From Iloilo

Graciano Lopez Jaena Park: Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines

More commonly known as Jaro Plaza, the Graciano Lopez-Jaena Park is a piece of history and culture right at the heart of the Jaro District of Iloilo City. When the Poor Traveler was walking around the place I was flooded with childhood memories. It’s not because I had been there before, it was actually my first time there. It just reminded me of the places that I grew up in. They kinda looked similar but those places are gone now.

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Jaro Cathedral in Iloilo City, Philippines

When The Poor Traveler was in Iloilo, one of the sites we visited was The Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Iloilo, more commonly known as the Jaro Cathedral. It was beautiful and old. There was an ongoing mass and since we didn’t want to get attention taking pictures, we decided to not whip out our camera inside. The church seems to be undergoing interior reconstruction when we were there.

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One Fine Day in Iloilo City, Philippines

I have to admit that what we really wanted to visit was Guimaras and not Iloilo. But since the airport is in Iloilo, we decided to spend some time there. And we’re glad we did because Iloilo had a few surprises of its own.

The day before our flight to Cebu, we checked in at Fine Rock Hotel. Since we just arrived from Guimaras, we were so poor tired and hungry we figured it would be best to have lunch first before we start exploring the city. Fine Rock Hotel is within a few blocks of Robinson’s Iloilo so it was an easy choice for us. We picked a random restaurant and ate. Nothing remarkable, really. We were just so hungry we ate the first dish our eyes laid on.

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