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On February 22, an Executive Order was signed by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia for the easing of travel restrictions for those traveling to the Province of Cebu for tourism purposes. Included in the executive order are the requirements tourists must provide to be allowed entry in the province.

In this post, we’ll list down the things you need to prepare if you’re planning to visit Cebu Province. However, note that each Local Government Unit (municipality or city) may have their own additional requirements and protocols.

Furthermore, Cebu City is not covered by this post as it is politically separate from the rest of the province and has been open to tourists since November 2020. If that’s where you’re planning to go, you may check our post regarding their travel requirements: CEBU CITY TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS!

Make sure to contact the local government of your destination to double check if they have a separate list of required documents.

Requirements for Tourists Traveling to Cebu Province

  • Valid Medical Certificate. The medical certificate shall be issued by a doctor within 7 days prior to your departure.
  • Proof of pre-booked accommodations. Tourists must provide a copy of their booking at a hotel or resort located within the Province of Cebu and has an accreditation from the Cebu Provincial Task Force.
  • Undergo symptoms checking or screening at the point of departure and upon arrival.

Hotels and Resorts in Cebu Province Approved by DOT

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