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Hong Kong is easily accessible from Macau. All it takes is a one-hour ferry ride. Hence, it is not unusual for travelers to bundle these two cities together. Some travelers fly to Macau, take a ferry to Hong Kong, and then return to their country from there. Some do it the other way around.

If you have a roundtrip ticket to Macau, you can visit Hong Kong on a day trip. Just make sure you build your itinerary well to maximize your day.

You have two options: by ferry or by shuttle bus via the newly opened Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (HZMB).

Macau to Hong Kong by Shuttle Bus (Sea Bridge)

By Direct Bus with Hotel Pickup (Chinalink)

Photo furnished by Klook

Normally, you can catch a bus at the HZMB. But if you book with Klook, you can be picked up at any of the following hotels or casinos:

  • MGM Cotai
  • MGM Macao
  • Grand Lisboa Macau
  • Starworld Hotel
  • The Venetian Macao
  • Galaxy Macao
  • Sands Macao

The bus can take you directly to either Prince Edward in Mong Kok or Kowloon Elements in Tsim Sha Tsui. Note that you will also have to go through Immigration and Customs inspections.

Bus Fare: HK$ 158 to 160.

You can reserve a bus below.


By Public Bus

  1. Make your way to HZMB. Depends on where you’re coming from, you can take the 101X Bus, 102X Bus, or taxi to HZMB.
  2. Board the shuttle bus to Hong Kong (Lantau Island). MOP65 (regular times), MOP (midnight to 5:59am).
  3. Take the B5 bus to Sunny Bay MTR station, Fare: HK$ 5.80.
  4. Take the MTR to city center. If your hotel is in Central area, fare is HK$23.5. If your hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui, fare is HK$ 16.

Note that you will also have to go through Immigration and Customs inspections.

If your hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) area, I recommend either the direct bus or the tried and tested ferries because the ports are much closer. Taking the public bus via sea bridge means you will be arriving in HK in Lantau Island, which is a bit detached from the rest of the city. You will have to take the another bus and MTR to reach the city center. That’s 3 transfers, which is cumbersome if you have heavy luggage.

Macau to Hong Kong by Ferry

1. Choose your terminal in Macau and Hong Kong.

There are two ferry terminals that you can use:

  • Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, located in Macau Peninsula. This is closer to the city center.
  • Taipa Terminal, sometimes called Cotai Terminal, just a short walk from Macau International Airport.

These ferries sail to any of these terminals in Hong Kong. These are completely difference terminals and a bit far from each other, so make sure you book the right one.

  • Hong Kong MACAU Ferry Terminal along Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan area in Hong Kong Island.
  • Hong Kong CHINA Ferry Terminal along Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
  • Sky Pier at Hong Kong International Airport. Exclusive to tourists only.

If your hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui, choose the one in Kowloon so you will just have to walk. If your hotel is in the Central district, board a ferry bound for Sheung Wan.

2. Purchase a Ticket.

You can buy tickets at the terminal itself. Often, the fares are very similar. If they vary, only by a little bit. Even the travel experience is pretty standard and similar. It’s just a matter of travel time.

Image provided by Klook


  • Macau to Hong Kong Island/Kowloon: HKD 160 to 172 (in daytime) and up to HKD 211 (at night), one-way.
  • Macau to Hong Kong International Airport: HKD 270 (day time), HKD 300 (night), one way.

For tickets to Hong Kong Airport, if you want to score some discounts, you can book in advance online via Klook! For example, the regular one-way TurboJet fare is HKD 270. But with Klook, it’s only at HKD 263.


3. Board the Ferry.

The boarding process is pretty straightforward. After getting a ticket, follow the signs to the boarding area. Usually, there are staff members that can point you in the right direction.

If necessary, check in your bags. For hand-carry, only one piece per person is allowed. I remember, however, that they let me through with a small backpack and a suitcase. I asked but they said I didn’t need to check in anything. Not sure if small backpacks are counted as an item or I just got lucky.

Luggage Restrictions for Carry-On
Each passenger is allowed only one carry-on (hand-carry) bag.

  • Size: maximum 600mm x 200mm x 350mm
  • Weight: maximum 20kg.

Luggage Restrictions for Check In
Each passenger is allowed 3 pieces of luggage for check in.

  • Size: maximum 76cm x 56cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 40 kg

You’re gonna have to go through the Immigration counters, too. Make sure you have your passport and the details usually needed in the arrival form including the boat name and number and your address in Hong Kong. Falling in line can take some time especially at peak hours so consider that when planning your trip.

When it’s time to board, find your seat. Your ticket has an assigned seat number.

