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Here’s a DIY BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE BLOG to MANUEL UY BEACH RESORT, a popular camping destination in CALATAGAN, BATANGAS. In this post, you’ll find sample MANUEL UY BEACH itineraries, summary of expenses, useful travel tips, and updated rates!

“Are we going to Horacio Uy Beach?” my friend Glenn asked in a tone and with a face that clearly suggested he was not kidding.

Realizing he made a mistake, he flashed an embarrassed smile that cut across his now redder face. All he could remember, he explained, was that the resort has an old Spanish first name and a Chinese last name. My only question is, Horacio, really? Where did that come from?

Horacio aside, it is not surprising at all that people have trouble retaining the name of the resort. Glenn certainly wasn’t the first in my circle of friends. Outside Batangas, it is pretty much unheard of. And it’s not every day that we hear about a beach that bears a person’s full name. But you know what, some may remember it as Manuel Uy, Horacio Cheng or Teofilo Chua, but this little nook in Calatagan is the next big thing in Batangas tourism.


According to the boatmen we talked to, the resort got its name from its owner, a Filipino who is currently based in the United States. It is located along the western coast of the Calatagan peninsula. It faces the Verde Island Passage, which is a busy channel so big ships are a common sight from here.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like a resort at all, more like a camp site. With the exception of the shower and toilet rooms and a staff stations, there are no permanent concrete structures along the beach. But the site blew us away in many ways.

Photo by Vins Carlos

First, the beach itself is remarkable. It is a long, wide strip of cream-colored sand lapped gently by Calatagan’s signature shallow waters. You can wade through the little waves for minutes and the water will barely reach your waist or chest, which is why it is a favorite among families with little children. It’s also bookmarked by small rocks that jut out to the sea, adding some texture to the already picturesque cove. It is surrounded by sandbars and snorkeling sites that are easily accessible from the beach.

Second, on one end of the cove is an inlet that divides the place into two parts: Beach 1 and Beach 2. Occupying the southern half is Beach 1, the part immediately after the entrance on the other side of Aquaria Water Park. This is the quieter side. Beach 2 is the northern half, just next to Stilts Calatagan. This is where the restrooms stand and the island hopping boats are stationed.

Third, it is adequately staffed. Lifeguards are stationed at the beach. They call out anyone who might be doing something dangerous in the water. A maintenance crew is also assigned in many areas throughout the site. You can approach them if you need anything, like if you need to find a boat for island hopping. They remind day trippers when their time is up and what time the bus bound for Manila is leaving. They also keep the site clean and trash-free.


Manuel Uy Beach Resort is only three to four hours away from Manila, depending on traffic conditions. Here’s how to reach it by public transportation.

Manila to Calatagan DLTB Bus

  1. Make your way to DLTB Buendia Terminal, located near the LRT Gil Puyat Station. This is where we usually catch the bus to Calatagan.
  2. Board the bus to Calatagan. Travel time: 3 hours. Bus fare is PHP 294.
  3. Alight near Calatagan Public Market or anywhere in the town proper.
  4. Charter a tricycle to Manuel Uy Beach. Travel time: 20 minutes. Fare: PHP 200+ (good for up to 4 pax).

You might want to take the number of your tricycle driver or arrange to be picked up because in this area, it’s hard to find one to take you back to the town proper.


There is a time limit, depending on whether you’re on a day trip or spending the night at the resort:

  • Day trip: 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM only.
  • Overnight stay:5:30 AM to 12:00 PM the next day.

It is possible to arrive in and leave Manuel Uy Beach on the same day and still have a great time, even if you’re coming from Manila. The place isn’t that big and the island hopping takes only a couple of hours. However, to maximize your stay, leave Manila as early as you can. If you leave at 6:00 AM, you’ll arrive at around 9:00 AM, go on a boat tour, have lunch, and leave at 3:00 PM, just in time to catch the 4:00 PM return bus.

If you want a more relaxed stay, you can camp out and spend the night here. Just make sure you arrive before 11:00 PM to check in.

Staying overnight also gives you more time to explore other attractions in Calatagan. You can go out and see the Punta de Santiago Lighthouse or do a day trip to Stilts Calatagan or Aquaria Waterpark. All these collect separate entrance fees, though.

IMPORTANT! Arrive early. On peak days, the resort sometimes stops accepting guests to avoid overcrowding.


