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It was as though the surrounding landscape morphed from farmlands to forests in an instant, as though our vehicle drove through a portal into a parallel universe. We pulled over and our driver-cum-tour guide dragged us back to reality. “This is the manmade forest,” he announced.

The manmade forest is a 2-kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that carpet the sloping ground where the municipality of Loboc meets Bilar. Travelers going to the Chocolate Hills from Loboc will not miss this.

We traipsed along the road under the canopy of a lush mahogany forest whose branches curved overhead. I could not help but look up; their leaves have blocked out the sun completely. Uniform and imposing, their thin trunks stand so close to each other like a platoon of giant soldiers. At the time, no wind was there to tousle their verdant tops yet they appeared to be moving, stepping back, giving way to visitors passing by. 

In their shade, I gadded in awe, hypnotized by the virid ceiling above me and completely forgetting that the road I was walking on was a highway. A loud honk jerked my consciousness back just in time as a car sped right past me. Here in this forest, it’s hard not to daydream for the place itself looks like it came straight from a fantasy movie.

Manmade Forest of Bilar and Loboc
Manmade Forest of Bilar and Loboc
Bohol Man-made Forest in Bilar and Loboc
Souvenir stalls lined up by the road
I don’t know what animal this is but there are plenty of ’em there.

The trees breathe, creating a breezy atmosphere that is much cooler than the outside. No matter how hot the day is, it remains comfortable in the company of these hardy yet nurturing soldiers.

Note: There is no designated parking space here. When you visit this, I bet you won’t be the only ones camwhoring at this place. BUT BE CAREFUL! You might be so focused on taking pictures that you might forget that it’s still part of the highway. Vehicles passing through the forest can be very speedy.

Posted:2011 • 1 • 8

How to get here: From Tagbilaran, you can join a group tour offered by various tour operators and hotels. You may also rent a van or motorcycle to get here. Taking public transportation is okay but getting out can be a problem since the bus won’t really wait for you. You will have to wait for the next bus to move to your next stop, which is more stressful and time-consuming.


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Adu Ayuban Ybañez

bohol is a beautiful place. thanks for admiring. i am proud to be a boholano.

Jess Sanchez Palogan

kaka galing lang namen dyan

Daphne Sancio Piñera

I love this place…a paradise.. love to go back again…

Princess Sotero

One of my favorite spot in Bohol. .the road within a forest. .

Princess Sotero

One of my favorite spot in Bohol. .the road within a forest. .

Rocee Puma Coroza

i miss this forest..amazing tlaga.. ;D

Rocee Puma Coroza

i miss this forest..amazing tlaga.. ;D

Susan Gavina

yes, and i enjoyed the calmness and the cool breeze. i even got a picture of it with our group @ the center of the road!


that’s a millipede.

Jayb Cenaroza Ministros

its like the trees in lord of the rings!

Archie D Quintillan

it’s beautiful there! We were there when it was raining but it was so nice :)

Maya Castillo

Its amazing!!! I hope, all places in the philippines would set up a project like that. It doesn’t only beautify the place but it helps mother nature as well…

John Espina

Been there. It was like the forest in a ‘Twilight’ movie! Good job by the people of Bohol, specifically, Bilar people.

Kristie Anne Hernandez

We were supposed to be there for Valentine’s. We didn’t push through because of my surgery. I’ve been wanting to see Bohol. I’ll make sure to visit Bohol when I’m fully recovered.

Grace Felix

you should go there, coz its really beatiful and i was amazed of that place,congrats to the officilals there.

Maxima Enriquez

we’ve been there… it’s nice. wonder how its doing right now…

Joy Manjares

This 2 Km stretch of Mahogany Trees is a sight to see in Bohol and so much more. One thing I like in Bohol is its clean surroundings that is consistent anywhere you go..I believe that the reason for this is not only discipline but that it is embedded in the local’s life style and culture…

Precy Vivar Quinto

i’ve been here twice!!! beauty in everyone’s eye.

