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The closest airport to Hiroshima City is Hiroshima Airport, but it is used mainly for domestic and a few Asian flights. The majority of international travelers coming to Hiroshima come from either Fukuoka Airport or Kansai Airport. The former is much nearer and more accessible from Hiroshima.

Since many tourists visiting Hiroshima pass through Fukuoka, it makes sense to visit both cities in just one trip. The problem is, they are 282 kilometers apart. Thankfully, there are plenty of transportation options. The most common is by bus or by bullet train. What is more convenient is just a matter of whether you have more money or you have more time. The bullet train is much faster but much more expensive. The bus is much cheaper but takes a lot longer.

In this post, we’ll share with you how to reach Fukuoka from Hiroshima. If your route is the other way around, read this instead: FUKUOKA TO HIROSHIMA.


Before anything else, let’s clarify some things:

  • Hakata Station is the main railway station of Fukuoka. It’s called Hakata Station because modern-day Fukuoka used to be two separate cities: Fukuoka and Hakata. While the new merged city took the Fukuoka name, its biggest train station retained its name, Hakata Station.
  • Hakata Bus Terminal is located just next to Hakata Station. It’s very, very near, just a short walk away.
  • Hiroshima Station is the main railway station of Hiroshima.
  • Hiroshima Bus Center is NOT near Hiroshima Station. Unlike in Fukuoka, Hiroshima’s bus center is 25 minutes away on foot from Hiroshima Station. Thus, prior to the trip, you have to decide whether where you want to go is Hiroshima Bus Center or Hiroshima Station.

Whether your destination is Fukuoka Airport or anywhere within Fukuoka city center, you will need to get off at Hakata Station or Hakata Bus Terminal.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s how to get to Fukuoka city center and Fukuoka Airport from Hiroshima.


The bullet train is the fastest, easiest option. Travel time is only around 1 hour. It’s also very comfortable. Here’s the catch, though. It’s also very expensive.

You’re most likely going to ride the Shinkansen Mizuho, Nozomi or Sakura. Mizuho and Nozomi are speedier than Nozomi, but only Nozomi accepts JR Pass.

Travel time: 61-70 minutes.
Fare: ¥5,080

On top of the fare, you also need to pay the SEAT FEE:

Green seat: ¥7,660
Reserved seat (low season): ¥3,870
Reserved seat (high season): ¥4,270
Unreserved seat: ¥3,340

For most of the year, you don’t have to reserve seats. It’s often not full. But if you’re traveling in peak periods like the Golden Week, you’re strongly encouraged to reserve a seat.

If you choose to go for an unreserved seat, the total cost is ¥8,420.

Inside Shinkansen Unreserved Car

IMPORTANT! Make sure you’re boarding an UNRESERVED car. Reserved cars have a higher price tag and you can be penalized if you’re caught occupying a reserved seat on an unreserved ticket.


If the bus is your preferred mode of transportation, make your way to the Hiroshima Bus Center.

  1. Take the escalator or elevator to the 3rd floor, where you will find the ticket counters.
  2. Purchase tickets. Tell the staff you’re going to Hakata Station or Hakata Bus Center. Again, it doesn’t matter which one because they’re very near each other. Choose the time. Wait for your boarding time. Ticket price: ¥4,150.
  3. Walk to the assigned platform when boarding for your bus is announced.
  4. Board the bus. The staff will check your tickets and store your luggage in the compartment before you hop in.
  5. Alight at Hakata Station/Bus Terminal.

The bus will be passing through several tunnels drilled into the mountains especially in Yamaguchi and Hiroshima areas. But once you make it past the series of tunnels, it’s quite a scenic ride. There are also a couple of bathroom stops.

Travel time: 4.5 hours.
Fare: ¥4,150.


Fukuoka Airport is not too far away from the city center. It’s also easily accessible. You can take the bus, the taxi, or the subway.

However, the subway station at the airport is located at the Domestic Terminal, NOT at the International Terminal. Unfortunately, the Domestic Terminal is on the other side of the runway. If you’re catching an international flight, taking the subway means making another transfer at the Domestic Terminal.

Thus, taking the bus or the taxi makes more sense.


If you’re taking the bus from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, then you can get off at Hakata Bus Terminal, where you can catch another bus to the airport. If you’re taking the shinkansen from Hiroshima, you will have to walk from Hakata Station to the bus terminal. As mentioned, it’s only a very short walk. Just follow the signs to the next building.

Buses bound for the airport (Bus A) pick up passengers on the first floor.

Travel time: 20 minutes
Fare: ¥260


If you’re a group of four or fewer, the taxi is a good choice too. A cab can accommodate up to four passengers.

Just tell the driver you’re going to FUKUOKA AIRPORT INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL.

Travel time: 15-20 minutes.
Fare: around ¥1200.

The fare depends on traffic conditions. It can be higher. I once had to pay over ¥1600 for the same trip.

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