A more detailed, updated version of this article can be found here: Batanes Travel Guide

I spent only P6600 on my BATANES trip including airfare. Batanes isn’t really expensive, you just have to know your way around. Here’s how I did it.

What is it about Batanes really? Is it the elusiveness? After all, she’s the northernmost province in the country, even closer to Taiwan than Luzon. Is it the way she stands out? Not only is she the smallest and least populated, she is very in touch with her past and shows off the quirky sides to her personality. Is it the quietness? She may be surrounded by the most violent seas, but she enjoys virtually zero crime rate. Is it the physique? Everyone has heard of her natural beauty, the kind that effortlessly makes you feel insignificant.

It takes more than drive to get to Batanes. She’s distant and has one hell of a temper. You’ll be facing the biggest storms if your timing is not right. But if you know your way around her, it can be quite easy to get on her good side.

A word of caution: When the time comes that you have to leave Batanes, she will break your heart.

Batanes: Pure Beauty

How to Get to Batanes

The fastest way to reach Batanes is by air. However, the options are limited. Philippine Airlines and Skyjet Air fly to Basco, the capital town of the province. Travel time is 70-110 minutes, depending on your choice of airline.

You will be landing at Basco Airport. The town center is just a short walk away.

Year-Round Fares. Basco flights are notorious for being expensive. They can cost as much as your soul. Not really, but they can reach up to P15,000 or higher. Philippine Airlines’s average year-round fare is P7200 (roundtrip). Many travelers I know always point out that it is even cheaper to fly to Hong Kong and other ASEAN cities than Batanes. #Truth #NoLiesDetected

Just a moment ago, I did a mock booking with PAL and found out that the rates for a February 2015 travel costs P9500, roundtrip. (I found weekday promo roundtrip tickets for only P6500!) I tried booking the same dates with SkyJet, and the cost totaled P11,500.

Seat Sale/Promo Fares.  There’s hope! The key is to book early. Promo fares to Batanes are rare, but they exist. You just need to catch them when they’re up for grabs. How? Stalk Philippine Airlines. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Subscribe via email. This way, you’ll be the first to know when a big Basco sale is about to happen. Seat sales usually open at around midnight.  (For more information, read: How to Book Piso Fares.)

How much did it cost me to fly to Batanes? P1757, roundtrip. Yep! No kidding.

Breakdown of my Manila-Basco Fare. P288 SALE.
Breakdown of my Manila-Basco Fare. P288 SALE.

After months of waiting for a sale covering Basco, I was finally able to snag promo seats! It was a P288 base fare sale that amounted to P1757 with taxes and all.

Where to Stay in Batanes

Basco Town Proper has some really cheap inns and homestays that offer accommodations for as low as P150 per head. However, I have tried only Troy’s Lodge (homestay) and it was a pleasant experience. Some of my blogger friends also recommend Marfel’s Inn.

Troy’s Lodge
Rate: P700 per room (2-3 pax)
Contact No.: +63 938 976 2237
No wi-fi

Marfel’s Lodge
Rate: P700 per room (2 pax), P350/person for a single fan room
Contact No.: +63 908 893 1475
Wi-fi equipped

Both inns are located in the town proper of Basco and near the airport.

Where to Eat in Batanes


The well-known restaurants like Pension Ivatan and Shanedel’s in Basco all offer these authentic dishes. Prices usually range from P100-P200 per person, but the serving is big enough for two persons.

Lobsters, locally called payi, are ridiculously cheap in Batanes! Coconut crabs are also available but they are already a threatened species, so let’s spare the poor crab.

If you’re on a budget, you may try a carinderia where P50 can give you a good meal. In the town center, SDC Canteen is a popular choice although options are limited.


Paypanapanayan Canteen is the usual lunch stop in Sabtang. They offer lobsters and other seafood, vegetables, and bukayo for P350 per head. There are few other places near the port. Our guide took us to a small carinderia where we had the best meal of our trip. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the place.

How to Get Around Batanes: Tours and Transportation

The faluwa that ferries passengers from Ivana to Sabtang, and the cogon-roofed tricycle.
The faluwa that ferries passengers from Ivana to Sabtang, and the cogon-roofed tricycle in Sabtang.

Here are the available transportation options:

Bicycle Rental. The bicycle is the cheapest way of going around the island, but make sure you have the stamina to match. The landscape is rugged and a bicycle ride can take you up and down the slopes of rolling hills a hundred times over. Not really a hundred, but you get the point.

  • Small bikes: P300/day
  • Mountain bikes: P500-P1000/day (depending on the type and how long you’re gonna use it).

