We’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking us for a copy of the South Korean Visa application form. Looks like the visa pages of the website of the South Korean Embassy in Manila have been down for a couple of weeks now. Either that or they moved to another website, the address of which is still unknown to us.

Anyway, yep, fortunately, we were able to save a copy of the form.

Download the form here

KOREA Application Form PDF

To see the other requirements, visit this page: South Korean Visa Requirements

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Yoshke Dimen

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Yoshke Dimen


  1. shamim ahmed says:

    Im job reggiar signal man I m first job s i m form Bangladesh.ingapor 10 year company young nam
    i m come to south korea

    • Shola says:

      Hello dear how are you doing?
      I will like to have the south korea visa application form please

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi how can i retrieve ang filled up visa application form
    I already submitted it and i got my notice thru mail and i saved it on my usb but unfortunately i lost my usb without printing my application form
    Any advised how can i retrieve my form to print thanks

  3. Yana~ says:


    I saw that the Korean embassy has an additional requirement for employed applicants starting this March 26. I was wondering if this 1604 CF and company alphalist are just the same? Or is it completely different like I need to bring my company’s 1604 CF and my company’s alphalist? (Since the embassy stated to highlight my name.)

    Hoping for your quick answer. Thanks.

    • Jo Malihan says:

      hi just curious if you already submitted your application? and may i ask if are you already approved? tnx

  4. Mitch says:


    My family is applying for a korean visa. I am employed and so is my husband. And since we both have a gold bpi credit card we plan on not submitting itr and bank docs. However we are bringing our kid (student) – do we need to submit itr and bank docs? Since it is stated in the requirements for student applying for a korean visa.

  5. Rochelle A. says:

    Hi! This is my 2nd time to apply for a tourist visa. Have you noticed on the new application form that number 11 DATE OF APPLICATION is not in the middle/center? Did you edit it?

  6. Suzeloe says:

    Hi.. How should i edit the form if its in pdf file? Do i need a converter? Thanks

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