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Travel guides and budget tips on destinations in Batangas, Philippines!

Masasa Beach: Budget Travel Guide 2017

Until very recently, Masasa Beach was a concealed gem, stashed away from the watchful eye of weekend warriors from Manila. But something this precious is hard to keep secret. As soon as word got out, tourists came in droves, rattling what used to be a dormant town.

Batangas: Top 6 Resorts Under P3000

Last week, we compiled the 10 best-rated beach resorts in Batangas. A couple of things surprised us: One, that there are a lot of awesome, well-equipped properties scattered around the province; and two — and this is more shocking for us — they are all very expensive. When we averaged

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How to Get to Masasa Beach, Batangas

Over the past couple of years, Masasa Beach has emerged as a favorite hideaway among the Manila crowd. What used to be a best-kept secret has become a go-to weekend destination especially for campers. Although relatively remote, Masasa Beach is quite accessible, even if you’re taking public transportation. If you’re

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