Old ones are available for P25 per hour.


Motorcycle Rental. For those who have a driver’s license and can drive a motorbike, then this is a good option. Rental costs P500-1000 per day. Gas is not yet included.

Tricycle Tours. If you’re a party of two or more, a good option is the tricycle. The good thing about this is that the driver already know where to go or have bits of local info about the place, making the tour more guided. The rate is usually P200 per hour. Given the time it takes to tour these zones, here are the estimated (and the usual) trike rates, good for two (2) persons:

  • North Batan: P1000
  • South Batan: P1500
  • Sabtang Island: P800

Our tricycle driver was:
Dale Veracruz, 0929 341 0941.

If you need a tour guide to further appreciate the history of the place, you may contact:
Ryan Cardona, 0998 988 5898

To get to Sabtang Island, you will need to board the faluwa at Ivana Port. Roundtrip tricycle transfers cost: P440.  The boat leaves some time between 6:00am to 7:00am and returns at 2:00pm. The driver will take you to the port in the early morning and will come to fetch you in the afternoon.

To get to Itbayat, you may travel by boat that leaves Basco at 6:00am. Travel time is 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Fare, P450.

You may also travel by plane. It takes only 10-12 minutes, but the cost is at P1800. For more information about traveling to and around Itbayat, read: Itbayat Travel Guide

Places to Visit

Batanes is a 10-piece archipelago, but only the three biggest islands are inhabited and are easily accessible to tourists. Basco, the capital, is in Batan Island, which is divided into four municipalities. However, for tourism purposes, Batan Island is divided into two: North and South.

Batan Island North (Basco)
For a description of tourist spots in Batan North, visit: 10 Incredible Places in Batan Island North

Valugan Beach

Chadpidan Beach

Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills

Tukon Church

PAGASA Weather Station

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

Fundacion Pacita

Batan Island South (Mahatao, Ivana, Uyugan)
More information about the places listed below here: 12 Must-Visit Spots in Batan South

Marlboro Country

Diura Beach

Honesty Shop

Tayid Lighthouse

House of Dakay

Chawa Viewdeck

Homoron White Beach

Spanish Lagoon

Imnajbu Beach and Chapel

Alapad Pass

Songsong Ruins

Spanish Bridge

Mahatao Boat Shelter

Sabtang Island
More information about what to expect from a Sabtang Island Tour at: 6 Awesome Places in Sabtang

The iconic Mahayaw Arch
Morong Beach

Down to the cove!
Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint

A stone house in Chavayan Village
Chavayan Village

A local woman wearing vakul on top of a hat.
Savidug Village

St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel

The Old Beaterio in Savidug
The Old Beaterio

A closer look
Sabtang Lighthouse

San Vicente Ferrer Church
San Vicente Ferrer Church

Itbayat Island

For what to expect in Itbayat, check out: Itbayat Travel Guide

More information about the amazing places to visit in Batanes:

Sample Itinerary

If will be spending only three full days in Batanes, here’s an ideal itinerary.

06:00 am – ETD NAIA Terminal 3
07:45 am – ETA Basco Airport
08:10 am – Check in at lodge/inn
09:00 am – Start Batan Island NORTH Tour
02:00 pm – Late lunch
03:00 pm – Rest
05:00 pm – Sunset at Naidi Hills / Dinner at Bunker Cafe
07:00 pm – Back at inn

05:30 am – Depart for Ivana Port
06:00 am – Arrive at Ivana Port
06:30 am – Boarding
07:20 am – Arrive at San Vicente Port, Sabtang
07:30 am – Start SABTANG TOUR
11:20 am – Lunch
01:00 pm – Back at Sabtang Port
02:00 pm – Boarding
02:40 pm – Arrive at Ivana Port
02:50 pm – Visit Honesty Shop and Ivana Church
03:10 pm – Leave for Basco
03:50 pm – Back at inn/lodge, rest
05:40 pm – Walk around town, watch sunset
07:00 pm – Dinner

07:00 am – Wakeup call
08:00 am – Start Batan SOUTH Tour
04:00 pm – End of tour, rest
07:00 pm – Dinner

06:00 am – Wake up
06:30 am – Check out
07:00 am – Walk to Airport
08:10 am – ETD Basco Airport
09:55 am – ETA NAIA Terminal 3

Budget Breakdown

Here’s a list of expenses that I made during my last trip to Batanes (4D3N) to give you a ballpark figure of how much budget to allot for this. This does not mean that you will be spending just as much on your trip because your spending habits may be different from mine. Note that we are a party of two.