Below are the updated rates. This used to be a lot cheaper, but the management implemented an increase in the fees over the past years.

Entrance Fees


  • Adult: PHP 250
  • Senior Citizen: PHP 178
  • Children (6 years old and below): FREE


  • Adult: PHP 350
  • Senior Citizen: PHP 250
  • Children (6 years old and below): FREE

Environmental Fees

Although this can be settled together with the entrance fee, it is actually collected by the local government of Calatagan.

  • Regular (7-59 years old): PHP 30
  • Seniors, PWDs, and children (0-6 years old): PHP 24

Don’t lose the environmental fee ticket/stub. You only need to pay this once in 3 days. If you’re visiting other attractions in Calatagan and they’re charging you this fee again, just tell them you’ve already paid for this and show them your ticket.

Tent & Table Fees

You can bring your own tent or rent one from the management.

If you choose to rent a tent, rental fee is PHP 500, good for up to 3 pax. Same price for day tour and overnight. Subject to availability of tent units.

If you choose to bring your own tent, you will be charged a campsite fee. Here are the rates, depending on tent size and capacity:

  • 1-4 Pax (195 x 195 x 127): PHP 250
  • 5-10 Pax (230 x 230 x 165): PHP 350
  • 10-15 Pax (275 x 275 x 178): PHP 750
  • 16-20 Pax (305 x 305 x 203): PHP 1000

If you don’t want to use a tent, you can rent a table and bench instead. You can also use some of the amenities for free.

  • Table and Bench Rental: PHP 500 (+P500 deposit)
  • Grill Station: FREE
  • Shower and Restroom: FREE

Power Charging Fees

Same price for day tour and overnight.

  • Power bank: PHP 60
  • Electric stove: P60
  • Rice cooker: P60

Parking Fees

Same price for day tour and overnight.

  • Motorcycle: PHP 30
  • Car: PHP 150
  • Van: PHP 150
  • Bus or large vehicle: PHP 400

Photoshoot Fees

PHP 5000, inclusive of entrance fees and environmental fees good for up to 5 people + 1 car parking space.


Camping Fees

Camping is the name of the game at Manuel Uy Beach Resort. Just set up a tent and you’re good to go. There are no rooms that you can rent.

If you bring your own tent, you’ll need to pay the campsite fee. The rates vary according to the size of the tent (or the number of occupants). Same price for day tour and overnight.

  • 1-4 Pax (195 x 195 x 127): PHP 250
  • 5-10 Pax (230 x 230 x 165): PHP 350
  • 10-15 Pax (275 x 275 x 178): PHP 750
  • 16-20 Pax (305 x 305 x 203): PHP 1000
  • 20+ pax: contact the management

If you don’t have a tent, you can rent one at the resort. It costs P500 (good for up to 3 pax).

Calatagan Beach Resorts

But if you really want to stay in an air-conditioned room, there are other better furnished resorts in Calatagan. Here are some of them.

Search for more Calatagan Resorts


  • Boat Tour. From the resort, you can charter a boat to visit other islands:
    – Starfish Island
    – Little Boracay
    – Tiktiko Sand Bar
    – a snorkeling site
    The boat rate is P1500, good for 1 hour, 1 destination, and up to 4 passengers. If you’re a bigger group, you will be charged PHP 300 per extra person. If you want to visit multiple destinations, you will be charged an additional PHP 150 per stop or per hour. For example, if you’re a group of four and you want to visit three stops, you’ll be paying a total of PHP 2700 (P1500 boat fee + P600 per stop) or PHP 675 per person. Boat tours are available from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Fishing Expedition. Calatagan faces the Verde Island Passage which is bursting with ocean bounty. If you want to try fishing, you can go an expedition. Here are the costs:
    – Boat fee: PHP 1500 per hour (good for up to 4 pax)
    – Fishing gear and bait: PHP 150 per hour
    – Additional person: PHP 300
    – Additional hour: PHP 150 per person
    Fishing trips must be reserved a day in advance.
  • Swimming or snorkeling. Calatagan’s shallow waters make it safe for kids (but please watch them still and don’t let them go too far from the shore). You can take dip or just have fun in the water. You can also rent a goggle for only P100.
  • Watch the sunset. The resort faces west so expect a spectacular sunset!
  • Stargazing. If you choose to spend the night here, download a stargazing app. The one I use is GoSkyWatch, which can identify the stars, planets and constellations.
  • Stilts Calatagan Day Tour. Just next to Manuel Uy Beach is Stilts Calatagan, a pricey resort with three beaches. But you can visit on a day tour for a much lower rate, at PHP 600 per head on offpeak season or PHP 700 peak season. Doing so will allow you to enjoy not just their beach but also some of the resort’s amenities like the pool. However, the rooms on stilts are off limits to day trippers.
  • Aquaria Waterpark. Another resort close to Manuel Uy Beach. It boasts swimming pools with gigantic waterslides. Entrance fee ranges from PHP 850 to 1200 depending on whether you’re visiting on a weekday or weekend and peak or lean season.
  • Calatagan Lighthouse. At the very end of the cape where Manuel Uy Beach is located stands Punta de Santiago Lighthouse (also known as Cape Santiago Lighthouse, Calatagan Lighthouse, or simply Parola). You can drop by on your way back to the town proper. Just add PHP 50 to the fare. Entrance fee: PHP 50.


