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The name “sardines” is said to originate from Sardinia, a Mediterranean island known for sardine fishing. The canning of sardines started around the early 18th century in Europe. Through the centuries, the popularity of canned sardines spread around the world. In the Philippines alone, there are several brands of sardines to choose from.

Because of its affordability and accessibility, canned sardines are a staple at many households. If you’re tired of the regular preparation, here are some recipes that we found on YouTube to try to put a different spin on your sardine fix. Note: You may replace the brands used in the videos with your trusted brands.

Sinigang na Sardinas

Whoa, what? Sinigang na Sardinas? Is this possible? Well, Lutong Manyaman shows us how it’s done. Okra, kangkong, green pepper, sampaloc (tamarind) or sinigang mix, seasoning cube, and salt. If you got sardines in tomato sauce but you still want to add fresh tomato, by all means, do it.

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Sardine Sisig

Missing your weekend night out staple sisig dish? Maybe Seasoned With Love‘s sardines sisig recipe might satisfy your craving. Additional ingredients are onion, garlic, green pepper/chili, red pepper/chili, toasted corn (or chicharon), sisig mix, egg, and butter.

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Sardine Nuggets & Sardine Fishballs

Want a healthy version of nuggets? In this video, Jenlicious presents her sardines nuggets. The recipe requires ingredients that are easy to find: onions, garlic, spring onion, cornstarch, flour, pepper, salt, and of course, one can of sardines (or more). The video is about five minutes long. You can make sardines fishball using the same ingredients; you just need to make the shape round instead of flat. You can also add other ingredients like carrots.

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Crispy Fried Sardines

This is Dimples Love‘s version of breaded sardines. If you want to add texture to your sardines, you can try this recipe which includes these ingredients: onion, salt, black pepper, flour, and bread crumbs/breading. Aside from the sardines sauce, you can make your own dip. I’m thinking of having them with salsa dip or sweet and sour dip. :p The video lasts about three minutes.

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Sardine Chips

Neri’s Kitchen calls it Crispy Egg Sardines Chips, but it also looks like chicharon, so I guess we can call it chicharon sardines. Hehe. The ingredients, aside from the sardines, include eggs, salt, cornstarch, black pepper, and flour. The channel used vinegar dip, but you can also use other kinds of dip like tartar sauce or pour some ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing (susyal!).

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Crispy Tortang Sardinas

The Optimist Mama shares her recipe for canned sardines fritters or crispy tortang sardinas. Her version includes eggs, cornstarch, salt, black pepper, garlic powder, garlic, and herb (optional). You can dip them in ketchup or your preferred sauce/dip.

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Sardine Curry

For those who love flavorful dishes, Anita Cook features this easy to prepare sardines curry. Aside from the sardines, it consists of red onion, garlic, ginger, green chili, curry spices, and other optional ingredients.

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Lumpiang Sardinas & Special Ginisang Sardinas

Ang Sarap Grabe suggests four ways you can eat your sardines. You can easily find the ingredients and the time stamps for each recipe in the description section.

  • Special Ginisang Sardinas
  • Lumpiang Sardinas
  • Ginisiang Sardinas with Misua
  • Ginisang Papaya with Sardinas

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