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We called ourselves S Club 7. We were a group of three guys and four ladies on the beach. We couldn’t help but relive our younger days when the airwaves were filled with melodies of boy bands and pop groups. We wanted to shoot a remake of S Club 7’s Bring It All Back video when we were there. Don’t worry because we didn’t do it.

“You’re such a cheerful, fun bunch,” noticed Kate, half of the Danish couple who were with us on the tour. Our laughs resonated across the entire Bacuit Bay. Our body movements were so big and animated we could be seen from the top of the cliff of another island. Our smiles were wider than any stretch of white sand that you could find in any of the 45 islands of El Nido. After all, we were there to be happy. We easily assumed that any form of sadness is banned in this place. El Nido is just too marvelous for any of that.

Fake “S Club 7” with Kate and Rene. Haha.

Each of us, however, used laughter to conceal our own unhappiness. One of us had been contemplating quitting his job. One is escaping the relentless nagging of family issues. One had been trying to get over the passing of his mother. Every one of us was there for a temporary break, a temporary relief that only sheer beauty can provide, something that the 7 Commandos Beach has.

The Seven Commandos Beach

Along the pristine beach of the Seven Commandos Beach, coconut trees stood proud like soldiers ready for battle. At the same time, as our boat inched closer to the shore, their leaves waved like mothers eagerly awaiting the return of their long lost children. We, the lost children, jumped off of our boats and embraced the wide bed of white sand, which gently gets steeper as you move farther inland. That’s what makes 7 Commandos Beach an ideal place for a romance with the sun. It has a vast sandy shore that is perfect for sunbathing or playing sports or simply lazing.

Coconut trees are first to welcome tourists approaching the beach.

“So, what Tagalog words have you learned so far?” asked Leo, one of my friends, to Rene and Kate while we buried our butts in the sand.

“Hmmm. Only two words so far,” replied Rene. “One is Salamat, which means Thanks.” Everyone smiled.

“The other is buko.” Our smiles turned to boisterous laughter.

“That means coconut, right?” Kate wanted to confirm.

We nodded while our laughs still would not cease. At that point, more tourists passed by and climbed the little slope behind us. There’s a small kubo on the slope, standing in the middle of coconut trees. It was, apparently, a store serving drinks and snacks. Lucky for us, they serve fresh buko, too, which delighted our two Danish companions.

The wide sandy beach of Seven Commandos
Just a few of the 45 islands of El Nido

I was P50 poorer when I walked away from the store with a fresh coconut in my hands. I decided to give Kate and Rene some alone time while I hit the beach. I sat on the sand and took a sip of buko juice as threw admiration towards the other islands. Shortly after I stretched my legs, the waves kissed my feet. It was cold and inviting. I placed the buko shell on the sand and decided to take a dip. Of all the beaches we have visited, the  7 Commandos Beach was probably the one I found the most suitable for swimming and sunbathing. I didn’t have to worry about rocks or cliffs or small openings. It was on this beach that I felt most relaxed and at peace in the entire four days of our trip. I was just there. Without any worry, hurry, problem, or doubt. Just pure, unadulterated peace of mind.

The Seven Soldiers

As we hopped back onto the boat, we asked our boatmen why it was called the 7 Commandos Beach. “There used to be seven soldiers who lived here,” one of them said. “Their names can be seen printed on the rocks here.” We asked them where the rocks are but they did not know. We threw him some follow-up questions but it was all he could provide that time. It made the beach more mysterious and intriguing. Who were those soldiers and what led them here? Where are they now? Are they still alive?

7 Commandos Beach as seen from our boat

It is not difficult to imagine how this place became home to seven soldiers for whatever reason. I would gladly live here to escape the violent jolt of the city I am from. I would gladly stay here until I sort things out. But it is not always that easy to drop everything we had held on to for the past several years just like that. Taking risks is not the cure to unhappiness but it offers a sliver of hope that there is a way out of it. The 7 Commandos Beach is like that. It shelters battered souls and heals them even for a moment. At least that how it felt in the brief minutes that I made a connection with the place.

As our boat sped away from the beach, I looked back and saw the coconut trees wave goodbye and the white sand sparkle allowing the shore to flash a smile. For a moment, I thought I heard the wind whisper in my ear, “Go on, son. Be happy. March on.” Like a soldier, I turned around and joined my friends in their horrible rendition of another S Club 7 song. “You’re really a happy bunch,” repeated our Danish friends.

“We just choose to be,” one of us responded.

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Written on: 2012 • 3 • 15

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Leengielie Caspe Walton

sabi nung guide nmin kaya daw tinawag n 7 commandos beach kc mai nahukay n 7 bangkay n nk uniform ng militar

Linda B Owens

I had fun when I went El Nido Palawan especially the 7 Commando Beach !! white sand and lots of coconut trees ..

Ferdinand Idio

our country is just blessed and gifted so much that no one can contest that even the best spot in those Pacific Islands or in the Carribean, only that govt. should encourage more investors to provide world class ammenities that would attract more tourist to come and enjoy our paradise, also spend their money here which will provide jobs and income to everyone.It’s not too late yet.

