Here are some sample DIY Japan itineraries for Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto for 4 DAYS, 6 DAYS, 7 DAYS (1 WEEK), 8 DAYS, and 15 DAYS. Each DIY itinerary has its own recommended minimum budget to help you manage your finances well.

This post covers only Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. If you’re looking for sample itineraries for Sapporo and Nagoya, we have separate samples in the posts below:

If you need help on how to start planning a multi-city tour across Japan, this post might help: Japan Travel Guide

Please take note of the following.

  • All the itineraries below assume that you are a party of two, that you will be staying at a double room of a budget hotel or hostel (less than $80 per night), and that you will be splitting costs. The only exception is Tokyo Option 3 and the 15-day backpacking itinerary.
  • If your hostel or hotel does not serve free breakfast, visit the supermarket on your first day to buy food (biscuits, drinks, bread).
  • Set aside ¥1000 for every unspecified lunch or dinner.
  • Airfare is not included in the costing.
  • Estimated budget indicated is per person. However, note that this has a big allowance. For example, the ¥1000 budget per meal is often too much because you can actually find a good bowl of ramen, even in Tokyo, for only ¥500. But it’s better to overestimate than under.

Tokyo Budget Itinerary: 6 Days

Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Estimated Budget: ¥35,000 (USD315, PHP15,600)

The BUDGET OPTION. This itinerary replaces the pricey Disneyland visit with a day trip in Odaiba and replaces double room with a bed at a capsule hotel.

Tokyo + Disneyland Itinerary: 6 Days

Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Estimated Budget: ¥53,000 (USD475, PHP23,700)

This itinerary removes the visit to Kamakura and Yokohama and adds a visit to Sensoji Temple.

Tokyo + Disneyland + Kamakura and Yokohama Itinerary: 6 Days

Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Estimated Budget: ¥56,000 (USD500, PHP25,000)

This is a pretty jampacked itinerary.

If you need more information about traveling on a budget in Tokyo, check this out: Tokyo Travel Guide

Osaka and Kyoto Itinerary: 4 Days

Duration: 4 Days, 4 Nights
Estimated Budget: ¥38,000 (USD340, PHP17,000)

This itinerary assumes you will be landing at Kansai International Airport at night and will be staying in a double room at a budget hotel or hostel for ¥6000/night (¥3000/head).

If you need more help planning your Osaka-Kyoto trip, this post is for you: Osaka and Kyoto Travel Guide

Osaka – Nara – Kyoto Itinerary: 4 Days

Duration: 4 Days, 4 Nights
Estimated Budget: ¥45,000 (USD400, PHP20,000)

This itinerary assumes you will be landing at Kansai International Airport at night and will be staying in a double room at a budget hotel or hostel for ¥6000/night (¥3000/head). You will be visiting Nara but only on a day tour.

Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo Itinerary: 8 Days

Duration: 8 Days, 8 nights
Estimated Budget: ¥85,000 (USD760, PHP38,000)

This itinerary assumes you will be entering Japan via Osaka and leaving via Tokyo. You will also be staying in a double room at a budget hotel or hostel for ¥6000/night (¥3000/head) in Osaka/Kyoto and ¥9400/night (¥4700/head) in Tokyo.

Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka Itinerary: 7 Days

Duration: 7 Days, 6 nights
Estimated Budget: ¥85,000 (USD760, PHP38,000)

This is the reverse of the Osaka-Tokyo itinerary above. This one assumes you’re landing in Tokyo and leaving via Osaka. Your hotel budget here is the same: ¥6000/night (¥3000/head) in Osaka/Kyoto and ¥9400/night (¥4700/head) in Tokyo.

Tokyo – Nagoya – Kyoto – Osaka Itinerary: 15 Days

15-Day Budget Backpacking
Duration: 15 Days, 14 nights
Estimated Budget: ¥115,000 (USD1030, PHP51,200)

This one is for budget backpackers. This assumes you’ll be staying at hostel dorm (around ¥2000 per night). Because you will be visiting multiple cities including day tours in Ibaraki and Kawaguchiko, it would be great if you have a JR Pass.

You can check the updated rates or purchase one here: Check JR PASS Rates Here

Do you really need a JR Pass?

