Shaky, slippery and scary. These were the first words that entered my head while I was crossing the Tigbao Hanging Bridge. Its railings made of steel and flooring of bamboo, this bridge isn’t really the most calming or the safest bridge in the world. But it was fun.

Suspended some 25 meters above the Loboc River, the Tigbao Hanging Bridge connects two barangays. Before the bridge was built, people living on the other side of the river had to climb down the cliff and ride a boat across the river to get to the highway.

The Poor Traveler’s poor friends crossing the bridge!
Korean tourists crossing the bridge
Dunno why but one of the Korean tourists sat in the middle of the bridge

The bridge itself isn’t really spectacular but it is certainly unusual. The funny thing is that it sways back and forth as you walk on it so you’d surely hold on the railings whether you like it or not. The bamboo flooring also gets very slippery especially during or after the rain so you should really watch your steps. There is also a P10 entrance fee.

While it was giving me the whole tourist trap vibe especially upon finding nothing but a souvenir store on the other side, crossing the twin bridges was quite an experience nonetheless. It also offers a good view of the Loboc River.

And oh, it was nice to watch my friends and other tourists chicken out and scream for their lives when somebody shook the bridge deliberately. That has got to count for something, I guess. :P


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Yoshke Dimen


  1. im from Loboc, Bohol and Tigbao is part of Loboc…and i can say that my place is very beautiful and the people there are friendly and very hospitable and im very proud being a Lobocanon as well as Boholano…

  2. I ran across that bridge when we were in Bohol. Check out my video of this hanging Bridge on my profile page. Nice place to go we enjoyed ourselves there in Bohol.

  3. Red Violetz says:

    I’ve been there, It’s a nice experience,crossing the hanging bridge, I remember there is a young korean next to me, trying to get my attention he jumps while we are crossing, oh men, I scold him and said, SSSTTOOOPPPP ITTT!! or else, papabalikin kita sa Korea, as in now na, hahahaha! Nakuha siya sa tingin,but I run towards the other end to make it fast, though I am really scared. I met the buko king too at the end of it, & see the souvenir shop. =))

  4. weve been there to…ganda ng view,,tas pag nsa bandang gitna k n tas tingin k s baba prang nakakahilo..hehe tas nandun dn c buko king..kaso me batad pag nag exibition cia….tas me souvenir shop tama…..ganda s bohol..

  5. Aahh… the unforgettable hanging bridge! Was there in 2007, crossed that bridge amidst the darkness of night and heavy rain!!! THANKS to the locals (vendors in the souvenir shops at one end of the bridge) for saving us.. they took flashlights, lent us “salakots”, and guided us while crossing the bridge to reach our car at the other end of the bridge! HANDS DOWN one of my unforgettable and fave Bohol experiences! I SUPERRR LOVE Bohol and the Boholanos.. THE BEST!!

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