Whether you’re applying for a Japan Tourist Visa or a Visit Visa, the first thing you need to do is to get hold of a copy of the application form and fill it out appropriately. You can get a copy from the agency where you will be applying. But if you want to take care of it before you go to the agency, you can download a copy of the application form below with instructions.

Download the form here

Japan Visa Application Form

How to Fill Out Japan Visa Application Form

First, a few important reminders.

  • Complete the form either by hand or electronically. Either is accepted. If you go the hand-written route, make sure that you write in block letters and that they are readable.
  • In fields that don’t apply to you, write NA. Don’t leave any field blank.
  • Print the form in an A4-size paper. Other sizes will be rejected.
  • Paste a photo on the designated area. PASTE! DO NOT STAPLE! The photo must have been taken within the past 6 months.
  • Use a black pen or font. Do not use pencil or one of those erasable pens.
  • Avoid erasures! If it can’t be helped, use double line (2 strikethroughs). If there are too many erasures, start over. Never ever use correction tape or liquid.
  • Here are some parts of the form that you might have questions about. For the purpose of explanation, I filled out the form in big blue letters just to make it obvious. But when you complete your form, use BLACK.

    1. Given and middle names: Write both your given name AND your middle name (your mom’s last name).
    2. Other names: If you have a pen name or nickname or if you’re known by any other name, write it down. If none, write N/A.
    3. Place of birth: If you have no province and you’re born in Metro Manila, write METRO MANILA. For example, if you were born in Makati, write: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.
    4. Former and/or other nationalities or citizenships: Only if you have one. Write N/A if you have none.
    5. ID No. issued to you by your government: Any government-issued ID will do. I have tried using UMID. My cousin used Driver’s License. A few times, I wrote the passport number here too, I didn’t have any problem.
    6. Passport type: Ordinary.
    7. Passport number: Double check. Make sure it’s correct.
    8. Place of issue: You can write the city name. In the case of Manila, you can write MANILA. You can also be specific. I usually write DFA NCR EAST, because that’s what’s on my passport.
    9. Issuing authority: DFA.
    10. Purpose of visit to Japan: If applying as a tourist, write TOURISM. If you’re visiting a friend or family, write VISIT FRIEND/FAMILY.
    11. Intended length of stay in Japan: Number of days including the day of arrival.
    12. Port of entry into Japan: Name of the airport. It can be Kansai, Narita, Chitose, etc.
    13. Name of ship or airline: Just the name of the airline or the ship. It doesn’t matter if you’re already booked or not. If you’re concerned about funds, write a low-cost carrier like CEBU PACIFIC or JETSTAR.
    14. Names and addresses of hotels or persons with whom applicant intends to stay: If applying as a tourist, write down the name, address and telephone number of your hotel. If you don’t know the exact address or telephone number of your hotel, Google it! If applying to visit someone in Japan, write their name, address, and contact number.
    15. Dates and duration of previous stays in Japan. Write N/A if it’s your first time in Japan. If you’ve been to Japan before write the inclusive dates of your previous visits and the number of days. If you’ve been to Japan many times and it won’t fit, use a separate sheet and indicate it on the form.
    16. Your current residential address: If you have more than one address, list them all on a separate sheet.
    17. Telephone number: If you don’t have a landline number, write N/A.
    18. Current profession or occupation and position: Be truthful! If your current occupation or position doesn’t match the ITR you’re submitting (for example, you moved to another company), you can write a letter explaining it.
    19. Partner’s profession/occupation: If you’re single and of legal age, write N/A. If you’re married, write the profession of your partner. If for a minor, write the profession or occupation of parents.
    20. Guarantor/Inviter Info: If you’re applying as a tourist and you’re shouldering all expenses, write N/A in ALL of the fields. If you have a guarantor, write their details. If the guarantor is the same as the inviter, write SAME AS ABOVE in the INVITER fields.
    21. If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, please provide relevant details: If you answered NO to all the questions, write N/A.
    22. Signature: Sign it by hand. I’m not sure if digital signatures are accepted, but I doubt it. If the applicant is minor, a parent or legal guardian can sign, but the relationship must be indicated below the signature.

    Other Japan Visa Requirements

    To see the other requirements, visit this page: JAPAN VISA REQUIREMENTS

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    Important Reminders

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    1. Kairu says:

      Do i have to mention about my children or only my self and a husband? I dont see in the form about the children please answer my question thank you.

        • Zarina says:

          Hi sir, base sa nabasa Kong information galing po sa inyong blog. Regarding po sa “BANK CERTIFICATE issued 3months before”. Eh ung sakin po Kasi mag request palang ako today April 23, 2019 then tomorrow April 24, 2019 sya ma release. Balak ko po Sana straight nako sa Japan Embassy sa Manila. Isubmit ko na po together with other documents. Possible po ba na ma approve ako kahit recent palang ung bank Certificate ko?

