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For the longest time, when we think of Greek islands, Santorini is always the first to come to mind. But over the past several years, the island of Mykonos has emerged as a top tourist destination too.

Although Mykonos is just a small island, it has so many things to offer to tourists. Best known as a party island, it sizzles with picturesque beaches and pulsates with vibrant nightlife. In addition, it is overflowing with natural beauty too! All these scenic sites and entertainment venues can easily fill a week’s itinerary.

If you’re still building your Mykonos itinerary and you’re confused by so many options, here’s a quick guide on what’s best in Mykonos that deserves your time.

Best Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is primarily a summer destination, so naturally, the beaches are the main attraction. In peak season, countless visitors walk or lounge along its shores. In lean season, they can get pretty tamed and quiet. But these are the top beaches on the island.

  • Super Paradise Beach. For the party-goer, Sugar Paradise Beach harbors wildly famous clubs including Jackie O and Super Paradise Club. At sunset, the area becomes a dance floor until sunrise the next day. If you have friends who keep on raving about insane parties they experienced in Mykonos, they probably took place here.
  • Paraga Beach. Located in a small cove along the southern edge of the island, Paraga Beach glistens with golden sand, lapped by crystal clear waters. It’s a small cove, but a great lounge spot. You can event spot some celebrities here if you’re lucky.
  • Ftelia Beach. For those who want a quieter Mykonos beach experience. This beach laces one part of the Protective Bay on the northern coast of the island. It’s a quiet spot, far from the party beaches in the south. But strong winds make it a great venue for windsurfing. It has only one all day bar restaurant and few visitors.
  • Panormos Beach. Also located on the north side of the island, along the Protective Bay. It is a virgin beach with only a few facilities. Also for the quiet type.

Best Clubs and Bars in Mykonos

Mykonos is bursting with entertainment options, but when it comes to bars and restaurants, these four venues are probably the hottest. But first, a reminder. Many of these places are more on the luxurious end of the spectrum and are not for budget travelers.

  • Nammos. Located in Psarou Beach, this all-day-and-night resort is often considered one of the best beach clubs in Mykonos. It’s also a favorite meeting point for VIPs, celebrities, and celebrity-wannabes. It has a beach bar with sun loungers, umbrellas and towels, a beach bar, and an open air restaurant.
  • Scorpios. Located in Paraga Beach. This boho-style club and restaurant takes pride in its elegance. It’s perfect for long meals as you watch the sunset or have a memorable time with friends. It also has a bar, sun loungers, umbrellas, daily events and healing rituals. Entertainment and relaxation here are based on Scorpios’ philosophy for a spiritual harmony.
  • Principote. Located in Panormos Beach. This beachfront restaurant fosters a relaxing, stylish ambience for guests who want to enjoy everything exceptional in Mykonos: great food, colorful cocktails, comfortable cabanas, and a breathtaking view.
  • Alemagou. Located in Ftelia beach. It is a chic boho-style restaurant and beach bar with a lot of amenities, including a boutique and a renewed traditional boat ready to sail.

Shopping in Mykonos

In Mykonos you will find a lot of the world’s most famous brands, all located within a short radius from Chora. Apart from clothes and accessories, you will also find designer jewelry.

Mykonos’ art galleries offer also unique pieces of sculpture and paintings, among others. If you have the budget, you can get something for home.

Bring some things back for your friends or yourself from the souvenir shops or the local products stores. Handmade accessories, wines, and local cheese are some of the goods you can never get enough of here.

Concierge Services – Villas

One of the reasons Mykonos has become famous to the world is its unique luxury lifestyle. You will find excellent concierge services on the island that are meant to satisfy the most eccentric visitors.
Concierge services include rental of private luxury yachts with a full crew, luxury vans with drivers, helicopters, private chefs and trainers, VIP tickets to the hottest clubs and events, spa and wellness services and a lot more.

For those who are willing to spend, the most elegant accommodation on the island is Mykonos Luxury Villas. By renting your own Mykonos Villa you will have your perfect lavish retreat to relax and rest on your vacations.

Mykonos Villas offers spacious indoor areas, big cozy gardens, swimming pools and jacuzzis and a great level of privacy for you and your friends. They are also ideal for private parties or events as some of them are big enough for big numbers of guests.

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