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Singapore River Nightwalk: The Afterglow of the Chinese New Year

Singapore skyline at night

It played in my head as if it happened only the night before. The crowd had come alive at Makansutra Gluttons’ Bay by the Singapore River and the queues grew as they snaked in front of the stalls offering a wide variety of Asian Food. I could not help thinking about the first time I set foot on this place three years ago. It was my first night outside the Philippines.

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SAGADA BONFIRE FEST: High Altitude Shindig

Sagada Bonfire Fest

People, with drinks in their hand, danced to the loud music as the light flickered in the middle of the place. While it sounds like a scene from your favorite club in the city, that is how one would describe the bonfire event that happens in Sagada every year. Except, the dance is native, the music is created by traditional percussion instruments, and the light is coming from a big bonfire that burns gloriously at the center of the site.

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How We Enjoyed PAHIYAS FESTIVAL for Only P1000

pahiyas house

But first, a backgrounder. The Pahiyas Festival is celebrated every May 15 in Lucban, Quezon in honor of the municipality’s patron saint, San  Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the Farmer). To participate in the festival, residents decorate their houses with vegetables, fruits and kiping, leaf-shaped paper-like decors made from rice. (Kiping can be eaten raw, by the way.) The best decorated house will win the Pahiyas contest.

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