          • Yoshke Dimen says:

            Hi Zarina, that’s perfectly fine.

            I think you misunderstood. It’s NOT “issued 3 months before.” It should be issued within the past 3 months.

      • Shai says:

        Ask ko lang, malaki ba chance na ma denied yung application mo pag may mga na leave ka na blank? like; other names, tel.no etc.?

    2. arielyn says:

      hi, if issued ung birth certificate last nov 2017 and mag apply ako visa this december 2018, pwede pa kaya i-allow yun?

    3. Jojee M. says:

      Hi! What if i write down three addresses and they don’t fit in the space provided? should i just attach a separate piece of paper?

    4. Samantha De Castro says:

      Hi, my ticket was from Manila to Osaka, but when I applied visa, I indicated that port if entry is Narita. will this be accepted?

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Accepted where? If sa visa application, dapat consistent.

        If na-grant ka na ng visa pero iba ung entry point mo sa dineclare mo, I think ok lang un.

    5. Arth says:

      Pno kung kktpos lng ng contract s ibang bnsa as ofw, gusto mg apply ano illgay s profession no.16 in application form, tnx

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Arth, kung ako po nasa lugar nyo, kung ano po yung profession nyo abroad kahit na tapos na contract. Pero ako lang po yun.

    6. Gie says:

      Okei lang po kung hindi nailagay ang sign by mother/father dun sa signature?

    7. Michiko says:

      My Guarantor po ako. Tapos dun sa mismong visa application yung sa may work ko now, my need ba ko ipasa na itr? Kasi dun sa instruction mo sabi mo dapat my need ako isubmit. If meron saan ko po pwede kunin?

      If your current occupation or position doesn’t match the ITR you’re submitting.


      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Michiko, if the ITR and current employment don’t match, you need to write a letter explaining that you recently moved to a new company etc.

    8. Aquajennie says:

      Hi sir.
      Ask ko po. Bf ko po is my Japanese guarantor
      Dun sa no.19 ilalagay ko ba N/A or ilalagay yung last na occupation nya?
      Retired na po BF ko.

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Aquajennie, I think #19 is for married lang so NA pa rin. Ask mo na lang din agency to be sure.

    9. Cathy says:

      Ask ko lng
      Dba Pag first tym mag apply ng late rigestration , dba need ng form 137 and baptismal , tpos ipasa na ung both original non….
      So pano Po pag pang second apply na Po need pa ba ulit ng both original ng form 137 at baptismal sa pangalawang apply ng visa Po ?

    10. chrys says:

      Napaka-useful nitong blog mo. Ang daming kong nakuhang tips. Napakalinaw ng explanation. Thanks!!! Taga-West ka ga?

    11. shehroz says:

      hey hello.. my name shehroz, im apply japan visa. please tell me how to apply japan visa and which document required to visa.

    12. Charlene says:

      Hello. Reg. sa ID Number, do I have to put the specified ID after the number? Or basta number lang?

    13. Donna says:

      Hello! Ask ko lang yung guarantor ko is my sister and she is working as “Seafarer” or seawoman.
      Sa Royal Caribbean Cruise siya. Problem is wala silang ITR. anong pwede pa ipasa aside sa bank certificate? payslip nila or contract? Ano pwede ipalit sa ITR? pls reply. thanks

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Donna, ang alam ko, pwede sya magsulat ng explanation letter. Tapos submit ng other docs in its stead like payslip or COE. :)

        Pero best to consult a travel agency kasi mas alam nila ang dapat gawin.

    14. fatima says:

      i really need some advice i am from pakistan n my brother applied for japan visa since last year through some sponsor and from last two months he said you will get your visa very soon but all in vain.kindly tell me wat ll we do to do to find out whether he applied or not

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Fatima,

        I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with the process when it comes to other nationalities. :(

    15. Inna says:

      Hi po. Kapag po ba ang guarantor is nakatira sa Philippines, kailangan po ilagay yung name sa Guarantor / reference in Japan? Or yung section po na yun is for guarantor who lives in Japan?

      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Inna, iba-iba yung stance ng travel agencies about that. May nagsasabi na ilagay ay N/A kasi para lang daw yan pag sa Japan ung guarantor. Meron naman nagsasabi na ilagay dyan ung guarantor kahit nasa Pilipinas. Tawag ka na lang sa agency kung saan ka mag-aapply kasi medyo iba-iba talaga.

    16. Ysa says:

      Hi Yoshke,

      If visiting multiple cities, e.g. Osaka, Nagoya & Tokyo, dapat ba ilagay name and address ng lahat ng accommodations? or kahit yung sa port of entry lang?


      • Yoshke Dimen says:

        Hi Ysa, di ko alam kung ano ba dapat ang gawin pero ang parati kong ginagawa kapag multi-city, isa lang ang nilalagay ko sa form tapos the rest ay sa Schedule of Stay (Daily Itinerary) ko na nilalagay. Tinatanggap and naaapprove naman.

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