Calatagan Lighthouse

Below are two sample itineraries with breakdown of expenses. The first is for a day tour, and the other for an overnight stay. Please note that both itineraries assume you’re a group of 4 people, splitting the costs of some items and bringing your own food.

Day Tour Itinerary

The itinerary below is just a sample. Feel free to make the necessary adjustments if you have other needs and preferences.

05:00 AM – Bus to Calatagan, P294
09:30 AM – Buy food at Calatagan Public Market, P200
10:00 AM – Tricycle to Manuel Uy Beach, P50 (P200/4pax)
10:35 AM – Arrival at Manuel Uy Beach
– Entrance Fee: P250
– Environmental Fee: P30
11:00 AM – Island hopping with 3 stops: P675 (P1500/4pax + P150/stop)
12:30 PM – Lunch
01:30 PM – Swim and walk around
03:00 PM – Pack up, trike to town proper, P50 (P200/4pax)
04:00 PM – Travel back to Manila, P294

If you follow this itinerary, prepare to shell out at least PHP 1843 (USD 32.50, EUR 30, SGD 44).

Overnight Itinerary

This itinerary will give you more time to enjoy the beach. Bring your own water and snacks.

06:00 AM – Bus to Calatagan, P294
09:30 AM – Buy food at Calatagan Public Market, P300
10:00 AM – Tricycle to Manuel Uy Beach, P50 (P200/4pax)
10:35 AM – Calatagan Environmental Fee, P30
10:35 AM – Arrival at Manuel Uy Beach, Entrance: P250
10:50 AM – Pitch tent, Camp Fee: P62.50 (P250/4pax)
11:00 AM – Lunch
01:30 PM – Island hopping with 3 stops: P675 (P1500/4pax + P150/stop)
03:30 PM – Rest
05:30 PM – Watch sunset
07:00 PM – Dinner
09:00 PM – Sleep

06:30 AM – Morning swim
08:00 AM – Freshen up, pack up
10:00 AM – Tricycle to Lighthouse, P12.50 (P50/4pax)
10:30 AM – Calatagan Lighthouse, P50
12:00 PM – Tricycle to town proper, P50 (P200/4pax)
12:30 PM – Lunch, P100
02:00 PM – Travel back to Manila, P294

This itinerary will set you back PHP 2168 (USD 38.30, EUR 35.35, SGD 51.65) excluding other possible miscellaneous expenses.

If you have your own ride and you have more time, considering trying one of the popular restaurants in Nasugbu like Kainan sa Dalampasigan or El Cocinero by Chef Arnaldo on your way back to Manila. You can also make a stop in Tagaytay.

You can further bring down the cost of either itinerary if you form a bigger group.


  • Bring aqua shoes. Or at least, bring sturdy flip-flops. Although the exposed part of the beach is sandy, the bed beneath the waves is a bit rocky! It can get difficult to walk barefoot.
  • Leave no trace. Don’t leave trash on the beach. Whatever you bring to the place, take them with you when you leave. Leave nothing but footprints!
  • Use coral-friendly sunscreen. A study conducted by Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology revealed that many sunblock products contain chemicals like oxybenzone, benzophenone, and parabens that are harmful to marine life. Choose brands that do not contain these chemicals.
  • Swimming is allowed only between 6:30am and 5:30pm. You can’t swim at night. If it’s high tide when you arrive, take advantage of it and swim. When the low tide kicks in, the water can get so shallow. At low tide, the water level is only knee-deep at the far end of the swimming area.
  • Drop by Calatagan Public Market to buy food and just prepare them on the beach. Use of the resort’s grilling station is free of charge.
  • Bring a hat, light scarf/wrap or anything that can protect you from the sun. Island hopping boats don’t have a tarp cover so you’re pretty exposed to the sun.


