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Taking the train to Universal Studios is easy. But you will need to alight at Harbourfront and then either take the mono-rail train or walk to Sentosa Island. Here are more detailed directions:

  1. Take the North East Line going to Harbourfront.
  2. Alight at the last stop — Harbourfront Station.
  3. Walk into the VivoCity Mall and climb to Level 3 of the Mall.
  4. Proceed to Lobby L. You know you’re at Lobby L when you see Food Republic. You might want to have breakfast or lunch before going to Sentosa. :)
  5. Fall in line and purchase a ticket. The ticket costs S$3and it already includes Sentosa Island Admission charge. Keep your ticket. Don’t lose it.
  6. Board the monorail train.
  7. Alight at Waterfront Station.
  8. Follow the signs and you’ll find yourself staring at the Universal Studios rotating globe soon after.

You can also take the Sentosa Boardwalk to get to the island. It’s a fun experience, too! Best during sunset!

That’s it. To return to the city proper, just trace your steps back. :)

Food Republic at VivoCity Mall
Food Republic at VivoCity Mall
Sentosa Station (Monorail Train) at VivoCity Mall
Sentosa Station (Monorail Train) at VivoCity Mall
The mono-rail that takes passengers to Universal Studios Singapore

What time does Universal Studios open and close?

Opening hours
Monday to Friday, Sunday: 10am – 7pm.
Saturday: 10am – 8pm

How much is the ticket to Universal Studios Singapore?

Here’s the list of prices as of June 2017:

Adult (Ages 13-59): S$76
Child (Ages 4-12): S$56
Senior (Ages 60+): S$38

Are there discounts available?

Klook offers one-day passes at a discounted rate if you book in advance. Each booking also comes with a SGD5 Meal Voucher (with minimum spend of SGD10) for adult tickets.


Is the Express Pass worth it?

Only on a weekend of a peak season. The lines can be pretty long and time-consuming. It will save you a lot of time, giving you more chances to enjoy more rides and make the most out of your stay.

Again, avail of it IF AND ONLY IF it’s a weekend of the peak season and you are so damn sure that the lines are long. Otherwise, don’t. After all, if you’re with really fun companions, waiting can be pretty enjoyable, too, if not tolerable. And oh, if you have the money. It’s quite pricey.

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This is the spot we missed when we went to SG last June, not really into amusement parks. Balik na lang ako sa October:p Anyway nice blog sir. hope to see more post from your site.

The Poor Traveler

Haha, yeah. It was really fun. Especially the Battlestar Galactica rollercoaster. :D


Battlestar Galactica is really fun but my best ride there is Revenge of the Mummy :)

Shelah Serapio


What is your email address? I wanted to ask some questions, well actually a lot of questions. Hihi. I’m planning to have a trip to SG with my family and I want to consult some money matters and tips. If its okay. :)

Thanks! :)

The Poor Traveler

It’s admin (at) :)


where can u buy the express pass?? at saka magkano?? any idea? hehe =) pwede e online buying ng ticket sa universal studios? =)

Madi-Santi Arnido

Medina Alison RosalDivina Gracia Pilapil-MedinaLileth Pilapil BantasanMIrasol PepitoRochelle Cañete-AbrenicaSheila Marie Lawas-arcelo PSSSSSSSSSST….pagplano na intawon mo…read the link aron dili ta mag nganga didto –haahahhaha!

Madi-Santi Arnido

The Poor Traveler if you’ve been in Universal sa LA; would u still appreciate ung sa Singapore?

The Poor Traveler

Never been to LA. :)


Would it be possible to avail an express pass only for my two daughters as i will just be contented taking pictures of them only. TIA

The Poor Traveler

Yes, that’s possible. But again, I’d like to emphasize that you only avail of the Express Pass if you’re visiting during the peak season and on a weekend or you’re sure that the queues are long.