It depends on your chosen itinerary. In this post, we weighed in on the JR Pass. You might want to read it first before making a decision: For more info, read: Is the JR Pass Worth It?

Top Budget Hotels in Tokyo

According to TripAdvisor users as of Feb 2017.

Andon Ryokan

Andon Ryokan
Address: 2-34-10 Nihonzutsumi, Taito 111-0021, Tokyo Prefecture
Double/twin room from USD63 (P3139)

Check Rates
Hotel Horidome Villa

Hotel Horidome Villa
Address: 1-10-10 Horidome-cho Nihonbashi, Chuo 103-0012, Tokyo Prefecture
Double/twin room from: USD49 (P2443)

Check Rates

Tokyo Kiba Hotel

Tokyo Kiba Hotel
Address: 1-4-3, Kiba, Koto 135-0042, Tokyo Prefecture
Sleeping pod (capsule-like) from USD36 (P1806)

Check Rates
Agora Place Asakusa

Agora Place Asakusa
Address: 2-2-9 Kotobuki, Taito 111-0042, Tokyo Prefecture
Double/twin room from: USD66 (PHP3278)

Check Rates
Search for more: Tokyo Hotels

Top Budget Hotels and Hostels in Osaka (Under $70)


Goen Lounge & Stay
T-SITE ANNEXⅡ 5F/6F 8-9, Okahigashi-cho, Hirakata, Osaka

Check Rates

ZenLabo Osaka

ZenLabo Osaka
1-7-6, Sennichimae, Namba, Osaka

Check Rates

Hostel Jin
2-4-19, Nishikujo, Konohana-Ku, Osaka

Check Rates

Ark Hostel

Ark Hostel and Cafe Dining
1-15-11 Edobori, NIshi-ku, Umeda, Osaka

Check Rates

Search for more: Osaka Hotels

Top Guest Houses in Kyoto (Under $70)

Guest House Oumi

Guest House Oumi
19-11 Nishinokyo-Nagamotocho, Nakagyo-ku, Central Kyoto

Check Rates

Guest House Gajyun

Guest House Gajyun
165, Ebisucho, Higashiyama-ku, Higashiyama, Kyoto

Check Rates

Guesthouse Tu Casa
414-4, 8 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama, Kyoto

Check Rates


4-1 Kasuga-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Station

Check Rates

Search for more: Kyoto Hotels

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  1. Weywey says:

    I probably visit your japan articles for so many times as I am traveling to Japan next month (solo trip). I am pretty anxious about how much it would cost me.
    Can I ask for advice if it’s better to get JR pass TOkyo-kyoto-osaka-tokyo is my itinerary.i wanted midnight bus but just wondering if it would cost the same if I have JR pass? Thanks!
    More power!

      • Meg Palapal says:

        Hi! Would just like to ask if the budget you posted per option is on a per head basis? For example on option 7, budget is 38k pesos per person if there were 2 of us planning to take this trip?

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Meg, yes, that’s per person. But bear in mind that these are “overestimates.” For example, the ¥1000 budget per meal, which is used in these itineraries, is often too much because you can actually find a good bowl of ramen, even in Tokyo, for only ¥500. But it’s better to overestimate than under.

          Almost 1/3 of the budget also goes to hotel accommodations. If you can find rooms cheaper than the price used in this itinerary, that would significantly bring the costs down.

  2. Traveling Japan was one of my FAVORITE countries of all time. Kyoto was especially…well, special for lack of a creative word LOL Mindblowing might be more apt. Also, the Rail Pass was a HUGE cost saver. Great suggestion!

    I’m curious if you guys can manage a budget trip like this for a ski trip, though. The snow is FANTASTIC out near Sapporo, but it was the most expensive part of my trip

    • yoshke says:

      Hi Lexi, oh the only time we tried skiing was at Fujiten (near Lake Kawaguchi). I think it’s a bit cheaper than other ski resorts, no entrance fee, but getting there was super expensive because if you don’t have a car (and we didn’t), the only way to get there was by taxi. And you know how costly Japan cab rides are.

  3. Pipo S. Onrubia says:

    Hi. We are 3 in the family going to Osaka next month for a week. Can you give us an itinerary for budget travellers? Thanks.

