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2020 • 6 • 8

Starting 1 July 2020, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea will no longer issue a visa label for applications filed in the Philippines. A visa label is the sticker that is affixed on a page of the passport when the visa is granted.

Instead, the Embassy will be issuing a “Visa Grant Notice” online, which the applicant can print out and present to the South Korean Immigration. According to the Embassy, the country’s Immigration arm has employed a recently improved visa information system that can verify the traveler’s visa status and other information, eliminating the need for a sticker.

❗️ IMPORTANT ❗️ This does NOT mean that a passport is not required when applying for a visa. A VALID PASSPORT MUST STILL BE SUBMITTED in order for the Embassy to verify your identity and document pertinent travel information. Much of the application process will still be the same. Only the issuance of the visa will be done online.


It is a document that informs you and whoever is reading it that the applicant has been granted a South Korean visa (and that the application has been approved). Much like a visa label, the Visa Grant Notice will contain the following information:

Sample Visa Grant Notice provided by the Korean Embassy
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • passport number
  • visa issuance number
  • date of issue
  • status of stay
  • period of stay
  • number of allowed entries
  • validity period of visa
  • issuing authority

You need to download this document from their website and print it out. We have a step-by-step guide in the next section below. When it’s time to travel, present the document to the Immigration Officer upon arrival.

It’s similar to what the Australian Immigration has been doing over the past couple of years.

Here’s the official announcement posted on the Embassy’s official website:

What does a VISA GRANT NOTICE look like?

The following sample was released by the Korean Embassy:

How to print the Korean VISA GRANT NOTICE?

1. Visit the Korean Visa website.

Log on to the official website for Korean visa applications:

To change the language setting, click on the word ENGLISH in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Choose ‘Check Application Status’.

On the left menu, hover over Check Application Status.

Click Check Application Status & Print.

3. Accomplish the form on the next page.

  1. On the Type of Applications field, select Diplomatic Office.
  2. Select Passport No. and enter your passport number.
  3. Type your full name. Last name first, then given name.
  4. Tap on the calendar icon and choose your birth date. You can also type it using the YYYY-MM-DD format.
  5. Hit the SEARCH button.

4. Check the status of your application.

Your personal details and other information of your application will be displayed on the next page.

Look for the STATUS, which can be:

  1. Received
  2. Under Review
  3. Approved
  4. Denied

If your application is approved, you should see a small button in the lower right corner labeled: CERTIFICATE. Click that button.

Screenshot courtesy of the Korean Embassy

5. Print the Visa Grant Notice.

The next page will display the VISA GRANT NOTICE. Print it out.

You can print it in color or black-and-white. It’s valid either way.

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How about sa mga meron na pong multiple visa? Need po rin po kumuha online? Thank you!


Hey man, this is best help guide I’ve read. Thank you so much

Ty B

hello, what does it means if the status says “applied” but the consul officer said that “visa came out and go online and finish it and print”