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One of the countries I’ve been almost desperately wanting to return to is South Korea. So when the Korean government announced it would finally begin accepting tourist visa applications again, I was the first to book flights.

The problem is, Korea is an extremely popular destination, especially among Filipinos. While the Korean Embassy in Manila is still trying to get back to normal operations, visa applications started piling up. But that’s not all. The embassy has also posted a notice warning against submission of falsified requirements like certificates of employment, bank certificates, ITR or other documents, implying a rise in dubious documents it receives. According to travel agents we talked to, it’s because of this that the embassy became stricter and more meticulous in reviewing applications.

All these led to the Embassy limiting the number of applications it accepts per day. Walk-in applicants formed long queues as early as the night before just to make sure they make it to the cutoff. I know this because I have attempted multiple times! I fell in line for hours only to be told that they couldn’t accept my application because they had already reached the day’s quota.

Korean Embassy Manila Line

Fortunately, the Korean Embassy recently launched an online appointment system! The good news is, it eliminates the need for applicants to physically spend the night lining up. The bad news is, as with any other new system, it can still be quite confusing. Thankfully, I was able to successfully reserve a slot while documenting the entire process. In this article, I’ll share with you exactly how to secure a visa application appointment with the Korean Embassy.

But first, a few reminders:

  • Make sure you have the following with you:
    – a working e-mail address. You’ll need this to retrieve an authentication code.
    – your passport details, particularly your name and passport number.
  • You can schedule an appointment for yourself and accompanying parents, children and spouse ONLY. Outside these conditions, applying for a group or other people isn’t allowed.
  • The best time to book is the morning of the last Thursday of the month, which is usually when the embassy opens slots for the coming week. More info about that in the FAQs section below. “Usually” because this does change in some months. (Sometimes it gets moved to the Thursday before the last.) The Embassy announces on its FB page when there are changes. However, some slots do open up on other days if other applicants or the embassy itself cancels their appointment.
  • Use Google Chrome. I find it to be more compatible to the website than other browsers.
  • Be quick. The number of slots dwindle FAST and be all gone in a matter of minutes.
  • This guide is only for individual applicants. You may apply via a travel agency but they will be following this same process.

Here’s how to get an appointment with the Korean Embassy for visa application:

1. Visit the Korean Embassy’s Consular Services website.

You can find it at

Under the APPLY FOR A CONSULAR SERVICE tab, click on RESERVATION TO VISIT A DIPLOMATIC MISSION. It’s the first button under this tab.

Korean Visa Application Appointment System

2. Fill out the non-membership log-in form.

On the next page, a pop up will appear: Please log in as a non-member to access this service. Click OK. Then, follow these steps.

Korean Embassy Appointment Website

  1. On the log-in form, click on the CONSENT TO ALL TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE button. It will display the terms. Read and scroll down, and then click CONFIRM.
  2. Enter your name as indicated on the passport that you will use.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click SEND AUTHENTICATION NUMBER. The system will send a code to the email address you just entered. It usually takes a minute or so, but at peak times, it can take as long as 30 minutes.
  5. Enter the authentication number you received and click VERIFY.
  6. Under contact information, enter your phone or mobile number.

3. Choose the embassy and service type.

Before you reach this type, you might be redirected first to a virtual “waiting room”, depending on how heavy the visitor traffic is at the time. The page will show you how much time (in seconds) you need to wait before it takes you to the reservation page.

Once on the Reservation page, choose the following:

List of Korean Embassies

  • Under SELECT A DIPLOMATIC MISSION, choose EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA TO THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. This is the Korean Embassy in Manila. (It’s toward the bottom of the list.) Note that there are two Philippine missions on the list. The other is the Consulate General in Cebu. Make sure you pick the right one.
  • Under SELECT A CONSULAR SERVICE, choose VISA (INDIVIDUAL APPLICANTS FOR TOURISM). And then, under it, tick the box next to VISA (INDIVIDUAL APPLICANTS FOR TOURISM). It’s the only selectable box.

