El Nido, apparently, has many secrets.

We thought the Secret Beach of Matinloc Island (Tour C) was the only concealed beach that we were gonna set foot on in this trip. But Miniloc Island has a secret, too. After exploring the Big and Small Lagoons, and having lunch at Payong-Payong Beach, Tour A continued and led us to a paradise made of limestone. It was a surreal experience approaching this hard, spiky karst world. It was like we entered another world — a world where “ugly” is either banned or non-existent.

To our right were magnificent cliffs that, as we passed by, slowly revealed a white, sparkling beach that harbors coconut trees. The cliffs were like open arms, inviting us to come nearer and see what the island had to offer.

The beach beside the Secret Lagoon hiding behind the karst fences
Coconut trees dot the beach beside the Secret Lagoon

When our boat finally docked, our attention was drawn to a little opening in one of the cliffs to our left. It was a huge wall with a tiny hole. And that hole, my friends, was the entrance to the Secret Lagoon, also known as Hidden Lagoon, of Miniloc Island. All along, we thought the Secret Lagoon was the beach behind the giant rocks to our right. Apparently, there’s another world behind the karst rocks on the other side, so hidden that I had to twist my body like a pretzel to get there.

Fortunately, the opening was above the water so we didn’t have to swim through it. We just had to crawl into the Secret Lagoon. Note also that the water leading to the lagoon was shallow so you need to be extra careful with the rocks and corals.

Penetrating the hole! Mwahaha
This is what’s in store for you when you look up!
This is the entrance to the Secret Lagoon
My friends having a mini-pictorial at the Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon was much smaller than the Secret Beach. The temperature inside was much cooler because it is constantly in the shadows of the limestone cliffs enclosing it.

Although the water inside looked shallow, our boatmen warned us that it gets deeper as you go farther so we did not dare.

Rene and Kate, Danish tourists whom we shared the boat with

Our Danish friends Rene and Kate were having a blast camwhoring. They kept on raving about the beauty of the Philippines and how they wish to be back and how we were so lucky to be living in a country that is overflowing with wonders.

We stayed at the Secret Lagoon for over 30 minutes before we called it quits and moved on to our next destination, ready as ever for more secrets.

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  1. Charles E. Terry Sr. says:

    lord i wished i had the money to go on one of those cruises. i will just pray about it.

  2. David N Bhel Alonzo says:

    We’ve been there! too bad it was overcast and rainy when we went to the lagoons!

  3. LyNn SaLvacion says:

    been there too! =) i saw a clown fish and very territorial hehehe

  4. Grace Dela Cruz Zagler says:

    Yehey malapit na kita makita Miniloc … See you in May !!


  6. carl paul says:

    iam gonna visit this place this dec 2012… i love it, it’s an awesome get-away with my love & our kids …. wow i cant wait to get there… thank god my baby is from Philippines :) :)

  7. anya says:

    Hi! May I ask if it’s okay just to arrange our island hopping when we’re there already? We will be traveling in a group of 10. Is it cheaper to deal directly with the boatmen rather than have a pre-arranged tour? thanx!

    • The Poor Traveler says:

      Hi! I don’t know if that’s advisable during peak season but that’s exactly what we did — we just arranged our island hopping tours when we arrived in El Nido. We went there last late November.

      As for the boatmen, I think it’s cheaper to deal directly with the boatmen. However, I think you will still score some good deals with a travel agency coz you’re a big group. :)

  8. Hi Poor Traveler! Found your post from Twitter; we reposted and shared this to our network. Hope you can add more blogs like this one. It’s very helpful and descriptive :D

  9. Cheryl Yap Lumayog says:

    We’ve been here last June,,,Excellent Adventure so far!󾮗󾌧,,,isa pa!󾍇

  10. Helen Sheen Rivero says:

    i was there last january,the place was really nice and amazing…indeed God made all things beautiful and unique.

  11. Nina Andrea P. Lualhati says:

    went there last year it is beautiful :) HIGHLY recommend this one!

  12. Rose Cmon says:

    I’m planning to visit here this coming February, pwede pa share the agent or tour guide that’s good Pra sulit nmn visit me jan with my husband.

  13. Edgar Berber says:

    Been there and truly one of the best place in the world you must see before you die…

  14. Cynthia Arzaga Tucay says:

    maam rose, you may get services of the tour or travel agency of the hotel or lodging inn where you will stay. That is for safety reasons.

  15. Rei Garcia says:

    hope to be there…it’s a very wow place to spend your holiday vacation with a family.

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