Grace Dela Cruz Bautista

I’ve been there before. But it was a long time ago. All i can say its so very nice and beautiful and relaxing place

Mean Guinto

Only 7 commandos has a sari sari store to buy a fresh Buko and a so expensive glass bottle coke…hehe! But I think it’s cool…:)

Chester Rosales

been there! I think 7 commandos is El Nido’s finest in terms of white sand beach. El nido has a lot to offer talaga. Nothing beats!


We have so many beautiful beaches in the Philippines and I’m proud to be a Filipino :) El Nido is a must-visit. I’ve been to Phuket, Bali and Hawaii but nothing compares to it.

Madeleine Macahilig

they have a native sari2 store dat sells buko n ice cold SMB. Beautiful n powdery white sand but more quieter dan bora.

Madeleine Macahilig

its bout 1 hour plane from manila, then bout 5-6 hrs. land travel from puerto dat depends on how fast ur driver. Hehe! U can also get a direct flight to el nido bt d price is just a bit more.

James Michael Bautista Balagat

I must put this on my travel destinations list. I’ll be there one of these days. ; ))

Serafin Tubles

your the bomb, ang galing mong magsulat at ang sarap basahin ng blog mo, malaking tulong ka sa Dept. of Tourism

The Poor Traveler

Thank you, thank you, Serafin! Comments like this make me want to blog more!


Been there last feb. 1, 2013. That was our last stop during our TourA trip. 7 commandos has ‘d finest sand among the beaches of @ElNido. Swimming and picture taking are best done here. Music and drinks are served by a small counter / store near the shore. The Best! :)

The Poor Traveler

Yep! I enjoyed having buko juice at the beach!

ロシェル メシアス

El Nido is Paradise! 󾌧

Jenny Santiago

One of my favorite islands in El Nido 󾌵

Tak Vergara

One of the best beach I’ve been to. Super fine white sand, clear calm waters, and the view of the El Nido islands from the beach is epic!

Merian Ferriol

Ang ganda ng lugar peacefull

Raquel Rosete Morada


Virginia Chan Bee Tuazon

We had been there last year Dec. 10 to 15, what a nice place, i want to go back again and have fun swimming with my hubby.

Ana B. Bäckman

it’s very good place, 2008 the last time punta namin ni mister ko with our 2 german friends who supposed to buy the islands but never came up to conditions. Good coral reef and the history of the 7 american soldiers who died in airplane crashed in the water, that is why they called 7 commandos.

Chona Aplaon

great memories to cherish ……….

Czha Zamora

been here..beautiful! last stop during our first day of island hopping in El Nido

Thomas Langwieser

hot beach!…10 min from el nido with speedboad, we are coming soon ;-)

Rj Flores

been here last june 27,2013 it was awesome…..

Dinia Fortuno

ha ha thats the place wer the boatman steal my money from my bag 7 commandos ill never forget you, beware tourist…

Dennis Reyes

Question : Why is it called , 7 Commandos Beach ?

Regina Blas-Quismorio

Oh yeah! Been there and I wanna go back there.

Mc Erl

best sunset on my experience,,,,,

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

I was there too and love it ;)

Tristan van Oosten

I remember reading that those seven soldiers died on that same beach because of malaria ?

Lourdes Montesclaros

its a very nice place in the 7 commandos beach …a good coral reef and the history of the 7 american soldiers..a very nice place…

Olegna Lipalip

i just want to ask how much will it cost me if i’ll spend my vacation in that place



Lynvie Schulze

i used to spend my holy weeks in these place..

Isabel Delgado

I’m “coming home” from Sydney for a whole month in Feb 2014 and vouched to spend at least a week in El Nido. You cannot imagine my joy at finding your website! Everything I needed to know before finalizing plans were spelt out for me here in great detail! You’ve saved me a week’s worth of research! Keep up the great work and more power to you guys for letting the world know what exactly it is about our country of birth that makes it “MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!” Thank you so much, guys.

Isabel Delgado


I’m glad to have helped, Isabel! As early as now, I would like to tell you, “Welcome Home!” :D

HRH Prospero de Asturias

Hmm! Sadly, I didn’t enjoy the beach that much! Was there for a course fieldwork and was really disappointed when I didn’t have the time to enjoy the beach. I was only allowed to survey the rock formations! It’s a good thing to read that someone actually enjoyed the island. :)

marge flores

It was a great experienced to travel in El Nido. This was our last stop for our 1st day of tour in El Nido and we really enjoyed the white SAND here. We also enjoy snorkling in some beaches inlcuded in the tour package. Though we did not get time to visit the Twin Beach but the sunset in Marigmegmeg Beach are awesome! The sunset are worth the wait to take good shots for a newbie photographer. Even we were just minutes being there, you will feel relaxed and forget all the problems you have. Thanks for your blog that give us hints to where should we go for first timers in Palawan. Until the next travel! :)

Clifford Jann Carlos

Hello :) I’m going to travel to Sweden on april 4,2016 for vacation and to visit my boyfriend. I’m travel as a tourist on a Schengen visitor visa and will stay for 4 weeks.I have my passport with visa,roundtrip ticket,travel insurance,cfo,authenticated affidavit of support and photos of us together as a proof of our relationship.
Question: is that enough to get through the airport Immigration and travel to Sweden??


Interesting info so much this is really good more info please


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regine rebillon

Oh jeez! I pray that God blesses you more because of your helpful articles. Good articles make me tremendously happy and kilig ☺️☺️☺️☺️