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12 Breathtaking Sites in Batanes, Philippines

Do you remember your crush from High School? That girl who would sit next to you and walk away without saying a word? That guy who would text you a random greeting and then ignore your replies? That date who would tell you the sweetest things one moment and then make you feel unworthy the next? Batanes is that crush. She’s hard-to-get, a tease, and definitely a heartbreaker.

It takes more than drive to get to Batanes. She’s distant and has one hell of a temper. You’ll be facing the biggest storms if your timing is not right. But when you finally get to know her, she’s incredibly easy to fall in love with and hard to let go.

Here are 12 magnificent sites waiting for you in Batanes.

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Sabtang Island, Batanes: 6 Awesome Places to Visit on a Day Tour

They say I should look forward to the journey from Batan Island to Sabtang. They say it is unforgettable. The waters between Batan and Sabtang Islands have a reputation of being rough, turbulent, frightening. This is where the currents of the vast West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the even bigger Pacific Ocean clash. Sabtang is accessible via a 30-minute ride aboard the faluwa, the bigger traditional Ivatan boat. Like the tataya, the Ivatan dory, they do not have outriggers (katig), either. They say every ride is quite an experience.

I slept through it. Dang it! Blame the weather.

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The 3 Lighthouses of Batanes: Basco, Tayid, and Sabtang

There’s a lot to be envied about lighthouses. They exude a kind of charm and enigma just by standing still. They command attention without even trying. And they always have the best view.

There’s even more to be envied about those that stand proud in the hills of Batanes. They are relatively new and well-maintained. They are never lonely, sought by rabid tourists, and photographed by those who wish to immortalize their moments with them. And as sentinels of the northernmost province, they face no existential dilemmas for no one can deny their importance.

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10 Curious Things About BATANES and Why You Shouldn’t Eat Coconut Crabs

If the Philippines were a big dysfunctional family and each province were a person, you’ll find Batanes to be the oddest in the group. At that big family reunion, she’s that one kid not joining the party or the ruckus or whatever the hell is happening at the main table. Manila and her sisters may be flaunting another promotion, Davao remains cool and makes sure things are in order, Palawan effortlessly draws attention for her natural beauty, but Batanes remains unbothered. She stands by the window, probably talking to herself again.

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Marlboro Country: Racuh a Payaman, Batanes

Either the wind wanted me naked or it just hated that shade of pink on me. The latter, if the wind were friends with the band of alpha male tourists that stood just a couple of yards from me. My pink polo stood out in a sea of greens, prompting them to quip “confirmed” when they thought I could not hear them. It must have been their first time to see another man in pink. Poor souls.

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South Batan Tour: 12 Must-Visit Spots in Batanes

It was too much beauty in one place.

Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines by land area and population, but it is in no way little when it comes to pulchritude. This 10-piece archipelago has so much of spectacular sights to offer to lucky, lucky visitors. A tour in Batan Island alone has the ability to make you question whether everything you see is real. Batanes is dreamy, fantastic, surreal.

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