The journey usually lasts 55 minutes for Macau-Hong Kong city center.

Useful Tips

  • Most seats have overhead compartments for bags and suitcases. Most, not all. I once had to hold my big bag on my lap all the way through.
  • If you suffer from sea sickness, take your meds before sailing. The current can be wild at times. I have seen passengers puking their guts out on the aisle floor a couple of times. It’s messy. You don’t want to be that passenger.
  • Check your seat number upon purchase. If you’re a group, even when you book the trip together, your seats may be super far from each other. This is probably a result of trying to fill the last remaining seats on the boat. I once traveled with my mom, who is an elderly, and a cousin, who was a first-time traveler. We booked together but we were assigned seats on completely separate aisles. I was so nervous that I would lose my senior mom and clueless cousin. We ended up waiting for everyone else to go disembark first before reuniting and getting out of the ferry together.

iVenture Card

If your Hong Kong-Macau itinerary is packed, you might want to take advantage of the iVenture Card!

This card which will grant you DISCOUNTS for numerous restaurants and FREE entry to many attractions in Hong Kong and Macau including but not limited to the following:

  • Ocean Park Hong Kong
  • Ngong Ping 360 (Hong Kong)
  • The Peak Tram (Victoria Peak, Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Watertours Pre-Dinner Sunset Cruise
  • Macau Tower

There are more attractions and establishments covered!


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Is ferry in taipa terminal to hongkong operate 24 hours?


Hi, yung ferry ba from taipa to kowlooon travels every 30 mins??


what if wala po kaming accommodation sa Hongkong kasi by day time puta namin dun tapos babalik kami ng Macau sa gabi, hindi po ba mahigpit yung sa immigration kahit wala kaming accommodation doon? and if we go to the Macau Ferry Outer Terminal diritso na po ba sya or MRT pa din po kami? many thanks in advance

Pia Dela Cruz

Hi sa HK Disneyland Hotel kami naka checkin kong papunta kaming macau ano pong mas malapit sakyan ferry or bus papuntang macau?

boy pancit

Hi im planning a RT trip Manila-Macau but will make it 5 days so I can visit HK for 3/5 days. If I enter Macao then go straight to HK then babalik again Macau for my return flight to Manila, will there be an issue sa immigration?

Kristine Liquido

Hello po. We booked tickets from cebu to macau and v.v., pero we’re planning to stay sana sa hongkong since cheaper daw hotels doon. Would that be ok po ba? wala po ba magiging problema? Then we will be arriving in macau late evening na po, would you suggest to go directly to hongkong? or stay muna sa macau till it’s morning?

Looking forward for your reply. Thanks po!


Do you have an understandable description for travelling HKIA to MAC b bus?
Can I book bus as easy as ferry, leaving my luggage and bord, or do I have to
carry everything to busstation. Is there customs clearence. Do busses go through
to hotels or finish at border and I have to go by taxi or local bus? Tks


Hi, ask ko lang yung update ng transportation fee from macao to hongkong via ferry?



Hi, tanong lang po if ever po we will purchase iventure card sa macau, magagamit po ba namin ang 15percent discount via Cotai terminal?
And regarding din po sa iventure card (3days) included na po ba ang HK disneyland or sa iventure (5days lng)? Thank you



If my flight is Manila to Macau and return flight is HK to Manila, may magiging problem po ba? Or need from Macau din ung return flight? Thanks..


Hi ano po cheapest na mode of transportation from macau to hongkong?



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Mas mura po ba pag nagbus kami compare sa ferry?

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Good day.
We will be travelling going to Macau this September.Tanong ko lang po. Sa Macau kami maglaland tapos sa punta agad kami sa Hongkong , kasi don kami mag sta-stay sa HK.Okay lang ba yun?

Jean Suico

Good day!
Are there any other locations where we can buy the octopus card aside from HKIA?


Macau po Entry namin 11:30PM arrival and plan is day tour sa Macau then HK na. So hindi na po kami check in ng hotel sa macau since ilang oras lang naman po kami doon.
Here’s my questions & hoping to hear from you soon.

1.) San po namin pwede iwan luggage namin, mas okay po ba sa airport nalang para hassle free, then pagpunta HK, taipa to kowloon nalang ang ibook na ferry?
2.) Kapag via bus naman po, sobrang hassle ba pag may luggage, I think mas cheap kasi via bus.


Hi! Tanong ko lang po… regarding the ferry luggage restriction: May extra payment ba if ever i-chcheck-in namin yung mga luggage namin? Or does it come with the ticket fee na po?


Meron bang trip by ferry macau to hk airport?ano time ang first trip sa umaga?


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