Korean Visa Appointment Manila

4. Select an appointment date.

You’ll see that not all dates are clickable. The grayed out dates cannot be chosen. Pick a date.

Korean Visa Appointment Date and Time

After you pick a date, click the radio button beside the time that applies to you. These are the time allocations:

  • 08:30 – Visa Issuance Number holders only
  • 09:00 – Koreans’ Filipino Family Visit (F6-1, C3-1, F1-5, F2-2)
  • 09:30 – Individual Applicants for Tourism (C-3-9)
  • 10:00 – Business (C3-1, C3-4, C4-5)
  • 10:30 – Official Conference, Study and others (C3-1, C4-5, D2, D4, A1, A2, etc)

Even if there’s only one option, don’t forget to still tick the radio button. You won’t be able to move on to the next step otherwise.

If all dates are grayed out and not clickable, it means there are no more available slots at the time. You can wait and keep on refreshing.

NOTE: The Embassy usually opens slots for the coming weeks on the last THURSDAY of the month. That’s the best time to try to get an appointment. In some months, it gets moved to the second-to-the-last Thursday of the month. The Embassy usually announces changes like this on its Facebook page. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a slot any other day. Sometimes, the Embassy or the applicant themselves cancel their appointment, putting refreshed slots up for grabs.

5. Check reservation details and type your passport number.

‼️ Under NOTES, enter your passport number! If you’re also applying for your parents/children/spouse under this appointment, you should enter all your full names and corresponding passport numbers.

Korean Visa Appointment Passport Number

If you don’t fill in the SPECIFIC REQUESTS field, the Embassy will automatically cancel your appointment and you’ll have to find a new slot. I learned this the hard way, so don’t make the same mistake.

Once everything is in order, type in the CAPTCHA code and click MAKE RESERVATION.

A note will pop up. Check if all the details are correct. You won’t be able to modify it afterwards. If you need to change something, you’ll have to cancel and make another reservation. If everything is correct, click OK.

6. Print out your Reservation Confirmation.

You’ll be taken back to the RESERVATION page, which will now display your scheduled appointment. On the far right, under RESERVATION RECEIPT, click PRINT.

It looks like this:

Korean Visa Appointment Reservation Confirmation

‼️ IMPORTANT! Do not forget to print or save a copy of this receipt. They will check it when you visit the Embassy on your appointment date. Without it, you’ll be denied entry to the premises.

You’ll also receive a confirmation via email.

7. Show up at the Embassy on scheduled appointment date and time.

Bring the following:

Korean Embassy Appointment What to Bring

  • a printed or soft copy of your Reservation Confirmation
  • Completed visa application form
  • Passport and identification card
  • All the other required documents

‼️ IMPORTANT! Only the visa applicants themselves whose names and passport numbers are indicated on the Reservation Receipt will be allowed to enter the Embassy. If you’re caught applying for someone other than yourself, your parents, your children or your spouse, you will be blacklisted by the Embassy.


I didn’t make an appointment. Can I still make a walk-in visit to the Embassy?

NO. Walk-in applicants are no longer accepted, regardless of the visa type you’re applying for.

An appointment is required to be allowed entry.

Can I make an appointment for my spouse (husband/wife)?

YES. On October 4, the Korean Embassy published an update announcing that spouses may now be included in group appointments. So now, you can schedule an appointment for yourself, your parents, your children, or your spouse.

Korean Embassy Appointment Update re Spouse

Previously, it was not allowed. According to the Embassy’s FB page before, husbands and wives must make a separate appointment.

Korean Visa Online Appointment Husband Wife

But the rule has since been changed.

Can I make an appointment for my siblings (brother/sister)?

NO. You may only apply for yourself, your parents, your children, or your spouse.

Siblings are not included in any of the Embassy’s comms, even though they are immediate relatives, too.

The Embassy adds: “Your appointments for your cousins, nephews, nieces and other relatives will be cancelled by the Embassy.”