  4. En Jabar says:

    Hi Yoshke. Thanks for posting all these tips on Japan. I’d like to visit Hiroshima, would you mind sharing if you have been there. We would love to include it in our itinerary of osaka, kyoto amd Hiroshima. Thanks

  5. Jenelyn says:

    Hi. I just want to ask for some advice. I have booked a plane ticket for Manila-Tokyo and vice versa this coming September. We plan to stay for a week but we thought that its too long if we will just stay in Tokyo. I just want to know if its practical to get a Whole Jr pass? Can we used that to go to Osaka and return to Tokyo? Hope you could help. Thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Jenelyn, in my opinion, a week is still too short for Tokyo, there’s just a lot to do there. The surrounding destinations like Kamakura and Yokohama are also worth a visit. If you decided to stay in Tokyo, you don’t need a JR Pass.

      If you really want to visit Osaka and your return flight will also be from Tokyo, the JR Pass isn’t the best option either. You can find cheap flights. Or if you’re up for it, take an overnight bus, which will also save you a hotel night.

      More info here:

  6. Win says:

    Hi, Your link to Sappora Itinerary Sample and Nagoya Itinerary Sample on the top of your page are swapped. Maybe you didn’t notice it.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Win! Great catch! Thanks for letting us know. Fixed now!

  7. Joy says:

    Hi does the budget includes transportation cost in japan during the trip?

  8. stephanie says:

    hi po, pla po namin mag punta ng japan next month. me, husband and yung son ko. manila-osaka tokyo to manila po ang plano namin. first time namin sa japan, kailangan ba namin bumili ng jr pass? hingi po sana ako ng suggestion mo, kung ilang days namin kailangan mag stay ng osaka para makalibot and sa tokyo.. 10-13 days po kami mag stay ng japan.

  9. Jocelyn dimaculangan says:

    Can you recommend a travel agencies that organise the itinerary tokyo with disneyland

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      We haven’t tried having a travel agency organize our Japan trip for us, so we can’t recommend anyone. :(

  10. Nicole Villanueva says:

    hi, so we are going to Japan for the first time in August. I’ve only booked 6D/5N going to Tokyo…. Reading your articles, seems that is too short, waaaah :( Anyway, so just to confirm, if we stay in TOkyo we won’t be needing the JR pass right? How will we get around the city? Also, where do you think is the best area to stay as springboard to must-go places in Tokyo? The only sure place we will visit is Tokyo Disney as well as Mt. Fuji tour. What else can you recommend?
    Thanks in advance!

  11. Nicole says:

    Super thank you again!!! I’m going crazy making the itinerary…. All your articles are very helpful!

  12. MEDIZA POSO says:

    Hi Pwede po humingi ng soft copy of Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka Iterynary. Thanks po

  13. Elsa says:

    Do you have a itinerary for tokyo – hakone-mt fuji- kyoto- osaka- tokyo? Thanks.

  14. Chi says:

    Hi ask ko lng po if single entry lng ang visa. Can we enter in tokyo and exit in osaka? Or same exit din kame dapat kung saan ang point of entry nmin? Thank you!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Chi, okay lang na magkaiba ang entry and exit points kahit single entry visa. Basta wag ka lang lalabas ng Japan tapos papasok ulit. :)

  15. Isla says:

    Hi! I love how comprehensive yet simple your website and itineraries are!
    May I know though if can replace Disney Sea/Land with Fuji Q, in your 8-day Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo itinerary? We have exactly 8 whole days for touring, that is excluding our arrival and departure days. We will travel this September na. Just got our visa. hehe

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Isla, yes, that’s possible. :) You can visit Fuji Q as a day trip from Tokyo. :)

  16. wayne funk says:

    hi Yoshke I will travel with my wife and two daughters age 18 and 20 to japan in march for 35 days. we will use the 21 day japan rail pass. we would like to visit Okinawa also. we fly out of Edmonton alberta Canada and will fly to okinowa first then return from Tokyo. this is our first trip to japan. could you help us with this itinery or suggest a good site for this period of time. Thank you and any help is appreciated.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Wayne,

      Wow! 35 days! :D If I had that much time (and money), I would do it like this:

      Days 1-5 Okinawa
      Days 5-9 Fukuoka & Nagasaki
      Days 9-12 Hiroshima
      Days 12-15 Tottori
      Days 15-20 Osaka & Kyoto
      Days 20-25 Nagoya/Gifu
      Days 25-29 Hokkaido
      Days 29-35 Tokyo

      To maximize your JR Pass, use it first when you travel from Fukuoka to Hiroshima (Day 9). This will allow it to be effective until Day 29. when you travel from Hokkaido to Tokyo. This way, you have covered most long-distance trips.