    When is the best time to visit Manuel Uy Beach?

    November to March, if you want to avoid the crowd. It’s popular among local (Batangas) tourists too, so it can get crowded on weekends.

    When it gets too crowded, the management stops accepting guests. If you want to avoid this, avoid the weekend and arrive early.

    If you can’t help going on weekend, have a Plan B just in case you’re refused entry. You can try other coves in Calatagan.

    Are there shower rooms and restrooms in Manuel Uy Beach Resort?

    YES. They’re located on Beach 2 and another one is being constructed on Beach 1.

    The Beach 2 restrooms have several cubicles inside a concrete building. There are also dozens of showers outside that you can use. In order to avoid long queues, you’re encouraged to use the showers outside and then change inside.

    Are there places to eat nearby?

    There are NO restaurants or canteens at Manuel Uy Beach Resort. We didn’t see any carinderia or eatery anywhere near the resort, either.

    There is, however, a sari-sari store selling instant noodles, canned goods, and drinking water.

    The best way is to bring your own food. No corkage fees.

    Can we bring in food from outside?

    YES. You’re encouraged to do that because aside from a small sari-sari store, there is no other source of food on site. Don’t worry, there is no corkage fee.

    Paluto services are also available for PHP 70 pr kilo of rice and PHP 70 per kilo of other dishes or ulam.

    Can we bring in alcoholic beverages (liquor) from outside?

    YES. You can. Just drink in moderation and don’t make a scene.

    Can we cook inside Manuel Uy Beach Resort?

    YES. There is a designated grilling area with a dozen grill stations next to two lanes of sinks, where you can wash dishes or clean some of your ingredients.

    You’re also allowed to bring in portable butane stove, rice cooker, or electric stove. However, super kalan is not allowed.

    Paluto services are also available at PHP 70 per kilo.

    Are bonfires allowed at Manuel Uy Beach Resort?

    NO, bonfires are prohibited. You cannot cook directly on the beach. Use the designated grill stations if you need to cook something or bring a portable butane stove.

    Are pets allowed at Manuel Uy Beach Resort?

    YES, furbabies are welcome at NO EXTRA CHARGE. But take note of the following reminders:

    • You are responsible for your pet’s behavior.
    • Clean up after your pets.
    • Pets must always be leashed.
    • Pets must have anti-rabies vaccination.
    • Never leave your pets unattended.

    Are drones allowed at Manuel Uy Beach?

    Regular guests are NOT ALLOWED to fly drones anymore. If you want to fly a drone, pay the PHP 5000 official photoshoot fee.

    When we first visited in the summer of 2018, regular guests are allowed to use drone. The staff were with us when we flew our drone. However, when we returned in September 2018, drones are no longer allowed.

    But according to the resort’s official Facebook page, drones are allowed for official photoshoots, which costs PHP 5000 inclusive of day tour entrance fees and environmental fees good for 5 pax and 1 car parking fee.

    Anything else we should bring?

    Sunscreen and insect repellant lotion. I have to say, the very first time I contracted Dengue fever was here in Calatagan. That was eons ago, but I still highly encourage you to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

    Bring water shoes or sturdy slippers because some parts underwater are rocky.

    What time is the last trip back to Manila?

    Some say the last trip bound for Manila is at 4:00 PM, others say it’s at 6:00 PM. I’m not sure which one’s right. I forgot to confirm at the terminal. 😞

    Calatagan Emergency Numbers

    Here are some local emergency hotlines to take note of when in Calatagan:

    • Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO)
      +63 909 456 5818
      +63 43 419 7510
    • Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)
      +63 926 408 4359
    • Philippine Coast Guard
      +63 995 5819450
    • Philippine National Police (PNP)
      +63 917 337 5190
    • Aleng Pulis Hotline (for gender-based violence)
      +63 9197777377
    • Rural Health Unit (RHU)
      +63 930 816 8484
    • Calatagan Medicare Hospital
      Emergency Room
      +63 917 817 9508
      +63 43 419 0300
    • Batangas Electric Cooperative (BATELEC)
      +63 908 8142145

    Updates Log

    2024 • 04 • 06 – Last updated (updated prices and other details)
    2018 • 04 • 30 – First published

    Photos by Vins Carlos

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H, anong oras po first trip ng van going to Calatagan? Thanks!