Can I make an appointment for my friends who will be my travel companions to Korea?

NO, they must secure an appointment slot on their own even though you will be traveling together.

Each applicant can book only for himself alone or for a parent, child, or spouse. If your companion isn’t a parent, spouse or a child, they need to secure a separate appointment.

Can I make multiple appointments under my name?

NO. Only appointments for yourself, spouse, parent or child will be accepted. All of your appointments will be cancelled by the Embassy.

If you’re caught making two or more appointments under one name, you and all the other applicants associated with you will be blacklisted by the Embassy.

When is the best time to book an appointment?

The Embassy only opens slots for the coming two week every other THURSDAY. This is the best time to try to get an appointment. In some months, when the last Thursday falls towards the very end of the month, the opening gets moved to the second-to-the-last Thursday of the month. The Embassy usually announces changes like this on its Facebook page.

Here’s the schedule for the next few months.

Korean Embassy Appointment Dates

For June 2023, it is scheduled on JUNE 22 (the second to the last Thursday), NOT JUNE 29.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a slot any other day. Sometimes, the Embassy or the applicants themselves cancel their appointment, putting refreshed slots up for grabs.

I keep on getting this error: 시스템에 일시적으로 장애가 발생했습니다. 잠시 후 다시 시도하여 주십시오. What does it mean?

It reads: The system has temporarily failed. Please try again later.

You may just refresh the page because it would keep on giving this error no matter what you click.

Updates Log

2023/4/27 – Reflected 2023 Q2 schedule updates
2023/1/26 – Reflected 2023 Q1 schedule updates
2022/10/11 – Reflected the October 4 update that includes spouse in application appointment.
2022/9/29 – First up
Published: 2022 • 09 • 21

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hi, i was able to booked an appointment but i was super “taranta” so i just put my name and passport no. and forgot to put that of my family. when i checked my reservation i was able to edit and put my parents name. question is, do you have an idea if they will accept this or will they forfeit my reservation? thank you


How about cebu? Pwde pa ba mag walk in dun?



Im trying to book an appointment for me, my husband, daughter and son…when i was filling up the special request to put all our full name and passport it doesnt fit since only max 100 characters are allowed. Do u think its ok if i just put all our first name without last name then passport number?TIA


Hi, when you applied for your family do they need to be with you sa embassy on the date of the appointment? TIA


May i know if naging ok?


Yes..inaaccept nila ung first name wala na tanong tanong…


Hi, any update on this? did they get your application even first name lang nakareserve? thanks


Hi, so far d naman rejected yung appointment namin.will come to know on 14th only when we go there.i got hard time kasi booking an appointment palaging puno slot.


Thank you!!!


Hello po. I’m just wondering if applicable pa ba yung BDO/BPI credit card promo when applying for Korean tourist visa? Sabi kasi if mayron nun onte nalang requirements isusubmit? Then the cc site says promo is valid until end of this year.

Enjambre Maria Socorro

Do they require booked itineraries already once you apply for a visa?


Hello, anytime po ba mag l-login same process po sa number 1 and 2?


Hello, kapag inaapply ko rin ang spouse ko and children need pa ba sila isama sa appointment? Or pwedeng ako nalang pupunta? Nakakuha kasi ako ng slot may pasok ang mga Bata.


Same question here, i tried to search pero wala ako mahanap if ok lang na d na sila kasama.


Can I reschedule my appointment po or hindi?


Hello, can we include grandchild sa special request since minor namn sya, student and i am sponsoring his trip o talagang separate application din sya? TIA


Hi. In the Non-membership log-in, it says there to put name as seen in passport. May I ask if I should include the middle name? Is there a required format ? (surname first then first name or first name, middle name, surname?)

I have 3 previous SK visas but this is the first time that I’m doing the online appointment.
Thank you for any input.


Hello! When entering your name as shown in passport, is it in the order of

Hope you can help!

Melwin Joseph R. Villanueva

I got an appointment last Nov.18 . i suppose to apply just tourist visa.
Before i applied business visa 3months
With invitation of korean company.