Ana Gonzales

nice…. would plan to go to that place

ria lapid

Is there a group tour that I can join so I can availlower package tour?
This coming April Ill be available


Who’s with you? :)


[…] Bilar Man-Made Forest […]


a very nice place to visit…ang sarap balik-balikan

The Poor Traveler

True!!! :D

Zeann Analyn Anub

yes its very nice there..its my hometown and proud to have it..I LOVE BILAR BOHOL.! visit there guys..(:

Michael Cuarteros Luyahan

There’s a place like this also in Ozamis City or it’s in a Suburb of Ozamis City. Places like these are really very nice! :)) :-)

Maria Tessie Baguio

hope that every place in the Phils. will plant plenty of trees,, everywhere here in abroad are like that it gives lots of energy and oxygin…

Ma Belen Payag- Mahinay

Sana nga ganun din ang ibang probensya.magtanim sila marami kahoy katulad dito.

Jeanilyn Tan

been there! :) pang Twilight ung location…

Anna Rinma

…been there 6days ago and i was so amazed by the wonderful nature feeling. My Family and I took a wonderful family picture there…:))

Sheryll Ann Capulong

i felt like i was in the twilight movie when i visited this place :)


paradise place esp. panglao resort
me and my bf. had a vacation there,
love to go back again

Aeyphrille Cuevas

who would have not fall in love with this province?! Bohol is a lovely place! Been there last September

Malou Abordo

i love this portion of Bohol…. pag napadaan ka na rito.. ang sarap ng pakiramdam…. superb!

Steve Young

Maybe if they had planted a variety of native trees, there might actually be some birds in the forest.

Ahr-ahr Uy

I have been there!!!!hehehe the man made forest is sooooo cold even if it is 12noon!hehehe

Semoneth Bonilla

Been there! It’s really awesome! You’ll appreciate nature.

Robert Lepatan

yah! the place is so nice, cool and u can feel the nature! only, if the LGU would place street posts coz its very dark by night, specially when ur driving ur car…. love Bohol!!!

Allan Bough Gokongwei

My favorite spot in Bohol! Magpapatanim ako ng ganyan sa lugar namin!hahaha

The Poor Traveler

Let us know pag malaki na para mabisita rin namin! :P

Joywish Alquiza

My hometown is Carmen, so every now and then when we visit to the city (Tagbilaran) we passes this place and i can’t even explain til now why i was fallen asleep when the bus journeying upon this place and I can’t help it…….
…… eyes really closing!!! (^_^)

and it will always be… ♥♥♥

The Poor Traveler

Hahaha, thanks for sharing!

Jar Dcruz

True I was there March 2013… Ang ganda tlaga..

Mar Anne Fernandez Alintanahin


Claire Evangelista

i wish mkpunta me jan..

Anton Zanders

we was there 2 times

Anton Zanders

the loboc river boat is nice with good food , and the hills , 2 times was just green .

David Demarsin

been there last year.

Doods Villame

How big is the forest and is it allowed to explore the interior of it?

Rizza Concepcion

Been there… Feel ko nsa abroad ako.. Awwsome

Vander Molen Terry

Seen it!!

Boboy Waro

Amazing…i was there last 2011…as coming from carmen going back to loboc…

Sol Rice

try soon

Greg Rosales

Wla ne na destroy sa earthquake?

Cristy Udtohan Po

w’ve been there its so nice place..

Jacqueline Mateos Kambayashi

we were here twice….love Bohol

Wena Tabia

Nice place.

Kc Cedio

ganda tlga jn. pumunta kmi nung august

Vheek Ross Angel


Mark Church

Been all man made too – bohol beautiful island

Dhonski Rodriguez

been there…man made forest..fresh air

Akira Stone Punker

Hinahangaan ko ito.

Dahuya Kelvin

ang ganda sa pic palng,,

Lucy Villa

ang ganda

Eliza Sangyahon Abenoja

Been there and it’s really amazing!

Cecille Tabares

been here twice………….so amazing man made forest…………..;)

Ace Ramos Tordanes

i always wanted to visit Bohol,hopefully next year.

Myrna Regua-ferrer

We’ve been here in before yolanda

Jelly Foz

I will see u soon… 󾌵

Leslyn F. Daquiz

wow nice in parang anlamig sa matang tingnan

Menchie Melicano

Its nice to have a walk there !


[…] Bilar-Man Forest is a tourist attraction along the road in Bohol going to Chocolate Hills. It is a thick 2-kilometer Mahogany Man-Made Forest. As you approach the rain forest, the atmosphere will change into somewhat chilly and darker because of the trees. It would be like entering the world of Edward Collins in “Twilight Saga”. For some, this place may sound creepy but it’s beautiful. […]


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