      Japan-Guide .com has an online forum too. Maybe you can post this on their forum. :D

  17. Sarangssi says:

    Hi! I want to Travel to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto but I have roundtrip ticket MNL-NRT. No exact days yet since I can still rebook my flight but still with NRT. Is it okay not to get JR Pass? Or I do I need it to get back to Tokyo?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      The number of days of your trip is a key factor in determining whether you need a JR Pass or not. So decide muna how long your trip is.

      But yes, it’s possible to travel from Tokyo to Osaka/Kyoto and back even without JR Pass. You can take the bus.

  18. stephanie says:

    hi Sir .. good day po . we’re planning to visit japan this november . 2 adult and 1 kid i saw your iteneray .. can you help me look for a budget hotel wre we can stay .gusto ko po sana na eto mga puntahan namin 7 days po tokyo kyota osaka wla po kase kayong hotel na nailagay. buget hotel po sna .. salamat

  19. Ingrid says:


    I have a question on the itinerary particularly on Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka Itinerary: 7 Days.
    1. What type of pass or card recommended to use on this itinerary? Is PASMO card enough to use in all the transportation needed?
    2. PASMO card is accepted also in OSAKA and Kyoto train/buses?

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      1. When is your trip? We will be publishing better, more cost-efficient sample itineraries later this month.

      2. Yes, PASMO card is accepted by any train gate or bus with an IC reader. Not all buses have IC readers though, I think.

  20. Louise says:

    Hi. Would a single-entry visa suffice if we fly to Osaka then fly out from Tokyo?

  21. Rhona says:

    Hi, Me and my brother are planning to explore Japan later this month for the first time. And we’ll be spending 10 days. Our flight will be MNL-OSAKA-MNL. What mode of transportation can you recommend if we want to go to Tokyo and come back to Osaka? And what are other itineraries can you recommend? Thank you so much.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rhona, if budget traveler kayo, okay i-take ang bus. Overnight bus, pwede rin para tipid.

      We’ll be creating more sample itineraries soon!

  22. Girlie says:

    Hi, paano mo gumawa ng itinerary templates for 7 days? Any app you can recommend? Love your blog and it’s so helpful! Thank you!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Girlie, we make our itineraries based on experience lang.

  23. Faith F. says:

    Hello. I want to consider your 8 days / 7 days multi city itinerary, might follow it sa planned Japan trip. One question though, would want to include in the itinerary the visit to see Mt. Fuji. What route can you recommend in between those days? Thank you!

  24. Alex sanoria says:

    Hi sir,

    We would like to follow the 8 days intinerary (osaka – kyoto – tokyo )
    1. Do we need to get JR pass?
    2.. in your itinerary , is it DIY? If so we need to buy all the tickets in advance thru klook or at site(japan)
    3. Or you have arrange tour packages in agency?

    Hope you can ease my mind and help me with this.

    More power to you!

    Thank you

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Alex,

      1. If your entry point is Osaka and exit is Narita/Haneda, no need for JR Pass. I’m assuming you’re taking the bus to Tokyo.

      2. Yep, it’s DIY.

      3. It’s DIY.

  25. Pris Yeo says:

    Hi Yoshke Dimen,

    Greetings to you from Singapore.

    I am planning a family trip of 10 days to Osaka/Nara/Kobe/Nagoya/Kyoto/Osaka in mid Nov this year. My tentative itinerary is as follows. Appreciate for your input. TQVM.