When i’m in the embassy guard instruct me at window 3 i submit all my documents w/o invitation and the person assist me ask the invitation letter if you cant provide it will more chance of deny application.

Next week will arrive my invitation , it is possible to re~consider my appointment last Nov. 18 to re~submit application once my invitation arrive?

Joyce Patague

Can i represent my daughter at the embassy to submit her application because she must not absent in the school since she is academic scholar.


Hindi po ba instant ung pagkaka-received ng authentication code sa email? im currently applying now, pero hindi pa rin ako nakaka-received ng authentication code.


[surname, given name middle name] po ba ung format sa online appointment?


Hello po! Thank you for this detailed post. Mas malaki po ba ang chance na ma-approve ang Korean visa if ikaw mismo ang magsusubmit sa Korean Embassy ng requirements as compared to seeking assistance from an accredited agency? Thank you po!


I tried awhile ago to inquire in an accredited agency. Wala na daw silang slot for visa assistance. A few minutes later, they offered a travel package which includes visa application assistance. I prefer DIY travel ksi. Assistance on visa application lng need ko kasi I’m from South Cotabato.


Hello! Do you have any idea of the time frame for the approval? Back in 2019, it took 30-45 days before you can find out if you got approved or not.


If I applied for my parents and child, do I need to bring them along for the consul appointment or it’s okay showing just by myself?


Hi, Can i ask someone to collect the my passport on my behalf ..ano po yung mga requirements? Individual application not through agency thank you po

Jennilyn De dios

How can i book an appointment here in korea embassy in the philippines


Hi! 1st time traveller with my husband pero si husband sa ibang country mag mumula at mag pprocess ng korean pwede. Ano po kaya mga dapat na requirements ko na dala?


Hi! For Nonmembership log in, it says Enter name as shown in passport, is it Surname, Given name or Given name Surname?

Hoping for a replyyy. Thank you!!!


Please indicate your surname, then given name. Kumbaga how Koreans write their name, too. Surname muna.


Hi Yosh. I tried the online scheduling today. But is it normal that i tried several times but its always error. I tried twice and got authentication number sent to my email but everytime I entered it for verification. It always Error. Try again later. Then it will return to WAITINGROOM again which will take 30mins more… How can i really get an appointment if this website always like this?


Hello. They said that travel agencies can no longer process Korean visa,is this true?


If i was able to logged in as non member but have not booked an appointment, is it ok to log in multiple times?


Hi, how fast do slots for appointment reservation close? I’m supposed to travel first week of May and have yet to secure an appointment slot.


Hi! Renewing my Korean visa which expired in 2020. Can I include my 9 year old grandson’s visa application in my appointment schedule? His single mom is currently studying/working abroad. I have his mom’s notarized Affidavit of support and consent. I want to bring him to Korea for a short vacay.


Hi, I missed answer two questions on Visa App: #8.8 (relatives in Korea) and #11 (assistance w form) and I may hv made mistake in Purpose of trip. Encoding Tourism, while my purpose is Business. Do I need to change the application form?
My supposed trip is on Mar 06 2023. What your experience for this kind of tight schedule?
Thank You


Hello po . Pag nakabook po ba appointment for visa, may interview po ba or submission lang ng requirements ang gagawin po?


Hi Yosh!

Naka reserved ako ng appointment and unfortunately hindi ko nailagay yung Passport Number ko sa notes sa sobrang taranta, pwede pa ba tong ma update? or ano kaya pwede ko gawin? Should I email them?



Hello, i tried to book for an appointment. i clicked the make reservation na ang clicked ok. wala pa rin siyang lumalabas. And nagkamali ako, naclick ko yung check reservation. tapos bumalik siya sa waiting room. May idea ka po anong meaning nun? hindi po ba yun na get thru? :(


what’s the diff between membership and non-membership login?