Romy Morales Fortuno

i recommend island hopping to starfish island little boracay sandbar with floating cottage
i’m sure you can enjoy the beautiful white sand , the clean water , you can relax the beautiful place …
Try it believe it
fore more information :
just call or text kuya Romy
contact # 09266452950
or check my fb post :
Romy Morales Fortuno

anggie bautista

gud am pwede po bng magdala ng kalan


HI! You’re sample itinerary for overnight states the entrance fee is 100. I thought the overnight rate is 200? Please clarify. Thanks.


can i ask if theres a resort there that has no entrance fee but we will pay in rooms instead


Super thank you on your review! We’re planning our trip there this year and your post really help me a lot! More reviews to come! Cheers!


By the way, meron din ba dito mga Adventure katulad ng Sandbar and Mangrove tour or need pa namin mag-avail sa Stilts nung package nila?


May idea ka ba kung magkano yung package nila ng Island hopping? Saan kami pwede makapag inquire? Thanks.


May contact no. po ba kayo ng resort?for more info. Lang


pwede po magdala ng pet?

Cris Bantilo

magkano po nag rent sa cottage?

Jerick Villapando

Pano pag namiss namin yung bus going back to Manila, should we just wait sa bus nadadaan? I just want to know some options. Thank you!


Hello dear, may byahe pa ba ng tricycle if ever umalis kame dito sa metro point ng 5PM? Malamang makarating kame don ng gabi na, may byahe paba pa manuel uy?

Jhanna Xia

Saan po kayo sumakay ng bus to Calatagan? Thank you.

phoebe kim

nabasa ko po sa ibang vlog na yung Cr dw po walang harang na pader tela lng dw po harang totoo po ba?


can we set a bonfire sa beach at night po?

Ben gonzales

Puede magdala ng sariling car papunta dyan? Day tour


may pic ka ba ng tables and chairs sa manuel uy?

jessica candela

Hello. ask ko lang po what time po ung first trip going back to manila please. thankyousomuch=) . were planning going to manuel uy this coming friday .


hi Yoshke – how is the water this Sept? Calm naman? Ma eenjoy naman? :) Thank you for sharing the information, very helpful!


[…] With the closure of Burot Beach, Manuel Uy Beach Resort took its title of chosen camping destination. The resort is also budget-friendly, bolstering its case. Apart from the entrance fee, you have to pay P30 for environmental fee. More info here: Manuel Uy Beach Resort. […]


Hello. Nabanggit po na if it is crowded we will be refused for entry? Can we have a reservation OR what is the earliest time na dapat kami makarating doon to avoid na marefused entry?

Chris Magallanes

Pwede kaya mag stay dun for 3 Days 2 Nights…okay rin po kaya ito for PWD? My auntie kasi is on a wheelchair. We’re planning to go in Jan 2019.
Appreciate our reply


May contact po kayo na nakuha sa kahit sino katiwala sa manuel uy? Para kung sakali po eh matawagan or text namin before kami pumunta :) salamat po

JJ Gloria

Pwedeng magskimboard jan?


Just want to clarify :) yung tricycle fee po ba is 200 tala even if 2 person lang kayo? and may mga possible ba na may pede kaming kasabay sa tric papunta dun para malessen yung pamasahe ?


Hello ask lng ako kung may jelly fish or dikya ung dagat? Thank u.


Pwede po ba mag dala ng super kalan? and strict ba sila pag over night as in 12nn kelangan umalis na agad sa isla?


parang hindi naman sila strict kasi noong nag punta kami umalis na kami sa resort mga 2pm na un


Hi po.
Ndi po allowed ang bonfire kahit gabi? Kung overnight ang stay sa beach po.


Worried lang ako, marami po bang dikya jan sa manuel uy?


hello! open ba yung manuel uy sa Dec. 14-16?

Thank yoU!


allowed po ba yung hammock?? or may pag lalagyan po ba kung sakali?