    Day 1 Arr at Osaka at night
    Day 2 Osaka city tour
    Day 3 Nara day tour with train from Osaka
    Day 4 Kobe day tour with train from Osaka
    Day 5 Leave for Nagoya from Osaka- Nagoya castle
    Day 6 Shirakawa-go day tour
    Day 7 Ohsukamon & Ohsu shopping street
    Day 8 Leave for Kyoto from Nagoya
    Day 9 Visit Kyoto
    Day 10 Leave from Kyoto to Osaka for afternoon flight to Sg

    Is the route feasible & practical? Appreciate for your suggestions. TQVM.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Pris,

      Switch Day 3 and Day 4 so that you’ll visit Nara on Day 4. Then, get a 5-Day Kintetsu Rail Pass, which will cover your journey from Osaka to Nara, Osaka to Nagoya, and Nagoya to Kyoto. :)

      Replace Day 7 with the Day 4 in the sample itinerary here:

      We will soon be updating this post because we now have better sample itineraries. But we’re still trying to find time to update.

  26. Donna Nuada says:

    Hi Yoshke Dimen,

    Greetings from the Philippines

    My friend and her 2 sons will visit(1st time) Japan this June 20 to 26. Our entry is at Narita Airport, We dont have yet a place but we plan to stay in Tokyo, would you recommend any please? Or if not in Tokyo, where? Thanks in advance!

  27. Margaret says:

    Hi! I’m planning to follow your Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo itinerary but will tweak it a bit to make it a 10-day trip. Our itinerary is still flexible. I’m planning to add one full day for Universal Studios in Osaka, and another for a day tour in Mie, specifically in Nabana no Sato. Any tips on which pass/es to use and if it’s necessary to go back to Osaka or go directly to Kyoto? Thank you in advance!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Margaret,

      If you’re visiting Mie too, consider getting a Kintetsu Rail Pass. :)

      Have you considered making a stop in Nagoya? It sits right between Osaka/Kyoto and Tokyo, and it’s the city closest to Nabana no Sato.

      • Margaret says:

        Hello! Thanks for replying. I’m thinking of adding Nagoya to our itinerary as well. Is a day tour to Shirakawa-go worth it in the spring season + Takayama (we’re travelling april 2020 btw)? Or should we go there in autumn/winter instead? Any suggestions for this itinerary? Thank you!

        Day 1 – Arrival in Osaka (visit places covered by Osaka Amazing Pass)
        Day 2 – Universal Studios Japan + Dotonbori
        Day 3 – Nara Day Tour
        Day 4 – Transit to Kyoto, Fushimi Inari, Gion District
        Day 5 – Arashiyama, Golden Pavilion, Transit to Nagoya
        Day 6 – Free morning + Nabana no Sato in the afternoon
        Day 7 – Nagoya Castle, Toyota Museum, Sakae District
        Day 8 – Transit to Tokyo, Ueno Park, Akihabara
        Day 9 – Shinjuku
        Day 10 – Shibuya, Harajuku
        Day 11 – Departure from Tokyo

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          Hi Margaret, yes, Shirakawa-go is worth it. Takayama is lovely too. I love small Japanese cities and villages so I’m a bit biased, haha.

          I think your itinerary is good. A bit too fast-paced for me — I would insert a couple of free days — but since you only have 11 days and if you have the energy, go for it! :)

  28. Russel Arevalo says:

    Hello Miss Yoshke Dimen,

    I and my friends will be visiting Tokyo in October but we only plan to visit Hitachi Seaside Park, Tokyo Disneysea and Mt. Fuji. Is it practical to get the JR pass? We will be only be there for 5 days.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Russel, parang hindi practical for you.

      Consider Tokyo Wide Pass. Covered nya Fuji, but I’m not sure about Hitachi Seaside Park. I think some parts of Ibaraki prefecture (where Hitachi Park is located) are covered though, di ko lang alam yung extent.

  29. Ana says:


    We’ll be travelling Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo by February 29 for 8 days trip with group of 8 adults and 1 child.
    please check if my itinerary is doable and any suggestion?
    Thank you so much!

