“Hello. This is Calea,” said the woman on the other end of the line.

“Hello, good evening,” my friend Celine perkily responded. “Until what time are you open?”

“Eleven, ma’am.” Right on cue, we went hysterical. There we were, all three of us, standing in front of San Sebastian Cathedral, worried as hell that we would not get to Calea on time. It was a few minutes before 9pm and we thought the store would close at around 9:30 or 10. But we were wrong. Thank God we were wrong.

Gâteaux Galore!

Getting to Calea

My friend Celine asked a follow-up, “How do we get there?”

The woman on the other end advised us to take either of the two jeepney routes: Bata-Libertad or Mandalagan-Libertad. And then the funniest thing happened: Right after we hung up, a Bata-Libertad jeepney stopped right where we were. We said, “Look, destiny!” So we climbed into the jeepney and found seats.

When we handed the driver our payment, we asked him to drop us off at Calea. Unfortunately, he couldn’t speak Tagalog and we couldn’t speak Hiligaynon. Good thing, one helpful dude, sitting beside the driver, translated it for us. And the translation was shocking, “You’re in the wrong jeepney. You should’ve taken a Mandalagan-Libertad jeepney.”

Fawk you, destiny!!!

We asked the driver to drop us off right there since we were not that far from where he picked us up but the driver said, “It’s alright! Since you don’t know where it is, I’ll drop you off right there. I’ll pass by it anyway. It will just take more time than the other route.” Thank God for Kuya Interpreter sitting beside him. Thank God, yes. But Destiny, we still have issues.

The woman sitting beside us also explained that the jeepney would really pass by Calea anyway. Just that had we taken the Magdalagan-Libertad jeepney, we would’ve been there by now.

Thank God for the people of Bacolod. Almost everyone we met on our trip had been completely, absolutely helpful. They really went out of their way to help or guide us. That’s for another blog post.

Cakes, Cakes, CAAAAKES!!!

The cakes lined up inside the glass chiller were overwhelming. We stood there staring at the cakes for only God knows how long and we couldn’t decide which to pick. Since we were a group of three, we decided that each of us would buy a slice of a different cake. Everyone was having a hard time choosing one. That’s how pretty they all looked.

Celine asked one of the girls at the counter about their best sellers and she recommended the chocolate cake and the White Chocolate Cheesecake with raspberry sauce. We ordered one slice of each. The third cake was the Fruity Cheesecake, just because it looked strongly inviting.

We then chose a table and waited for our cakes while admiring the other cakes we did not pick.

My friend Celine settling down

The first to be served was the Chocolate Cake (P85). At first glance, it looked like those that abound the cafes of Manila. It’s a sponge cake with chocolate topping and custard filling. Though it looks ordinary, you will feel the difference the moment you pierce it with a fork. It’s a bit more compact than most cakes. Although as soft as your regular choco delight, you know you’re getting more of the cake than air, which fills most regular sponge cakes.

And the taste? Better than most chocolate cakes that had graced my tastebuds.

Chocolate Cake

Next to be served was the Fruity Cheesecake (P80), named so because it had strawberry, blueberry and raspberry(?) toppings. But these berries were not the only thing that made it fruity. There were also bits of pineapples and other fruits buried deep inside the cheesecake.

Last to be served was the White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce (P85). Of the three cakes we ordered, this looked the least mouthwatering. But never judge the cake by its topping. Though the face value was not much, it was the best-tasting of the 3 cakes we ordered. No wonder it was the bestseller. I was negative at first since I was expecting that the combined taste of cheesecake and white chocolate would be too powerful and overwhelming but the raspberry sauce made a good balance.

Fruity Cheesecake
White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce
White Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce

The best thing about Calea is that they serve awesome-tasting cakes in GENEROUS servings at a very low price. The total cost of the 3 cakes was P250 only. Can you believe that?!?!? In Manila, that’s just one cake. LOL.

Affordable goodness!

