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Last updated: 2022 • 02 • 22

S-Pass is an online travel management system developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in line with the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) Resolution No. 101.

If you plan on traveling, this website will allow you to check the latest travel policies implemented by the local government units (LGUs) of your destinations and whether or not you need to secure travel permits.


  • RESTRICTED – you need to create an S-Pass account to apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)
  • UNRESTRICTED BUT PASSING THROUGH RESTRICTED – you need a Travel Pass-Through Permit (TPP)
  • UNRESTRICTED (but not passing through any restricted area) – NO NEED for an S-Pass account, TCP or TPP.

You can go to the S-Pass website to see the current policy of the province you’re planning to visit. Below is a guide on how you can create an S-Pass account.

How to Create an S-PASS Account

S-Pass Home Page

  1. On your internet browser, go to
  2. Click on REGISTER. The button is located just below the destination search box. You may also go straight to this page.
  3. Register using your mobile number. Enter your 10 digit mobile number and click NEXT.
  4. Create your password and fill in your personal details. Once you’ve filled in the details, click SUBMIT.
  5. Review your information. Double check all the information you provided. Then, complete the captcha and click CONFIRM.

S-Pass Registration Page

How to Apply for a TCP (Travel Coordination Pass) for Restricted Areas

After you register, you may proceed with the process of applying for a TCP. Here’s how:

S-Pass Log-in Page

  1. Log in to your account. On the home page, you’ll find the LOG-IN button just below the destination search box. You may also go straight to this log-in page.
  2. Click on APPLY PERMIT. You’ll find the button under the ARE YOU TRAVELING header.
  3. S-Pass TCP Application Button

  4. Enter your current location and your destination. Places are labeled by province and city or municipality. For example, if you’re traveling to BORACAY, type AKLAN – MALAY because Boracay is in the municipality of Malay in the province of Aklan. Once you’ve entered the destination, you will see if you need to apply for a TCP and the other requirements. If you do, scroll to the bottom of the page and click APPLY FOR TRAVEL COORDINATION PERMIT (TCP).
  5. S-Pass TCP Application Page

  6. Fill out the S-Pass TCP Application Form. The information you need to provide include:
    – Full name
    – Type of traveler (local/foreign tourist, returning resident, etc.)
    – Emergency contacts
    – Travel dates
    – Origin LGU details
    – Destination LGU details
    – Mode of transportation
    Answer the CAPTCHA and click PROCEED.
  7. S-Pass Application Form

  8. Upload the required documents. You’re only allowed to upload one file per item, so when uploading multiple documents as one file (i.e. for OTHER DOCUMENTS), merge them as one file. Click SUBMIT.

You must submit your TCP applications at least 2 days prior to your arrival.

The applications are processed on weekdays, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Date of Departure and Date of Arrival fields are confusing. What’s the difference?

The Date of Departure is the day you board the plane, ship or bus to your destination. The Date of Arrival is the day you’re expected to reach your destination.

For most domestic flights (that are not close to midnight), these are the same dates. For example, if you’re traveling from Manila to Boracay and you’re flight is scheduled to depart NAIA at 8am and arrive in Caticlan at 9am, then the dates are the same.

But there are longer journeys, especially those traveling by bus or those who will connect at another airport. In some of these cases, the date of arrival is different from the date you left your point of origin.

This infographic succinctly explains it.

S-Pass Difference Between Dates of Departure and Arrival

We get the confusion. It’s easy to assume that the Date of Departure is the date you leave the destination for your return trip, but that’s not the case. It’s the day you leave your point of origin.

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Ek Guzman

what other documents/requirements to be uploaded when applying for tcp?

Edzel Rubite

Why I cant see some of the cities in the dropdown, ex Cebu City




Ilang beses na po ako gumagawa ng s-pass kaso nagpepepnding?


do minors need s-pass?

Jose Resolis

Website responds not currently available when uploading and submitting application for tcp


Please help me..I tell now I can’t..not sign ..S-Pass.going to exam.Pangasinan

Jonalyn Bitoonan


Jo ann

Paano po pag mecq yong pangagalingan? Pwede pa rin po ba makakuha ng spass?

Herminia macaldo

Need p b kumuha ng s pass kng uuwi ng cebu kng ngayon dec ang byhahe… gcq na po ang cebu.

Dennis Ablaza

Paano nman ung matanda na ndi nman marunong gumamit ng gadget required pa rin ba khit fully vaccinated na.


I dont understand. You’re required to upload the swab test result at least two days before arrival date to get the the tp form, but the swab test they’re requiring should be taken two days before arrival
date. So if my arrival date is on a saturday i should submit it on thursday but i can only get swabbes on thursday and results are usually given a day after. So how will it work?

Urcesio n villamor jr.

Asking f need s pass tagbilaran going to cebu city

Thomas McMahon

This is still confusing. The one document direction makes for the confusion. What do you mean? You need a LGU residency approval form and results of your rt-pcr test included
Also I’d cards etc
How is this accomplished all in one document?

Yosh Dimen

Hi Thomas, you may only upload one file per item. For example, for government ID section, one file. For vaccination card/RT PCR test, one file. For items that call for multiple documents at once, you may merge those documents into one file before uploading.

For example, in my case, they ask for hotel reservation and flight booking to be uploaded under one section, what I do is, I take a screenshot of the documents and merge them all as one PDF file (via Word or another app).

Elsa Garcia Bayona

I am trying to register for an S-pass.under ” city/ municipality” why is Puerto Princesa not showing up? Can I just click on any Palawan municipality so I can register?
Please advise

Yosh Dimen

Hi Elsa. It appears naman sa akin.

Jim B

how are foreign non-filipinos supposed to register for the s-pass when we cannot select a region outside the Philippines in the personal details form?


Hi. I will be arriving from Canada in June. For my origin region, I just selected National Capital Region (NCR) as that is where Manila Airport is. What I’m trying to figure out is whether I have an “APPROVED SPASS”. I have registered, received a Personal QR code. Also, do I need a TCP for El-Nido, Palawan? There is no option to apply for a TCP in the SPASS website. It simply says that: For fully vaccinated tourists, requirements are Vax card & Approved S-PASS (Travel Coordination Permit).


This is where I’m stuck as well, there’s an option to apply for the TPP – Travel Pass Through permit but not for the TCP – Travel Coordination Permit. Did they ask you for a TCP in the end?


How did it go? Were you able to present a TCP for El Nido, Palawan?


How about point of origin for non-direct flights? Which one will i put? If I am departing from NAIA then arrived at puerto princesa then from puerto princesa to el nido?


How did it go?


were able to pass pps


Did you make a TCP for both Puerto Princesa and El Nido? Last time i checked, el nido is unrestricted and doesn’t require TCP but i wanna make it sure to make our travel smooth.

Jayson managa

How to get traveling s pass

Andrew Wayre

I’m travelling from UK. I’m fully vaccinated. I fly into Manila then I’m visiting Boracay for vacation only. I will then fly back to Manila. Do i need S-Pass?

Yosh Dimen

Hi Andrew, Manila doesn’t require it for travelers from Boracay. And as of July 2022, it’s no longer on the list of Boracay requirements either.