  • P1050 – Troy Lodge (3 nights, divided by 2 pax)
  • P500 – North Tour (P1000/2 pax)
  • P750 – South Tour (P1500/2pax)
  • P400 – Sabtang Tour (P800/2 pax)
  • P220 – RT Basco-Ivana Port Tricycle (P440/2 pax)
  • P150 – RT Sabtang Island Boat Fare
  • P200 – Sabtang Environmental Fee
  • P1300 – Total Food expenses (Lunches, Dinners)

Airfare and airport fees are not included above. But I spent only P1757 for the roundtrip ticket. So including the airfare and the terminal fees, I only spent a total of P6,600. Not bad for a dreamy Batanes trip!

You can still lower this cost in many ways. If you bike, it can bring down the cost of transportation significantly. You may also skip trying out some of the province’s native dishes for cheaper meals, although I discourage that. Any trip is just incomplete without digging into some local delicacies.

The number of people in the group also affects the overall cost, which means you might end up spending more if you’re traveling alone.

UPDATE! Starting 2017, tourists are charged P350 per person upon arrival at the airport. So make sure you include this in your computation.

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[…] of a vacation in the Philippines … but on a budget? The Poor Traveler has an entertaining and comprehensive travel guide to Batanes, […]


[…] of a vacation in the Philippines … but on a budget? The Poor Traveler has an entertaining and comprehensive travel guide to Batanes, […]


[…] of a vacation in the Philippines … but on a budget? The Poor Traveler has an entertaining and comprehensive travel guide to Batanes, […]


[…] of a vacation in the Philippines … but on a budget? The Poor Traveler has an entertaining and comprehensive travel guide to Batanes, […]

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Hello! We’re selling Skyjet Travel Passes to and from Batanes for only 2,500 each. Check out: http://goo.gl/iQSKeb

Leonelle Ohao

2,500 all in?


What are the best months to go there?


March to May (summer months) if you want a clear weather going there, going there in rainy seasons like June onwards is highly NOT recommended as Batanes is prone to typhoons

Chen Mencias

Did any of the people living in the villages where you went got some economic benefit from you? In as much as we want to save money on travel and find the cheapest way to visit such a high value destination, we also need to think of how we can contribute to the improvement of the lives of the people in the community. Traveling cheap may be good for the traveler but not making a dent to the destination, especially to those who matter most, the people living in the villages. Something to think about.


hmm.. i think the ones who will benefit more with the ‘not traveling cheap’ will be the airline companies.. i mean, come to think about it as well, these high value destinations that you are talking about are not gaining anything from the transpo costs but the ‘tourism’. so even if we book the cheapest flights, it’s no big deal because what we contribute — for example — is the promotion of the tourist destination (so that more and more people would want to visit these wonderful places) and the things that could be bought/hired in that place as well, where those who matter most, as you’ve said, the people living in the villages, will be the one to benefit.. no offense meant but just sayin’..

Pissed at stupid.

Using the local tricycle driver as guide and pseudo tour operator helped one local resident. Eating in a local eatery helps a resident. That’s actually better than staying in a hotel run by a business group. Think about it.


The simple fact that you visited the place already contributes to their economy. You’re not cheating anyone by trying to travel cheaply. The biggest expense in a Batanes vacation is airfare and that goes to the airline and not to the economy of the destination.

Besides, Ivatans are simple people. They’re not POOR! They have everything they need in those islands and they are happy and satisfied people.

From what I noticed during my two trips, most of them don’t aim for a lot of money or richer lives. They like living simple and that’s more than enough. They have 0 crime rate, the best seafood selection, and great beaches, what else could they ask for? Personally, if only internet was faster there, I would not think twice to live there.


i wish i can find an airfare promo! my dad mentioned yesterday that he wants to visit Batanes. Hoping to make my old man’s dream come true (btw he is already 65 y/o)


Hello sexybebe! We’re selling Skyjet Travel Passes to and from Batanes for only 2,500 each. Check out: http://goo.gl/iQSKeb


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This is what we had been cooking for the last 2 months. Two unique Batanes community rituals will be opened to tourists for the first time. Be one of the 16 visitors who can participate. PM me to get the details of the newest product of Ecotourism Philippines. First group will be from Feb 28 to March 5, 2015. Second group will be from March 11 to 16, 2015. Hurry! 5 % discount will be given to the first 5 people who pay in full. Make sure you have a confirmed flight booking before you book this product


Hi im.planning to go batanes on march 20 to 23, 2015. im a solo traveller..looking for travel buddy..i will truly pursue this trip to batanes even alone…


I already made the booking with
PAL this morning..tuloy na talaga ako
.march 20 to 23, 2015

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