    Day 1 PM flight.
    Day 2 Osaka Castle, Kuromon Market, Dotonbori
    Day 3 USJ
    Day 4 Kyoto Day Tour: Arashiyama, Fuji inari shrine, gion district
    Day 5 Tokyo: Yoyogi Park or Ueno Park???
    Day 6: DisneySea
    Day 7: Shibuya, Akihabara
    Day 8 Manila

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Ana, it looks doable. My only comment is, Yoyogi Park is best if sa Day 7 rin since it’s located in Shibuya. Then ung Ueno Park and Akihabara naman yung magkalapit. :)

      Maluwag yang itinerary na yan, which is okay if big group tapos may bata. :)

  30. Kristin Liwanag says:

    Hello! We already Visited Japan(tokyo, osaka, yokohama, atami) as a couple but we wanted to go back with kids this time. May you please suggest an itinerary that includes Disneyland, UStudios, hokkaido and other places that we have not visited yet. Thank you!

  31. elite says:

    Hi, Do you have sample itinerary trip in Japan for 1 week during January.
    including skiing.

  32. Rina says:

    Hi, Yoshke!

    Do you have a priced version of you Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka Itinerary: 7 Days? Just so I could see the breakdown of the Php38,000.00, too.

    By the way, thank you for the detailed itinerary. I’ll be sure to use your affiliate links. :)


    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rina, unfortunately, I didn’t keep the breakdown when I made this. We’re planning to write a more detailed Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka itinerary with breakdown of expenses though, but not sure how soon we can do it as we’ll be hitting the road soon.

  33. Lei says:

    Hi, Yoshke!

    I’ll be touring Osaka (3days) -Kyoto (2days) -Tokyo (4days). I’ll be getting the JR pass but Im still confused if I ALSO need to get the ICOCA. Can I use the JR pass around Tokyo, or there’s a different pass for this? Thank you!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Lei, as long as JR ang sasakyan mo, pwede mong gamitin ang valid na JR Pass.

      If hindi JR yung train, you can buy a separate single ticket na lang or use ICOCA/SUICA. Depende yan sa specifics ng itinerary mo.

  34. Kaye says:

    Hi do you have recommended itinerary for 12 days? Tokyo day 1-5 transit to Osaka day 6 then day 7-12 kansai region. Hope to hear from you. Thank you!

  35. Patty says:

    is the amount indicated like the osaka kyoto tokyo, around 38k, is that good for two or per person? We got a bit confused with the intro of this article. Just want to clarify. Thanks

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Patty, as stated, estimated budget is PER PERSON, but it’s assuming there are 2 people traveling and splitting the cost of accommodations.

      If it’s confusing, we’ll probably revise the article and exclude hotel in the computation in the future.

  36. Lorby says:

    Hi Yoshke! Your blog is so informative. Thank you for all the details. :) I would just like to ask help with the best itinerary for us, a family of 4 (kids are 10 and 1 yr 4 months). We will be going to Japan this coming Feb 10-19 and Osaka is our entry and exit. We are planning to tour Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Tokyo including USJ and Disney Sea if possible with the length of stay we have. Since we have a toddler with us and a senior citizen, can you give/suggest to us the best possible itinerary with the pass we need to buy? Hope to hear from you! Thank you very much!

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Lorby,

      Since Kansai Airport is both your entry and exit, visit Tokyo first. It’s always a good idea to visit the farthest destination first so you don’t stress yourself out trying to catch your flight out.

      Day 1 – Arrival/Transit to Tokyo
      Day 2 – Disney Sea
      Day 3 – Shibuya (Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya Crossing)
      Day 4 – Transit to Osaka, Namba/Dotonbori
      Day 5 – Nara Day Tour
      Day 6 – Kyoto Day Tour
      Day 7 – Osaka Tour
      Day 8 – Universal Studios Japan
      Day 9 – Departure

      If you want to take the train for Osaka-Tokyo-Osaka, get a nationwide JR Pass and make sure that long distance trips (Osaka-Tokyo, Tokyo-Osaka, Osaka-Nara) are all within 7 days.

      If you want to fly for Osaka-Tokyo-Osaka instead, get separate city/regional passes na lang for the trains/subway.