We wanted to order more and try the other cakes but we felt like too much sugar would not allow us to sleep well and there wasn’t enough space in our tummies anymore. We left Calea and walked to the Capitol Park and Lagoon, hoping to burn all the calories we took in that night.

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  1. eric says:

    i was home last week but wasnt able to drop by calea.

    so may new outlet na pla near din sa Lfisher?

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      Hi Eric, yep! Hindi ko alam if the new branch will replace the existing branch in the area or dinagdagan lang nila. Dunnooo. Haha.

  2. clawy says:

    next time you get to experience eating in calea, the must try is their Chocolate Mousse Bomb & Chocolate Mudpie =)

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      Hi Clawy! Thanks for the tip! We will definitely try those when we come back. And yes, we will definitely come back. Negros Occidental is gorgeous!

  3. RACHEL WAGAS says:

    I am not a cake craver person but my Bacolod trip would never be complete without going to Calea! I love their ice cream cakes!

  4. kaye says:

    I just finished a few mouthfuls of the chocolate cake courtesy of my officemate’s husband who had just returned from Bacolod.

    There’s a funny story behind this. When my friend’s husband asked his friends what he should bring home from Bacolod, they didn’t tell him piaya, biscocho or even pinasugbo. They told him it’s that Chocolate cake from a local shop but they couldn’t remember the name. Just recently, on his third trip back to Bacolod, he was able to bring the said cake so my officemate brought it today here in the office. She was raving about it (which was right, actually) but when one of her teammates, saw it, he remarked right away that it was calea chocolate cake. Apparently, the owner is a first cousin of his mom. haha! small world. However, like you, I call that destiny! :-)

    You’re right about the cake, it’s siksik but it’s not too sweet, surprisingly, and very yummy! My officemate said that his aunt actually sources the raw materials from the States pa raw talaga, which maybe explains why it’s so yummy. Hindi tinipid sa ingredients, but it’s not pricey, either. =)

  5. genny polido says:

    on your next trip.. try the strawberry semifredo..as in y-u-m-m-m-y ..how i wish pwede to sa plane dalhin pabalik ng manila..

  6. Crissie Hinolan says:

    im not a sweet tooth person but mudslide cake is good as well..their version of ice cream cake…

  7. Sarge Harris says:

    you should try the native bread in kanla-on city! Best time to buy is at 5am with tablea or native coffee :)

  8. Sarge Harris says:

    oh my G! that dulce banana is just so addictive man! Basi ma diabetes ko hahaha. Pls send my regards to everyone!

  9. Pam Ayson says:

    saraaap ng CALEA cakes… i make sure na lagi ko siyang mapuntahan everytime i visit BCD :)

  10. soon…i nwll really taste this calea…i’ve been to bacolod many times….just heard about this….the biggest pizza…i tried and bobs coleslaw….

  11. Adrian says:

    yo!..actually Calea is more famous for its ice cream cakes. you should have tried the strawberry semifreddo, mousse bomb, marshmallow, triple mousse, chocolate pecan etc, although the fruity cheese and white cheese cake are also really great. as for chocolate cakes, you should have went to Kuppa and tried the devil cake. probably 3x better than the cc in Calea.*no kidding*

  12. Neil Halipa Bañares says:

    CALEA, its one of the best and mouth watering cake you will surely love.. you will forget your own name as soon as you taste it! :-D

  13. Sharon Simbit says:

    yummmy… yummmmy… why i didn’t know???? i will really-really visit calea on my next vacation!

  14. Carla Balde says:

    a must try CALEA in Bacolod And SUNS RIVAL in dumaguete i love selvanas. . . My bezfrnd used to buy it 4 me so sweet:)

  15. PingChi JaniceKathleen says:

    SANS RIVAL in Dumaguete is d’best…once tasted, always wanted!! ‘.’/

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      Wuuu. Haven’t been to Dumaguete yet. But I’ll try it when I visit!

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      I knooow! The upside of it being in Bacolod is that had it been located in Manila, I would be there every freakin’ day. Haha

  16. Pepper says:

    I enjoyed how you described your experience. I actually felt your group’s enthusiasm :)

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