Membership: you can log in when you need/want to. Its advantage is that it’s more efficient than the non-membership login.
Non-membership: less efficient since you have to wait for the OTP to arrive at your email pa. From what I hear, matagal siya dumating sa email address mo on days that the reservation slots are opened.

I would recommend that you make an account (membership) prior the appointment slot para mas mabilis ka na makakuha ng slot. Hope this helps!


I was able to get an appointment slot, though I don’t want to take a leave on the appointment day due to work. Pwede ba ipalakad yung documents ko sa travel agency?


options po saan?


Hi Yosh! Thanks for replying to my concern. So in my last application, pinalakad ko siya sa travel agency. Pwede naman pala :) My application was also approved.


Hello pag na blacklisted ba sa online appointment may iba pang way para makapag appointment ng visa?


Hi, thank you so much for this very informative content ☺️
may I ask how much is the visa fee? Thank you again ☺️


About PSA Birth certificate and marriage certificate okay lang ba na almost 2 yrs ago na kinuha sa PSA, will they still accept as long as galing sa PSA?


Just make sure that it’s still the original copy, and updated ang details.

Maricar Puyo

Are covering letters required or optional?


Hello! I still have a valid visa but will be the one applying sana for my senior father & minor daughter. Do you know if thats possible? TIA and Thank you for the very informative post.

Aaron James Mongcopa

Hello, when claiming the Korean Visa in the embassy, do we need to print anything again? And how would we know if our visa already okay for pick-up? Thank you.


Hello po! Mag a-apply palang po kaming passport this Apr. 17 then sa Apr. 27 po open ng slots ng Embassy. Pede po kaya mag sign up na kahit wala pa po passport on hand?

**Additional: May format/ template po ba ang letter of invitation for Korean visa?

Reindhie Dela Torre

Ask ko lang po kujng pano po kapag mag aapointment sana ng date para makpunta sa Embassy para malaman or macheck po kung wala po kami sa list ng BAN For re entry sa korea.. Dto din po ba mag appointment?

Artven santiago

Hi,ok lang po ba na ibang email address ang gamitin sa pagkuha ng visa appointment slot?
Nag pa book kc ako ng appointment online then email ng setter ang nakalagay pero name ko naman ang nakalagay sa reservation hindi po ba yun magkaka problema?explain ni setter email nya ang nilagay nya to get the authentication code at maka pag pa reserve ng slot.wala daw po yun magiging problema…any adia po?tsaka tanong ko na din po pwede ba include ang name ng mga makakasama ko sa tour like spouse and children with their passport numbers bali 1 family kami 3pax?or need ko sila kuhanan ng separate appointment?pls enlighten me po tsaka pwede ba hindi na isama ang spouse and child kc may work at nag aaral anak ko. ako nalang pupunta sa mismong appointment schedule?thanks po


hello, may nabago po ba dito? pwede po ba walk-in? thank you


Hi po.. when booking an appointment ano po difference between Individual application for Tourism 1 , 2 and 3? thanks po


No difference naman between the three. They just have more slots na ngayon probably due to the demand. :)


Hi! Question, how many days usually ang visa approval? Thanks!


Hi! In my experience, usually a week after mo malalaman if you’ve been approved or not.


For Korean visa, can I make one appointment slot together with 2 adult single children? thank you


Hi may I ask if pinayagan po?


what are the documents needed for my nephew? he’s still a minor (13y/o)? gusto namin siyang isama. pwede bang ikuha ng appointment siyang mag isa?



Applicable pa po ba ang travel agency visa application?

Thank you po sa mga sasagot

Sabrina Mori

Hi! I’ve been traveling this summer and am not in my home country (USA) but I will be studying abroad in Korea this fall. Therefore, I need a student visa. However, in Japan, I checked the online embassy calendar for visa appointment and it’s full for all of July. I was debating on whether just going to the Korean embassy in August before school starts and getting a visa there. But I was wondering how long it takes for the visa to come… Also I think I would have to reserve a visa appointment at the Korea embassy and not be able to walk up. Is there an online visa application form because I cannot find it.