Yes. Nag hammock kami the last time we went there. And we’ll be there this weekend :) Tara!


good day po, pano po pag dumating doon ng gabi na mga around 8-10pm, tapos balak nmin umalis ng afternoon next day. pwede po b un?

P200 p rin po ba ung rate. kasi same length time naman? or bka mkpag add na kmi?


Hello po, since na mention po na may grills sila for cooking, im assuming na de-uling sya, ask ko lang po if they provide / sell yung uling as well? planning to go on January :)


Yay! Thankyou


Hi, sa grilling station nila, do we have to bring our own uling or provided na po ng resort? Thank you


Thank you! How about po sa gamit? Is it safe na maiwan yung ibang gamit sa tent if mag island hopping?


Hi, Pwede po ba mag dala ng alcohol beverages and kung may corkage? Thanks

Jayar brahim

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Hello.. about po sa Van sa Metro point.. ung po ba ung sa side ng save more? And what time po ang biyahe?


Hello, ask ko lang po may mga stores po ba sila jan or restaurant na pedeng kainin para sa mga ayaw magbaon? Plano po kasi namin mag overnight. Regarding naman po sa safety, secured naman po ba mga gamit dito? Thanks po.

lizel Octobre

hi Yoshke – yung rent ng electric stove for the entire stay na ba yun?


Sir, kelangan ba tumawag before going to the place? Thanks


Hi Yoshke, how was the mobile internet in the place both Globe and Smart? Do they have WiFi Internet access?

I know we need to disconnect but we need to work to pay the bills. Work requires us to have internet at all times in case problems occur. :P


Thank you Yoshke!


Hi Meron po ba kayong contact numbers?


How,s the safety if someones stay for ovenyt ?


Hi –

Question. We’re going to leave Manila ng 6pm, March 1. So gabi na kame makakarating sa Calatagan Terminal. Meron pa bang maghahatid samen from the terminal to the resort itself ng ganung oras? Thank you!

Rye Reanzares

Can we do the fishing in the beach? were planning to bring fishing rod.



do you think they will allow us to bring some liquor? and how about drinking liquor at night? thanks :)


thank you so much! :) btw i followed your sample itineraries :* we will go this sat thanks again! :)

Rommar gonez

Hellow. My mga avail po bang stove at rice cooker na pwede irent nalang? Also uling and ice?


do you have contatc number for inquiry


Do you have any contact number po ? Me and my workmates wanted to inquire if we can reserve ahead of time.

Joice tablate

Hi, If mag in kmi ng 9am to 12nn(next day) 500 pa din po yung tent or 1,000 pesos? Thank you corp.

Hi po pwedi po bang makahinge kami ng contact no. para makapaginquire po kami
thank you.






hi ask ko lang if meron bang ibang bus company na may night trips going to calatagan?




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Good day. Pano po pumunta from calamba laguna?



Ask ko lang if may number po kayo ng Manuel UY and rates po ng cottages.. Day tour lang po sana kami..



Hello po.
Balak namin pumunta sa April 20-21 Overnight.
ano pong oras kayo pumunta at anong araw? sobrang dami kaya ngayong sabado at linggo?

Thank you.


Allow po ba ang pets?


Open beach naman din po sya db po? kaya okay lang po wala kamingreservation basta punta lang po kami dyan


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Glen Ballarta

Pwede po ba ang staff nila ang mag set ng tent para sa mga nag rerent?


Kung magiisland hopping po kami may mapagiiwanan po ba kami ng mga gamit namin like lockers? Is it safe na iwan yung tent namin at ilang mga gamit like cooler & cookwares?



May we know if you have cottages for a family of ten (10) which we can rent and how much. We plan to go to your place on MAY 12, 2019 for a day tour. Is there a need to make an advanced reservation to avoid inconveniences when we go there especially that we have three (3) senior citizens and some kids

Please advise. I hope to receive your response soonest.

Thank you very much po.


Pede ba mag palipad ng drone?

Carl james Ciubal

Sir pwede po ba dito mag team building


Hi tatawid pa ba ng dagat to get in to Manuel Uy beach? Thanks!


Hello! Any chance you know if this place is pet friendly? We’d like to do a day trip lang but we have two small dogs. :)


open ba?


Ganun padin ba ung entrance fee sa manuel uy.. from cavite to calatagan ilang oras byahe..


open na po ba sya ngaun 2023?

Roberto Clement

Hi, Is there any campsites around the area?