerary is yung not booked, will the immigration check po kaya? kasi po i’m planning to stay at a friend’s house but I will be applying tourist visa.. not visa for visiting a friend.. thank you po..


Hi po, ask ko lang po if ung sponsor namin for japan trip is from nagoya (which is dun po kami titira s kanila) and we want to have tokyo tour pero po magbook po kami for accomodation, need p po kaya ng proof of income para sa aming tokyo tour? or as sponsored na din sya ng relative namin s nagoya? Thank you in advance.


Hi approved po.tapos 7days lang po yong nasa itinetary ko noong nag apply kami.but we booked a ticket and we have a reservation already for 13days.magka problem po ba kami?(


hello. if visit a relative, need ba na yung house nila ang ilagay ko as accommodation or ok lang na hotel ang ilagay ko. Thank you


Hi Yosh! Thanks for this, you guys have been really helpful :) Though question, is it a reasonable itinerary to submit if I’ll only visit spots around Tokyo & Nagoya while staying in 1 hotel for a 15-day stay?


Hello, thank you for this. I’d like to ask if yung date ng arrival sa airport (for example 9pm yung arrival and checkin sa hotel. since late na yun, hindi ka na din makakapagtrour) Magkacount ba yun na day 1? at need po isama sa total number of days of stay sa application form? Thank you.


Hello! Ask ko lang po if pwede mag exit ng tokyo kahit yung guarantor po namin ay tiga osaka? Thank you


Thank you po! Do we need to bring our daily schedule in case po magtanong immigration? or hindi na po?


Thank you po! Ask ko lang din po kasi exit namin ay tokyo and we were planning to stay at my mom’s house for few days after staying sa aunt ko po. What if magtanong po yung immigration kung bakit po exit namin ay tokyo? Do we need to say na magsstay po kami sa mom ko? Nakastamp na rin po kasi sa old passport ng lola ko na she had been to tokyo. Thank you po


Hello again ! thank you for your previous reply. I am sorry if this is going to be a big text but i really need your help.
Last October i wanted to travel to both Korea and Japan. Korean Visa went smoothly but as for the Japanese visa , my friend ( who is a close online friend ) sent me an invitation.
I am not sure if the Visa was declined because of the Korean-Japanese situation , or because i don’t have enough proof ( picture with my friend ) .

I am planning to try traveling to japan again next April . I do have picture now with my Japanese friend ( we took a lot in Korea ). However i am not sure if i should just try to apply as a Solo traveler this time or use invitation ( as before )

I have 2500$ in my bank account and i am planning to stay for 1 week .

I am afraid that if i apply as a solo traveler it might be suspicious ? because of my previous VISA application. Since the previous one had an invitation. Or Maybe I’m Just overthinking.

PS : if i am applying solo , should i mention that i will meet my friend for example ? and provide Pictures as a proof. or it’s better not to do so.

Kindly advice me what to do. I really want this to work.

Thank you so much.


Thank you for the fast reply !

Okay then i will apply as a tourist this time.

Should i say i am meeting my friend there too ? Or is it better not to do so ?

I am just worried that it will look suspicious if i did not mention my friend at all. But at the same time i am worried that mentioning my friend would make it more complicated.

Can you please advice regarding this too?

Thank you soo much again for your time.

Kinny Jay Pontana

Hi. If I plan to stay in Japan for 90 days and what if a week is nasa bahay lang ako ng sister ko, paano po ilagay ang date sa stay of schedule? Do I have to write each day, but same reason?


Good day! Ask lang po if allowed ang Airbnb sa itinerary for Japan visa application? Thank you for your vlogs po really helped me in planning our trips


Hi, how much do you think I need to have in my Bank Certificate if 12 days ang stay ko? 100k or more?


Hi! Not sure if manotice pa. Just wanna clarify po yung sa first column yung date. If mag apply ako this August pero october pa yung plan travel ko, anong date po ba ilalagay ko sa iterinary? October po ba or date ng application ko? Sana masagooot po. Thank you!

Ledie Richarist polinga

Hello Mr.yosh. tanung ko lang po at pa advise po sana sa situation ko ganito po kasi. Last year po na approved po kasi aku ng el Salvador visa at need istamp yung visa sa passport ko and the embassy ng El Salvador kung saan nila i-istamp is located sa japan and now na i have time na po to do the japan visa process. May big concern lang po aku since in my case gaya nga ng sabi ko po mr. Yosh is purpose ko lang doon sa japan is para doon sa stamp ng el Salvador visa and I’d like to just stay there not more than two night maybe I’ll stay there for max 1 night and 2 days since stamp lang naman ang purpose ko. What best advice po kaya?