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The Poor Traveler isn’t really a brave food lover. I’m just a food lover. But I’d rather be on the usual, ordinary, typical, safe, boring side when it comes to trying a place’s delicacy. That explains why eating sea urchin at Virgin Island in Bohol didn’t interest me. And why I barely touched the stingray served at KaLui restaurant. My tastebuds aren’t bold enough. My tastebuds don’t like anything they are not used to. I always blame my tastebuds, not myself.

Anyway, since Palawan is also famous for several stay-away-from-me delicacies, I dread each time I would dine with my friends during my stay in Puerto Princesa. You see, they love trying new, exotic things. I knew they wouldn’t let the trip end without trying Palawan’s most famous mollusk — the tamilok!

Tamilok, also known as woodworm, is actually not a worm. It is a mollusk living inside the branches of mangrove trees. But because of their long, slender, slimy body, they really resemble worms. They are usually sold in wet markets across Palawan, especially in Puerto Princesa City. Many restaurants serve tamilok. One of these restaurants is Kinabuchs along Rizal Avenue.

And Kinabuchs was where we would have dinner that night.

True enough, when my friends got hold of the menu and spotted tamilok, they decided to order a plate of it. They asked me what I wanted — fresh or breaded/fried. But before I could answer, they ordered fresh tamilok already. I became very vocal about how I feel about it but they asked me to choose between tamilok and crocodile meat. I would have said “neither” but I didn’t wanna come off as a buzz kill so I said, “Fine, tamilok it is.” The things I’d do for friends.

A plateful of tamilok!

When it was served, everyone (but me) got excited. They all sampled it. When it was my turn, I readied a glass of water. Chaser daw.

My friend Astrid posing with her tamilok
My friend Kiko showing off his prey, the longest in the bunch!

It didn’t taste bad. (But I won’t say it tasted good, either.) It had a weird aftertaste. It tasted like, well, wood. I ate a couple more and then started digging in on the more conventional dishes we ordered.

Written on: 2011 • 4 • 3

How to get there: Kinabuch’s is located along Rizal Ave in the city proper. If your hotel is within the city, you can simply take a tricycle. It’s a pretty popular restaurant. I’m sure the driver knows where it is.


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Emelyn Arada

ako din nakakain n ng of the best food sa puerto msarap itry at kakaiba…

Phil Ktbffh Harris

still looks like a worm to me

Dave Harris B. Reosora

i saw the host of bizzare foods in Travel and living ate this stuff, and he wants more! :D

Elns Reyes

A must-try authentic dish, tho’ slimy but tastes good. Tried this in Bohol. ;p

Edoy Agohayon Dac

Oy! Lami ra ba na kaayo bay, paryente na sila sa Sasing, lami kaayo na kilawon, mingaw na ko ana, wa man na diri Manila.

Aldrin Vergara

i wanna try this some time..

Mhelskie Luarez

sarap ng tamilok…wooopsss…

Palawan Tour

It’s just like eating your jello when you were just a kid…only this time it’s a seawater-flavored jello. :-)

Joanne Red

yuck! looks like sipon!

Elma Yutangco

Soo good.

Troy Joseph Roman

Masarap din naman. Parang oysters na pahaba hehe.

Sam Zamudio

Me and my friends tried this, it taste like oyster. We also tried eating croc adobado (CROCODILE MEAT) hmmm yummy! Our Palawan adventure was so much fun and was truly AWESOME! :D

Jojie Dequiña Lemana

also tried this sawsaw sa suka with sili


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Chino Dipasupil

thats Tambilok ! We have lots of that here in Pitogo Quezon.

Romel Aldos

pinatikim kami when we went to Palawan. .pero diko kayang lunukin. .lol

The Poor Traveler

Hahha, ako rin, nahirapan lunukin.

Alex Phillips

I tried it once it was lovely reminded me of oyster!!! Definitely worth a try if your in Palawan!!

The Poor Traveler

Yeah tasted like oyster. :)


We enjoy the food, its cheap. Hope to revisit palawan in the future.


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