Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is one of the top attractions in Osaka. And if you’re one of the millions of people who will be paying it a visit this year, you might be wondering how to reach this super popular theme park.

USJ is located in the coastal fringes of Osaka. Although it is neatly tucked away from the city center, it is very accessible, thanks to Osaka’s reliable transportation system.

Nearest Station: Universal City

The easiest way is by train. The nearest train station to USJ is Universal City Station. It is part of the JR Yumesaki Line (aka Sakurajima Line). Both the JR Pass and the JR-West Kansai Rail Pass are accepted here. From the station, the park is just a short walk away.

Now all you need to know is how to get to Universal City Station. This quick guide will explain in detail how to do just that from the Namba area (where most tourists stay), Osaka Station, and Kansai Airport.

Namba to Universal Studios

First of all, it is important that you’re aware that there are three Namba stations: Namba Subway, JR Namba, and Osaka Namba. Although these are separate stations, they are all connected to each other. The station you want to be at is OSAKA NAMBA. (If you’re using Hyperdia, make sure you have a hyphen between Osaka and Namba.)

  1. At Osaka Namba Station, take the Hanshin Namba Line bound for AMAGASAKI. Fare: ¥200.
  2. Alight at NISHIKUJO Station.
  3. Transfer to JR Yumesaki Line bound for SAKURAJIMA. Fare: ¥160.
  4. Alight at UNIVERSAL CITY Station.

Travel time: 25 minutes
Total fare: ¥360

Osaka Station or Umeda to Universal Studios

Note that OSAKA STATION is different from OSAKA NAMBA Station.

Osaka Station and Umeda are very close to each other. If you’re coming from Umeda area (be it Umeda Station or Umeda Sky Building), you can easily get to Osaka Station on foot.

  1. At Osaka Station, take the Osaka Loop Line (Inner loop) bound for SAKURAJIMA or TENNOJI.
  2. Alight at NISHIKUJO Station.
  3. Transfer to JR Yumesaki Line bound for SAKURAJIMA.
  4. Alight at UNIVERSAL CITY Station.

Travel time: 12 minutes
Total fare: ¥180

Kansai Airport to Universal Studios

Lockers are scattered all around USJ so if you’re planning on going straight to it from the airport, that’s certainly possible.

There are many ways to get to USJ from Kansai Airport. You can take the Haruka train to Tennoji and get to Nishikujo from there. You can also hop onto Nankai Airport Express to Shin-Imamiya and then take the Osaka Outer Loop to Nishikujo.

But since you’re coming from the airport, you probably might be carrying heavy luggage. The route below makes the most sense because even though it’s 10 minutes slower, it entails the least transfers.

  1. At Kansai Airport Station, take the JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service bound for KYOBASHI.
  2. Alight at NISHIKUJO Station.
  3. Transfer to JR Yumesaki Line bound for SAKURAJIMA.
  4. Alight at UNIVERSAL CITY Station.

Travel time: 1 hour and 17 minutes
Total fare: ¥1190

Where to buy discounted tickets to Universal Studios Japan?

Klook sells so-called 1.5 Day Pass. Basically, this pass will allow you to visit Universal Studios Japan at 3pm on Day 1 and then you can still use it for the entire day the following day. This gives you enough time to try more rides and enjoy more of the park.

The 1.5 Day Pass must be picked up at Kansai International Airport or Namba OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal).


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