We’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking us for a copy of the South Korean Visa application form. Looks like the visa pages of the website of the South Korean Embassy in Manila have been down for a couple of weeks now. Either that or they moved to another website, the address of which is still unknown to us.

Anyway, yep, fortunately, we were able to save a copy of the form.

Download the form here

KOREA Application Form PDF

To see the other requirements, visit this page: South Korean Visa Requirements

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  1. shamim ahmed says:

    Im job reggiar signal man I m first job s i m form Bangladesh.ingapor 10 year company young nam
    i m come to south korea

    • Shola says:

      Hello dear how are you doing?
      I will like to have the south korea visa application form please

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi how can i retrieve ang filled up visa application form
    I already submitted it and i got my notice thru mail and i saved it on my usb but unfortunately i lost my usb without printing my application form
    Any advised how can i retrieve my form to print thanks

  3. Yana~ says:


    I saw that the Korean embassy has an additional requirement for employed applicants starting this March 26. I was wondering if this 1604 CF and company alphalist are just the same? Or is it completely different like I need to bring my company’s 1604 CF and my company’s alphalist? (Since the embassy stated to highlight my name.)

    Hoping for your quick answer. Thanks.

    • Jo Malihan says:

      hi just curious if you already submitted your application? and may i ask if are you already approved? tnx

  4. Mitch says:


    My family is applying for a korean visa. I am employed and so is my husband. And since we both have a gold bpi credit card we plan on not submitting itr and bank docs. However we are bringing our kid (student) – do we need to submit itr and bank docs? Since it is stated in the requirements for student applying for a korean visa.

  5. Rochelle A. says:

    Hi! This is my 2nd time to apply for a tourist visa. Have you noticed on the new application form that number 11 DATE OF APPLICATION is not in the middle/center? Did you edit it?

  6. Suzeloe says:

    Hi.. How should i edit the form if its in pdf file? Do i need a converter? Thanks

  7. Lumz says:

    Dear Sir and/or Ma’am or to whom this may concern:

    I will be applying for a Korean visa anytime soon, so I have already downloaded the form. However, upon browsing through it, I noticed that Item 5 calls for the marital status details. I admit I am still married; but can I dispense with the name of the father of my children due to the following reasons, to wit:

    1. I have been a single parent for 22 years;
    2. I am not privy to the whereabouts of my husband for that 22 long years;
    3. I raised and educated my children without receiving any support from their father;
    4. I and my children lived our life for these 22 long years working hard to earn our living and be successful in our respective careers.

    Will it be okey for me not to answer this item? Pleas comment.

    Thank you.

    • Yoshke Dimen says:

      Hi Lumz, no idea. :( It would be best to contact a designated travel agency so you can have a more definitive answer.

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