  37. Rita Perez says:

    Need your help if possible, this it our (adult son/me) first trip to Japan and we would like to visit everywhere but I know we can’t. I have already booked a hotel in Tokyo, purchased the 14 days JR pass and booked a couple of shows/places (below) which apparently sell out. Still pending to book the One Piece Tower/Park and Ghibli Museum. We are traveling during year end and I know many things are closed which is where am having a hard time. We want to spend a couple of days in Hokkaido/Sapporo and then go back to Tokyo, visit Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kanazawa, etc. We want to visit Mt. Fuji, Bamboo Forest the Temples, the Golden Castle, and the Imperial Palace, Akihabara, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya, the deer, Disney, etc. I know it’s a lot and have no clue where to go first b/c I don’t know what will be closing down for new years. I also need an idea for my son’s New Year’s birthday. How can I make the most of my trip and plan it to make it super worth it. We are from Miami, FL USA it’s a very long trip and not sure how many times I can go again.

    DEC26 Day 1 – Arrival at Narita Airport 3:20 PM
    27 Day 2 –
    28 Day 3 –
    29 Day 4 –
    30 Day 5 –
    31 Day 6 –
    JAN 1 Day 7 – My son’s birthday
    2 Day 8 –
    3 Day 9 – have tix for TEAMLAB BORDERLESS (TOKYO) ENTRANCE 12:00 noon
    4 Day 10 –
    5 Day 11 –
    6 Day 12 –
    7 Day 13 –
    8 Day 14 –
    9 Day 15 – have tix for YAYOI KUSAMA MUSEUM – TOKYO 1:00 PM
    10 Day 16 –
    11 Day 17 – Departure from Narita Airport at 6:45 pm

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Rita,

      My concern is your TeamLab borderless visit is smack in the middle of your itinerary, which throws a wrench into any smooth-flowing itinerary I could suggest.

      Is that final or can that visit be moved towards the end of your trip?

        • Rita says:

          Sorry just noticed I had a few typos. I can change it for later in the trip, that is not a problem.

        • Yoshke Dimen says:

          To be honest, 17 days is too short for all the places you want to visit. But if you really want to visit all those, here’s a simplified itinerary.

          Note, however, that the journey to and from Sapporo by train is looooong. That’s why I always recommend flying when going to or coming from Tokyo or anywhere south of it.

          I also didn’t consider the days when some attractions are possibly closed (especially on the days around New Year’s Day).

          DEC26 Day 1 – Arrival at Narita Airport 3:20 PM
          27 Day 2 – Tokyo to Sapporo
          28 Day 3 – Sapporo
          29 Day 4 – Sapporo
          30 Day 5 – Sapporo to Osaka
          31 Day 6 – Osaka
          JAN 1 Day 7 – Nara Day Tour (son’s birthday)
          2 Day 8 – Kyoto Day Tour
          3 Day 9 – Osaka to Hiroshima
          4 Day 10 – Hiroshima
          5 Day 11 – Miyajima Day Tour
          6 Day 12 – Hiroshima to Kanazawa
          7 Day 13 – Kanazawa
          8 Day 14 – Kanazawa to Tokyo
          9 Day 15 – Tokyo, including YAYOI KUSAMA MUSEUM – TOKYO 1:00 PM
          10 Day 16 –Tokyo
          11 Day 17 – Departure from Narita Airport at 6:45 pm

          My reco is to remove Sapporo. It’s beautiful but it’s out of the way.

          If Sapporo is non-negotiable, then probably remove Kanazawa then maximize your stay in Tokyo (there’s A LOT TO DO IN TOKYO) or insert a destination in Tohoku Region just to break the long train journey from Sapporo to Osaka.

          • Rita says:

            Thank you so much for the help. I will further research the New Years shut down for the attractions and see what I can remove / change. Again thank you so much for all the info it is greatly appreciated. I will definitely will need to plan more than one trip.

          • Yoshke Dimen says:

            No prob, Rita. It’s really hard to build a Japan itinerary because there’s SO MUCH to see. :S

  38. Rita Perez says:

    I know! I have been trying myself for a while, thank you so much for your help. I am very exited!! Will tell you all about it when I come back.

  39. Cheche says:

    Hi!! Please help.. im planning to visit kyoto and nara for 2 days then ride a bus overnight to tokyo. Should i buy a pass? Hope you reply.. thanks!!

  40. Adjie says:

    Hi, ask lang po san po best mag palit ng currency dito na sa pilipinas o dun na po sa japan? Thanks

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