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“Tito, what time are we going to board the plane?” My niece and nephew were getting more and more impatient as we were waiting for our boarding call at the NAIA Terminal 3.

I couldn’t blame them. I was extremely excited myself. Although it wasn’t my first time to travel abroad, it was my first time to travel out of Luzon with my family. When they announced that the plane was ready, I had to literally cover their mouths because the kids won’t stop shouting.

Planning a Family Trip to Hong Kong

Perhaps the first thing to consider (aside from the budget) when planning a trip to Hong Kong is whom you will be traveling with. Who’s going with you? It is extremely important because your itinerary will rely heavily on this factor. For example, a 5D/4N trip could be a little too long for the kids especially when you consider the number of days they will miss at school. That said, the time of the year is also a big consideration. I’ll enumerate the lessons we learned while on this trip in another post that I will publish shortly after this.

Our trip started when Cebu Pacific Air slashed 50% off their international fares. We booked for 3 adults (me, my sister, my mom) and two children (my niece and nephew). The cost of the ticket for an adult at the time was P4553 per adult and P3844 per child. That included everything from web admin fees to travel insurance.

After booking tickets, we started working on our travel documents. Apparently, I was the only one with a passport then. We also needed to secure a DSWD clearance for my niece who would be traveling with neither parents.

For more information, please read the following posts:

Day 1 – Airport, Hostel, Victoria Peak, Avenue of Stars

Victoria Harbor from the Peak
Victoria Harbor from the Peak

As early as 3am, we were already at the NAIA Terminal 3. It is important that you have already accomplished the immigration forms at the check in counter before or while falling in line to avoid wasting time. We then paid the travel tax (P1650) and departure fee (P750). After the final security check we stayed at the pre-departure area and waited for our flight.

Upon arrival, we approached the Immigration Counters, were asked a couple of questions and then we went out of the airport and took the bus to our hostel. We then proceeded to Victoria Peak and Avenue of the Stars. After spending all afternoon and evening there, the kids got exhausted.

However, my restless spirit made me still go out and visit the Mong Kok Night Market and left my mother with the kids at the hotel.

Here are the more detailed posts about what happened:

Leaving Manila, Arriving in Hong Kong
Mong Kok Night Market

Day 2 – Disneyland Hong Kong

Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong

We devoted our entire Day 2 to Disneyland Hong Kong. You will need an entire day to try all the rides and attractions at Disneyland. You might also want to stay at the theme park until 7pm, when the firworks display starts.

I went back to Mong Kok with my mom that night because she said she wanted to buy pasalubong. My sister took care of the kids.

Day 3 – Going Back to Manila

Unfortunately, our stay in Hong Kong was too short. Our flight was at noon so we didn’t have enough time to explore other places that morning. We just had breakfast and took the bus to the airport.


Here is the breakdown of our expenses while on this family trip. You can find the total cost of the entire trip for us (a group of 3 adults and 2 children) or how much our family spent as a group. I will also break down how much I, as an individual, spent to give you a different perspective.

TOTAL GROUP COST (excluding pasalubong)
P16,794 – Airfare (Cebu Pacific Air, 3 adults and 2 children, with 50% off)
P5,510 – Accommodations (2 nights at 1 room at Tai San Guest House)
P6,600 – Travel Tax (for 3 adults and 2 children) Children get 50% discount
P3,750 – Departure fees (for 5 people)
P4,800 – Total food expenses
P3,746 – Octopus Cards (3 adults, 2 kids, reloaded once)
P1,413 – Victoria Peak tickets (3 adults, 2 kids, with 10% discount) 1072
P7,686 – Disneyland tickets (3 adults, 2 kids with 10% discount)
P50,299 TOTAL

P4553 – Airfare (50% Off, Cebu Pacific Air)
P1,837 – Accommodations (My mom, sis and me divided the total cost)
P1,650 – Travel tax
P750 – Departure fee
P1,600 – Total Food expenses
P1,102 – Octopus Card (reloaded once)
P357 – Victoria Peak ticket
P1,736 – Disneyland ticket
P13,585 TOTAL

Actually, I spent more than P20,000 because I bought pasalubong. :D

budget guide hong kong macau

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me show money po ba sa immigration papuntang hongkong???

The Poor Traveler

Hi Ronna, hindi kami in-ask. But to be on the safe side, dala ka na lang din ng enough cash talaga in case they ask.


do you have promos on air fare this december 2011 for me and my family are planning to go on a vacation and how much?


this is a very good info. when did you go to HK? is the rate of disney/ocean park still the same to date? thanks

The Poor Traveler

Hi Julz, in 2010. I’m not sure if it’s still the same. Better check their websites. :)


Thanks for the tips. Me an my fiance are going to HK an this will be a big help.

The Poor Traveler

Glad to be of help! :)


Your blog is so amazing! ! Me, my husband, and my son is planning on our 1st HK trip on January on his birthday and my head is spinning on how am I going to do the itinerary. It’s good that I came across your blog. Thank you very much, It’s so helpful, with all the details… Keep it up and God bless!

The Poor Traveler

Comments like this make me want to blog more! Thank you! :)


Hi there! Your blog is so helpful, just want to ask if you pay anything from hongkong to manila?

The Poor Traveler

Hi Bernadette. Nope. Nadah. Sa Pinas lang. :)

erick vidamo

good am sir,

first time po naming mag out of the country and were planning to try hongkong and macau. without the discounts and pasalubongs ok na po ba ung 200taw pesos budget for 5 adults?

thank you

Anna Geronimo

Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for tips on how to go about in HK. BTW, it’s really helpful and convenient! Thanks a lot :) Anyway, I just want to ask where you purchased your Disneyland tickets? Thanks! :)


hi! Its my first time to travel overseas, and I’m heading to HK. May I ask how you manage your baggage? Do you avail of extra baggage when you go there or just hand carry? I have no idea what kind of baggage to avail, considering that I expect to purchase a lot of pasalubongs from there. Thanks!


Hi, I really enjoy reading your blogs. Very informative and helpful for travel dummies like me. Haha! I’d just like to ask, is there a terminal fee and travel tax to be paid when we leave hong kong? If there is, do you know how much? Thanks!


Just found your blog today and I love it!
This blog entry is so useful for our planned HK-Macau family trip next year!

May I just ask on how you divided the total expenses among your family (or people who traveled with you)? Or did you pay for everything?

Your insights will be very useful for me. Thank you! :)


is 15000 php enough for 5 days?

Mary Ann Aquino

ano po tinanung sa immigration? planning to go in hk this july mukang nakakatakot sa immigration hahahha

Lizyl Ruoisze Dalida

Hi! Magkano po suggested nyong budget per decent meal?



I’d like to ask where you purchased your Victoria Peak tickets for 5pax with 10% discount and also the Disneyland tickets with 10% discount. Couldn’t seem to find tickets with 10% discounts on Klook. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thank you!


how did you get 50% discount po in travel tax for children?


Hi po! Anong promo ng cebupacific po kayo nakaavail ng 50%? Ilang months nako nagbabantay, wala pako makita na around 5k ang round trip :(