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Last updated: 2022 • 2 • 3

Boracay is one of the first destinations to re-open to tourists since the COVID-19 pandemic brought the tourism industry to a standstill. However, health and safety protocols are still in place. The local government units (LGUs) strictly implement these policies and require tourists to submit necessary documents prior to their trip.

We were able to visit Boracay a few times since the pandemic started and in this post, we’re documenting the process that we went through on our most recent visit. Here’s a step by step guide on what you need to do before your trip. Note that these travel protocols may change, so make sure to check for updates with the local government for good measure.

If you need a more visual Boracay guide, watch this video:

1. Complete the Boracay Travel Requirements.

Before we go to the specifics of each requirement, here’s a quick overview of the travel requirements for non-Aklanon TOURISTS visiting Boracay.

Take a good look at it so you know which ones you need to prioritize. In the pre-pandemic world, flights usually get taken care of first. But it may not always be the wisest way to go these days.

  1. For Vaccinated Tourists: Proof of Vaccination. This can be any of the following:
    – VaxcertPH certification
    – locally-issued vaccination card with contact details of vaccination center
    – International Certification of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (ICV) from WHO
    – vaccination card or certificate issued abroad
  2. For Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated Tourists: Negative RT-PCR test. Must be taken within 72 hours prior to departure. RT-PCR tests must be done by any of the accredited laboratories. You can find the list of accredited labs here.
  3. For Children 12 years old or under: Certificate of Undertaking. Here’s a template.
  4. Confirmed hotel or resort booking on the island. Make sure that you book a hotel with Certificate of Authority to Operate/Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Department of Tourism. You can check the list of hotels here: LIST OF OPERATIONAL HOTELS IN BORACAY.
  5. Roundtrip transportation details
  6. Valid ID (for local tourists) or passport (for foreign tourists)
  7. Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC). You will be accomplishing this online at Tourist Boracay website.
  8. Tourist QR Code and copy of your Health Declaration Card. These will be sent to your e-mail if the processing is successful. Print or keep a digital copy of your Tourist QR Code and keep it with you at all times when you are in the island.

You might also want to get an S-Pass Travel Coordination Permit (TCP). It is NOT a requirement when getting a Tourist QR Code but airports or airlines might ask for this so the provincial government of Aklan recommends securing one for easier, hassle-free journey. To apply for a TCP, go to or visit this S-Pass tutorial page for more info.

For tourists coming from Western Visayas: also submit the following:

  • If driving private vehicle, photo of the vehicle plate
  • If taking public transportation, accomplished Certificate of Undertaking. Template here.

2. Accomplish the Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC).

Tourist Boracay Website Homepage

  1. Go to and click Boracay on the homepage.
  2. Fill out the form with all the required details and click Submit.

The form will ask you for info on your health, accommodations, and itinerary.

Boracay OHDC Form

You’ll also be asked to upload the requirements. More info in the next section.

3. Upload a copy of the requirements.

At the bottom of the same OHDC page, you’ll find a section for uploading of the required documents.

(Previously, the submission of requirements was done via email. In our case, we had to email to and use the subject OHDC-Family Name, First Name. For example: OHDC-CARLOS-VINS. But it has since been integrated in the OHDC form.)

Here are the documents you need to upload:

Boracay OHDC Upload Requirements Section

Only JPG, PNG and PDF files smaller than 2 MB are allowed. If your file is bigger, you need to resize it first.

Make sure to send only valid documents. Keep in mind that falsification of documents is punishable by law.

Enter the CAPTCHA code and click SUBMIT.

4. Save your QR Code.

After submission of the requirements, the next page will present your unique OHDC QR code.

You may click the PREVIEW AND DOWNLOAD button to keep a copy of your QR code. You may print or take a screenshot of it.

Keep this QR Code with you at all times when traveling to and around the island. You’ll be presenting it at various points including the ports of entry and exit. In our experience, they check for the HDC and QR code as early as airport check in. They also asked for them at the gate, upon boarding.

If for whatever reason you didn’t get an OHDC QR code or you failed to save it, you must start a new application.

5. Check for updates from the validators.

While the OHDC QR code is generated automatically, your documents will still go through a manual validation process to check if they are all authentic and complete. If the validators have any concern with your submission, they will try to reach you via phone call, SMS or email.

If you’re asked to submit additional documents, you must comply by sending an email to with the subject following this format: COMPLIANCE-LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME-DATEOFTRAVEL.

List of Accredited Boracay Hotels & Resorts

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region VI has a list of hotels and resorts with a Certificate of Authority to Operate (CAO) or a Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate (PCAO). Here are just a few of the hotels on their list.


List of Accredited Testing Centers

If you’re required to present a negative test result, here are just a few licensed testing laboratories that you may book online via Klook.

There are dozens more accredited COVID-19 testing laboratories throughout the country.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I plan on extending my stay in Boracay. What to do?

Your Tourist QR Code will expire 12 hours from your accommodation checkout time. If you plan to extend your stay, send an email with a new booking slip to You must do this before your original checkout time.

When uploading requirements, I get an error saying “Size Validation Failed”. What to do?

This means your files are bigger than 2MB, so you need to resize them first. Here’s how to resize files.

I get an error “Extension Validation Failed”. What to do?

The system accepts JPG (JPEG), PNG and PDF files. If your file isn’t any of those, you have to convert them first.

I didn’t get a QR Code. What to do?

If after your submission, the system failed to generate a QR code or if you failed to save it, you should fill out the form again and start a new application.

I still have issues about the OHDC QR Code. How to contact them?

For any issues about OHDC, you may contact them through any of the following channels:

Email addresses:

Travel Info Aklan Assistance Center Mobile Numbers:

Before we end, a word about our collaborator for this article:

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Additional words by: Mariah Cruz

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Michael Aigbedo Akogu

Thanks for this detailed post. I am looking for the best place for vacation in January

Elle P

Thank you very much for the updated detailed information!


Very detailed and helpful. Thank you.

danish wilson christian


Laila Bulaon

Question po, if June 8 ang flight ko kelan po dpat magcomplete ng requirements?


Hi! Just want to ask if you have an idea if need na notarized ung certificate of undertaking for children? Thanks in advance


Hi. I just want to ask, allowed na po ba na manggaling sa kalibo to boracay ngayon? a friend told me before not allowed. TIA


sa field sa OHDC n No. of Visits to Boracay.. bibilangin po talaga ilan beses ka n nkapagBoracay? Thanks

carlos silva


I know i need to fill in the one pass health to enter Philippines

but I am going to Boracay island so I need to fill up another one 7 days before

My question is from Boracay I will go back to MANILA and stay there 4 days  Do i need to fill up the healt pass or any other form again?
carlos Silva in the USA

Yosh Dimen

Hi Carlos, from Boracay to Manila? As far as I know, no need to do another One Health Pass for that. It’s only for those entering the country from abroad.


Kailangan po ba ng booster to be considered fully vaccinated, or 2 doses lang okay na?

Yosh Dimen

Hi Angelique, when we visited, 2 doses lang po ay sapat na.

Ting testor

We are four pax visiting boracay… Do we need everyone to have individual documents.. or need only one to cover the whole group? TIA…


When I visited the the form is no longer available.